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The Mama Mogul Podcast

The Mama Mogul Podcast

By Shilene Aaron
The Mama Mogul Podcast features incredible women, who happen to be mothers. These inspiring women will share stories, experiences and expertise that speak to the narrative of the motherhood journey. We are mothers and much more making our mark as mothers, wives, influencers, entrepreneurs, business owners and in corporate careers. Hosted by Shilene Aaron, a wife, mother of 4 and the voice of inspiration in the motherhood community.
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EP:30 PT. 2 The Mama Mogul Collective
This is Pt. 2 of The Mama Mogul Collective speaking on our racial experiences as it relates to being a Black Woman and Black Mother in regards to Colorism, teaching our kids how to love their hair and skin, having diversity in education and friendships, Ethnic names etc.   I sure hope you are blessed with some insight you didn't have before and/or you are able to relate and now know you are experiencing these things on your own.   I welcome back my great panel of guests - Danielle Boyd, Jeteia James, Andrea Robinson, Jeany Sulpha and Artraya Daniels. Thank you for listening and please rate, review and share on your social media.   Do well, be well and live well Mamas! Shilene Aaron
July 8, 2020
EP: 29 - PT. 1 of The Mama Mogul Collective
This episode I’m opening up my platform and sharing the mic with a few of my biggest supporters of The Mama Mogul Podcast. We are amplifying our own Melanated voices in regards to Racism, Injustice, Micro Aggressions, Colorism, oppositions we face in the workplace and more as it relates to being a black woman and black mother. These are our experiences and we don’t apologize for sharing our authentic stories. We hope this recording will be light along the path to black women being valued, heard, seen and accepted for who we are and not who you want us to be. Thank you for tuning in and please follow my fellow Sister friends that courageously opened up their time to share the mic with me. The Mama Mogul Collective Includes - Shilene Aaron @themanamogul, Danielle Boyd @iammrsboyd, Jeteia James @jeteiab, Jeany Sulpha @mommyneedsatime_out, Artraya Daniels @halfpricemomma, Andrea Robinson @andreajacole. Podcast edited by: Khadijah Dennis - Visionary of Life through Art Media
July 1, 2020
BONUS EPISODE: I Get it From My Mama! Mother’s Day Tribute
Happy Mother’s Day/Week Mamas! In the Mama Mogul Community we believe we need more than one day to celebrate Mothers. So I asked the community to help me keep celebrating Mother’s Day by telling us what they get from their Mama. I thank you to all the ladies that participated and Happy Mother’s Day, week/month....take how long you need to thank yourself. Segment 1 - Courtney @juss.court. Segment 2 - Kenyana Freeman @kenyanab2. Segment 3 - Tracy @melanatedmompodcast Segment 4 - Tina @momallinone. Segment 5 - Rachel @fortyeverafter. Segment 6 - Jeany Sulpha @timeout4mom Segment 7 - Latoya @79Roze Segment 8 - Melanie @organizing_with_intentions Segment 9 - Ashley Banks @mamabearnatural. Segment 10 - Shilene Aaron, Host @themamamogul Podcast. *I do not own the rights to the songs played in this episode*. Proud - Sada K Music. Song for Mama - Boyz II Men. Mama Dedication - Kanye West
May 12, 2020
EP: 28 From Surviving to Thriving in Single Motherhood w/ Deidre Johnson-Dixon
Join me in a powerful conversation with Deidre Johnson-Dion as she shares her testimony of overcoming challenges, doubt, fear, shame and her struggle through being a young single mother.  If you've ever been in a dark place and it looked like there was no way out, like you couldn't go on, this episode is for you.  God is a healer of depression, anxiety and broken hearts and Deidre is a perfect example of how God can take our mess and turn it into a message.  Man may not know the call God has upon our lives and they may not see the vision he has poured into us and sometimes we don't even see ourselves as worthy but with God anything is possible.  Let him speak to you and heal your heart, raise you up and use your experience to empower other women.  That's what Deidre did, please be inspired and be blessed by her message. Meet my Guest: Deidre Johnson-Dixon is a servant of God, wife, mother, co-pastor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, prolific speaker, podcast host, artist/writer/composer, author, Identity Coach, radio personality, blogger, and FEAR-LESS Strategist,  Having overcome what some would consider insurmountable challenges, she is determined to not function as a "broken" woman - and fully embraces the immutable fact that she was created to shine like a star and illuminate the light in others.  Deidre Johnson-Dixon boldly refuses to water down who God created her to be so that others might feel comfortable in her presence.  She fearlessly and intentionally lives her life as the example of what she teaches others around the world.   Connect with Deidre: website - Instagram - @deidrejohnsond Facebook - Deidre Johnson-Dixon
May 9, 2020
EP:27 - Remembering my Mom and her Legacy w/ Mimi Scarlett of Unlikely Martha
I really enjoyed this conversation with my girl Mimi Scarlett as she shares her relationship with her mom, how she remembers her and how it shaped who she is today. About My Guest: Mimi Scarlett is a digital strategist, entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer that’s passionate about making life easy for busy women. Her Unlikely Martha community encourages women to live their best lives and make their house their home all while pouring into themselves. Every woman deserves to “Keep House and Stay Fly”. Mimi is also a wife and a mother to 3 children. Thank you so much for tuning in and Happy Mother’s Day Mamas!
May 8, 2020
EP: 26 - MOM Guilt! Why we have it and how to overcome it w/ Keli Reese, Ministry in Mothering
Keli and I share a power-packed conversation of her motherhood journey and she came into the calling of her purpose, “Ministry in Mothering.” Keli will share her testimony and show Us how she was transformed not only naturally but spiritually after she became a mother. Key Takeaways: •Replacing Anxiety and Guilt with Fulfillment and Joy. •understanding the source of your Mom Guilt to overcome it. •Recognizing a woman’s nature to nurture. •The reason you should be Running to God with all the things in your Motherhood journey Keli Reese is the founder and speaker for Ministry in Mothering. Ministry in Mothering is designed to encourage and equip moms to live out Biblical truths, while in the throes of motherhood. Keli uses humor, transparency, and the Word of God to expose the ongoing reality of anxiety and guilt, and to help moms replace it with fulfillment and joy. Keli enjoys connecting with moms as she co-hosts the “Moms Called to More” podcast, as well as hosting live events in her hometown of Indianapolis. There she also spends her time as a speaker, writer, and mentor for moms locally and across the nation. Keli has been married to her husband Ken for 14 years. Together, they are raising their 5 children – Kenneth III, Kameron, Kenedi, Kylan, and Khloe – who are, as Keli calls them, her primary Ministry in Mothering. Website: IG/FB: @ministryinmothering
April 15, 2020
S2; EP:25 - Building boundaries in business x Mom life w/ Maylana Whitaker - Millennial Mom Coach
Maylana is a life coach for Momprenuers. She helps the Millennial Mom Boss create balance between family and business life to find time for personal self-care. As a Mom who runs a business and works a 9-5, she knows it can be frustrating to feel like we never have enough time in the day. As women we are constantly choosing between where we want to be and where we need to be. Maylana helps you create time management strategies, actionable goal plans, and will hold you accountable to becoming the Mom Boss you’ve dreamed of. Follow Maylana on IG - @themillennialmomcoach Mentioned in episode: Play Pits an all natural deodorant - IG: @playpits and website:
April 6, 2020
S2; EP:24 - Making your House a Home w/ Kristi Shanks of Kristi Nicole Home
In this episode I have a co-host & my dear friend, Kristi Nicole Shanks. Kristi and I share dialogue on how each of us are able to create a beautiful, clean home even with children. We both offer tips, suggestions and resources to keep your home balanced with function and fun for everyone in the family. We believe just because you have children, your home doesn’t have to look like a war zone. As mothers, Teaching children boundaries, discipline and delegating tasks will build skills that will support them in their future. Also, it will help theme to create their own peaceful home atmosphere as adults. Kristi is the founder of, also, owner of Kissed BY KC .com , an online candle company, and she’s a positive mindset expert best known for her optimism, go get your light, approach to living a purpose driven life. Equally as passionate, Kristi loves to share her talents of turning a house into a home. Her mission is to assist women around the world to boldy pursue their dreams and to teach them how to manifest the desires of their hearts, starting at home. Kristi provides inspiration and tips on how to create a peaceful home, how to keep your home clean, and other ways to live your best life. Her business operates virtually at Also follow Kristi on Instagram @kristinicolehome
March 23, 2020
EP:23 - Returning to work after Maternity Leave with Ebony Dilworth of The Millennial Mamma
In this episode I am speaking to the lovely Ebony Dilworth about her experience of returning to work after Maternity Leave. Ebony Dilworth is a millennial, wife and mother, who currently resides in Northern New Jersey with her husband Rob, and their two-year old son, Karter. Ebony is the brains and sarcasm behind Millennial Mamma. She created this space to connect with other moms who are raising children not from any “mommy manual,” but who are learning as they go and loving it. Even with a huge focus on motherhood, the Millennial Mamma community is comprised of women with and without children. Through the Millennial Mamma platform, Ebony shares her experiences with marriage, motherhood, her career, business, social life, and most importantly self-care. It is her hope to inspire other mamma’s out there to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Mamma’s gotta have a life too! You can follow Ebony on Instagram @themillennialmamma and her website to catch up on her blog, mommy inspiration and upcoming events.
March 16, 2020
S2; EP: 22 - A pregnancy journey with fibroid tumors w/ guest, Jeteia Benson
I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to speak with my dear Mama friend and accountability partner, Jeteia Benson. Jeteia transparently shares her pregnancy with fibroid tumors. The good, the bad, and the pain she endured to finally deliver a healthy baby girl. At the time of this recording, Jeteia is still with child. However, she has since had the baby and mother and daughter are doing well. About the guest: Jeteia prides herself on being someone who had a clear vision for her future since the age of 5. She knew she wanted to serve others in the medical field. Knowing her career direction early on blessed her with the ability to achieve her first major career goal, becoming a nurse. Jeteia just recently celebrated her 10th anniversary as a nurse. She has worked in many different areas within the field and in some of the top hospitals in the USA. As if she's not busy enough, Jeteia still works in the field occasionally, hosts a podcast "Journey to More Podcast" and has become a new mother. To connect with Jeteia you can find her on Instagram as @jeteia and Facebook as Jeteia Benson *in this episode I had some technical difficulties toward the end.* Mentioned: Kyshira Moffett and the Bombshell Brand Society - IG: @kyshira
March 9, 2020
OMG!! It’s season 2 and I’m finally back! In this long anticipated return episode, The Mama Mogul creator, Shilene Aaron discusses her 2020 word and theme of the year, updates and things to expect with The Mama Mogul. She also gives you some homework and motivation to keep creating and pushing towards your dreams. Follow Shilene on Instagram @themamamogul
March 9, 2020
EP:20 The Loss of her Mother, the Love they share and Living out her Legacy w/ Sada K. Jackson
In this intimate episode I’m speaking with my dear friend, Sada K Jackson. Sada is a wife, mother and an American Christian R&B and urban contemporary gospel artist and musician. Sada is from my hometown, Kansas City and now resides in Sunny Los Angeles. Sada so bravely opens up to share the intimate story of the relationship between she and her mother. This story is full of The love and lessons she received from her mother. Sada talks about her grieving and healing process. The steps she had to make to keep moving forward in life as her mother would want and taught her to. The music in this episode was written and sung by Sada to remember her mother. Connect & learn more about Sada - IG: @sadakmusic Grief Counseling: Music: “Proud” by Sada K Jackson
December 18, 2019
EP:19 A story of an OVERCOMER. How this Mother of 4 fought through her battle of Cancer with Crazy Faith! w/ Guest: Tamron Little
This episode is packed with a story of an overcomer, Tamron Little.  Imagine being 21, a new mother and finding out you have cancer.  A rare cancer that you know nothing about and having no idea how terminal it is.  If that wasn't enough, not only was she attacked with cancer but some time later her husband is also diagnosed with cancer.  In this episode you will be blessed and inspired by Tamron's testimony of how she conquered cancer with her crazy Faith in God!  The tremendous support and outpouring of love from her then boyfriend (now husband), family and friends carried through her journey and her faith sustained the hope she had in God to heal her body.  She is living 12 years CANCER FREE!!! MEET MY GUEST: Tamron is a woman of many hats.  She is a wife to a veteran of 12 years and counting, mother of four, two boys and two girls, working mom who just recently became a stay at home mom, blogger/influencer.  Tamron loves how her life and she is so grateful to be alive and well.   HER STORY: Tamron is a 12 year and counting peritoneal mesothelioma cancer survivor!  She was diagnosed at the tender age of 21 and actually one of the youngest to have that type of cancer.  But she thanks God for making her a miracle and healing her so she can share her testimony with others.  You can read more of Tamron's story on her blog at where she also shares her lifestyle, marriage, family, inspiration and fashion with her audience.  Tamron believes that everyone has a God-given purpose in life and that one of her purposes is to inspire women by giving them hope with her testimony, sharing her life and light.  Tamron's confidence is built by being comfortable with who she is, loving herself in her own skin and having a style of her own.    Connect with Tamron on IG - @tamron_little and follow her blog at Sponsors:  Anchor - the most convenient way to record a podcast Satin Project - Creator of the original Sleadrest (satin-lined headrest.)  Helping kiddos prevent & combat hair breakage, dryness, etc.  Black-owned by a wife and mamapreneur.  Try this product at a discounted price using the code MamaMogul15 to receive 15% off all orders, no minimum requirements.  - right in time for Christmas shopping. Please help me reach more people by sharing the podcast with your friends and family on social media.  And don't forget to subscribe, rate and leave a review for others to know how much you're enjoying this podcast.   I appreciate your support!   ~Shilene Aaron
October 24, 2019
EP: 18 MAMA CEO SERIES PT3: The perfect bandage for brown skin. Browndages, w/Intisar Bashir
We are speaking with Intisar Bashir, co-creator of Browndages, The perfect bandage for brown skin. Intisar Bashir was born in Columbus, OH and currently resides there with her husband and 3 children. She is an Alum of Smith College and works full time in IT for the Ohio State University. Intisar comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so it has always been a dream of hers to own her own business. Browndages was launched in November of 2018; at the 1st annual We Buy Black Conference. Intisar shares her journey of creating and managing a business, raising her family and working full time. Please follow Intisar and support & share her business at Thank you for listening. Sponsor: Anchor
October 18, 2019
EP: 17 Speaking from the heart on Motherhood. Journeying through Seasons, Sabbaticals and Support.
This solo episode hosted by Shilene Aaron is a lost file she recently found. This episode was recorded in April, in the height of a very tough season. With recently returning back to with from maternity leave, then starting a new job and caring for a sickly child.....Shilene was going through some things!  She talks about how she had to take a break from podcasting to get her life together.  Just because she brands herself as a "Mama Mogul" she does not have it all together and wants other Mamas to know that it's ok to not have it all together.  Take a break, and spend the time to do the things you need to do to feel whole and live well.  During this tough season she was able to share some of her truths and offer enlightening and encouraging words for Mothers and Mommies to be. Each of our journeys are different and it takes each of us being transparent and informative of what we are going through to help break the cycle of suffering in silence. I hope you enjoy this inspirational episode and thank you so much for listening.  Please remember to Rate; Review and share on social media and tag us. Mentions:  Sandra, podcast host of A Different Kind of Mommy LaShonda, blogger/influencer of FashionPlateKC Myleik, creator of CurlBox and influencer and host of the My Taught You Podcast This Episode is sponsored by Anchor - Anchor is the easiest way to create a podcast - 
September 18, 2019
MAMA CEO SERIES PT2: Creating a home you love without breaking the bank - Living Pretty on a Penny w/ Erin Marshall
Welcome back to The Mama Mogul Podcast - this is part 2 of the Mama CEO Series, where I am featuring amazing women that happen to mothers, raising their babies/families and businesses.  This series is to highlight the excellence of the motherhood journey that shows we can be mothers and so much more.  I hope each mommy that listens to this series is inspired to keep pushing towards their dreams and realize that motherhood is so much more than surviving.  It's also thriving in all areas of life including things that we are passionate about that keep us inspired.   Meet my Guest - Erin Marshall is a wife, mother and the creator of Live Pretty on a Penny blog.  As the creator and visionary behind Live Pretty on a Penny, Erin has built a name for herself by educating, inspiring, and helping her audience cultivate their own creative sensibilities.  She has a knack for showing others just what they need to do to achieve their own budge-friendly home decor dreams.  While blogging about a multitude of home and lifestyle topics, she I constantly, hard at work achieving decor dreams of her own, by painting, building, and planning the next project.   Takeaways from this episode: **The conception and mission of Live Pretty on a Penny blog **Some of Erin's favorite DIY projects and how you can achieve your own **How Erin manages family, career and her DIY/Decor Blog and be successful **Simple tips to create a home you love without breaking the bank **Brand collaborations and sponsor opportunities Press & Features: The Rachael Ray Show The Home Depot Style Blogger Challenge She Knows  Thrifty Decor Chick Connect with Erin: Instagram: @liveprettyonapenny Blog website: Sponsor: Anchor Please subscribe, leave a review and rate us on Apple Podcast.  Thank you so much for your support!
August 8, 2019
MAMA CEO SERIES part #1 EP:15 Play Pits - a family owned business w/ Co-creator Chantel Powell
PART #1 SERIES; EP: 15 - Play Pits a Family Owned Business w/Chantel Powell Play Pits is a Mother’s solution to providing a kid-friendly, all natural hygiene option for children with active lifestyles. Play Pits is a 100% all natural deodorant for active kids like Kam and is also free of aluminum, parabens, synthetic fragrances and other harsh chemicals.  Play Pits first customer, her son Kam, was so proud of his Mom’s first batch of Play Pits that he spread the news about the new creation like wildfire. Consequently, his fellow campers, teammates and friends all rushed to place orders and their parents (and their noses) could not have been happier!  Kam’s biggest fans agree that it can be used on the most gentle skin types, but also packs a strong punch against odors.  MEET MY GUEST: There are many titles to describe Chantel Powell. She is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur but the label that fits her best is  “Untraditional Woman.'  She has dedicated her flair for style and extensive knowledge of wardrobe styling, image consulting and production in various areas of the entertainment industry. As a working mom and wife, Chantel Powell could not have imagined the price her keen sense of smell would have to pay while shuttling her then six-year-old son, Kameron between summer basketball camp and football practice. “You smell like a grown man!” Chantel said, each time the car door flew open and Kam buckled in.  It was clear that her son wasn’t only scoring buckets on the court, but also sweating buckets under his armpits, which sparked her innovative mindset.   What you will hear in this episode:  1. The conception and how Play Pits was created  2. Overcoming obstacles and challenges of starting a business  3. The Keys to successfully running a family owned business  4. Why you should use a 100% all natural deodorant   Network: You may connect with Chantel and learn more about Play Pits on IG: @playpits, email and her website    Chantel is offering 15% off to The Mama Mogul Listeners for a limited time - catch the code in the podcast episode.
August 1, 2019
EP:14 Infertility & IVF Journey w/Chimyra Powell
Chimyra is a persistent woman who refuses to take “no” for an answer, in any aspect of her life. Her journey with infertility is where her persistence enabled her to conceive the baby she always desired to have. In her blog, Journey of Chimyra, she transparently reveals her process to victory and the stumbling blocks she encountered along the way. Topics: 1. Overall infertility and IVF journey. 2. How the process affected intimacy within my marriage 3. Faith and Medicine. Connect with Chimyra - IG: @_chimyra or her blog Infertility Article Mentioned by: Mayo Clinic. Sponsored by: Anchor
June 28, 2019
*BONUS* EP:13. Meet my Baby girl Chloe Luv Aaron as she shares her favorites and things she loves
Sponsor: Anchor Voice Messages • BONUS EP:13 Meet my baby girl Chloe Luv Aaron; Chloe wants my listeners to get to know her a little better. She shares her favorites, hobby and things she loves; you can follow Chloe on IG @candid_chloe (it’s been a while but we will be updating it soon)• Outro • West
June 8, 2019
EP:12 Pregnancy Loss, Courage to Conceive again and Joy in Welcoming her Rainbow Baby w/ Onteria West
In this episode my guest, Onteria West bravely shares with us her journey to becoming a mother through the experience of pregnancy loss the courage to conceive again and joy in welcoming her rainbow baby, David West IV. Onteria is a millennial wife, mom, and corporate career queen. Her mantra is to balance marriage and motherhood amidst not losing yourself. She enjoys spending time with her husband and son when she's not indulging in shopping or planning her next adventurous project. As the owner of Our West Nest, a motherhood and lifestyle blog, she encourages women to practice self care and to always acknowledge their needs because if you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of anyone else. Onteria resides in metro Atlanta with her husband, David III and their 1 year old son, David IV   Connect with Onteria:  Instagram - @onteria_shaki; email -; blog - Sponsor: Anchor, the most convenient way to record a podcast, host and publish right from the app....even using your phone.   Anchor has a cool feature called "Anchor Message."  You as listeners can leave me a message about my podcast your review or a topic and I may include it in one of my episodes.  
June 6, 2019
EP:11 Creating Harmony in Motherhood and Marriage w/ Lakia “LB” Brandenburg
Lakia shares some insightful tips, wisdom and gems on how to keep your passion lit in your marriage and have harmony between marriage and motherhood. It takes intentional work. You can follow Lakia on Instagram @thewifecoach and visit her website Sponsor: Anchor Voice Messages.
May 22, 2019
EP:10 Happy Mother’s Day! 10 things I’ve learned on my motherhood journey
EP:10 Happy Mother’s Day! • In this episode I’m sharing 10 things I’ve learned on my motherhood journey. I also asked some of my mama tribe to share what they really want for Mother’s Day. • Mama by Boyz II Men •Mother’s Day #1 Jenise Hampton • Mother's Day #2 A. Daniels • Mother’s Day #3 MJ • Dear Mama by Tupac• Mothers Day #4 Danielle Boyd• Mother’s Day #5 Jennifer• Mother’s Day #6 Jeteia Benson• Mother’s Day #7 Kristi Shanks• EP:10 Outro.
May 12, 2019
EP: 9 Creating a Fit Lifestyle w/ Selena Coles
In this episode I’m chatting with my dear friend, The fit mom on the move, Selena Coles. Selena shares the story of her fitness journey. How and why she started and the importance of you creating a fit lifestyle also. You can find Selena on Instagram @fitmomonthemove and sign up for her monthly fitness newsletter on her website 17 tips from fit mom bloggers on how to find time for exercise This episode is sponsored by Carma Project
May 3, 2019
EP:8 Millennial Motherhood w/ Shannon Williams Brandon
I’m talking with Shannon Brandon Williams about her Millennial Motherhood journey. Shannon is a wife, mommy to a beautiful toddler girl, Skylar, traveler, aspiring business owner, co-director of the Health Academy at Oakland and she teaches Physiology to 10th graders. If you want to follow Shannon and learn more about her motherhood journey visit her on Instagram and Facebook @mommiejourney. This podcast is sponsored by: Carma Project
April 25, 2019
Anchor • EP:7 SUPERmom is overrated w/ Thandi Montgomery
In this episode I’m speaking with guest Thandi Montgomery on the topic of SUPERmom being overrated. Thandi is a wife, mom of two, mentor, influential speaker & strategist for mothers. She speaks on topics such as, Redefining Motherhood, Being a Supermom is overrated, Me time? Yes it’s possible and Living life as a mother on your terms. Thandi also is a blogger for her blog called The Radiant Mom where she focuses on Living a balanced life. Follow Thandi on IG- Radiant Moms, FB Group- Radiant Mom and download her free e-guide on Living a balanced life at I also reference & discuss an article about “Burnout” by I hope you enjoy and don’t mind my 5 months co-host as he burps, passes gas and babbles a little. I was multi tasking and mom lifing but that’s what we do and who we are. This is not your typical podcast. It’s real life over here!
March 15, 2019
EP:6 Prioritizing Yourself w/ Jeany Sulpha
Today in the guest seat is Jeany Sulpha. Jeany is a mama of 3, lifestyle mommy blogger & creator of her organization Mommy needs a Time Out. An Organization created to encourage moms to prioritize herself. She is raising three children in New Jersey- Eli 6,Emma Jolie 4 and Journey 19 month olds. Her son has special needs so she enjoys spreading awareness and advocating for special needs familes. She enjoys watching movies with her children, working out, chatting with her friends, watching sermons online ( as i seek a new home church) as well as watch her fav fams on YouTube. Points Why did i create Mommy Needs A Time Out How to find yourself when you feel motherhood has taken over. Who does God say I am Identify what selfcare looks and feels like for me The Village You can follow Jeany on her blog at or Instagram @mommyneedsatime_out or email
March 6, 2019
EP:5 The Excellence of Black Motherhood
EP:5 Intro • Anchor • EP: 5 The Excellence of Motherhood • Outro It’s the 5th Episode!!! In the Intro I am thanking you, my listening audience for supporting me and The Mama Mogul Podcast. Thank you for listening, rating, reviewing and sharing with your family & friends. I started this podcast in the middle of a mess. However, God found a way to turn my mess into a message. The message is to Fight thru the fear and do it anyway, Let Go and let God and God can use you right where you are! In the episode I speak on how excellent the Black Motherhood journey is and how we are shifting our priorities to take better care of ourselves. Self-care is a necessity not a luxury. I also speak about Jada Pinkett Smith being on the cover of the Essence magazine along with her mother, Adrienne, and daughter, Willow. Jada is a Mama Mogul and a great example of Excellence in the Black Motherhood Community. She’s paved a way for working mothers and leaving a legacy for her children. Stay tuned until the end to hear me answer my own frequently asked questions to my guest interviews. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
February 27, 2019
EP:4 Learning how to balance with Anette Nance
In the intro I’m sharing 10 ways you can incorporate work-life balance from an article on Our Guest is Anette Nance & she is speaking on Learning how to balance. The main topics discussed within Balance that she will cover are Time Management, Organization (apps used - Google Calendar and Wunderlist) & Self-care. Anette is a wife, and mother of a very active 13 month old. She is also a Marine Veteran and served 8 years honorably in the Marines. She is currently a graduate student within the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh. Anette enjoys baking, spending time with family, shopping for new makeup, and reading books. Anette is also the founder of S.O.U.L (Saving Others Under Love), LLC. Within this program, the mission is to help as many people connect the pieces in their story. Anette’s goal in life is to be of service to others so they can spread love to others as well. You can connect with Anette on IG: @msnettie_. Sponsored by: Anchor
February 20, 2019
EP:3 Enhancing Life Skills with Olivia Gordon
In this Episode I’m speaking with my first guest interview, Olivia Gordon, mommy of two, Founder & CEO of Fruit of Life Consulting Agency. Olivia digs deep into how we can enhance our life skills, such as communication, problem solving and boundary setting with our children. You can connect with Olivia Email: or IG & FB @wearefruitoflife. February is Heart Health month and I discussed an article that says studies show breastfeeding can help prevent heart disease. I also mention the medicine that eliminated my 3 month olds coughing attacks due to RSV...Zarbee’s Cough + Mucus. It’s safe for baby’s 2 months +.
February 13, 2019
EP:2 Respecting a Mother’s Space
In this episode Shilene talks about questions you should or should not ask or comments you should not make to a mother. We should be wise and selective with our words. Let’s not judge or criticize and STOP being nosey!
February 1, 2019
EP:1 Welcome to The Mama Mogul Podcast
In this episode Shilene shares what a Mama Mogul is, why she started The Mama Mogul Podcast and the vision and mission of the podcast.
January 25, 2019
Podcast Pilot - The Mama Mogul Podcast.
Shilene Aaron is introducing herself and the podcast. Speaking on her vision and mission for the podcast. Also soliciting topics and guest suggestions for future episode.
January 10, 2019