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The Lost Corvettes

The Lost Corvettes

By The Lost Corvettes
Stories about the 36 legendary Lost Corvettes, originally given away in a 1989 VH1 sweepstakes to one winner before being purchased by psychedelic pop artist Peter Max.

The Lost Corvettes were discovered collecting rust and dust in parking garages across New York City and are being restored to be given away once again in The Lost Corvettes Giveaway - this time to 36 different winners - benefiting the National Guard Educational Foundation.
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Episode #4: C4 Innovator Rick Darling
Chris Mazzilli is joined by Rick Darling, one of the engineering wizards behind the C4 for peak under the Corvette hood. Rick has plenty of stories to share about Corvettes, motorcycles, street racing and more.
August 13, 2020
Episode #3: Chevrolet's Harlan Charles & Sean Finegan join Chris Mazzilli
Two of the key Corvette decision-makers Harlan Charles and Sean Finegan call in from Detroit to catch up with Chris Mazzilli in this "Corvette Love Fest".  They don't leave many Corvette stones unturned as they chat about everything from the latest C8 updates all the way back to the C1 and what's in the upcoming pipeline to how Chris was originally introduced to Corvettes by his father.
June 20, 2020
Episode #2: Corvettes, Comedy & More with Chris Mazzilli & guest Vlad Caamano
Comedian, Actor & our favorite non-driving car aficionado Vlad Caamano joins Chris Mazzilli in the second episode of The Lost Corvettes Podcast. Listen in as they talk Corvettes from the '63 & '72 to the C8, Seinfeld, self-driving cars and whole lot more.
June 10, 2020
Episode #1: Corvettes, Movies & More with Chris Mazzilli & guest Adam Ferrara
Comedian, actor & Top Gear host Adam Ferrara joins The Lost Corvettes’ Chris Mazzilli to talk Corvettes, movies and more in the first episode of The Lost Corvettes Podcast. Chris also catches up with Adam Heller from the group that is giving away all 36 of The Lost Corvettes in a giveaway to benefit the National Guard Educational Foundation. Dave Weber shares a Pro Tip from the garage.
May 07, 2020