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10. "What is youth soccer strength & conditioning?" w/ Dave Gleason

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The Lion's Mane Podcast is a weekly look at the reality of international soccer science. Hosted by Julia (psychophysiologist at White Lion Performance) and featuring the best in the business, episodes cover topics ranging from speed training to sport psychology to college recruiting to making national squads. These experts share their story and advice, making complicated themes become simple, consumable, and adaptable for players and practitioners alike.

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The Lion's Mane Podcast is a weekly look at the reality of international soccer science. Hosted by Julia (psychophysiologist at White Lion Performance) and featuring the best in the business, episodes cover topics ranging from speed training to sport psychology to college recruiting to making national squads. These experts share their story and advice, making complicated themes become simple, consumable, and adaptable for players and practitioners alike.

IG: @whitelionperformance

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19. "What are the habits of high performing athletes?" w/ Kaylan Marckese
Kaylan Marckese (IG: @kaylan_marckese) is a technical goalkeeping coaching at The Keeper Institute in NJ. Having played at the collegiate, professional, and youth national team levels, she shares with us in this episode how habits change as an athlete develops and climbs the competitive ladder, how to set and change habits, the influence of coaches and community on habit-setting, and what habits set the high performers away from high potentials.
December 6, 2019
18. "What components make a faster player?" w/ Henry Delaney
Henry Delaney (IG: @trainnorthwest) is a strength and speed coach in Coos Bay, Oregon. He's the owner and head coach of Northwest Fitness, a sports performance facility that consults with NCAA athletes/programs, MLB & NFL teams, and more. He breaks down the components of speed in soccer, including his thoughts on using technology and coach development. Henry Online:
November 29, 2019
17. "How can we build a Mental Skills Toolbox?" w/ Christiana Ogunsami
Today we are joined by Christiana Ogunsami (IG: @ludacris32), a technical goalkeeper coach at The Keeper Institute, to talk about mental skills training. We dive into the psychology of fear and stress, the physiology of breathing and mindfulness, and practical tools for managing fear, stress, mistakes, and more. Don't forget; mental training requires as much work and repetition as ball skills, and practice makes permanent!
November 15, 2019
2.D. Ablauf der In-Season Trainingswoche mit Björn Muser
Reminder: we post one episode per month in German. If you're not German or trying to learn it, don't worry - we'll be back to English by Friday! Björn Muser (IG: @Bjoern.Muser) ist seit 2017 Athletiktrainer bei VfL Wolfsburg und für die U15-U17 Mannschaften zuständig. Er erklärt uns die Planung bzw. Ablauf einer Trainingswoche während der Saison und wie man die individueller Trainingspläne strukturieren kann.
November 11, 2019
16. "How should we train year-round?" Part Two - w/ Erica Suter
This week, we wrap up Part TWo of our Annual Training Cycle series with Erica Suter to break down programming and physical preparedness during the in-season phase. Let's go! Find Erica online! IG/Tw: @fitsoccerqueen,
November 8, 2019
15. "How should we mentally deal with injuries?" w/ Paul Schlütter
Sport Psychology Coach Paul Schlütter, MA (IG: @fundamentalkraft) joins us today to discuss the psychology of injury and how to mentally handle the return-to-play process, from the moment of injury and diagnosis until you step on the field again. We also talk about reinjury and what to do (physically AND mentally) when you're in an injury streak. Paul systematically breaks down the mental monotony of the return-to-play process with practical tasks that athletes can use to stay positive, connected to their team, and as ready as possible when it's time to play again. Paul Online:
November 1, 2019
14. "How should we train year-round?" Part One - w/ Erica Suter
We're joined again this week by Erica Suter to break down programming and physical preparedness within the the annual cycle - off-season and pre-season here in Part 1 and in-season training in Part 2 (coming in a few weeks). Find Erica online! IG/Tw: @fitsoccerqueen,
October 25, 2019
13. "What is (P)Rehab?" w/ Andy Seraphin
Today we are joined by Andy Seraphin (Twitter: @TheAndySeraphin, IG: @TheFutbolPhysios) from Duke University's Physical Therapy program to talk all things (P)Rehab: injury reduction, the meaning of (p)rehab, and rehabilitation that reduces the risk of reinjury. I won't spoil the rest, be sure not to miss this absolute gift of an episode!
October 18, 2019
12. "What makes a technically & tactically skilled player?" w/ Jason Broadwater
Jason Broadwater (Twitter: SoccerCoachJB) is a high school soccer coach and host of On The Touchline Podcast. Today he joins us to break down the technical and tactical side of the game, and what it takes mentally and physically to build these skills. We also talk about being a good human, the impact of a coach, championing therapy and mental health, and what to do when your coach isn't "the coach" you need. I know you will get as much value from this as I do!
October 11, 2019
1.D. Ernährung im Fußball mit Marius Herkommer
PSA: as an extra, we will post ONE podcast per month in German. If you're not German or trying to learn it, don't worry - we'll be back to English by Friday! Marius Herkommer (IG: @Sportlernahrung) ist bei Sportlernahrung sowie Eintracht Frankfurt als Ernährungsberater tätig. Die Unterstützung von Menschen ist seine Leidenschaft und in dieser Folge teilt er sein Wissen und Tipps über Ernährung im Profisport. Viel Spaß beim Hören! Marius Online:
October 7, 2019
11. "How can we approach Strength & Conditioning in soccer?" w/ Corey Chapman
Coach Corey Chapman (IG: @coach_chappy10) joins us today to discuss all things S&C for soccer: why it matters, how to implement it, what assessments and diagnostics are relevant to building a program, injury prevention versus injury reduction, and how to start adding S&C into your life as a player. Corey is a strength coach at VfB Stuttgart, as well as owner of CPS Performance in southern Germany. He's been on the Soccer Gain Train for a minute, so listen to what he says!
October 4, 2019
10. "What is youth soccer strength & conditioning?" w/ Dave Gleason
This week we are joined by youth soccer fitness coach, Coach Dave Gleason (IG: CoachDaveGleason). He walked us through all the myths we believe, like early specialization, that youth strength training is bad, and why kids have ALWAYS used strength and speed training... it was just outdoors and not in the gym. He also gives great applicable tips for how youth players can improve themselves in the gym as early as U10. Twitter: @YouthFitness Company:
September 27, 2019
9. "How does college recruitment work?" w/ Shay Haddow
Today we are joined by Coach Shay Haddow (IG: @alphagirlsoccer) to talk all things college and recruiting! She gives us the rundown about what the process of being scouted and recruited looks like, what to do if you want to play in the NCAA but aren't sure where to start, how to pick a school and level, and what scouts and coaches look for when they recruit an athlete. For more information on Shay's recruiting program, check out her online resource, The Confident Recruit, at!
September 20, 2019
8. "How do excellence & mastery change youth soccer?" w/ Coach Reed
Today we are joined by Coach Reed Maltbie (Twitter: @Coach_Reed) to talk about (raising) excellence, mastery, values, team culture, and what youth athletes REALLY need from their coaches. Coach Reed not only has a wealth of knowledge and experience in soccer and work with people, but he has also reflected a lot on how we as a collective sport can move toward excellence. As a coach, I found this episode immensely valuable and know you will to. Coach Reed Online:
September 13, 2019
7. "What makes a good goalkeeper great?" w/ Tori Corsaro
Tori Corsaro, Technical Goalkeeping Coach at The Keeper Institute in New Jersey (IG: @CoachToriTKI), joins the show today to talk all things Keepers! She breaks down how GKs are evaluated, what systematic, long-term development of the position looks like, what it takes to make the pros, mental training, and how to train without a keeper coach. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Find Tori:  @thekeeperinstitute (IG),
September 6, 2019
6. "What is the Student-Athlete life really about?" w/ Allison Tenney
In this episode, Allison Tenney (IG: @allisontenney) joins us to discuss the Student-Athlete life and beyond; being a female athlete, her path to Division I college (Go Mason!), decision-making, planning for the future, and dealing with a new identity. We also discussed in depth the "darker" side that no one talks about; what Student-Athletes miss out on, the downsides of teamwork, body autonomy issues, how to build an identity, self-awareness and self-regulation, self-sabotage, and learning how to do the work. Allison's passion for sport, humans, and social justice is clear here and I hope you all benefit from this discussion as much I did! Allison online:
August 30, 2019
5. "How should we train for speed?" w/ Hunter Charneski
This week we are joined by Hunter Charneski, MS, CSCS (IG: @hunter_charneski) of Charneski Power and Freak Faktory. He's a 260lb sprinter. More specifically, he's a football player turned powerlifter turned 260lb sprinter, but he's also a strength & speed coach. His mission is helping youth athletes build their confidence, stay healthy, and find their purpose. He's nothing if he's not honest, sincere, direct, and passionate about training. We unpack what it takes to get fast, conditioned, and resilient as a soccer player and how athletes can train sprints, even without a coach. Hunter online:
August 22, 2019
4. "What even is sports nutrition?" w/ Emily Pappas
Today we are joined by Emily Pappas, MS, USAW. She's the founder of and head performance coach at Relentless Athletics (IG: @relentless_athletics_), an adjunct faculty at Temple University, and an all-around badass. We discussed nutrition for soccer, especially the needs of female athletes, and what we often get wrong about food as fuel. She broke down all the complicated chemistry for us and provided actionable steps of what any athlete can do to improve their nutrition starting right now. Relentless Online:
August 16, 2019
3. "How do we develop better athletes and humans?" w/ Jonathan Harding
Today we are joined by journalist and author Jonathan Harding to discuss what it takes to develop both elite athletes and great human beings. The sport industry tends to commoditize athletes; how do we, as coaches and players ourselves, change that? Jonathan Harding is a sports writer for Deutsche Welle's football desk in Germany. In 2014, he accompanied Die Mannschaft on their World Cup win in Brazil and has been producing content on the German game ever since. Early in 2019, he published his book on coaching in German football called "Mensch: Beyond The Cones". Twitter/IG: Amazon "Mensch":
August 9, 2019
2. "What's the difference between High Potentials & High Performers?" w/ Erica Suter
We're BACK and joined this week by Erica Suter to talk about High Potential Players vs. High Performing Players in soccer. What's the difference? Why does it matter? And how can a High Potential become a High Performer? Erica Suter, MS, CSCS is a Strength & Conditioning and Soccer Skills Coach based out of Baltimore, MD, USA. She played soccer at Johns Hopkins University, where she now works as a recruiter, as well as playing in the Brazilian women's league. She is an avid blogger and content creator, as well as a Dutch National Team fan. #Oranje  Find Erica online! IG/Tw: @fitsoccerqueen,
August 1, 2019
1. Homecoming: Rebrand & Relaunch
Welcome (back) to The Lion's Mane Podcast!  This is a relaunch and a rebrand. In this new and improved version of TLMP, we're going to be talking exclusively about EVERYTHING soccer with some of the greatest in the industry, from players to coaches to scientists. More than anything, we're going to be aggressively normal human beings and make complicated themes as simple and realistic as possible.  Thanks for your patience, friends. Let's do this.
July 21, 2019
#13: "Ask The Soccer Strength Coach" w/ Erica Suter
Erica Suter (MS, CSCS, USSF-C) is a soccer skills and S&C coach based out of Baltimore, MD. She outlines how she makes off-season and pre-season programs work for her youth athletes, how she monitors load, the growing importance of addressing The ACL Problem and injury prevention, and how to coach better (without overcoaching). Instagram & Twitter: @FitSoccerQueen Website:
August 22, 2018
#12: "Ask The (Sport) Psychologist" w/ Coach Paul Schlütter
Paul is a sport psychology expert and powerlifting coach of national-level athletes. Now based in Leipzig, Germany, he has a diverse, international background, which brings a uniqueness to his outlook on mentality and sport. We dose you with all things psychological skills training, maximising longevity in powerlifting, and all things strength sport. Instagram: @holisticstrengthgermany
August 18, 2018
#11: Rebecca Gerdon: Live Coaching, Life, & Weightlifting
Becca Gerdon is a lifelong athlete, graduating from UNC with an ExSci degree and then going off to the races in the growing sport of weightlifting. She joined Travis Mash's weightlifting team before moving onto MuscleDriver USA. She has competed on the national and international circuit for the last six years, even representing Team USA in Russia. Currently, Becca coaches CrossFit, GPP, and, of course, Weightlifting. She gives us the lowdown on all things coaching, cueing, common errors that prevent intermediate lifters from improving, overtraining, CrossFit as a tool and a community, remote coaching, female athlete nutrition, what happens behind the scenes at comps, and what it feels like to represent a country internationally. This was a blast, so I know you'll enjoy! Instagram: @rgerdon White Lion Online: IG: @whitelionperformance FB: @whitelionperformance Twitter: @WhiteLionPride Youtube: White Lion Performance Group Email:
June 13, 2018
#10: Jacob James - Remote Coaching, Branding, & Special Pops
Welcome back! Jake is the director of Crusader Strength Ltd., a training company based in the UK. We talk in depth about his athletic background as a cyclist, dealing with and recovery from injury, branding and business, how to know when it's time to move on, the current state of online training, and working with special populations. Jake has some really cool things coming up and dropped some serious nuggets here, so give this a listen! Crusader Online: @crusader_strngth White Lion Online: IG: @whitelionperformance FB: @whitelionperformance Twitter: @WhiteLionPride Youtube: White Lion Performance Group Email:
June 6, 2018
#9: Leslie Cordova-Trujillo - College Coaching & the CNS
Coach C is the coach and human I aspire to be! Leslie has worked as an S&C Coach at notorious and successful NCAA schools, including Notre Dame and USC, and has several championship titles in her trophy case. Currently she coaches and teaches Kinesiology courses at a junior college in southern California. She is also one half of the Convos With Coaches Podcast and organisation, which serves, supports, and educates the next generations of (female) coaches and athletes. Leslie is an eternal student, an athlete, and a coach. She gave us some serious knowledge about the integration of mental toughness, the neurophysiology of performance, what coaches should know about training with the CNS, and goal-setting. You need this in your life!! Instagram: @student_athlete_coach White Lion Online: IG: @whitelionperformance FB: @whitelionperformance Twitter: @WhiteLionPride Youtube: White Lion Performance Group Email:
May 30, 2018
#8: Mitch Zandes - Carbs, Keto & Food As Medicine
Thanks for tuning in this week! Mitch Zandes (MS, RD, CSCS) is a clinical dietician in New York. He's also a lover of knowledge regarding all things food, fitness, and health science. He gives us a real look into life as a dietician who treats bodies riddled with diseases, but also those who want to become well. We talked about fad diets, how fitness professionals and allopathic doctors can do better with nutrition advice, the truth about carbs, plant-based habits, eating for performance and productivity, supplements, and how to beat disease with food. Mitch is so diplomatic and articulate with his education; if you have any confusion around food, I highly recommend you give this a listen! Follow Mitch! Instagram: @Fit_By_Mitch White Lion Online: IG: @whitelionperformance FB: @whitelionperformance Twitter: @WhiteLionPride Email: info(at)whitelionperformance(dot)com
May 23, 2018
#7: Hunter Charneski - Sprint Therapy, Calves, and Mentors
Yo! This week we learn with Hunter Charneski (MS, CSCS) of Charneski Power and FreakFaktory. He is a coach, an athlete, a writer, a consultant, a leader, and an internationally-respected expert on sprinting. He breaks down for us what sprinting means in a physical, practical, spiritual, and mental sense. We also talked about mentorship, responsibility, owning a company, the state of the sports industry, hamstring rehab, and how we as coaches can do better. If you want to learn about practicing your "why" in coaching or how to become a student of sprinting, you'll want to listen to this bazooka of an episode. Thanks again, Hunter! P.S. Since we are letting you guys eavesdrop on our convo, there is some profanity in here. Find Hunter on the net: Instagram: @hunter_charneski Website: - White Lion Online: IG: @whitelionperformance FB: @whitelionperformance Twitter: @WhiteLionPride Email: info(at)whitelionperformance(dot)com
May 16, 2018
#6: Giancarlo Guizado - Personal Training, Sales 101 & NYC
Welcome back! This week, coach Giancarlo Guizado joins us from the Big Apple to talk about personal training for general population vs. athletes, mentorship and networking, and life in New York. He also drops some serious knowledge bombs about values, standing behind what you sell, asking better questions, the long path of our lives, and lessons along the way. Enjoy! If you want to learn more about Coach G and his work, check out his weekly podcast, "A Trainer's Podcast", for some great topics and guests! Instagram: @_coach_g Podcast: White Lion Online: IG: @whitelionperformance FB: @whitelionperformance Twitter: @WhiteLionPride Youtube: White Lion Performance Group Email: info(at)whitelionperformance(dot)com
May 9, 2018
#5: Erica Suter - Int'l Soccer, Youth S&C, Biobanding & Wine
Call us the Transatlantic Soccer Sisters! Erica and I went in on this episode, talking shop about youth coaching, private-sector S&C, skills training, and being adaptable and realistic. We also discussed the state of international soccer, sport science, women in the industry, our mutual big love for Dawn Scott, World Cup 2018 predictions, and the future of analytics, assessment, and training. Also, wine. I had a great time talking shop with Erica, and I know you guys will love the fire she brought today! Please let us know what you thought via social. P.S. Since we are letting you guys eavesdrop on our conversation, there is some slight profanity sprinkled in here (just in case you are sensitive to it). Find Erica online! Website: Twitter & Insta: @fitsoccerqueen White Lion Online: IG: @whitelionperformance FB: @whitelionperformance Twitter: @WhiteLionPride Youtube: White Lion Performance Group Email:
May 3, 2018
#4: Jack of All Trades - Gaps, Experiences, & Continuing Ed
Since last week's episode with Nicole and our discussion about medicine and sport, I've been thinking about how versatile the job of an S&C coach really is. In this episode, we break down together the realities of having an expansive job description, the uniqueness of experiences as a "Jack of All Trades", and the implications of such a role on CEUs and training philosophy. Let's go!!
April 25, 2018
#3: Nicole - Powerlifts, Student-Athletes & Life in Medicine
In this episode, Nicole joins the podcast to talk about her experience as a USAPL competitive powerlifter (63kg) and second-semester Nursing School student. She shares her routines, views on balance between sport and life, and some insights into allopathic vs. holistic care. Hope you guys love it! Nicole's Powerlifting IG: White Lion Online: IG: @whitelionperformance FB: @whitelionperformance Twitter: @WhiteLionPride Youtube: White Lion Performance Group Email:
April 14, 2018
#2: Mentorship For Sport Support Staff - What, Why & How?
Let's talk about what mentorship is, the difference between a mentor and a hero, why mentorship is important, why remote mentorship is a real option in the tech age, and how to go about finding what you need in one. Enjoy! White Lion Online: IG: @whitelionperformance FB: @whitelionperformance Twitter: @WhiteLionPride Youtube: White Lion Performance Group Email:
April 5, 2018
#1: Introduction - Diary of a (Female) Strength Coach
In this introductory episode, let's start off with the purpose of the podcast, why podcasting, themes and topics, her background, and how long she procrastinated recording this episode. Enjoy! White Lion Online: IG: @whitelionperformance FB: @whitelionperformance Twitter: @WhiteLionPride Youtube: White Lion Performance Group Email:
March 18, 2018
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