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The Marble Method

The Marble Method

By Ashley Lynn
I’m so beyond blessed that you’ve clicked on my podcast. My goal is to help you understand that you’re not alone in your struggles. Even more than that, your struggles do not define you! It is never too late to rise up and realize that you are so worthy and deserving of living a life filled with happiness, success and abundance! Just know that you are enough as you are right now! The fun part is becoming who you’ve always wanted to be. My goal through my podcast is to inspire, encourage, coach and be helpful as you continue on your journey! You are so beautiful! Your biggest fan, Ash😘.
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Screw the Scale!

The Marble Method

Screw the Scale!

The Marble Method

Your Top 4 Problems Answered
Do you struggle with feeling exhausted all the time, feeling weak in the gym, always sore and constantly sick we are here to help. Love it, share it 🙏🏼💕
May 16, 2019
Feeling “Meh” About Your Workouts
The one component you may be overlooking is recovery. In order to get fitter and stronger we must exceed our bodies capacity to do work. However, the training itself doesn’t just do all the work. The rest between training is what actually improves our fitness. Listen to find out how to can change this and help how you feel! Love it, share it 💕
May 16, 2019
Coffee, Weight Loss & Money
Coffee equals energy, appetite suppressant and weight loss, or does it? People around the world drink coffee to wake up, get more energy, boost their workouts and even helps to suppress their appetite. But does it really help you lose weight?
May 16, 2019
Week 1: Book Club- My goal is to inspire and empower you to stand in your truth and be more!
I’ve taken my personal experiences partnered with Rachel Hollis’s book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing” to inspire, guide and hold you accountable for the next 8 weeks. I’ve included questions for you to answer and please email me at ( with your answers so I can coach you for free! It not now, then when?
March 19, 2019
How to fix: Weight loss plateaus, fatigue, belly fat, cravings & more
I address your biggest issues in one podcast! Not only do I address these topics, I guide you on how to fix them and what you’ll notice. Do NOT skip this podcast! If you struggle with 4 of these you must listen! Belly fat Weight loss plateau Fatigue Low energy Migraines Food cravings & addiction Mood swings Insomnia or sleep issues Inflammation Allergic reactions Skin issues Depressions Overweight Unexplained soreness and stiffness Congested sinuses Abdominal bloating Visit FMI #fit #fitness #health #coach #louisville #maine #fitmom #weightloss #loveyourself #riseup #arbonne #glutenfree
March 15, 2019
Cravings: what they are telling you!
Junk food happens to the best of us. Before you start to feel guilty about your cravings or giving in to them, your cravings may be your body’s way of telling you you are lacking very important nutrients. I share my tips and things to add into your nutrition to help you eliminate them! Please SHARE after you listen! 🙌🏼
March 14, 2019
Thicker before leaner! “My jeans are tight! My thighs are thick! I’m bulking! Help!”
When starting a new workout plan and clean eating this is one of the major hurdles a lot of us face and it makes us want to quit or stop staying consistent. It also is something that triggers negative self talk and binges! In today’s episode I want to let you know you’re not alone if you feel like this and you actually are on the right course! I’ll share some insight into what’s happening in your body and how to stay focused and trust in the journey.
March 6, 2019
Our Biggest Struggles & How to Overcome Them
The past couple months reminded me that I was placing my happiness in things that were fleeting or things I could lose. How quickly we can lose our happiness, self-worth, confidence and movement. In this episode I talk about the major struggles I’ve faced as well as the majority of my clients. I give you simple tips and questions to help you love yourself, feel worthy and happy.
March 5, 2019
Stop Your Binging!
I used to think being a “yes” person and a people pleaser was a good thing. What I didn’t realize is— I literally feared so many things. I feared disappointing someone, rejection, hurting someone’s feelings, intimacy and more. In today’s episode I share the traits of a people pleaser and how it makes you gain weight and my 10 simple tips to Break Free and start losing weight effortlessly!
February 15, 2019
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Are you eating clean and working out and still not achieving the results you want? Do you still feel frustrated and ashamed? Have you tried numerous diets, gym memberships, personal trainers and diets and still failing?? It’s ok! You’re not alone. And to be really honest, if you don’t have a relationship with the person working with you and you don’t trust them it will never work for you. Today we dive deeper into how to transform your life outside of what you eat and how you move your body!
February 6, 2019
The Lies You Tell Yourself about Failure, Worth & Weight
Most of my life I was ruled by my story. I thought nobody would understand, no one struggles like I do, and they’ll think I’m crazy if I share. Wrong! My ability to be vulnerable was what created such a beautiful tribe. So many of us feel alone in our struggles. What’s really ironic, is that we are all very similar in our struggles. In today’s episode I share how I wrestled with my story but more importantly how I was able to break through the lies and the stories that had ruled my life for so long. This method helped me start to change and become the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Make sure you visit to grab your Belief Breakthrough sheet.
February 5, 2019
5 Secrets to Transform Your Life
Here are 5 of my top secrets to help you transform your life, get off the couch and stop feeling like a failure. If you’ve fallen off the band wagon one too many times, I can help! Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter at to receive you FREE 7 Daily Workbook. (Sorry for the air in the background... sometimes as a single mom the car is the only quiet place).
January 30, 2019
Screw the Scale!
Today on Episode 2 I address one of the biggest things that robs you of joy, happiness, confidence and success... that’s right... it’s the scale! It is one of the most self-defeating and addictive habits we have. You don’t need this type of self-sabotage in your life! This same message got over 20k views on Facebook so make sure to go listen to this episode!! Please share with 5 friends to keep episodes coming!! Remember: you’re worthy and deserving of so much more!
January 24, 2019
Welcome to The Marble Method
Hi guys, it’s Ashley! I’m so excited that you’ve decided to listen. In Episode 1, I give you a brief view at my life and who I really am. I share what I’m passionate about and how I hope to help you live your best life! Make sure to share it with friends! With immense love and gratitude, Ash!
January 23, 2019