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The MindAxis Connection

The MindAxis Connection

By Geoff Seow
A series of empowering conversations with purpose-driven, impactful people from across the world. All episodes are repurposed from Instagram LIVE recordings.
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Episode 9 - Conor Meyer
Empathy is an underrated skill. To become a strong leader in your home, workplace or business; learning the art of empathy is often absolutely essential. This week, I’m excited to welcome the great & powerful Conor Meyer to The MindAxis Connection. Join us, as we delve deep into the art of empathy, its applications toward personal leadership and how you can begin to learn this skill and apply it in your life. Learn about Conor Meyer here Discover more about Geoff Seow here
August 02, 2022
Episode 8 - Eliza Collins
Burnout is THE problem of the 21st Century. Yet perhaps, the concept of burnout runs a little deeper than just the mental aspect. In this episode of The MindAxis Connection, the great & powerful Eliza Collins is joining me to discuss how burnout is directly linked with the gut-brain axis. Join us, as we explore exactly how you can regain control over burnout through making conscious, positive adjustments towards your mental and physical health. Learn about Eliza Collins here Discover more about Geoff Seow here
July 18, 2022
Episode 7 - James Dunn
Have you defined your personal narrative? It’s the story of your life you perceive, believe and identify with. This week, I’ve got the great & powerful James Dunn joining me on The MindAxis Connection to discuss the power behind a personal narrative. Join us, as we explore how to overcome past trauma and why aligning your past, present and future into a definitive personal narrative can be a game changer. Learn about James Dunn here Discover more about Geoff Seow here
July 04, 2022
Episode 6 - Caleb Nelson
Ever heard of The Pursuit of Happiness? It’s the ultimate journey for humanity, to chase, discover and create happiness within our lives. This week, the great & powerful Caleb Nelson joined me on The MindAxis Connection to share his expertise on the secrets of happiness. Join us as we discuss the origins of human happiness, how to create more of it and how to direct it towards a powerful, singular purpose to create more abundance in your daily life. Learn about Caleb Nelson here Discover more about Geoff Seow here
June 29, 2022
Episode 5 - Jason Johns
This week, the great & powerful Jason Johns joined me to tackle the topic of finding calm within the chaos of life. For many people, life is chaotic, hectic and stressful. Part of the daily cycle, it becomes intolerable, unless you learn a way to manage the chaos. It’s why Jason & I are teaming up to deconstruct the creation of a chaotic environment, while providing you actionable strategies to create a sea of calm in your daily life. When you can think clearly and calmly, you’ll become unstoppable. Join us as we deconstruct how you can successfully navigate chaotic waters, to create order and success in your life. Learn about Jason Johns here Discover more about Geoff Seow here
June 29, 2022
Episode 4 - Jordan White
This week, I’ve got the great & powerful Jordan White joining me to tackle the topic of finding your authentic self. For many people, it can be difficult to drop the mask and express themselves authentically, particularly in our modern day society. It’s why Jordan and I are teaming up to delve deep into the neurological side of it, where we’ll explore how you can use neuro-hacking and mindset adjustments to bring out your truly authentic self. Join us as we share our passion for neuroscience and how you can use neuro-hacking to truly discover your authenticity. Learn about Jordan White here Discover more about Geoff Seow here
June 29, 2022
Episode 3 - Simon Dutton
Discipline is the backbone of any growth process. It provides you the platform to push onward and strive, even when the chips are down. Without a true appreciation for the growth process, you might begin to neglect your levels of discipline. It’s why frequently, you might find yourself transitioning back to old negative habits, struggling to maintain all the progress you’ve made. Simon Dutton and I are teaming up to tackle this topic head on. Join us as discuss how learning from failure, combined with personal discipline will provide you the ultimate platform for long-term success. Learn about Simon Dutton here Discover more about Geoff Seow here
June 27, 2022
Episode 2 - Sachi Antkowiak
Without the heart, the mind can’t operate at its full capacity. Emotion and logic are opposing sides of the same coin, both necessary ingredients to truly guide our personal growth. Which is why I’m excited to share, that this week, we’re heading to Canada, to speak with Sachi Antkowiak, the Founder of K•N•O•W, a coaching program geared towards Self Mastery. Sachi will be sharing her valuable insights on how to achieve Self Mastery by fully engaging our emotional intelligence to truly unleash our potential. I’m super excited for this - join us as we perform a deep dive into the path of emotional mastery. Learn about Sachi Antkowiak here Discover more about Geoff Seow here
June 23, 2022
Episode 1 - Elvis Tadlanek
Without a life purpose to drive you forward, you’re going to feel lost and uncertain. Wouldn’t you agree that life’s too short to not fulfil your ultimate potential? It’s why Elvis Tadlanek, the host of the Life of Elvis podcast and I are going to entirely deconstruct the meaning of human purpose. We’re going to look at how building a greater vision, linked to your purpose will provide you long-lasting conviction and self-belief. It’s the ultimate tonic that will drive you onwards and upwards during these chaotic times. Join us, as we share our personal journeys and how it’s led us to discovering and actioning our life purpose. Learn about Elvis Tadlanek here Discover more about Geoff Seow here
June 23, 2022