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Wine Weed and Weave

Wine Weed and Weave

By Iyana / Marijuana Iyana
A podcast about women of color navigating through the current cannabis industry. I’ll be talking to advocates,educators, business owners (who also happen to be badass black & brown women) that are creating opportunities for equality and inclusivity within the cannabis industry. We’ll be having these discussions all while responsibly & legally enjoying a glass a wine, a bit of weed, or both.
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S3 Bonus Episode: Q&A with The Marijuana Iyana!
Bonus Episode: Q&A with The Marijuana Iyana! Get to know Iyana Edouard the host of Wine Weed & Weave and CEO of MJI Cannamarketing and Kush & Cute. Find out how she went from a journalism degree to a full time cannabis content creator and entrepreneur.
September 19, 2021
S3|EPI.12 Cannabis & Creating Inclusive Wellness and Education ft. Mskindness CEO
Welcome back to Wine Weed & Weave! Join us with your favorite strain and your favorite wine for episode 12 with CEO/Creator of Club Kindness and EBK Apothecary, Mskindness B. Ramirez. Club Kindness is a non profit membership organization created to support patients, brands, and dispensaries with holistic cannabis education. Through her work she's been able to education women from all backgrounds about cannabis benefits and debunk cannabis false facts. As a parent, patient, and educator Mskindness has taken her passion for the plant into a community and safe space to learn. | Check out Club Kindness on and on Instragram
September 5, 2021
S3|EP11 Cannabis & Creating a Million Dollar Brand ft. Paola Fernandez @HighhempCEO
Grab your wine, weed, and maybe even a notebook for season 3 episode 9 "Cannabis & Creating a Million Dollar Brand". This week's guest is the creator of the world’s first organic hemp wraps and papers, CEO of High Hemp, Paola Fernandez. We talk about how she built a million dollar hemp brand in under 5 years and how it feels to create an innovative hemp product many now try to duplicate. Fernandez also gives us some insight on how to protect your business and more. Find her on Instagram: @highhempCEO and make sure to visit to support another dope woman of color in cannabis.
August 15, 2021
S3|EP.10 Cannabis & Changing the Narrative ft. Jamie Lea CEO of Toastyy
Grab a joint, a notebook, & a glass of wine or your favorite tea for epi. 10 of season 3 of Wine, Weed, & Weave. This weeks guest is founder of CBD wellness brand Toastty ( , Jamie Lea. She is a former college volleyball player and model who knows all too well the benefits of using CBD for wellness, anti-inflammation and overall performance to keep her going. From her own experience and passion for changing the narrative about cannabis, Jamie went from being in tech to creating and successfully launching Toastyy, a CBD wellness brand for women. We talk about how she’s been advocating for cannabis since she was 17 and how she wants to change the stigma about athletes and women that consume and work in cannabis.
August 1, 2021
S3|EPI.9 Cannabis & Growing Your Own ft Sue Carlton CEO @rancherafamilia
Welcome back to Wine Weed & Weave, after a short break I’m back for another great convo with a WOC in cannabis. This weeks guest is cultivator, geneticist, and owner of Ranchera Familia and hemp/CBD farm and online boutique - Sue Carlton @rancheramami. As a Latina women in cannabis Sue talks about her journey in the industry and how she ended up creating and growing high quality CBD at her own farm. Learn about Sue on IG @rancheramami and check out her site and strains on the |Thank you to our episode sponsor Melanin Hemp Goddess. One stop hemp shop for & by WOC! Use code "MJIYANA" for save money on your first purchase on
July 4, 2021
S3|EPI8 Cannabis & Running a Family Business ft Rahul CEO @stonedgenie
On this special episode of Wine Weed & Weave I welcome the first male minority Cannabis CEO on the show Rahul Lavinga. From helping his immigrant father operate a smoke shop to now fully operating a successful online head shop Rahul talks about his journey as a first generation Indian running a successful cannabis company. Take a bong rip and pour a glass this episode is a good one. | Thank you to Stoned Genie for also sponsoring this weeks episode! Use code MJIYANA for 10% off any purchase on
June 6, 2021
S3|EPI 7 Cannabis & Wellness ft DeJanae Evins @greengoddessglow Founder
Cheers to episode 7 of season 3 of #wineweedandweave. Thank you returning and new listeners for joining the sesh! This episode is all about "Cannabis & Wellness" with special guest DeJanae Evins. DeJanae is the founder of of Green Goddess Glow (IG: @greengoddessglow) a website and lifestyle brand created to “reimagine a world where cannabis, fungi, and plant medicines are essential wellness tools for sustainable self care”. DeJanae's own journey with cannabis and self care inspired her to want to educate more women on how they can do it too and be unashamed. As she and her brand's sweatshirts say "Sometimes self care is a solo blunt". Grab your favorite wine or weed to listen to how DeJanae went from a music industry professional to a woman creating her own lane in cannabis and wellness. | Thank you to this week's episode sponsor Kush Kations (IG: @kushkations)! Host your next getaway in Kush Kations private 420 friendly vacation rental homes in Denver, CO. All homes include ammeties and even smoke accessories. Save 10% off your first booking with code "" on
May 23, 2021
S3|EPI5 Cannabis & Building a Brand ft @OGKushbabess CEO Safiyah
Enjoy 10% off any order on with coupon code - WINEWEEDWEAVE | Light one up for season 3 episode 5 featuring Safiyah Kadoura. She’s the creator and CEO of cannabis clothing and lifestyle brand OG Kush Babes. Their mission is to unite creative boss women in Cannabis to help support each other’s industry goals. Listen in as we chat about what it’s really like building a brand from scratch and how Safiyah went from fashion designer to a Ganja girl boss!
May 9, 2021
S3|EP4 Cannabis & Glass Culture ft Datrianna (@upinsmokesession)
Cheers to episode 4 of this season! This episode is all about cannabis and glass culture featuring Datrianna better known as @upinsmokesession online. She is a cannabis writer with features in Leafly, Weedmaps, Chicago Mag, & more. When she’s not writing she’s using her platform to show her lovely bong collection and educating others on how to have better experiences with cannabis. Grab your favorite bong, pipe, or dab rig for this one and tune in to hear some great tips from Datrianna! | Episode sponsored by 93 Wellness a black owned CBD hemp flower company. Find them on Instagram @93.wellness to learn more
April 25, 2021
S3|EP3 Cannabis, Sex, & Pleasure ft Shani Hart (@sexstuffwithshani)
This week's episode is a little spicy thanks to my guest cannabis sex expert and adult store owner Shani Hart aka @sexstuffwithshani ! She is a cannabis and sex educator, a sexuality counselor, femine body specialist, and CBD sexpert. Shani started her journey as a sex educator simply because she was curious and years later now she owns an adult store "Harts of Desire" with her husband and owns another adult store speficially for incorporating cannabis in sex and introducing women to CBD for self care and pleasure "The Noir Leaf". Grab you wine, weed, and maybe even a fan for this hot episode of #wineweedandweave | Use code “WINEANDWEED” on for 10% off any purchase no order min. required
April 22, 2021
S3|EP2 Cannabis & Daily Self Care Routines ft Stacy Zeal (@stacyzeal)
On episode 2 season 3 of #WINEWEEDANDWEAVE we're talking all about cannabis and self care routines with expert and educator Stacy Zeal (@stacyzeal). Stacy is a cannabis wellness and self care expert whose mission is "to provide as many women as possible (especially black women) incorporate self care routines so that they can be less stressed and feel more zen". We discuss how she found cannabis because of her chronic insomnia and how she now helps use cannabis intentionally through her brand and blog Have a mimosa and a joint with us as we talk about how we incorporate weed in our daily self care. __________________________ Thank you to Gemineye Grinders for sponsoring this week's episode! Support a black owned cannabrand with premium nano-ceramic smoke supplies for "elevation without frustration". Shop and save 15% on any order with coupon code - "MJIYANA" no order min. required!
March 28, 2021
S3|EP1 Cannabis & Being Creative with Ashley @wowashwow
Welcome to season 3 of #wineweedandweave! Excited to be back for another season of highlighting the work of black and brown women in the cannabis industry. To start the season off on a high note this premiere episode guest is cannabis influencer, rapper/singer, and content creator Ashley better known as Hashley (IG: @wowasahwow). During this sesh we talk about how Ashley started here journey in Philadelphia as a "door girl" at "trap events" and how her hustle and creativity led her to being an influential creator and artist in the California cannabis industry today. We hope you enjoyed this sesh as much as we did! | Thank you to this week's sponsor #blackowned - The Smoking Sessions Shop. Receive FREE shipping with code "WINEANDWEED" on!
March 14, 2021
S2 Ep. 12 Clubhouse Finale & Show Announcements
Thank you so much to everyone that was part of and support season 2 of #Wineweedandweave! Stay tuned for season 3 coming March 14,2021. Find show details & host on | Use code MJIYANA for 15% off any order (no min.) on
February 15, 2021
S2 Ep. 11 Cannabis & Representation ft. Amber @Sheswickedstoned
This week we Sesh and chat with Amber, better known as cannabis content creator @sheswickedstoned! Amber shares how cannabis has helped her personally and how she wants to represent her hometown of Massachusetts. Learn more about Amber on her Instagram @sheswickedstoned and find her cannabis review and content videos on YouTube and The WeedTube. | Thank you to our episode partner Use code MJIYANA to receive 10% off any order.
January 24, 2021
S2 Epi. 10 Cannabis & Giving Back ft. Mahala Herron | Founder of Hala Hemp
On this episode of Wine Weed & Weave I have the pleasure of chatting with Mahala the founder of Hala Hemp. Hala Hemp is a socially and environmentally responsible CBD brand that donates a portion of each sale to The Last Prisoner Project and is also a sustainable hemp and CBD brand. She's also UCLA Alumni with a background in media and radio. Listen to Mahala talk about her journey from working in media to working with marijuana on season 2 episode 10. Find Mahala on Instagram @mahalaherron and her company Hala Hemp @halahemp. | Thank you to our episode sponsor Melanin Hemp Goddess. One stop hemp shop for & by WOC! Use code "MJIYANA" for save money on your first purchase on
January 10, 2021
S2 Epi. 9 Cannabis & Digital Content Creation ft. Sydney Bowden (@sydneybowdenTV)
This weeks episode guest is creator CEO of digital media company Mother of Green, Sydney Bowden/ @SydneybowdenTV. We sesh and chat about her journey with cannabis, what’s next for her company. and what’s next for legal cannabis in her home state of Michigan. | Thank you for sponsoring another episode! Find them on Instagram @melaninhempgodess and use code MJIYANA for 10% off any order on their website!
December 20, 2020
S2 Epi. 8 Cannabis & Personal Branding ft. Verita (@veritanathalie)
On this week episode of Wine Weed & Weave I have returning guest and friend of the show Verita! Verita is a cannabis industry professional and advocate based on SoCal. She’s a branding and marketing expert that offers coaching to those her want to learn how to brand successful and intentionally. Get a pen and pad and get listen to the branding tools, tips, and knowledge Verita offers in this episode. Find Verita on Instagram @veritanathalie and @nathaliesoirees. You can also become a part of her female entrepreneur Facebook on 🥂💨 Thank you to this weeks episode sponsor Melanin Hemp Goddess a black woman owned hemp brand & smoke boutique. Use code “MJIYANA” for 10% off any purchase on www. & follow on Instagram @melaninhempgoddess
December 6, 2020
S2 Epi. 7 Cannabis, Mental Health, & Spirituality ft Shellise Rogers (@sistahrogers)
On this weeks episode I have returning guest Shellise Rogers, co-founder of Synergy Sesh and youth pastor, cannabis advocate/educator, and business coach. Through her work she has found a way to intersect her worlds of both cannabis and religion and spiritually to help other heal and learn how to become “MindfulTokers”. Sistah Rogers is a Faith-Based social enterprise maximizing the impact of cannabis on social, and spiritual consciousness. “I decided to share Spiritual & Alternative Medicinal guidance while intentionally engaging with young-adults, millennials, and inter-faith audiences about civic and social rights” said Shellise. Find Shellise and the Sistah Rogers brand on Instagram & YouTube @sistahrogers and her website | Thank you to this weeks episode sponsor Melanin Hemp Goddess a black woman owned hemp brand & smoke boutique. Use code “MJIYANA” for 10% off any purchase on www. & follow on Instagram @melaninhempgoddess
November 22, 2020
S2 Epi. 6 Cannabis & Education ft. Tawana Marijuana - @teejohnss
This episode I have guest Jamaican Canadian cannabis educator and content creator Tawana better known as Tawana Marijuana on the show to talk all about the importance of cannabis & education. She gets real about how she’s been perceived in the Canadian cannabis industry, talks about her goals to continue to represents for WOC in the Canada’s cannabis influencers world ,and creating work that intentionally educates. Find her on Instagram @Teejohnss | Thank You to this weeks episode sponsored MOREFYA Herbal. Black woman owned herbal smoke & tea blends. Get 15% off any purchase on and learn more about products in
November 8, 2020
S2 Epi. 5 Cannabis & Transparency ft. Keithlane @k.cloudsx
On this episode of Wine Weed & Weave I Sesh and chat with cannabis creative and advocate Keithlane better known as @k.cloudsx. We discuss what inspired her to create her cannabis alter ego and platform as well as why she has decided to be open about her cannabis use for her physical and mental health. | The partnership for this episode is for Savage CBD trusted CBD shop since 2016. Save 15% off any item on with code “MJIYANA”
October 25, 2020
S2 Epi. 4 Cannabis & CBD Wellness ft. @theexecutivesweet CEO Sunni
On season 2 episode 4 of Wine Weed & Weave I char with the creator and owner of CBD skincare company - The Executive Sweet - Sunni! Sunni is a hemp and CBD expert and advocate using her platform and products to change the way everyone looks at CBD. We discuss what it’s like owning a CBD business in 2020 and what she predicts and hopes too see in the next 5 years.
October 11, 2020
S2 Epi. 3 Cannabis & Entrepreneurship with Synergy Sesh Creators Tiyanna Long & Shellise Rogers
Season 2 episode 3 features not one but two amazing women of color in cannabis, TiYanna Long (@tiyannalong) and Shellise Rogers (@sistahrogers) the founders/creators of Synergy Sesh (@synergysesh). Synergy Sesh is an organization dedicated to creating positive social impact and upward mobility and inclusive for cannabis entrepreneurs. During our conversation Tiyanna and Shellise tell the real truth about being a cannabis entrepreneur and how they help POC develop cannabrands. They also discuss what to come to Synergy Sesh next year, including a virtual networking event. Known as “your business aunties” Tiyanna and Shellise spill the tea on what it’s really like building your own in cannabis.
September 27, 2020
S2 Epi. 2 Cannabis & Curating Vibes with @itsLauraOG
This episode of Wine Weed & Weave I had chat with creator of SMKBRK Co. and SMKHAUS Laura (IG: @itslauraog). Laura is also a cannabis content creator , educator, and cultivator with a background is design/art that she applies to everything she does. Listen to Laura’s tips for cannabis growing and how to curate the perfect vibes with the perfect strain from a SMKBRK playlist. Curate our next smoke break vibe. Submit your own #SmkBrkPlaylist: | Thank you to this weeks episode sponsor 93 Wellness a black owned CBD flower brand find them on Instagram @93.wellness
September 13, 2020
S2 Epi. 1 Cannabis & Confidence with Viewnique/@highcommentary
To kick off season two join me and guest Viewnique better known as @highcommentary for a discussion about cannabis & confidence. She has used her voice and platform to advocate for women and cannabis so I talk to her about what inspires this confidence, how cannabis has helped her be transparent, and how she hopes to inspire others as an of Afro-Latino woman of color in the Las Vegas cannabis industry • Black Cannabrand Shoutout Feature: @theexecutivesweet /
August 31, 2020
Season 2 Re-Introduction Sip & Sesh w/@themarijuanaiyana
Season 2 is almost here so let’s sip & Sesh together real quick sis. Teasers for season 2 and an intro like none other before...
August 28, 2020
Ep 12. Sip & Sesh Season 1 Recap with @Thebudthatwines
We have reached the end of season 1 and what a great season it has been! To end this season I have cannabis blogger, advocate, and Washington cannabis industry professional Dae - @thebudthatwines on to chat about our favorite episodes this season and our thoughts on what’s happening in the current cannabis industry and what we hope to see in the future.
June 30, 2020
Ep. 11 Cannabis & Science with Tammy (@thecannabiscutie)
On this weeks episode i chat with cannabis & science expert Tammy (Instagram:@thecannabiscutie) - she’s a cannabis educator that speaks online and in panels about cannabis facts and science in ways that even the most novice stoners can understand. Tammy talks about her upcoming online cannabis courses and how she decided to lean into teaching people about weed . We also discuss and debunk some common cannabis myths with scientific facts. Black cannabrand of the week: Satan’s Breath CBD Hot Sauce (IG: @satans_breath_cbd)
June 14, 2020
Ep. 10 Cannabis & Self Care with Sydni (@_shadesofsyd)
This weeks episode of Wine Weed & Weave features Sydni Smiley aka @_shadesofsyd a cannabis educator and advocated with a focus on using cannabis for healing and wellness. Sydni talks about how she uses cannabis in her life to help her through physical and mental healing as well as gives tips on how to use cannabis in a self care routine.
May 31, 2020
Epi. 9 Cannabis & Collaboration with Ivanna (@heyimivanna)
On this episode I got to smoke and chat with Ivanna (IG: @heyimivanna) , she’s an writer/producer, comedian, actress, and cannabis industry professional and enthusiast from Dallas now living LA. We discuss her experiences collaborating with women in the cannabis industry and in the media/entertainment industry as well as how she incorporates cannabis into her comedy writing.
May 17, 2020
Epi. 8 Cannabis & Relationships with Shonitria @bluntblowinmama
It’s Mother’s Day and this episode I’m chatting with the one and only Blunt Blowin Mama! Shonatria aka @bluntblowinmama is a mother of two and writer/journalist, podcaster, cannabis advocate and especially advocating to moms that smoke weed. In this episode we discuss how she’s used cannabis throughout her relationship, friendships, and parenting.
May 10, 2020
Epi. 7 Cannabis & Creating Your Own Lane with Nicolle Callier (@terpenetrapqueen)
On this episode I smoke and chat with Nicolle Callier aka @terpenetrapqueen. She’s a cannabis writer and educator based in Seattle. You can find her work in Leafly, Estrohaze, Merry Jane, and Marijuana Ventures Magazine. We discuss her new interview series “Legal Trappin” and Nicolle give pointers on how to pivot skills in the cannabis industry as well as how meeting Nispey Hustle inspired her creating her series.
April 26, 2020
Epi. 6 Cannabis & Consumer Etiquette with Christina Marie (@rosebuds_hi)
It’s the 420 episode of Wine Weed & Weave! I brought back second time guest and listener fave Christina Marie the creator of Rose Buds (a cannabis and mental health discussion platform), dispensary manager, and cannabis content creator. We discuss how dispensaries are changing on the midst of “the Rona” and tips for customers of all levels on how to have the best dispensary experience. We also get into cannabis being an essential business and what it’s REALLY like working as a black woman in a dispensary. Find more of Christina and here work on IG: @rosebuds_hi and YouTube: Rose Buds.
April 18, 2020
Epi. 5 Cannabis & Conscious Consumption with Saskia Dure (@thetokingtalkedu)
This episode I talk to a cannabis life coach and educator that has a masters degree in science and her own podcast & blog where she documents her experiences being a black woman traveling the world on her own and currently living in Spain, Saskia Dure aka “The Toking Talk Educator”. We discuss her work as a cannabis life coach and Saskia gives valuable advice on how to not feel shamed for cannabis use during a crisis while also remaining conscious of the intention behind consumption.
April 11, 2020
Epi. 4 Cannabis & Creativity with Alaina Dorsey (@budbizcreativ)
I talked to Maryland based cannabis content creator, creative strategic, and graphic designer/illustrator Aliana Dorsey (@budbizcreativ) about how to stay creative during quarantine. She discusses tools she uses and recommends to brand yourself advice once make virtual connections with potential customers.
April 5, 2020
Epi 3: Cannabis & Community with Verita (@curves.and.muscles)
In this episode I chat with cannabis advocate/educator, event planner, and marketing coach Verita (@curves.and.muscles) about how she’s creating community for ambitious women of color and LGBTQ women in this industry as well and shares the importance of authentic and intentional branding.
February 18, 2020
Ep. 2 Part 2 Cannabis & Motherhood with Tyler Rae (@tylertherapy)
Episode 2 part two of my conversation with Tyler Rae aka @Tylertherapy - the creator of The Puff Show, OG Cannamom, Bad Motha Puffa, & more. We continue our sesh to discuss her experience and life now as a full time cannabis entrepreneur and how she plans on keeping her canna-biz in the family and what next for Canna-Mom OG empire.
November 11, 2019
Episode 2 Pt. 1: Cannabis & Motherhood with Tyler Rae (@tylertherapy)
During this episode I chat with Tyler Rae aka @Tylertherapy the creator of The Puff Show, OG Cannamom, Bad Motha Puffa, & more. We discuss her experience with cannabis before and after having her son & how she’s using her platform to help other mom’s feel comfortable to talk about cannabis.
October 18, 2019
Episode 1: Cannabis & Mental Health wIth Christina Marie (@rosebuds_hi)
On the official first episode of #WINEWEEDANDWEAVE I invite and chat with Christina Marie the creator/CEO of Rosebuds Hi - "A platform created for black women & POC silently suffering from various mental health conditions.We hope to influence positive change in the cannabis industry". We discuss our own personal mental health journey and how cannabis has been a tool during that journey and much more.   Curated By: Iyana Edouard "The Marijuana Iyana" 
September 8, 2019
Wine Weed & Weave Introduction with host Iyana (@themarijuanaiyana)
@themarijuanaiyana chats about the concept and what’s coming up on Wine, Weed, & Weave 💨
August 14, 2019