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The Menopause Project

The Menopause Project

By Clarissa Kristjansson
The transition to menopause can be a time of reflection and inspiration. Although transitions of any kind can be inherently difficult, many women experience a newfound sense of freedom and anticipate personal growth. Join menopause transition specialist Clarissa Kristjansson , as she interviews guests to hear their stories of struggle and success through midlife and findings ways to live well. If you want to feel inspired, supported and empowered this is the podcast for you.
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Clear the Clutter, Create More Peace

The Menopause Project

Cracking Open the Conversation on Perimenopause ând Menopause
70% of women don't have anyone to talk to about menopause. In this episode Clarissa talks with Shirley Weir, founder of Menopause Chicks about how her own experience has led to the founding of an unbiased and judgement-free zone. Menopause Chicks is a space of connection, information and support so no woman has to suffer. As women we are ready to crack open ad change the conversation around this life transition and to banish the myths, misconceptions and media stereotypes forever!! This is an episode for all women who are ready for something better!!
April 26, 2020
How to create a Relationship that is REAL & beautiful
In this episode relationship mentor Michele Willmott shares her story of going through menopause and how that time was transformative  in how she showed up in her own relationship. She shares her wisdom and insight into how you release your attachments and surrender your control in relation to your partner. The importance of  boundaries to get the understanding & support you desire from your partner.  How embracing vulnerability is the key to greater intimacy, trust, honesty & connection with your partner. As we go through menopause our most intimate relationships can feel rocky but taking steps to stand up and state your desires can create a relationship that is beautiful.  An episode for many of us who've struggled at with our partner on any level.
April 20, 2020
Perimeno Whaaat?
The dictionary defines perimenopause as the period in a woman’s life before the menopause. Seems like something small hey? But perimenopause is time when our symptoms are ramped up and can last up to 15 years.  It's time to raise the conversation!! In this episode I talk to Emily Barclay , who was diagnosed as in the 'menopause' at 39 but as a perimenopausal woman spent too long trying to get answers. She has gone on to establish The Perimenopause Hub where perimenopausal women can share, chat and find support from each other and relevant experts. An episode for any woman going through this life stage
April 14, 2020
Embrace Your Divine Feminine Energy
In this episode Clarissa talks with Rev. Sheree Taylor-Jones about her own menopause journey and how it inspired her to assist people in questioning their personal beliefs, assessing and analyzing if those beliefs are valuable or need to be changed, and giving them permission to release beliefs which no longer serve them and create new empowering ones.  We talk about how as women we can embrace our divine feminine energy. Why that is critical today in a culture of patriarchal masculine energy has created a world that is out of balance.  In a time of uncertainty and inequality Sheree highlights how  vital divine feminine energy is to saving our planet, humanity, and every sentient being. It’s through embracing feminine energy that we will truly create a world that works for all.
April 05, 2020
Hand in the Cookie Jar? How to Overcome Emotional Eating
Why are you emotionally eating? And what steps could you take to change that and get your health goals back on track In this episode Cassie Christopher, Registered Dietitian and Health Coach talks with host  Clarissa Kristjansson about emotional eating, why it's normal and how you can drop the weight loss conversation, treat yourself with compassion and find better ways to reach your health dreams.  Plus we talk about why the current Covid-19 might be making you reach for the cookie jar . An episode for every mid-life woman who wants to overcome emotional eating with science and grace
March 31, 2020
How to Communicate Compassionately to Build Better Relationships
In relationships, especially when our moods swing back and forth as in menopause, communication can become fraught and misunderstood. In this episode Clarissa talks with Glyn Conlon an expert in non-violent communication (NVC) how we can transform anger, destructive attitudes and habitual behaviours into more peaceful, life-serving actions. NVC helps individuals, families and organisations reduce conflict, foster trust, deepen emotional connections, heal pain and strengthen personal empowerment
March 23, 2020
How to Improve Pelvic Floor Strength
FACT  1 in 4 women over the age of 45 will have a degree of incontinence and 1 in 5 will suffer faecal incontinence. But too often women are suffering in silence and not getting the help they need. In this episode Clarissa is joined by Jade Blinkhorn women's health and menopause expert who brings her vast expertise is in supporting women with pelvic floor issues to provide practical advice for any woman suffering through perimenopause. Simple changes to your diet, hydrating more, finding the right fitness regime and easy to do pelvic floor exercises can and DO make a difference to the quality of your life. Get in touch with Jade  if you need honest and practical advice. 
March 20, 2020
Alcohol, Stress and Tired of Pretending to Have It All
Have you been wondering why you feel so stressed? Are you using alcohol or another coping aid to deal with your everyday life? In this episode Clarissa interviews Kari Schwear, founder of Gray Tonic. She share's her story of how drinking crept up on her even though she though she was fine 'fine'. And how she is now on a mission to empower and support women, what is gray drinking and taking the steps to a breaking through the self-defeating addiction behavior. And finding your zest of life. not just existing but truly living!  If you're women who relies on 'wine time' to cope this is an episode for you!!
March 13, 2020
When Things Don't Go To Plan
Are you used to planning how things will be?  This week's guest thought she could plan her menopause her way - but her body decided differently. Maria Franzoni shares her story how  she wanted to manage it, what and actually happened - which is not what was planned. Insomnia is one of the biggest issues for women going through menopause and for Maria the impact of feeling exhausted made her irritable with colleagues and family.  HRT was her saviour at this time.
February 14, 2020
The Sandwich Generation
The menopause clashes with what is often referred to as as Generation Sandwich; the phase of life where we are also taking care of ageing parents, running business or being at the peak of our careers and if we  kids we are supporting through puberty, school exams and leaving home. This can leave us struggling to balance taking care of ourselves.  In this episode Clarissa chats will Gill McKay as she share her story of caring for two sets of ageing parents, grief and how in the midst of menopause alcohol became her crutch. This honest conversation will resonate with many of us and we take inspiration from Gill's journey and how she has quit the ' wine time'.
February 11, 2020
Playing the Victim? Be that Mermaid You've Always Wanted Be!
Are you trying to manage your time, being a martyr to your kids and wishing you could be a mermaid?. If so episode that will totally inspire you. Dawn Bates, international best selling author, speaker, coach and sailor joins Clarissa from the southern most tip of Chile to talk about how you can master your time, harness your power and break all the rules, choosing you and choosing to live life your way,
February 06, 2020
Master Your Mind in Menopause
How does the body-mind connection affect women during menopause? In this Clarissa talks to Tracie Kelly  a professional counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist about negative thinking styles and how approaches like mindfulness. CBT and hypnosis can help women to navigate the challenges of menopause- We also talk about the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness - Ho'oponopono can help restore feelings harmony for menopausal women 
February 04, 2020
Tired of Dieting and Feeling Miserable? Time For a Life Reboot
Tired of dieting and feeling miserable?  Caught in traps of diet and comfort eating? In this week's guest is Fiona Whitfield Health and wellness professional for 20+ years. Specialising in health and empowerment coaching for women 40+ supporting them to become healthy by honouring what their body is crying out for.
January 30, 2020
A Personal Experience with Early Menopause
Most women associate menopause with women in their late 40's and 50's but for a number of women menopause occurs before the age of 40 This is premature, or early, menopause. In this episode Clarissa talks with Carolyn Hobdey who went through the menopause at 24 years old, but didn't discover she had until 32 when trying for a baby. Carolyn shares openly how she coped with the impacts of her medical status, her osteoporosis diagnosis in her late 30s,  the psychological fallout from early menopause and the treatment or lack of she received from the medical profession, and coming to terms with childlessness... It's a story of courage and hope against adversity. And also highlights the healthcare discrimination that too many women experience under our current system If early menopause is affecting you, there is a specialist website: you may find useful.
January 28, 2020
The Wiser Woman
In this first episode of the new season Clarissa talks with Tania Elfersy award-winning author, educator, transformative coach and founder of The Wiser Woman project –    She has spent years researching what causes the emotional and physical symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause.    Tania shares how she became free of her own range of perimenopause symptoms, simply and naturally.  And how through coaching women and sharing her knowledge, Tania is helping others transform their experience of midlife change and return to their innate wellbeing.
January 20, 2020
Brave Wisdom
Are you a business leader that feels like you are sleepwalking through life right now? Then this podcast episode is for you In this episode Clarissa talks with Lisa Duerre the CEO and co-founder of RLD Group.  As a featured speaker, business coach, #1 International bestselling author, and many times a work-from-home parent, over the last 25 years Lisa has helped more than 25,000 employees build a more meaningful connection between work and home. Lisa shares how she guides business leaders in bridging the gap between the life they desire and the one they’re living through right now. She shares steps on how to get what they need in order to be successful. And we talk about how to open great conversations rather than the usual ' how are you? I'm soooo busy ...' Instead how to get your work noticed without bragging and open the way to curiosity and conversation. It is easy and fun!!
November 13, 2019
From Battling Upstream to the Effortless Flow of Life
Are you a salmon fighting to get upstream? Would you like a different way to live? To live effortlessly in the flow of life? In this episode Clarissa has the pleasure to interview spiritual mentor Irina Baker. With Irina’s 3 Master’s Degrees, extensive studies in spirituality and hypnosis, five books,including a best-seller, two entrepreneurial awards, more than 20 years of professional experience and a profound personal spiritual journey, Irina knows what she is talking about Irina shares her personal journey from Soviet to building a new life in the US. She shares insights into her Radiant Mastery System™, that has taken her more than 20 years to develop and perfect. Sharing how when you apply spiritual solutions to physical problems you can live effortless in flow. Irina gives great real-life examples of how she has helped her clients transform their lives in all areas of life including money, career, health, relationships and even happiness.
November 11, 2019
Gifted By Grief
This week's episode seems very pertinent as my FB feed is filled with friends dealing with death and dying. And sadly it is a feature later in our lives as we get deeper into mid-life. In this episode Clarissa talks with Jane Duncan Rogers, an award-winning author, Life and Death coach and speaker who is passionate about creating a world where dying, death and grief are considered a natural, normal and nourishing part of conversation, with end of life plans becoming as commonplace as birth plans. We talk about what a good death means; how to prepare well for the best end of life possible (even when we don't know how or when that will happen), and bringing death to life. And the link to mindfulness? Living mindfully is about awareness, acceptance and choice and one which we think fits well with creating a death plan. RELATED LINKS: Author's Website: Online program: Facebook Page:
October 15, 2019
Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs
Today more women than ever are starting their online businesses because they want to be independent, do work that they LOVE and have more time for their families. In this episode Clarissa talks to visionary digital entrepreneur Lauren Kinghorn. A heart centred influencer, writer and founder of a number of niche websites.  We talk entrepreneurship, balancing family and work passion, the importance of mentors and how A Course in Miracles helps to support to support Lauren as she continues to build her business as a digital entrepreneur bringing women together from around the world. If you are a female entrepreneur looking to connect and grow check out Lauren on LinkedIn and get involved
October 09, 2019
Navigating Your Life Through a Sea of Change.
Is there a correlation between coaching and sailing? My guest Taryn Laakso, a life coach, would a resounding yes to that!! In this episode Taryn shares her love of the human dynamics that are called forth when encountering difficult choices in the space of divorce and parenting, She shares the wisdom she has gained from her own real-life experiences as a single mom holding a full-time job and raising two amazing daughters.  And how her passion for sailing , the need to Set your course (Goals, Seek out a crew (Community) and  Grab a life preserver (Self Care) is central to how she is helping her clients discover personal strengths so they can live full and authentic lives by helping unlock the amazing potential inside them.
October 01, 2019
How Mindfulness Makes You More Productive
One big challenge that a lot of people face is the number of distractions that keep us from doing our most important work. While work boundaries can be difficult to establish. So much so that we end up thinking about work all the time, even when we're resting or on vacation In this episode Clarissa talks with Travis Baird is a mindful business coach, speaker, and founder of Mindful Productive where he helps ambitious professionals to get the clarity, confidence, and control they need to do their best work without burnout or overwhelm. Travis shares his journey from classical musician, burnout and finding a new away to live and work.  If you're looking for insights into managing those distractions or how do you approach getting focused in the morning and maintaining that focus during the day. Tune in!! In addition here is 5-minute mindful morning routine (made just for you )it:
September 26, 2019
Re-Birthing Your Identity
Can we re-birth our identity and if so how often should we do this?  In this episode Clarissa interviews Melissa Howard. Melissa left her full-time job to re-invent her life on her own terms. She believed there were more fulfilling and creative ways of living — and she found it. Today, as a professional confidence strategist, coach, speaker and empowerment photographer, Melissa ignites the lives of others to create lasting change and reach their highest potential by developing a peak performance mindset in a way that is fun, honest & filter-free!  Bridging the gap has never been so god damn fun and filter-free. If you have enjoyed this episode and feel it's time for you to re-birth then connect with Melissa on
September 19, 2019
Growing Beyond Burnout
In this episode Clarissa interviews her colleague and fellow coach Sarah Bellorini about her remarkable transition from career crisis in middle management marketing to a connected leader creating sustainable change for others. Sarah shares her journey from a burnout that precipitated an early menopause. And how she made the internal transformation from confusion and low confidence to clarity about who she is today  In the interview we touch on energy leadership, creativity and mandalas and Sarah's unique offering to others wanting to ditch their confusion and become connected, confident and creative leaders.  
July 24, 2019
Life's A Dance
 How do you use FUN and PLAY to stay in the present moment?   That's what I asked this weeks guest Lora Cheadle  - Life Choreographer™ Author, National Radio Host, Inspirational Speaker, Blogger, Dancer,  We discuss how our bodies are the external expression of ourselves, our minds are the internal expression of our being. Because our minds create our reality, we can change our reality by changing the way we think. Changing the messages we give ourselves starts by recognizing and transforming self-defeating thoughts or beliefs. Through hypnosis, visualization or imagery, our minds become actively engaged in filtering out negative, non-beneficial messages and our body and spirit respond to our mental state and become attuned to the positive that is around us.
March 19, 2019
Mind Body Joy
You know those moments when life throws everything at you and you think you will never be happy again? My guest in this episode is Joy Fairhall, positive psychologist and mindfulness teacher with a special focus on grief. In her own  “I began my journey to learn more about the mind and body and joy over 21 years ago when my husband passed away quite suddenly when I was 37 and my children were 12 and 14,” Joy explains. “That moment changed our lives forever.   Joy works with people to create a better awareness about their unique mind-body link in the knowledge an individual’s strengths, even during the most challenging times of life, will support them to live the life they desire and deserve.  
January 30, 2019
Healing Through Horses
 As a horse lover I know that horses can be our best friends and they understand use, they can see into our hearts and truths.   In this week's episode I interview Andrea Halt a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach who with her 7 horses run Withers Whisper in Eaton, Colorado. She helps professionals needing to find balance in their life or looking to discover what makes their heart sing again. She also works with couples who are wanting to take their relationship to another level. If divorce is the answer she and the horses help them heal the unfinished business.   For more information you can connect with Andrea at
January 23, 2019
Soul Connection
 Do you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of “to do”…pulled in different directions juggling and playing catch-up but wish you could take time off to feed your soul and recharge your batteries?  In this week's episode transformation coach and healer Devora Gil Berkowitz shares her own personal story of trauma, recover from PTSD, and struggle with chronic illness. And how self-compassion helped her transform and the ways in which she supports people pulled in different directions -- to tap into their Divine Connection for better work-life balance.     We talk about how we can feel more present and calm ,healthier and happier. The importance of giving yourself a pat on the back, appreciating yourself and allowing a little breathing space into your life.  
January 09, 2019
Eat What You Want, Stop Dieting and Still Lose Weight!
 Would you like to eat what you want, stop when you want, lose weight and do this all without having to diet or exercise? Sounds like my kind of thing. In this episode hear host Clarissa talk with Sora Vernikoff the author and founder of the Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! A No-Diet, Weight-Loss Program about why diets don't work and how using two simple eat and stop yourself techniques so that now you can be a healthy weight without having to diet. 
January 05, 2019
Focus and Slay Your Goals
Do you always feel ‘overwhelmed’ with ALL your goals? As uncomfortable as it is feels achieving your goals is all about focus. Hear host Clarissa interview David Essel who has been highly endorsed by individuals like the late Wayne Dyer, and celebrity Jenny McCarthy says “David Essel is the new leader of the positive thinking movement.“ We discuss his 10th book, a number one bestseller, called “focus! Slay your goals. And why FOCUS! Is what it takes, to create the life you want right now. Why multi-tasking, work-balance, and the law of attraction are holding you back!
December 17, 2018
Mindful Dating
How does a person become  “open more to love?  Could bringing love and awareness to the dating process change many of our experiences in a digital world where swiping has become the norm?  This week Clarissa talks with Catherine Auman LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) is a spiritual psychotherapist and the Director of The Transpersonal Counseling Center in Los Angeles, CA on how to bring a mindful approach to today's dating scene.  We talk about how is Tantric Dating different from conventional dating, And how we can see dating as part of our spiritual journey. If you are in midlife, single and looking for love this podcast episode could be just what you need
December 12, 2018
Clearing Your Head Trash
Your unconscious blueprint™ dictates your level of confidence, self-esteem, results, and capacity to change, in all areas of your life. So says my guest on this episode Sue Lester. Specializing in clearing ‘head trash’, Sue Lester is Australia’s leading expert in optimizing unconscious blueprints™. Sue shares her insights on creating lasting behavioral change through mindset shifts, ‘head trash clearing’ and unconscious blueprint optimization. She helps successful people shed the imposter syndrome and put the ‘I’ back into their L_VES so they feel successful inside too, reigniting their sense of purpose and zest for life’s challenges. Sue Lester is the author of "The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint"
December 05, 2018
Change your mind, Change your life.
How can we be happy, even in uncertain times? In this episode, Clarissa talks to Lisa Zawistowski on how to find your happy Get Clear + Get Real + Get Going = Get What You Want and create a life you ridiculously LOVE . Lisa is owner and heart-centered CEO at, a happiness and success coach, writer, blogger, and author of the upcoming book “Get What You Want-The Mindset: How to Get Clear, Get Real and Get Going to Create a Life You Ridiculously Love”
November 30, 2018
Overcoming Self-Sabotage
Are you getting in your own way of living a happy, healthy fulfilled life? This is self-sabotage! In this episode Clarissa talks with Chris Stefanick life coach and host of the podcast Choice Conversations about self-sabotage, why it happens and how to overcome this common habit. As a life coach, Chris works one on one with those who want to take their life to the next level. Specializing in holistic health, habit formation, and overcoming self-sabotage. Hear his tips on how to make the positive changes he discusses on Choice Conversations.
November 21, 2018
Using Yoga To Cultivate Your Inner Shine.
How can the practice of yoga help us to cultivate our inner shine? In today's episode host Clarissa Hughes talks with Sindy Warren yoga teacher and author of Radi8 -- Using the Practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine. We talk about a modern yogi's take on the continued relevance of the Yoga Sutras, the classic text of yoga philosophy. And how your yoga practice is another way to practice mindfulness.
November 09, 2018
Jag Kan Allt Jag Vill
Today the episode is in Swedish!! Här pratar jag med Mattias Andersson som har stammat så länge han kan minnas. och genom muskelär och mental avslappning med olika övningar stammar han mjukare och inte lika ofta som innan. Vi diskuterar hur han började med mentalträning, hur mentalträning har hjälpt med med Mattias stammning. Vad det är för likheter och skillnader mellan mindfullnes och mentalträning. Och Hur kan vi använda mentalträning i vardagen.l
November 06, 2018
Releasing Limiting Mindsets
In today's episode hear host Clarissa Hughes talk with Colette Ellis who helps busy women who are under pressure to hold it all together to reduce their stress and improve their well-being. We talk about mindfulness, meditation, and Emotional Freedom Technique to help clear limiting beliefs and rejuvenate your mindset. How women can reconnect to their inner wisdom and lead their lives with authenticity and confidence.
October 26, 2018
Yoga for the Brain
How can puzzles help us to stay focused and mentally sharp? My guest in this episode is Cristina Smith the founder and CEO of the Subtle Energy Center and award-winning author of the Yoga for the Brain series. Her research, discoveries and teachings have helped thousands of people bring more health and happiness into their lives.
October 24, 2018
Menopause Matters
"The menopause is a journey, not a disease" so says this week's guest Irene Hogan. Menopause is a fact in every woman’s life. Unfortunately, most women choose to ignore it until it hits them. Information is plenty, but what can be believed. Women are confused about changing hormones, suffering from lack of sleep, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, irritability and loss of sex drive. In today's episode hear Clarissa talk with Irene Hogan author, pharmacist and menopause expert working with women's health and wellness whose integrated approach helps women survive and thrive through menopause and beyond. If you want to go into the menopause empowered and with the right attitude then there is no one better to listen to than Irene with her blend of knowledge, common sense and practical advice.
October 18, 2018
Simple Steps to a Better Night's Sleep
The Dalai Lama says “Sleep is the best meditation”. Yet 1 in every 3 adults has problems with sleep. Sleep is the first health pattern to examine when someone is challenged by health, productivity, mood, and focus issues. In this episode, I talk with Brook Packard a sleep expert and founder of Sleepytime Club. We discuss why a consistent, mindful bedtime routine will get everyone more sleep and how to go about crafting one that works for you.
October 10, 2018
Laughter is the Best Medicine
What is laughter yoga? How can incorporating more laughter into my life/business be beneficial? What are some laughter yoga exercises that I can start doing right now? These are just some of the questions I posed to this week's guest Rebecca Brown a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Rebecca coaches businesses, teams and individuals to bring more joy into their everyday lives and into the workplace.
September 28, 2018
Take Back Your Personal Power
In today's fast-paced world, people are always stressed and so busy that they sometimes put their health last. We always see and read news everyday on how physical and mental health has taken a toll in people's lives. Hear host Clarissa Hughes talk with health coach and author Cynthia Brace about putting the brakes on stress and anxiety and her 8 steps to feeling (and looking) awesome! Cynthia Brace is also a holistic nutritionist, reiki practitioner, and reflexologist. She is the author of the book, Redesign Your Interior: 8 Steps to Reclaiming Your Health and Creating a Balanced Life- a book driven by her desire to help people take back their personal power.
September 06, 2018
Post-Partum Wellness
Becoming a mum is the most wonderful things in the world but we also to ensure we have support to navigate the uncertainty of birth, breastfeeding, and the postpartum period. In this episode hear Clarissa speak with Maranda Bower a Postpartum Wellness Practitioner, and the creator of, a place dedicated to the art of postpartum wellness.
August 29, 2018
Mind to Matter
In this episode hear Clarissa in conversation with Dr Dawson Church award-winning researcher and best selling author of The Genie in Your Genes t and Mind to Matter. We talk emotional freedom techniques and how the future of medicine will be energy- and consciousness-based. And Dawson Church’s gigantic whole-body laugh is now one of my favorite de-stressors!
August 20, 2018
The Intelligent Body
We're seeing an explosion in conditions like fatigue and other chronic health problems, why is this happening and what can we do about it? In this episode hear host Clarissa Hughes talk with Kyle Davies, author of The Intelligent Body: Reversing Chronic Fatigue & Pain from the Inside Out, a chartered psychologist, therapist, coach, trainer on why these all too common health challenges occur and his pioneering work centered around emotion to helping individuals recover from chronic health problems and transform their lives.
August 07, 2018
5 IQ's to A Succesful Life
In this episode hear host Clarissa Hughes talk with Robert 'Doc' Barham is a transformational expert. Listen as we discuss that in order to know ourselves more deeply and fully, we need to explore our beliefs and values through meditation, deep breathing, visualization, mindfulness, and contemplation. This is existential development. For over 15 years, Doc has proven an outstanding reputation as an executive success coach and change agent for high achievers. Clients include Fortune 500 CEO’s, entertainment celebrities, professional athletes, and more. He is a recognized expert and authority on the psychology and methodologies of peak performance, including personal, professional, and organizational transformation.
July 31, 2018
Clear the Clutter, Create More Peace
Who do you know that doesn’t want less clutter and more peace in their life? In this episode I talk with Darla DeMorrow a Certified Professional Organizer. Through her company, HeartWork Organizing helps people find peace through organizing and design. Her latest book, Organizing Your Home with SORT and SUCCEED, quickly became a best seller. It’s a five-step system to stop clutter before it starts, save money and simplify your life. I loved the 'start at the door' and 'prepare to entertain angels' mindset.
July 24, 2018
Conscious Sexuality
In this episode, I speak to Rebecca Lowrie an internationally acclaimed expert on self-awareness and personal development talk about why having a good relationship to our sexual self is the foundation for everything else in our life. How we feel about ourselves as sexual beings informs our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. And letting go of fear, shame and conditioning around sexuality frees up tons of energy and creates a space for your full magnificent self to emerge. This gives you access to greater clarity, vision and purpose as well as reconnecting you to pleasure, joy, intimacy and connection that deeply nourishes your soul.
July 17, 2018
Discover Your "Life with Breath" EQ +IQ = New You
In a world where we are searching for ways to reduce stress and improve our health mindful breathing is probably the most effective tool for increasing self-awareness, optimal health, and human performance. In this episode hear host Clarissa Hughes talk to Ed Harrold a true master in the science of conscious breathing and mindfulness-based strategies on discovering the mind-body relationship through breath. And how this serves as a basis for reducing stress and improving well-being. Learn more about recent book Life with Breath and his 30 day-plan to reuniting oneself with oneself.
July 04, 2018
Living Life on Purpose
In this episode host Clarissa Hughes interviews Michael Mukunda Chandra Kohan, life and health coach and yoga teacher, on how he inspires people to achieve their goals and live their dreams to their highest potential. We are all spiritual beings on a powerful journey of self-discovery and growth – and the true key to our material health and wealth comes from within. Spirituality and personal growth doesn’t need to be complicated, and mindfulness doesn’t need to be a chore.
July 02, 2018
You Own It
This exceptional person Rupy Kaur joined me on A Little Breathing Space to talk about influencer marketing, her work as a coach in this space, her passion for health psychology and how it's led to her founding a fantastic new venture 'You Own' It a wellness network (check it out on Facebook) Rupy has been my coach, and there are NO words for how much I have learned from her and how much she has helped me to build my confidence. And in her work for disability rights in the UK, she is untiring. Rupy - you rock! Hear the full interview here
June 25, 2018
Becoming Fully Aligned
Is losing the weight by itself enough to give people the transformation they are looking for? Hear host Clarissa Hughes interview Alyx Coble-Frakes the founder of Fully Aligned Coaching, a former Peace Corps Volunteer who found peace in her own body after releasing excess unwanted pounds. She is now a national speaker who helps people fully integrate their mind, body, and spirit so they can release extra weight so they have more energy doing the things they love!
June 20, 2018
Silencing the Noisy Mind
Inspiring, educational , thought provokingand sometimes controversial. In this episode, I interview Nathan Segal, author of "Silencing the Noisy Mind" and host of The Thought Hackers podcast. Listen as he shares his journey from the pain of PTSD caused by abuse that went back to his childhood. Through years of spiritual practices to a chance encounter with Hamish Bayston a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer & Master Practitioner that has helped to dissolve his PTSD. Now through his writing and the podcast that he co-hosts with Hamish, they bring powerful resources to help others suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety.
June 05, 2018
Achieving with Heart
Hear Clarissa of The Little Breathing Space interview Dorothy Kuhn about how the World is Changing for Women, Yes it's the #MeToo movement -- and more. Competition is driving companies to be more connected to their customers. With evidence in, building a workforce that reflects companies' consumer-base — that pays all around, and it’s Big! Dorothy Kuhn enjoyed a successful career in military systems, communications, banking, distribution and distribution. She’s here to share how YOU can have the career you want, with the advancement you want, while still having a home life.”
May 27, 2018
Body Talk Live: Healing Power of Touch
Here Clarissa from The Little Breathing Space joining the hosts of Body Talk Live Jeremy Gateman and Robin Popp talking about the healing power of touch in relationships
May 27, 2018
Body Talk Live Interview
Here Clarissa Hughes of The Little Breathing Space talks mindfulness and stress with Jeremy Gateman on Body Talk Live on BBS Radio
May 12, 2018
The Stories We Tell Ourselves
We all have our narratives but are they true? Mindfulness teaches us that our thoughts are just that..thoughts and we can choose or not to engage with them #mindfulness
April 15, 2018
Tackling Fatigue
While many of us believe fatigue is a result of tiredness there are a number of underlying factors that can cause fatiue. Here are my best lifestyle tips to help combat fatigue
January 03, 2018
Mindset, Focus And Energy
In episode 6 our Flourish series hear host Clarissa Hughes interview Andy Roberts founder of Breathe Australia and Breathe London share his story from corporate finance to yoga teacher and mindfulness coach. Listen as he shares his philosophy on how as we develop love we create optimal wellness. And importance of connection for global wellbeing
December 18, 2017
Rest And Reflect Before 2018
Rest and reflect on 2017 before rushing into 2018. Take time to pause and review using journaling
December 14, 2017
Simply Great Sleep
Simple tips for a great nights sleep at this busy time of year
December 11, 2017
Transformational Retreats
Let your intuition guide you to choose a retreat that will give you insight and understanding back in your daily life
December 09, 2017
Inner Freedom
Hear host Clarissa Hughes interviews Amy Webb from She's Grace share her journey and vision to help other unlock inner freedom through yoga, essential oils and energy & soul medicine
December 06, 2017
Compassion And Relationships
Self-compassion is the key to building authentic relationships. Hear host Ckarissa Hughes share her personal journey from fear and transactional connections to deeper connections. And how mindfulness practices supported her self awareness, deepening her ability to listen and truly connect with empathy.
November 29, 2017
Gratitude Helps Reduce FOMO
Gratitude reduces our FOMO and helps us to stay focused on our goals. Cultivate and attitude of gratitude and stop worrying. Instead reward yourself for what you have achieved.
November 28, 2017
How To Practice Gratitude
How to practice gratitude even you don't feel like
November 25, 2017
Episode 2. Invest in Yourself
Hear Clarissa interview Celeste Mahoney from Me Afterwork on life after corporate and flourishing by helping others to be their best selves
November 23, 2017
Episode 1. Make Self-Care a Priority
Self-care is a critical part of becoming mindful. Choosing to practice being kind to ourselves sets us for life that us happier and healthier.
November 23, 2017
Episode 3. Unleash The Power Of Your Mind
Hear host Clarissa Hughes interview Silva Method coach Jeanine Sciacca on her passion of uplifting people to be their best selves
November 23, 2017
Mindfulness is Freedom
Mindfulness frees us from our habits and instincts to choose a kinder way to live
November 22, 2017
Mindfulness Aids Productivity
Taking a break is the key to productivity. Stepping away gives our minds, bodies and spirits time to reenergize. We lessen the weight of our troubles and become receptive to wisdom.
November 19, 2017
Feel Sick? Enter Mindfulness
Mindfulness meditation helps us when colds and flu strike
November 17, 2017
Nature's Cycles Bring Balance
Pay attention to nature's rhythms and cycles and allow them to shape and enhance our lives
November 13, 2017
Gratitude For Today
Practising gratitude for today's wonderful experiences
November 11, 2017
"Flourish" Self-Care Strategie
Episode 1 in our Flourish series is all about the importance of Self-Care and practical ways to get more care into your life
November 08, 2017
It Begins With Self-Care
Find time for self-care
November 08, 2017
Manage Your Energy To Thrive
Use mindfulness to manage your energy just as much as you manage your time
November 06, 2017
Building Emotional Resilience
Build emotional resilience by doing these 4 simple things and create harmony and flow in your life
November 05, 2017
Let Go And Find Inner Peace
Learn to let go of stories and stuff. Then notice how much calmer and happier you feel
November 03, 2017
Master Your Mean Self-talk
We're hard on ourselves and that's reflected in the way talk. Focusing on the positive and shifting away saying less of these will change your mindset
November 01, 2017
Sitting All Day? Try this.
Busy day? No time to get away from the office? Usher in chair yoga to release anxiety, stress and tension and energize you
October 30, 2017
3 Simple Meditation Tips
Meditation can become.easier.if you follow these 3 simple tips
October 28, 2017
Lunchtime Is Reboot Time
Get away.from your desk and use this time to nourish you body and mind
October 26, 2017
Energy Givers and Drainers
Want more positive energy in your life. Prioritise the Givers and find ways to ditch or at least the minimize the Vampires and Sloths
October 25, 2017
Shower Meditation
A meditation to start your day well that you can do in the shower to help you be more focused, calm and able to face the day
October 24, 2017
Make a conscious choice to engage with the world differently
October 23, 2017
Enjoy A Mindfulness Practice
If don't enjoy your mindfulness practice then the benefits will be lessened
October 22, 2017
Mindful Life Changes
Change is part of our life and to grow we need to change. But too often we're stuck or we race ahead. Mindfulness gives us the key to changing in a balanced way.
October 21, 2017
Mindful Morning Routine
Routines might not be exciting but they create space for spontaneity. Anchor your mornings in a simple series of steps and watch your day flow better
October 20, 2017
Beat The Afternoon Slump
Tired by 2 pm? Here are 3 great ways to clear the brain fog and power through to home time
October 18, 2017
Your Meditation Routine
Anchor your meditation into your daily routine and trust the process when you feel distracted
October 16, 2017
The Gut Brain Connection
Our guts and brains are intertwined. Mindfulness practices help us to achieve optimal gut and mental health. Practices like meditating, hydrating and sleeping well are critical
October 15, 2017
Mindful Business Leaders
Mindfulness isn't hype or a fad but a key skill for today's business leaders to lead effectively and ethically
October 14, 2017
4 Benefits of Mindfulness
Despite the recent criticism here are 4 benefits of mindfulness to help us live well in a challenging world
October 12, 2017
Be Kind To Yourself
On World Mental Health Day we can make a promise to ourselves to practice self compassion. To treat ourselves like we would a good friend
October 10, 2017
The Secret To Happiness
2 things contribute to lasting happiness. Knowing what to let go of and Staying connected to positive people
October 07, 2017
Working Or Recharging?
It's easy to be always on and blur the boundaries between work and rest. Simple changes to our routines can really help
October 05, 2017
Social Media And Mindfulness
Social media can be stressful and emotional but we can use mindfulness to help us observe our feelings and to practice non-judgement.
October 04, 2017
Practice Grounding
When we feel anxious or intense emotions simple grounding techniques can helps us to feel more stable and calmer
October 02, 2017
Living Seasonally
The seasons give us an opportunity for change. Autumn is upon us and we can use this time to celebrate gratitude for nature's abundance and to let go of things that no longer serve us
October 01, 2017
Stop Swiping And Typing
Unplug from technology this weekend and spend some time either in nature or doing some arts or crafts rather than tapping on the computer
September 30, 2017
Mindfulness Requires Practice
The benefits of mindfulness are clear but require daily practice. Just like any other skill.
September 29, 2017
It's The Little Things
Life's short and we can get caught up in busy and then life's a blur. So take time to connect with the little things.
September 28, 2017
Stop Self Sabotage
It's easy to talking negatively but that is then often what manifests. Practice letting in the good and more positive things will flow from it
September 27, 2017
Let Go And Fly
Sometimes we need to let go of thought patterns, emotions and habits that no longer serve us and fly to a new space
September 24, 2017
Lagom Is A Form Of Mindfulness
The oh so hip Swedish concept of Lagom is really mindfulness in daily life.
September 23, 2017
Learn To Let Go Of Control
Sometimes we need to learn to let go, to trust the process and other people. It can be less stressful than always trying to control everything
September 22, 2017
Minimalism is Mindfulness
Minimalism isn't a poverty mindset but a mindful one where consumption is measured and experiences replace stuff
September 21, 2017
Find Sitting To Meditate Hard
Can't sit still to meditate? Try walking or other movement like yoga or qigong that help to cultivate attention and awareness
September 20, 2017
Sleep The Way To Happiness
We know that consumption doesn't make us happy but it appears that a good night's sleep could be the route to more joy
September 19, 2017
Importance Of Body Awareness
As we've become more sedentary we're less in touch with our bodies. Leaving us vulnerable to holding into emotions in the body. Body sensing movements like yoga can unblock held emotions
September 18, 2017
Take A Mindful Walk
Mindful walking is an age old practice that can helps us to centre, to feel grounded and safe. Ten minutes a day is enough.
September 17, 2017
A Mindful Day
At each stage if the day there are opportunities to be mindful. See if you can fit in multiple mindful moments throughout a whole day
September 16, 2017
Stop Procrastinating
Procrastination stops us engaging fully with our lives. Mindfulness can helps us see clearly and move forward and follow our heart's desire
September 15, 2017
Listen To Your Body
Our bodies often tell us when we're not feeling right on a mental or emotional level. But often we choose to ignore ir block out these messages. Don't! Instead go deep and listen then act
September 14, 2017
Take Action And Declutter
Clutter is postponed decisions. Decluttering isn't just physical stuff its also all those unread emails, the fear or guilt we hold onto and our racing thoughts. Start today to reduce the clutter
September 13, 2017
Meditation -Just Try It
Meditation has many proven benefits but I still hear excuses and barriers to meditating. Here my mythbusters to those excuses
September 12, 2017
Searching For Perfect?
Perfectionist often end up stressed and burnout. Mindfulness can help build awareness and acceptance to counteract these tendencies. Everything and everyone is imperfect and that's it's beauty
September 11, 2017
Mindfulness Is Love
If mindfulness was only about awareness and focus it would be cold. Mindfulness is warm and loving and is ultimately about becoming wiser and kinder. That's how we flourish
September 10, 2017
Forest Therapy = Mindfulness
Forest therapy is a form of mindfulness that quietens your thoughts and has positive effects on the body, lowering cortisol. Go outside and immerse yourself in sights, sounds and smell of the forest
September 09, 2017
Let Go Of Overload
We can easily feel overloaded come Friday but there are some simple ways we can reduce the brain fog and its associated negative vibes
September 08, 2017
Change From The Inside Out
Real change and lasting happiness doesn't come from changing jobs, home or even country it come from deep iner work
September 07, 2017
Keep Self-Care SIMPLE
It's to add to your stress by making your self-care strategies complicated or stressing about them. Instead keep them super simple and you'll see the benefits flow back to you
September 06, 2017
Believe In You
You are like a the butterfly inside the cocoon waiting to emerge. Breathe, pause and listen to your inner guide. You are powerful. Believe in yourself
September 05, 2017
Let Leisure Time Be Flow Time
Stop having goals and striving in your downtime. Just be, enjoy, go with the flow. You'll be benefit so much more
September 04, 2017
Live Your Life's Purpose
Focus on action not distraction if you want to live your best life. Choose success today!
September 03, 2017
Stop Wearing Busy Like A Badge
Instead of telling everyone how busy you are and instead stop, relax and take time to live in the moment.
September 02, 2017
Time For Positive Change
The coming of spring or autumn gives us an opportunity to drop habits that drain our energy and cultivate habits that sustain us
August 31, 2017
We Can Heal Our Lives
As we honor the life and work of Louise Hay we can set an intention to practice more self-care and grearer self-acceptance
August 31, 2017
Silence The Inner Critic
Self criticism is bad for you. So hangout in the green zone, be kind to yourself. Be playful. Have fun.
August 30, 2017
Addicted To Dopamine
Do you crash at the end of the day? Living on high intensity emotions catches up with us and can leaves us drained. Learn to plan and pace
August 29, 2017
Living On Auto-Pilot
Mindfulness is the opposite to auto-pilot: calm, aware and emotionally rich. Small mindful moments done regularly can make all the difference to your day
August 28, 2017
Happy 'N Healthy. Go Walk
Just 15 minutes walking a day can make you healthier and happier
August 26, 2017
Mindfulness Hype
Forget the hype. Mindfulness is simple
August 26, 2017
Hang Out. Do Nothing
Doing nothing is good for on all levels
August 25, 2017
Start The Day Well
3 key habits that will get you off to a great start
August 24, 2017
Notice The Good Things
Focusing on the positive takes some effort but it's worth it
August 22, 2017
You Always Have A Choice
You always have a choice
August 21, 2017
Hugging Is Good For You
Don't hold back: Hug someone
August 20, 2017
Mindfulness and Art Journallin
An art journal is a fun way to be mindful
August 17, 2017
Self-care with A Simple Massag
Find sanctuary with an ayuverdic massage
August 16, 2017
Mindful Eating Starts with Sma
Mindful Eating Starts with Smaller Bites
August 15, 2017
Marvelous Not Manic Monday
Make Monday Mindful and Marvellous instead of Manic
August 14, 2017
Silence Equals Self-care
Silence equals self-care
August 11, 2017
Engage with the world
August 11, 2017
Making Time For Time-Out
Making Time For Self-Care • Make time for mindfulness
August 02, 2017
August 1, 2017
August 01, 2017