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Lights, Cameras, TEACH!

Lights, Cameras, TEACH!

By Kevin Butler
Just like an action packed movie, a successful classroom needs a good director. In Lights, Cameras, Teach I will be sharing my ideas and experiences about the importance of keeping kids engaged in active learning and ways to make the classroom a place students want to be. Special interviews with fellow educators, former students, former parents, and even a few Hollywood celebrity guests will reflect their own experiences in school.
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Episode 6 - Classroom Culture: Making Memories and Building Bonds, part 2.
In this episode, Kevin Butler talks about what teachers can do outside the walls of their classroom to make memories and build bonds with students and families. Kevin's guest, Educator and author Adam Dovico talks about some of his own methods for building classroom culture and gives us a look into his upcoming book on student leaders.
January 20, 2020
Episode 5 - Making Memories and Building Bonds
In this episode, Kevin Butler talks about his second nonnegotiable which he calls Making Memories and Building Bonds. He begins to describe his classroom's culture and ways he creates relationships with his students. This week's guest are two of Kevin's former students. They talk about what they remember about being in Mr. Butler's 4th and 5th grade class.
January 11, 2020
Episode 4 - Active Learning, part 3
In this episode Kevin Butler continues to talk about ways to engage students in active learning. He describes two of his classroom games that can be used in any grade or subject. His fourth guest, teacher, professor, and published author Rae Hughart joins the conversation and shares what she does in her classroom to engage her students.
January 2, 2020
Active Learning part 2.
On this episode of Lights, Cameras, Teach, Kevin Butler breaks down three more of his room simulations and answers questions about funding and gathering classroom supplies. His third guest is superstar teacher, Nancy Chung.
December 13, 2019
Episode 2 - Active Learning
In episode two, Kevin Butler talks about his number one teaching non-negotiable called active learning. He describes three of his favorite room simulations and some of the resources he uses in the classroom. Kevin hosts a former student who tells us about what he remembers most from being a student in Kevin's class and what he thinks makes a good teacher.
December 6, 2019
Pilot - How I Got Here.
In the pilot episode of Lights, Cameras, TEACH, teacher Kevin Butler talks about how he got to where he is today. He interviews his first guest colleague and friend Mary Chen. The two of reminisce about meeting for the first time.
November 25, 2019