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The Libra Lounge

The Libra Lounge

By That Libra Chic
The Libra Lounge is a light-hearted yet compelling filled show for libras, hosted by That Libra Chic. This Libra Chic is definitely serving the unfiltered truth of being a libra in today's society with humor and wisdom that will leave you inspired to live your best libra life! So, get comfy because it's time to unwind and chill with a mix of candid convos that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss and all from a Libra's point of view!
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When A Libra Snaps!
As a Libra myself, I understand our chill, laid-back nature. If it doesn’t concern us, we mind our business and even if it does concern a Libra, unless it’s an over the top situation, we just smirk or smile and keep it moving. This seems to bother the other signs of the zodiac sometimes, so much, that they will intentionally try to push our buttons or try to get us riled up, thinking that we’re soft or weak. This is a BIG mistake, because as a Libra we want to avoid confrontation for a reason, we want to avoid problems, because WE CAN BECOME THE PROBLEM. A Libra’s rage is not a pretty site and once unleashed won’t be a easy to quash or calm down. Just RUN, because we will literally finish the war you started for our justice, for our personal vengeance and it won’t be over until we feel like you truly understand that you shouldn’t have fucked with us in the first place! “Don’t start nothing won’t be nothing!”
April 03, 2022