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The Marathi Podcast

The Marathi Podcast

By Durvesh & Akshay
Welcome to The Marathi Podcast, where amazing things happen.
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Episode 16 Local SEO

The Marathi Podcast

Episode 20: The Clientele Story By Nikhil Jadhav (Guest Episode)
Hya episode madhe Nikhil Jadhav tyachya client experience badddal share kele ahe je ki aplyala aplya digital marketing journey madhe barich help karu shakte. -The Team Marathi Podcast Join Our Whatsapp Group Akshay & Durvesh
January 08, 2020
Sagar Salvi: A Man Who Built 40 Lakh Empire In One Year
Ajchya episode madhe amhi share karu Sagar Salvi, Co-founder of CreativeWebo ne kase eka warshat 40 lakhachi web design and development company form keli. Find Sagar On Facebook -The Team Marathi Podcast Join Our Whatsapp Group Akshay & Durvesh
October 12, 2019
Episode 18: Week 1 Of 60 Day Hustle Challenge
Apla marathi whatsapp group war join wha press here The Marathi Podcast, your one stop solution for Internet Marketing things.
September 04, 2019
Episode 17: Something unusual
Join us now. The Marathi Podcast Whatsapp Link
August 23, 2019
Episode 16 Local SEO
Connect our FB Group
March 31, 2019
Episode 15: 2 Steps to simple keyword research!
Join our whatsapp group Learn about smooth keyword research in this new episode.  Kasa watla episode sanga nakki
March 24, 2019
Episode 14: Nikhil Jadhav (Chatbots, Email marketing, youtube, ani barech kahi)
Hya episode madhe Nikhil aplya sarvana youtube marketing, email copy, ani chatbots baddal information share karnar ahet. Tr aika ani kasa watla episode kalwa. Nikhil Jadhav's FB The Marathi Podcast Whatsapp Link
March 16, 2019
Episode 13: What is Affiliate Marketing?
Ajchya episode madhe apan pahu ki Affiliate Marketing kay aste ani tumhi kashi suruwaat karu shakta. Connect with us on WhatsApp
March 09, 2019
Episode 12: Instagram Pods (To be or not to be?)
Ajchya episode madhe apan pahanr ahot Instagram Pods mhanje kay ani tumhi kashe tyacha madhe samavisht hou shakta Amcha Whatsapp gorup nakki join kara:
March 05, 2019
Episode 11: Dil khulas gappa with Deepak Ambegaonkar
Hya episode madhe apan bhetu Deepak la jo aplya barobr share kare Email marketing tips ani tumhi tumchi new website ya product kashi changlya prakare promote karu shakta Deepak chi facebok profile Aplya podcast cha whatsapp group!
March 02, 2019
Episode 10: Basic of Google Adsense (And New Whatsapp Group)
Aaj apan pahuyat, Adsense kay aste ani tumhi adsense dware kase paise kamvu shakta Proud to announce Whatsapp group dedicated to "The Marathi Podcast" Click to join
February 26, 2019
Episode 9: Giridhar Ketkar
Ajchya episdoe madhe apli bhet hoil Giridhar Ketkar yanchyashi jyanche 2 colleges ahet. Tyani nuktach Mulund east madhe aple svatahche Hospitality management college suru kele ahe. Durvesh Naik Akshay Borate
February 23, 2019
Episode 8: 180 Seconds Of SEO 101
Ajchya episdoe madhe apan SEO baddal janun gheu. Akshay Borate Durvesh Naik
February 19, 2019
Episode 7: Deepak Ugale (How to earn from Youtube)
Aajchya episode madhe Deepak Sir aplyala sangnar tyancha experience on running computer classes ani tyani succesful youtube channel kase chalu kele ani tumhi suddha kase chalu karu shaktat Deepak Ugale's Facebook Durvesh Naik Akshay Borate Youtube channel of Deepak Ugale
February 16, 2019
Episode 6: 3 Ways in 4 Minutes to grow your Instagram followers
Hya episdoe madhe amhi 3 marg share karu je tumhi atta  lagech wapru shakta tumchya Instagram follwoers wadhwyla Contact us: Akshay Borate Durvesh Naik
February 12, 2019
Episode 5: 3 mindset shift for Digital Marketing & Job Opportunities
Latest episode of The Marathi Podcast
February 09, 2019
Episode 4 Krutika Indulkar Founder of Vocabpedia
"How to be whatsapp influencer?" Learn from someone who has 13K followers on Whatsapp!!!  Krutika Indulkar runs Vocabpedia ani has over 13000 followers. How she did it? Learn from her itself. FB profile of Krutika Indulkar Durvesh Naik Akshat Borate
February 05, 2019
Episode 3: 13 ways to earn online
My new "13 ways to earn online income" (9 minutes podcast) In this episode I bring to you 13 ways you can earn online income that is both safe and awesome. Hya episode madhe amhi tumchya sathi 13 marg gheun alo ahot jyatun tumhi online income generate karu shakta. Hey marg safe and mast ahet!! Durvesh Naik's Facebook Akshay Borate's Facebook
February 02, 2019
Episode 2: Interview of Rupak Shah (How to make money even before you released your first course)
 And the episode 2 of "The Marathi Podcast" (India's first podcast on Internet Marketing in Marathi) is here!! In this episode we interviews the life coach, the trainer who runs and the founder of READ 2 GROW Rupak Shah Here are best highlights: 1. How he made money even before he released his first course (and cool tip you can follow easily) 2. How he read more than 300 books in single year (and how you can do the same( 3. And What mindset newbie should have to be successful Internet Marketer You can connect with Rupak on Facebook You can connect with "The Marathi Podcast" Team on facebook!! Durvesh Naik's facebook Akshay Borate's Facebook
January 29, 2019
Episode 1: Intro "The Marathi Podcast"
Tumhi tumcha feedback amhala amchya facebook id war deu shakta: Akshay Borate Durvesh Naik
January 26, 2019