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The Last Dance

The Last Dance

By Mike McCaleb
Maybe not everything you wanted to know about wedding production, small business, and other stuff. If it's entertaining, we did a good job. If you fall asleep, needed sleep anyways.
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5/11/2020 - Emma Mesrobian

The Last Dance

5/11/2020 - Emma Mesrobian

The Last Dance

6/2/2020 - Alan Katz
Alan Katz is the Jimmy Fallon of wedding officiants.  He can change voices.  He can change looks.  He can change your wedding.  Today, we talk about weddings on airplanes, wedding safety, and how to make every wedding special for the couple.
June 03, 2020
5/28/2020 - Steve Burdick
Steve Burdick is one of my long time friends in the wedding industry.  He's a DJ, lighting master, and also has a Photo Booth business.  He knows his music and he loves to make a crowd go crazy.  We talked about different music genres, the future of the wedding business, and other stuff!
May 29, 2020
5/11/2020 - Emma Mesrobian
Emma Mesrobian is a dancer, teacher, and all around positive person.  She is a literal ball of energy.  We had a great talk about dance, staying creative during the coronavirus, and favorite things.  
May 19, 2020
5/4/2020 Viviana Aiello
This one is eye-opening!  An enlightening and spiritual talk with Viviana Aiello about our egos, creativity, connection, and staying happy in dark times.
May 04, 2020
4/28/2020 Chris Griffiths - .38 Special
Chris Griffiths is one of my greatest friends, and a fantastic photographer in the Orange County area.  Today we talked about his favorite things during quarantine, getting past it, and my horrendous taste in music. Listen, I know there is an audio issue with the recording.  There are little clicks all the way through, and toward the end, it's almost as if he and I are a little bit out of sync.  I'm not gonna ask him to redo it.  Do you blame me?  You do?  Ok.  Please don't go on the Facebook page and post about it.  I KNOW!!!!  Seriously though, I will try to figure out why this happened and avoid it for next time.  :)
April 28, 2020
4/20/2020 Creating Happiness with Wendy Dahl
Episode #2!  Wendy Dahl talks about her new website which enables us all to create happiness, the importance of tacos, and how the wedding industry is definitely a team sport (with scoring.)  Not necessarily in that order.  See if you can find the takeaway, although there are many.
April 20, 2020
4/13/2020 The Quarantined Jackie Lovato
Had a lot of fun on this one, even though I was a little nervous and concerned about how it would come together.  This episode is about teamwork, fixing equipment at a job, and eggs.  Jackie Lovato is a wedding and commercial photographer in Orange, CA.  Honduras!
April 14, 2020