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The Ladies Pad "MiXnight Talk"

The Ladies Pad "MiXnight Talk"

By Chilanda Sims
The Ladies Pad “MixNight Talk” is a podcast hosted by Chilanda Sims, where we have real and raw conversations about everything woman and those things in between. It is my desire to share uplifting radio programming that is designed to Motivate, Encourage and platform women who are Mothers, Wives, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Artists and Inventors, and those who serve our community in various ways. These remarkable women are able to balance career, home, and their personal ambitions.

*Mature Content for 18 years and older. Listener discretion is advised.
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Shifting Your Mindset: A Guide to Overcome Depression, Anxiety & Trauma with Shawnee Palmer

The Ladies Pad "MiXnight Talk"

The Son Still Shines "Even in Dark Places" with Mary Ross
Mary Ross CEO, Best Seller & International Author, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Coach *Background Music Provided By: Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project),
November 27, 2020
Mai-Lan Bell shares her Personal Testimony of Surviving Domestic Violence
Mai-Lan Bell  Author, Founder & CEO of Non-Profit Single Mother’s in Christ Ministries *Mature Content for 18 years and older. Listener Discretion is Advised. *Background Music Provided by: Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project)
November 20, 2020
Shifting Your Mindset: A Guide to Overcome Depression, Anxiety & Trauma with Shawnee Palmer
Shawnee Palmer, LCSW, LAC  Owner of Alpines Empowerment Agency / Love & Serenity Wellness After working in healthcare for many years, Shawnee developed a desire to become more active in helping people overcome the challenges in their lives. This desire soon transformed into a passion, which led Shawnee to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Addiction Counselor. She named her private mental health practice Alpine’s Empowerment Agency, both as a tribute to what she works with her clients toward—self-empowerment and overcoming their challenges—and after her grandmother, who has been a spiritual guide and angel for Shawnee, guiding her life long after she’s passed.  Alpine’s Empowerment Agency provides a private space where individuals and families can receive counseling to uncover and address the root causes of the problems they face today. Shawnee has a passion for working with individuals who battle with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, anger, low self-esteem, and those who are grieving a loved one or having difficulties adjusting to a sudden life change. Through her agency, Shawnee strives to serve as her grandmother did, as a guide to those who are struggling in life, bringing them to a statement of acceptance and contentment.  Not only does Shawnee work with those in need of mental and spiritual healing, but she also aids in physical wellbeing. Shawnee is the owner of Love & Serenity Wellness, which is a company that provides natural, chemical-free hair, body, and skin products. Within this company, Shawnee incorporates her talents in the mental health sector by also providing books and consultation services that aid in healing, understanding, and gaining wisdom that guides individuals to fulfill their true purpose in life. With this business, Shawnee strives to work with new and aspiring entrepreneurs, teaching them how to reduce the barriers in their life, gain the knowledge that they need to be successful, and obtain the resources that they need to gain a sense of serenity and love for themselves as they venture out on their financial journey.  Shawnee knows that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals. She’s made it her life goal to help others overcome the barriers and traumas that stand in the way of their life purpose.  Shawnee is an author releasing her book, “Shifting Your Mindset: A Guide to Overcome Depression, Anxiety & Trauma” October 2020. The book focuses on identifying ways to change your perspective on life. As a mental health therapist, Shawnee wrote scenarios based on her own life experiences to give the readers a great idea of how they can overcome many life obstacles--from unhealthy relationships to abandonment issues. Available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle and the Love & Serenity Wellness website.   Website: & Book links: Free Sample: Pre-order on Kindle in all countries: For a paperback copy, pre-order here: Social Media: Facebook/Instagram @LoveAndSerenityWellness & Twitter: @LoveSerenityW *Background Music Provided By: Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project)
November 13, 2020
Devine Purpose with Author and Motivational Speaker, Myra Williams Armstead
Myra Williams Armstead Motivational Speaker and Author of “Devine Purpose”. Background Music Provided By: Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project),
November 06, 2020
Don’t Rely on What it Looks Like with Master Clinician/Therapist, Theresa Vance
Theresa Vance Master Clinician/Therapist *Background Music Provided by Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project).
October 29, 2020
The 3 C's needed to Finishing this Year Strong with Lakeisha Hankins
LaKeisha Hankins known as the Courageous Accountability Coach is an Author, Speaker, Real Estate Investor, and Fatherless Daughter Advocate with over 15 years of professional experience. While she works with many different clients, her passion is working with women of color and those who grew up as a fatherless daughter. As she advanced in her career there were moments where she suffered from lack of confidence, believed that she wasn't enough and that she had to work harder than her peers in order to get to the next level. It wasn’t until 10 years into her career that she realized her value and realized her past and limiting beliefs were holding her back. As a coach, LaKeisha offers a solution-focused approach to helping women advance their next-level career goals, exert influence and make an impact in their career, company, and life by enhancing their leadership skills. By helping women to heal their past, overcome their limiting beliefs and reprogram their mind. She has implemented these same strategies in her life to overcome teenage pregnancy and being a fatherless daughter and to excel in her career. *Background Music Provided By: Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project)
October 15, 2020
Stripped to Your Truth with Micaela “Cae” Thomas'
Micaela L. Thomas is a wife and mother. Co-captain of a large, blended family, she parents 6 biological children, 4 stepchildren and 1 bonus child with Husband, Kendrick. Born in March 1987, she grew up in East Cleveland, OH to a single mother and loving family village. Micaela has always had a knack for writing. Whether it was poetry, plays, songs, books or short stories, she was always able to utilize her imagination to keep her centered from the internal turmoil that brewed within. ​Eventually relocating to Columbus, OH., this is where she began discovering her various talents. The story of Micaela's life has been kept secret for the majority of her 33-years of existence. She has now decided to share her journey for the encouragement and betterment of others who may be suffering in silence. It is her hope to assist in being an advocate for the intentional healing of others through her own journey of self-awareness and manifestation. *Background Music Provided by: Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project)
October 08, 2020
Teenage Pregnancy with Dr. Beverly Harris-Coleman
Dr. Beverly Harris-Coleman is the CEO and Founder of The Sisterhood Projects Inc. She served as a teacher, Department Chair, and a Lead Teacher of Special Education in the DeKalb County School System. Dr. Harris-Coleman has over 20 years of experience working in the education field. She currently works for the Department of Juvenile Justice in the capacity of Education Supervisor. Dr. Harris-Coleman’s received her Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership from Argosy University. Her skills and expertise are in areas of educational leadership, mentoring, program development, and team building. Special areas of interest of  Dr. Harris-Coleman are programs designed especially for young women who need assistance due to pregnancy and teenage mothers. Programs such as educational enrichment, mentoring, and programs that promote job readiness, self-esteem, and self worth are near and dear to her heart. Dr. Harris-Coleman’s passion is to work with teenage mothers and pregnant teens. This is close to her heart because she too was a teenage mother. Dr. Harris -Coleman would like to help young women recognize their potential and realize that even though they became a mother at a young age, they can still achieve greatness. *Background Music Provided By Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project)
October 01, 2020
Living with Mental Illness and Owning a Business with Kandy Parker
Kandy Parker Founder & CEO of Sassy Mom, Inc. (A Non-Profit Charitable Organization) *Background Music Provided by Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project).
September 24, 2020
Surviving in Times of Uncertainty with Dr. LaTarsha Holden
DR. LATARSHA HOLDEN  Dr. Holden has defied the odds as she went from being homeless with six children in the streets of Atlanta to a Political candidate in the “2017” election, from a GED to a Doctorate degree in Leadership Studies and a 12x published author. She’s now an inspirational speaker and the creator of a Christian comic book called “The Light Shall.” She has an inspirational t-shirt line named “Genuine Expressions,” that was launched earlier this year. She recently made U.S history as she was chosen as the 85th National Mother of the Year “2020,” by American Mother’s ever hold that title. Her story is inspiring people around the world, as it gives hope to others that they can re-write their story. *Background Music Provided by Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project)
September 17, 2020
Health and Wellness Focusing on Diabetes with Mutima Jackson-Anderson
Mutima Jackson-Anderson is the founder and president of Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Inc., an organization she established and named in memory of her late mother who died at the age of 54 from diabetes complications in 2006. Mutima uses her personal experiences to raise awareness of diabetes and the life-threatening complications associated with diabetes.  As president of Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Inc., Mutima’s areas of focus include; strategy, finance, fundraising, and program delivery. As a social entrepreneur Mutima is devoted to grassroots advocacy. Her service endows and executes solutions to cultural, and social issues. She serves as a diabetes advocate and implements comprehensive plans for developing key external alliances by cultivating business investments, program beneficiaries, and the organizations philanthropic support.  With over 21 years of experience in management, Mutima brings with her a very diverse background to Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Inc.  Mutima was previously employed in the banking industry as a senior account manager for Bank of America. Before joining Bank of America, Mutima worked as a property manager for Harbor Management, a southeast based corporate real-estate and property management company. She is a published author and owner of a literary marketing firm, Karii Literary Entertainment and a Botanical-based foot care venture, Faraja Pedicure.  Mutima is an American Diabetes Association Diabetes Advocate, proud member of the NAACP and the Georgia Diabetes Coalition; trained community health worker with certification through the Georgia Department of Public Health, Morehouse School of Medicine iADAPT 2.0 Project, and the CDC National Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach Program. She is also a trained facilitator for Decide.Create.Share., a national education and awareness initiative of AARP dedicated to helping women take charge of their future.  With 20 years of experience in project management, volunteering, and fundraising in both the public and private sector, Mutima’s dedication and commitment to diabetes awareness and prevention ensures that each project she oversees will have a success impact. *Background Music Provided by: Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project),
September 10, 2020
The Importance of Self-Care Through Natural Products - Chernika "Nikki" Corbett
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI! Chernika "Nikki" Corbett  Owner  (DéJa Vu Skin / DéJa Vu Men / DéJa Vu Kidz) *Mature Content for 18 years and older. Listener discretion is advised. *Background Music Provided by: Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project),
September 03, 2020
Surviving Domestic Violence to Walking in Your Purpose with Stephanie Thompson
Stephanie Thompson is a spirit-filled Motivational Speaker, Career and Business Coach and Author.  One of Stephanie’s attributes includes mentoring in life skills and encouraging individuals to work towards self-discovery, while understanding the importance of recognizing and expounding on their learned capabilities.  Stephanie also has a unique penchant for challenging those who have lost their self-esteem by speaking on and instilling in women, a new, yet positive route in their journeys to re-discover and to seek a renewed purpose for a happier life.  Stephanie also holds steadfast in her belief that by helping others, it lends credence to proof of the life-challenging experiences that she has managed to successfully conquer. *Mature Content for 18 years and older. Listener discretion is advised.  Background music provided by: Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project)
August 27, 2020
Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage with Gail Crowder
Gail Crowder is a wife of over 30 years, mother of two boys and, adoptive mother of two girls the Founder and President of Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage (BSB). After seeing a need in both secular and religious communities, Gail wanted to create a safe space dedicated to the spiritual and sexual enhancement of marriages for the modern-day wife. Gail has been responsible for spicing up thousands of marriages through the BSB conference and continues to change lives every day. As an author, marriage and life coach, Gail has appeared on dozens of television and radio shows as a specialist and seasoned lifestyle & relationship expert. *Mature Content for 18 years and older. Listener Discretion is Advised.   *Background Music Provided by: Chris Bitten (The Chris Bitten Project)
August 20, 2020