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The Match Slip

The Match Slip

By Frank Angelone

Sharing the journey of one's most memorable competitive Magic event.
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An SCG Invitational Qualifier Gameplay Review
An SCG Invitational Qualifier Gameplay Review
In episode 8 of the podcast we are going to review a recent SCG Invitational Qualifier I played in and the key mistakes I made that I felt limited my chances of winning matches. While I did win games, I felt there was more I can improve upon for the future.
March 24, 2020
Where I Need To Improve The Most At Magic
Where I Need To Improve The Most At Magic
While I watch a lot of Magic content and tournament play to learn the most optimal plays, there's an avenue where I need to improve drastically. That would be practicing. I definitely don't get in enough games of Magic to further my quest to compete in a high-level Magic tournament. If I don't practice and play more, I cannot hone my craft as a player. I've been slacking in this department. I cannot use my LGS being far away as an excuse because I have multiple options at my disposal to practice. It's taking that leap and investing in myself as a player in order to improve. Do you find yourself in this camp as well? Are you not practicing enough? In today's episode, I'm going to give my insight into how I plan to practice more so that I can make my goals become a reality.
December 24, 2019
The Importance of Sideboarding
The Importance of Sideboarding
In episode 6 of the podcast, we're covering the process of sideboarding and how important it can be to win a game of Magic. While not an exact science, sideboarding takes the most time to master and those who come the closest to doing so will tend to come out on top. With a desire to come out on the winning end more often than not in competitive tournaments, sideboarding definitely deserves a closer look and special attention. We're citing the article by Brian DeMars on Channel Fireball, Mana Has Always Been the Most Influential Part of Sideboarding, as our guide to better understand what we can be doing better. I've unconsciously implemented some of these strategies in my own deck building but have fallen short when it comes to having enough mana.
November 29, 2019
Analyzing The Lessons Learned From MTG Arena
Analyzing The Lessons Learned From MTG Arena
In episode five of The Match Slip, we're analyzing my most recent playtesting experience on MTG Arena. While I only play Standard on MTG Arena, I was able to build a deck that closely resembled my Modern Orzhov Afterlife deck. I gathered insights that focused on my overall play strategy, the composition of my mana base, and how I can translate those lessons back to Modern. Even though you may not be able to build a Standard deck in MTG Arena that resembles your Modern deck, you can still build a deck that utilizes the same strategies for the given archetype that you prefer to play. This is a great way to obtain information in regard to how you react to various in-game scenarios. You'll learn what you need to correct before you enter a tournament that has an entry fee or prize pool on the line.
November 16, 2019
The Thought Process Behind Deck Building
The Thought Process Behind Deck Building
In episode four of The Match Slip podcast, we're discussing the thought process and the careful consideration that's required when building a competitive Magic deck. I'll share reasons why I've added cards and subtracted cards from my deck as well as the name of the deck I've been fine-tuning (along with the full main deck and sideboard). While the allure of building your own deck from scratch can be quite compelling, you shouldn't feel bad about netdecking to start off. It's how I started and I'll share in this episode how it served as a platform for me to feel comfortable to venture into the world of becoming a deck brewer.  
November 07, 2019
Enablers, Payoffs, and Redundancy
Enablers, Payoffs, and Redundancy
In episode three of The Match Slip podcast, we're taking a deep dive into an article on Star City Games by Emma Handy called "How To Beat Anything In Modern." In what may be the best strategy article I've ever read on Magic, Emma talks about a few core elements of Magic: enablers, payoffs, and redundancy. These were concepts I never fully grasped even though I've heard them uttered throughout various outlets like the Star City Games Twitch stream covering the SCG Open and SCG Classic. Hearing those concepts and understanding them are two completely different things and if you don't truly understand them, your game will suffer because of it - mine did. However, after processing Emma's insights and learning from her experience, I can now break them down even further and explain where I should have implemented these strategies better in my recent tournament and how you can do the same.
October 31, 2019
Improving At The Limited Format
Improving At The Limited Format
In episode two of The Match Slip podcast, we're talking about the limited format. In what is regarded as the most difficult format to master, we discuss my challenges with deck building within a given time constraint, the downfalls of "hate" drafting, eliminate overthinking when deck building, and the benefits of removal. We also get into who the top limited players in Magic are and how they can help you improve your limited game. We conclude with the best resources that you can use to get a better understanding of a new limited format.  
October 24, 2019
The Inaugural Episode
The Inaugural Episode
In the inaugural episode of The Match Slip podcast, we discuss how I got into Magic, my goals with having the podcast be a platform for you to improve your game, and the overarching plan to help each other as we both try to qualify for a Magic: The Gathering Player's Tour or SCG Invitational. I'll share my latest learnings from my recent SCG Invitational qualifier and the important in-game decisions to be aware of that cost me a match. I'll also share my plans for The Magic Slip newsletter!
October 16, 2019