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The Martial View

The Martial View

By Dan Holloway
A place for a martial arts nerd to discuss all things martial arts - with other martial artists! Interviews, business tips, life stories and inspiration. We sit down, chat away and discuss how martial arts can benefit so many people's lives. Either that or in the words of Master Ken, it really is all bull****...
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Episode 33 - Chatting to `The Martial Arts Woman` Andrea Harkins

The Martial View

Episode 33 - Chatting to `The Martial Arts Woman` Andrea Harkins

The Martial View

Episode 36 - Talking to Ciaran McDonald on the practical applications of Taekwondo
Taekwondo is the one with loads of kicks right? That's the general image of TKD due to it's sports focus. Ciaran argues however that a wealth of knowledge has been lost in relation to the practical side of TKD. We discuss this and the state of traditional martial arts today! What are your thoughts? As always thanks for listening and supporting our community!  Main site - Facebook - Martial Masters Volume 1 - Buy me a coffee -
March 5, 2021
Episode 35 - Chat with ex-UFC fighter Leigh Remedios
Another chit chat on today's episode and this time we're very lucky to have Leigh Remedios! Once ranked the #1 Featherweight fighter in the UK, Leigh was fighting bare-knuckle Vale Tudo competitions before MMA became huge! His experience as a professional athlete soon attracted the attention of the UFC and Leigh was propelled into the MMA spotlight! Now a heavy competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we chat about his training and background!  As always thanks for listening and supporting our community! Main site - Facebook - Martial Masters Volume 1 - Buy me a coffee -
February 26, 2021
Episode 34 - Talking Physiotherapy with Beck Spencer
We're all a little less active than we usually are a result of the lock-down and gyms being closed! I know I am desperate to get back to running my classes and doing all I can to stay fit and healthy during this time. Too much time sitting at your desk and being inactive can lead to problems however and this is where Beck comes in! A great physiotherapist, pilates instructor and wellness social media coach, she's sorted my back out in the past and we chat about her history, some tips for everyone to stay supple during lock-down and how to find exercises that work for you.  You can find Beck on all her social media channels so get in touch with her if you'd like some advice!  Instagram : @wellmode_health Facebook: @wellmodehc Linkedin: Beck Lauren Spencer   As always thanks for listening and supporting our community! Main site - Facebook - Martial Masters Volume 1 - Buy me a coffee -
February 22, 2021
Episode 33 - Chatting to `The Martial Arts Woman` Andrea Harkins
Andrea Harkins is a martial artist, blogger, podcaster and author! She has a great following promoting her messages of positivity and the benefits of martial arts training - especially for women. We discuss her history in the arts, balancing training with family life and her various projects including 2 books and a successful blog!  Check out Andrea at The Martial Arts Woman! As always thanks for supporting The Martial View and listening in! Stay up to date with all our news via our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, as well as YouTube where you can see all the interviews and more! 
February 21, 2021
Episode 32 - Under Pressure. Talking pressure points with Russell Stutely
Do pressure points work? How do they work and what do they depend on? I ask these questions and more to world-renowned expert in pressure points - Russell Stutely.  Many thanks for supporting The Martial View, give us a like and subscribe and be sure to check out our full site at as well as social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. You can check out some free videos and material by Russell at
February 20, 2021
Episode 31 - Talking Martial Arts, Metaphysics and stunt work with Dr Jon Xue Zhang!
Another episode folks and this time it's with the awesome Dr Jon Xue Zhang. He has one of the most eclectic CVs I've looked at! Martial artist, musician, stunt man and actor with a two doctorates! We talk about his history in the martial arts and how his father got him training with the SAS from a young age, to working in movies and investigating the paranormal! A really interesting guy, i'll be sure to have Jon back on the podcast very soon to chat more. Thank you as always for tuning in and please support The Martial View by giving us a like on our Facebook page and joining our Facebook group. We're also available on Instagram and you can see the full interview at our YouTube channel!
February 19, 2021
Episode 30 - 5 tips for keeping Zoom burnout at bay!
Hopefully the end is in sight guys! It's been a long old road this past year or so, from the first initial months of moving our academies online, to those wonderful few weeks where we could re-open in some capacity, to then having to close again! Zoom has been a godsend for many and thanks to technology many of us have kept our academy doors open - through the virtual world! I know I will never take for granted the atmosphere in my academy again and cannot wait to get back open and see everyone. Although the end is hopefully in sight - we are not quite there yet and zoom will still be needed for the time being, and hey, maybe we should keep some level of online training available for people - it may not be a bad idea and we'll be ready for the next global pandemic... yay! :P So here are 5 top tips to keep your zoom classes fresh, fun and interesting in a time when many are really suffering from lock-down fatigue. As always thanks for listening and supporting our community! Main site - Facebook - Martial Masters Volume 1 - Buy me a coffee -
February 15, 2021
Episode 29 - Chatting with Sales Samurai John Molyneux
Today I'm chatting to Sales Samurai - John Molyneux! With a background in Karate, as well as being the first person to fight Lethwei in the UK - John has now turned his attention to the art of sales! We discuss why so many people are reluctant to sell and how to get over the fear of rejection. John offers some top tips on selling and how he merges the art of selling with the art, of martial arts... As always thanks for listening and supporting our community! Head over to the main site The Martial View for years worth of content! Make sure you join our Martial View community group as well as social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Finally - Martial Masters Volume 1 is available now on Amazon, and Volume 2 is ready for Spring 2021 release!
February 12, 2021
Episode 28 - Has Aikido lost its relevance as a martial art?
There's a lot of good Aikido out there, but there is also a lot of bad Aikido. In today's world of MMA, grappling and BJJ, has Aikido lost it's place as a respected martial art and why did this occur? I have my own theories - the main one being lack of competition and therefore evolution, but let me know your thoughts. Are you an Aikido practitioner who focuses mainly on applying your Aikido to self defence or practical situations? Or do you study more for the culture and art? Let me know! Thank you for supporting The Martial View! You can find all our articles at our main site as well as lots on our Facebook group and Facebook community page, plus Instagram! Get in touch with anything you'd like to see in the future and check our YouTube channel for all the previous interviews, plus new features coming soon!
February 7, 2021
Episode 27 - Nutrition & why being healthy doesn't mean just chicken and broccoli
Time for another episode already! This one we are joined by Casey Marshall A.K.A The Body Engineer! With a fantastic background in martial arts, Casey comes from a martial arts family and decided to dedicate her time to learning all about sports nutrition and is currently studying for her MA in the subject. We talk about why nutrition is so important - not just for elite athletes, but for anyone wishing to participate in sport or martial arts. We then discuss easy ways to stay healthy during lock-down and some top tips for meal prepping so you can all be experts by the end of the this episode!  You can contact Casey through her social media channels and especially Instagram - just search for `The Body Engineer` As always thanks for listening and supporting our community! Head over to the main site The Martial View for years worth of content! Make sure you join our Martial View community group as well as social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Finally - Martial Masters Volume 1 is available now on Amazon, and Volume 2 is ready for Spring 2021 release!
February 5, 2021
Episode 26 - Just me and my mic tonight... Does hierarchy destroy the martial arts?
A podcast with just me today - let's see how it goes... One that will hopefully spark some debate! Does hierarchy ruin the martial arts? Sure black belts are great and all, but at the end of the day it's just a bit of cloth around your waist... Should we scrap the hierarchy system and all just be white belts?  As always thanks for listening and supporting our community! Head over to the main site The Martial View for years worth of content! Make sure you join our Martial View community group as well as social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Finally - Martial Masters Volume 1 is available now on Amazon, and Volume 2 is ready for Spring 2021 release!
February 3, 2021
Episode 25 - Best selling author who will also kick your ass. It's Andy Gibney!
Today I am interviewing the talented Andy Gibney! With a fantastic history in Jeet Kune Do and a master instructor under Richard Bustillo, Andy is also a 6th Grade Black Belt in Doces Pares Eskrima and won two silver medals in the 1994 and 1996 Stick-fighting Championships. As well as running his own academy, Andy is also the co-founder of 3P Publishing, helping new authors to publish their books. We discuss Andy's hunger for knowledge, his training in the Wim Hof method, what Richard Bustillo was like as a man and his top tips for anyone out there thinking of writing a book! More information on Andy can be found at his academy website here, as well as his 3P Publishing site here. Finally you can get in contact with him on YouTube here! As always thanks for listening and supporting our community! Head over to the main site The Martial View for years worth of content! Make sure you join our Martial View community group as well as social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Finally - Martial Masters Volume 1 is available now on Amazon, and Volume 2 is ready for Spring 2021 release!
January 29, 2021
Episode 24 - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Fight Dad!
Harry Flexman has experience in a number of different martial arts including Muay Thai and Kali. Following the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, he set up an online course through his page `Fight Dad` - perfect for solo training at home. I chat to Harry about how he started his online course, tips for those interested in creating one and what martial arts has done for him.   Check out Harry's stuff at and find him on Facebook and TikTok   Follow us at Check out our YouTube channel if you want to see us in person!
January 22, 2021
Episode 23 - The Law and Self Defence with Duncan Andrews
After a career in the Army taking him around the world, Duncan Andrews A.K.A The Freak decided to join the police with a career in specialist units such as Riot Response. Here Duncan talks about why he left, what self defence means for him and why what he offers is unparalleled in the UK Personal Safety circuit.
January 19, 2021
Episode 22 - Eddie Quinn - founder of `The Approach`
A harrowing experience and a brutal stabbing led Eddie to the martial arts. With experience in Muay Thai and Silat, Eddie developed `The Approach` system now taught to thousands and used by military and police around the globe.
January 19, 2021
Episode 21 - Interview with martial artist and author Simon Morrell.
A victim of extreme bullying since he was 5 years old. Bouts of depression, anxiety and agoraphobia. Black belt martial arts instructor and best selling author. We speak to Simon Morrell on mental health, martial arts and battling the black dog that unfortunately few speak about.
January 19, 2021
Episode 20 - Interview with Kaizen Martial Arts Expo Founder Lucci Del-Gaudio
Lucci Del-Gaudio runs LDG Combat Jiu-Jitsu based in Nottingham. He is also the founder of Martial Artists Supporting Children with Cancer and the Kaizen Martial Arts Expo. We talk about the inception of these as well as the depression Lucci has struggled with during lock-down and what you can do if feeling similar.
January 19, 2021
Episode 19 - Boo! We speak to `Ghost` system founder Phil Norman
A full instructor under Dan Inosanto and one of the first people to compete in MMA in the early 90s, Phil Norman is now known for his incredible Ghost Fighting System, taking the combat sport world by storm. We talk JKD, Kali, early MMA, Ghost and Combatives!
January 19, 2021
Episode 18 - Interview with Zara Phythian - Martial artist, actress, business woman.
I chat with the amazing Zara Phythian! Zara is an incredible martial artist, business woman and stunt actress. We discuss her setting some world records, world championships, entering into the movie world and building 4 businesses. We also discuss how she has adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic!
January 19, 2021
Episode 17 - Fighting.. For gentlemen!
Ever fancied learning to defend yourself while wearing a top hat? Then Tommy Joe Moore is your man! Tommy has a great background in Judo and Boxing but has also added his own blend of Bartitsu into his club. Bartitsu originally developed in Victorian England and combines boxing, pugilism, jiu-jitsu, cane work and Savate (French kickboxing). Tommy talks about how he began to study it, and what it can offer to the modern world in terms of self defence and combat sports.
January 19, 2021
Episode 16 - Kaze Arashi Ryu. What is it?!
In today's episode I interview Andy Abernethie of Samurai Hears Academy! A traditional martial artist studying and teaching the art of Kaze Arashi Ryu. We talk about the history of this traditional art, and it's place in today's modern society.
January 19, 2021
Episode 15 - How the celebrities stay in shape, the Pad Man Steve Bates!
This week I interviewed Steve Bates - The Pad Man! We speak about his journey in martial arts, how he got started and why he specialised in pad feeding. He's worked with some of the best martial artists in the industry, as well as top athletes in their field! Thanks for your time Steve!
January 19, 2021
Episode 14 - Interview with Mark Dawes of NFPS
Mark Dawes speaks to me about the importance of knowing the law in regards to self defence and his founding of the National Federation for Personal Safety.
January 19, 2021
Episode 13 - I talk with the Godfather and he makes me an offer I can't refuse!
Bob Breen is a legend within the martial arts! Often hailed as the Godfather of Jeet Kune Do in Europe, Guro Bob was the first to bring Bruce Lee's student - Dan Inosanto, over to the UK in the 1980s. We talk about music - one of Guro Bob's passions, as well as his development of his 4D combat system.
January 19, 2021
Episode 12 - Interview with `Gangs of London` star Lee Charles!
I got to speak to Lenny the Butcher from Gangs of London! World Champion Martial Artist Lee Charles chats about his journey in martial arts, cross training, his days competing and breaking into the TV and movie industry!
January 19, 2021
Episode 11 - Interview with Self Defence expert Peter Consterdine
An insightful chat with British Combat Association founder Peter Consterdine today on his history training in martial arts, the formation of the BCA, his thoughts on reality based self defence and working the doors in Manchester in the 1980s. A man who has really been there and done it and a hugely respected figure within the martial arts world.
January 19, 2021
Episode 10 - Martial Arts Superstar Richard Norton!
I get to fan girl over bodyguard to the stars and Hollywood fight star Richard Norton. Richard talks about how he started in the martial arts, as well as working for such incredible people as The Rolling Stones, James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac. We then discuss his transition into the movies, working with such incredible actors as Will Smith and Margot Robbie. 
January 18, 2021
Episode 9 - We managed to track down a real life Ninja and interview him!
I managed to finally pin down and chat to real life Ninja Dave Giddings on the history of Ninjitsu, how much is real life and it's place in today's world. Shortly after this chat ended, Dave disappeared in a puff of smoke...
January 18, 2021
Episode 8 - `Suck it up or go home` author, Simon Gray!
The Yoshinkan Aikido Senshusei Course - believed to be the toughest martial arts course in the world! Simon completed the course in Japan and has now written a book about his experiences! 
January 18, 2021
Episode 7 - Modern Samurai and King of TikTok Matt Stait!
Want to listen to a Modern Samurai chat about TikTok? Then you have come to the right place! From traditional roots in Karate, Matt has had a varied career in the martial arts, from kickboxing, to self defence and security work. He now runs his own academy, interviews other martial artists and has an online presence through his online courses and recently TikTok! If you want to learn how to expand your business through TikTok - Matt is the man to go to!
January 18, 2021
Episode 6 - Couples that train together... remain together!
Ever dreamed of having a live-in training partner? Someone to train with 24 hours a day? Well Mick and Cathy Dickinson have this dynamic! A married couple training and teaching in the martial arts together. I chat to them both about their days competing, how they met and what it's like having a spouse who is able to kick-ass! 
January 18, 2021
Episode 5 - Interview with stunt worker and Jackie Chan Foundation Ambassador Chris Jones!
It's time for another interview! This time I interview the fantastic Chris Jones on his work in action films, his full time academy and the online section of his teaching - especially important in the year 2020 and beyond! 
January 18, 2021
Episode 4 - I speak to BJJ Black Belt and competitor Tom Barlow!
I have the pleasure of interviewing 3 x World No-Gi Champion and Braulio Estima black belt Tom Barlow. We chat about his history, competing in Polaris and winning his World Championships, his online training portal and the future of BJJ post C-Word... COVID!
January 4, 2021
Episode 3 - A very special interview with Joe Thambu Shihan
Joe Thambu Shihan is an internationally renowned martial artist teaching Yoshinkan Aikido from his Shudokan Academy based in Melbourne Australia. Thambu Sensei has regularly featured in Blitz Sport Magazine and teaches regularly on an international level when there isn't a deadly pandemic floating around. We discuss Aikido's reputation as a martial art and ask - does it deserve it's bad reputation or not? Part 1 of a 2 part interview!
January 3, 2021
Episode 2 - Interview with MittMaster Matthew Chapman! How to pandemic proof your business.
The Covid-19 Pandemic has certainly been a shock to all of us as martial arts instructors. Having to shut down our physical academies and move online was something we all had to adapt to. One person who has been online, way before it was trendy, is Matt Chapman who is so good online - it's all he does, selling his physical academy in 2018! In episode 2 of The Martial View, we learn about Matt's Martial history, and what you can start to do to pandemic proof your business and move it online, along with common pitfalls people experience.
January 2, 2021
Episode 1 - Interview with Brutal Bouncer Russell Jarmesty.
Welcome to The Martial View! Discussing all things martial arts related and asking the questions you want answering. Our first ever interview and we are kicking off with a bang! Today I'm speaking to Russell Jarmesty from Jarmesty Martial Arts Academy based in Atherton, Manchester. A man I have huge respect for, Russ has perfected his martial arts on some of the toughest doors in Manchester of a 15 year long career. Hear how he got started in martial arts, why he went to the doors for answers, experiences as a bouncer and his martial philosophy!
January 1, 2021
Welcome to The Martial View!
A podcast for a nerdy martial artist to discuss all things martial arts, with other martial artists, fitness and health professionals! Give us a follow and show some love to our social media channels on YouTube, Insta and Facebook please and get in touch with any questions or if you'd like to appear! I love hearing from you guys!
December 31, 2020