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The Joy Code

The Joy Code

By Tamara Kellam
Everything about living a fully expressed life through love and joy.
Formerly the "My Body My Vision" podcast.
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The Freedom of Being
As children, we learn that our behaviors influence the way people feel about and treat us.  We internalize their responses, which shape what we believe to be true about ourselves.  And we uphold this identity throughout our lives; some of us die never knowing who we really are.  How do we release the grip of this identity which we created in reaction to others?  How can we surrender to who we truly are and experience the freedom of being?
September 5, 2020
Anchoring Myself Through Change
Tamara shares some of the personal challenges she has faced since last year, and what she has learned about the power of using self-care to anchor herself in the midst of change.
August 26, 2020
Awakening From Depression: A Healer's Journey
Mental Health Crusader Alex Tatis' brush with suicide catapulted her into a journey of awakening to her authentic self and the beauty of life.  With so much emphasis on how mental health issues affect women of color, Alex shares wellness practices which allow her to live an inspired life of joy, purpose, and freedom.  Learn more about Alex at  Social Media: Instagram @iamalextatis and @refinedinnerbeing; Facebook - Alex Tatis; Podcast - Me2RadioZone.
May 29, 2019
The Pleasure Code ft Fatima Marie
Fatima Marie is a NY based Wellness Advocate sitting in the unique intersection where sexual expression, meets spirituality, meets personal development. Fatima talks about pleasure as a spiritual practice, the sacredness of boundaries, and how choosing to "BE YOU" leads us to our fullest expression of joy.  Learn more about Fatima and her Pleasure Retreat at
April 10, 2019
Freedom From A Triggered Life, Pt. 1: When Monsters Under the Bed Turn Out to be Shoes
Tamara delves into what triggers are and how they contribute to self-destructive states of mind and behaviors.  Triggers don't reflect the reality of who we are or the present moment (what we think are monsters hiding under the bed are actually shoes).  What can we do to disempower our triggers?  What solutions/opportunities become available to us when we do?
April 3, 2019
The joy of leaving the life you know for the life you love.
Sheri Adebiyi (CPA, Educator, Professional Organizer, Amateur Chef, Model) is truly a renaissance woman whose life and career has transformed to one where she actively seeks and lives in her joy.  Sheri opens up about the courage it took to leap from the corporate ladder into a life she loves.  Connect with Sheri on Linkedin ( or IG: @sherifat1217.
March 24, 2019