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The Ladies of Learning

The Ladies of Learning

By Kate Johnston and Sierra Smith
Welcome to the Ladies of Learning Podcast! We are so excited to have you join us as we talk about the world of instructional design and technologies. Both Kate and Sierra are working instructional designers who share a passion for introducing people to instructional design and its business implications. In each episode, we chat about a specific topic within the field. We believe that learning is conversational and are having to welcome you to the conversation. Don't forget to subscribe!!!

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Creating Meaningful Work
In this episode, Sierra and Kate talk about producing meaningful work in the corporate space. Sierra gives tips and tricks on how to ensure your work is not only meeting business objectives but is engaging and relevant! This episode is perfect for corporate instructional designers whose designs contribute to a companies end goals and outcomes. 
November 02, 2021
What is Instructional Design??
In this podcast episode, Sierra and Kate discuss and define the field of instructional design- from the creative, to the technical, to the business strategy.  This episode is perfect for those who want to explore the field, make a career transition (like Sierra and Kate), or even major in it college. We invite you to share this episode and tune in to the next episode!
November 02, 2021
Sierra and Kate Explore Microlearning
In this episode, Sierra and Kate discuss microlearning.  Microlearning is defined by its two words "micro" and "learning" which together translate to small learning. Small learning moments are a great tool for an instructional designer to have in their repertoire of skills as microlearning can be easily added to both formal and informal learning scenarios. Typically microlearning is any learning experience under 15 minutes (just like this episode).  In the episode, we explore microlearning by three essential components: the delivery method, the focus on small, digestible topics, and the minimal mental strain of the learner. We also break down some of its common usages in learning delivery and how it is best implemented. 
November 01, 2021
The Pitfalls and Challenges of Instructional Design
Instructional design can be a great career. Actually, one of the best careers out there if you ask us... but sometimes like with anything in life it can downright suck!  In this episode, Kate and Sierra discuss the pitfalls and challenges of this career and give you tips and tricks on how to avoid them in the future! If you haven't connected yet with us follow us at: Twitter @learnwithlol Instagram@theladiesoflearning
November 01, 2021