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The Minx Show

The Minx Show

By Minx Couture
The Minx Show is a livestream social broadcast that discusses trending topics affecting musicans, gamers and content creators.
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Real Talk w/ Minx EP 2: FOLLOW ME
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
In this episode we talk FOLLOWERS and why your FOLLOWING is hurting your brand. Send me a voice note so that you can be featured on the next episode! Thanks!
February 11, 2021
Real Talk W Minx: “Bot Wars”
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Bot Wars are Real.
February 6, 2021
The Minx Show EP 82
Tonight's show we are talking about music news, underground music news! We have music from: VRN HAYES with "Aint a Thing", Dirty Papi, and Black Boy Joy by DeeBlazeThePyro my cousin!
January 3, 2021
The Minx Show Ep 81 Special Guest ThatKidCry
 We are back with another episode of The Minx Show "In Plain Sight" with special guest ThatKidCry as we talked about Mixtape scams going on in the underground hip-hop realm. #NewMusicFriday #MusicBizChat #IndependentArtists 
January 2, 2021
The Minx Show Ep 80
Its #NEWMUSICFRIDAY and we are BACK with another dope podcast livestream! We have some dope artists to discover, music news to absorb and some lessons to learn in DM Etiquette when it comes to making a business transaction.    I do not own the rights to the music played in this podcast. These songs and videos are user submitted.   Make sure you follow me across social media, I don't bite!  If you are interested in coming on to the show for an interview, do not hesitate to email me    Sit back, relax, and vibe with Everyone's Favorite Minx!
October 3, 2020
The Minx Show EP 79 with special guest VRN HAYES
We are live with another episode of The Minx Show Podcast.  I have special guest Vrn Hayes to talk about his upcoming release Serene. We tapped into all the elements of being veteran artists, why Serene is different from his last projects and more. You can catch the visual on my youtube channel!  Shoutout to my patreon members!
September 26, 2020
The Minx Show EP 78
Today we are talking ads. I know this is one of the toughest topics but we are back again with it! I don't mind at all! Really.   Music from   Pally Ray  J.1.DA  O'snap  Shout out to my Patreon family
September 23, 2020
Minx Interviews YPDMV
I recently sat down with YPDMV as we talked about his life, trials and tribulations, and thoughts on the music business as an aspiring artist. The singles featured are Ten Toes down and Bag Language which is on platforms everywhere!
August 15, 2020
Minx Interviews CJTheCannon
I sat down with Bronx Native and VA resident CJTheCannon as we discussed his journey as a recording artist and athlete. 
July 24, 2020
Minx talks about music marketing and promotion, some articles pertaining to the music business, DMCA being jerks to broadcasters worldwide, Feature FM, and my experience with them and more.  Music and beats by me.
June 30, 2020
Minx Interviews 2 Dub Official
I recently sat down with 2 Dub Official, Ohio native rapper and spoken word artist.  You can check him out here to stay up to date with his latest releases such as WTMW which drops on platforms everywhere today!
June 26, 2020
Minx Interviews City The Great
I sat down with Hip Hop artist City The Great to talk about his new Mixtape, recent events affecting our culture, protests, Covid-19 and more.  His new Mixtape is Why Not  Twitter: @citythegreat_ Instagram: @citythegreat Youtube channel: City the great
June 13, 2020
"The FamCo"
I sat down with Marvin Ryles from "The FamCo" to talk behind the scenes of being news media to the underground. We get into the nitty gritty of blogging, interactions with artists, and what we hope to see in the near future after quarantine.   Visit and follow Marvin on instagram @thefamco 
June 10, 2020
Kiss My Ads
In this episode of "Kiss My Ads" we talk about how much I hate Facebook, some news, gave away $25 to a Stationhead listener and my recent ad campaigns on Pinterest and Instagram.  Music by Paris with "Back on Me" and Flamez LaCandela with "Big Fish"  Shoutout to my Patreon Members and *New* Member Amanda Rose! 
June 10, 2020
"Jook and Slide" Interview with SmoothProducerMidnite
I sat down with SmoothProducerMidnite, a dope producer and independent artist.  Marlon J. Condoll Jr., a.k.a SmoothProducerMidnite, and I met on Twitter and the rest is history. We talk production, the new standards, what it means to be different in a society that desires to be the same, and how I think Drake jacked his song Jook and Slide. 
May 15, 2020
"Watching and Waiting" Interview with Tony Grands
I sat down with the one and only Tony Grands to talk about his life, struggles, goals and why he took a hiatus from music and podcasting.  Make sure you check out Tony's website, and support this amazing creator on his journey. Shoutout to my Patreon members! You guys are super super dope!
May 2, 2020
"The Tip-Off" Interview with J.Marie Poetry
I recently sat down with the lovely J.Marie Poetry to discuss her journey as a rising spoken word artist and writer. J.Marie Poetry is infectious with laughter and full of spunk. Her "no-nonsense" attitude and drive towards perfection of her many ideas and overall hustle is inspiring to many. In this interview, we talked about how she got her start as a writer and eventually into erotic spoken word pieces. She explains where she gets her ideas, most of it from personal experience, as well as her future plans to take this erotica genre by storm. Besides being a beautiful mother, hard worker, and creative, she talks about what she would like to see in the world, gives awesome advice on how we can all utilize quarantine time, and certainly no filter and unapologetic. Talking with J. Marie is enough to make you check your own self at the door because you must come correct! She is serious about her craft and as well as networking and building with others. She is eager to learn as well as teach others. We can expect more from this sassy and classy poet, with more erotica to come. I even got down and dirty with my own personal experiences with sex, love and poetry. Two dynamic women, two options only, to share and press play on this episode of this dope episode entitled:  The Tip-Off. You can follow J.Marie on platforms everywhere. Also check out for apparel. 
April 10, 2020
Got Me F*cked Up
Today's episode we talked about how people got me twisted, that I am apparently buying engagement on Periscope (BTW I found this hilarious) and more.  Got a few articles to talk about and dope music to showcase.  Shoutout to my Patreon team. 
March 28, 2020
Covid Tips
Corona Virus, shits gettin real!  In this episode, I give some tips and tricks on making money ONLINE due to this lockdown as underground artists so you may want to pay attention.  Music by Blaze The Rebel with Multiply, Judith Grimm (NEW PATREON MEMBER) with Last Vacation, and Justin Hale with Personal. 
March 21, 2020
"2 Different People" Interview with A2thaMo
I recently sat down with A2thamo to discuss the strengths and weakness of being a  producer, podcaster and independent artist. 
March 20, 2020
"Distro Blues"
In a world of  TuneCore's, Distrokid's, Level's, Amuse's and other distribution services, there seems to be an alarming conspiracy of intellectual property theft and no one's talking about it.  In this episode, I spend time in the distribution conversation, how you get PAID for your streams and other gems. Shoutout to my Patreon members, you guys are the GOAT!
March 14, 2020
"Rolla's Zone" Interview with Rolla
I recently sat down with Rolla to discuss her music, her thoughts on the music business, social media and its challenges in promotion, kicked around some plans for action, music history, and current events affecting our craft and how we express ourselves.  Make sure you follow and support Rolla on her jourmey across  the globe and share!
March 13, 2020
It's one thing to be an inspiration, but a copycat?  In this episode, I talk music miz jewels, and rant about copycats in the music industry. Rollazone Music with "Worth" and much more.  A2ThaMo with" 2 Different People" Freedom Corner Brand with "Win" Shoutout to my patreon members! 
March 7, 2020
"The Low Down'
In this episode of "The Downlow", I kick off this episode with my guest ATL JULY, Singer, Songwriter,  and master of his craft as we discussed the changes in R&B and more. I roasted a scammer, DJ DOWNLOW DAVIS to the lowest point on the planet.  The NERVE! Amazing music from my patreon members. I thank you for your continued support!
February 23, 2020
In this episode of The Minx Show, I talk about my 2 week hiatus, discuss recent music business news, and my usual banter and rants about the music industry as an independent artist.
February 16, 2020
"BOOM BAP CHEMIST" Interview with Barz Nice
I sat down with Barz Nice to discuss his return from his hiatus,  his life,  thoughts on the changes in hip-hop, and more. 
February 7, 2020
"Skype Hype"
In this episode, I had a chat with Lulu Baby and discussed females in Hip-Hop and where her inspiration came from. Of course my call kept dropping from our dope conversation.  I get into my thoughts on these promo services and how people don't know their lane.  Music by Rollazone Music and more.  Shoutouts to my Patreon members who support the platform . 
January 24, 2020
"Black Sandcastles" Interview with Darryl Deon
I recently sat down with Cleveland Ohio artist, Darryl Deon, to discuss his music, thoughts on the changes in hip-hop and his upcoming projects.  Make sure you connect with him to stay up to date!  Snapchat: Darryldeon77 IG: Darryldeon77 Twitter : Darryldeon
January 24, 2020
"Manage Me"
In today's episode, I explore management with Leonard Croft, MY manager. We discuss the music business in detail, where artists are making mistakes, the legalities of releasing music, and he answers many questions pertaining to distribution deals and more.  Music by Goaldin Tone and my sister Taurie with her new single.  Shoutout to my active patreon members! Welcome Ray Gentsmen! Freedom Corner Brand J Marie Poetry Raset 2 Dub Official Barz Nice Bernard Bey Dj Unbreakable Ceejay Jonez Darryl Holmes FastedSith Kevin Lamar Collington KYNGSOLO Lady Divine Marlon Condoll Jr. Mo MusicSmileWitME Promised Land Band Sean Wilmore Tha Smoke Thor Cipher Tony Grands HQ TruWerdz Yayopills Genuine
January 22, 2020
"KYNGS CORNER" Interview with Kyng Solo
I recently sat down for a telephone interview with Kyng Solo regarding her life as an rising artist and her new album "My Life Styl" on platforms everywhere. We talked about her recent shows, her love for the Kendama, and how being social allowed her to officially become an international artist from the state of Kentucky. 
January 17, 2020
New Year, New Interview! I sat down with Qiana The Goddess PR Marketing Guru and Radio Personality to discuss our field in providing assistance and education to the underground music community and our contributions to women's empowerment.  We start this episode with our new patreon member Freedom Corner Brand with their song Bankroll.  We discuss a few articles, a new song from Raset and close out the show with Thor Ciphers "Alone" Shoutout to My Members Freedom Corner Brand J Marie Poetry Raset 2 Dub Official Barz Nice Bernard Bey Dj Unbreakable Ceejay Jonez Darryl Holmes FastedSith Kevin Lamar Collington KYNGSOLO Lady Divine Marlon Condoll Jr. Mo MusicSmileWitME Promised Land Band Sean Wilmore Tha Smoke Thor Cipher Tony Grands HQ TruWerdz Yayopills Genuine
January 13, 2020
50TH Episode! "Social"
Happy New Year 2020! What's a better way to start the New Year with a new episode and patreon member! We have @jmariepoetry poet and aspiring writer with June's November.  In this episode, we explore the most asked about questions surrounding being an artist and content creator: how can I have ORGANIC and effective social media marketing and promotion without getting scammed? (Tongue twister isn't it?) I talk about staying motivated in this nasty, scammy web world and why I think Social Media is destroying creativity and killing your motivation.   Shoutout to my Patreon Members from the past and present! This is my 50th episode and I appreciate everyone for being part of my podcasting journey. Certainly more to come! J Marie Poetry Raset 2 Dub Official Barz Nice Bernard Bey Dj Unbreakable Ceejay Jonez Darryl Holmes FastedSith Kevin Lamar Collington KYNGSOLO Lady Divine Marlon Condoll Jr. Mo MusicSmileWitME Promised Land Band Sean Wilmore Tha Smoke Thor Cipher Tony Grands HQ TruWerdz Yayopills Genuine
January 6, 2020
I call this episode Shameless because there's alot of artist promotion going on and they are not shameless at all! I talk about it in depth and more. Here are some of the episode topics:  Is Jay-Z in a 360 deal? What exactly is a 360 deal How to Shamelessly plug your content Why I think artists should have personal emails and websites and more... We journey into the New Year 2020 and I appreciate all those who have been part of the platform discussions and the content submitted. I hope your new year is amazing and you get everything you deserve!
December 27, 2019
What a week! It seems like this week was a crazy week for me in the Twitterverse, We start out with a new patreon Member "Raset" with Pathways and then we get into it!  BeatStars decided to climb into my DM's after I tweeted out that female producers don't get enough promotion or recognition on their platform  I discuss why the music industry thinks podcasting is taking over and why everyone missed the podcast train Tekashi69 is starting a new podcast and the feedback on that Christmas is coming so we have a xmas submissions from Jill Winter and Naomi Nicole. Shoutout To my Patreon Members!  Raset 2 Dub Official Barz Nice Bernard Bey Dj Unbreakable Ceejay Jonez Darryl Holmes FastedSith Kevin Lamar Collington KYNGSOLO Lady Divine Marlon Condoll Jr. Mo MusicSmileWitME Promised Land Band Sean Wilmore Tha Smoke Thor Cipher [ Tonight's Episode we played "So Alone" ] Tony Grands HQ TruWerdz Yayopills Genuine
December 20, 2019
Season Finale: Controversy
Whew! What a great 11 episodes so far! We had so many great guests, commentary and surprises this season from my dad hooking the platform up with gear, a radio backdrop to make it official, and of course new patreon members to keep this platform poppin with dope music and videos.  I appreciate everyone who tunes in, shares and supports this show.  But back to the episode, in this episode of The Minx Show, I call this "Controversy" because of all of the controversial things that went on this week with a fierce caption directed towards Oprah and her tirade to tear down black men in entertainment, Lizzo  shows some cheeks at a Lakers game which caused a huge backlash from men and women, (mostly men theSHADE.mp3 btw) wordwide, the death of Juice Wrld, and of course my Rant about this Nick Cannon vs Eminem "battle". Special Caller from Jon Hannz and more!  Background beats are produced by me and can be heard on my page on Airbit (I finally did it! Whoohoo) Special Shoutouts: Patreon Members: 2 Dub Official Barz Nice Bernard Bey Dj Unbreakable Ceejay Jonez Darryl Holmes FastedSith Kevin Lamar Collington KYNGSOLO Lady Divine Marlon Condoll Jr. Mo MusicSmileWitME Promised Land Band Sean Wilmore Tha Smoke Thor Cipher [ Tonight's Episode we played "So Alone" ] Tony Grands HQ TruWerdz Yayopills Genuine 
December 18, 2019
In this episode of The Minx Show, I have a special guest, Princess Bey who is an actress and film director of the short films Insex and Kadijah.  We also welcome Tony Grands to the Minx Mafia and as well as Young Dub!  Not only that, we get into the backlash from the Soundcloud community and my thoughts on how artists need to step their game up and hang out with the cool kids sharing their Spotify Unwrapped stats.  I may make a few people mad but OH WELL!!! Shout out to my continued supporters with my Patreon! 2 Dub Official Barz Nice Bernard Bey Dj Unbreakable Ceejay Jonez Darryl Holmes FastedSith Kevin Lamar Collington KYNGSOLO Lady Divine Marlon Condoll Jr. Mo MusicSmileWitME Promised Land Band Sean Wilmore Tha Smoke Thor Cipher Tony Grands HQ TruWerdz Yayopills
December 9, 2019
In this episode of The Minx Show, there's a huge Apocalypse among content creators and musicians, but first I chopped it up with Bakeman Global, Brooklyn native and Brand Ambassador to a fashion line Godsville NYC.  I go IN about the looming changes coming to Youtube and other platforms including how artists are only using people for streams and nothing more.  I have some dope music videos and as well as shoutouts to the Patreon members who keep this platform alive: Barz Nice Bernard Bey DJ Unbreakable Ceejay Jonez Darryl Holmes FastedSith Lady Divine Marlon Condoll Jr. Promised Land Band Sean Wilmore Tha Smoke TruWerdz
November 25, 2019
It's #NewMusicFriday and we start off the show with my guest's video "Be Cautious"  Tina Brulee Feat Noe and Fred The Godson. Tina Brulee aka Ma Barker, chopped it up with me about her music, current projects, her dope show Project Heat, and thoughts on being an independent musician for 2019. Shoutout to my NEW patreon members Mo, Lady Divine and Sean and played their new songs.  Couple of rants on Taylor Swift, Summer Walker and BeatStars and why I'm leaving their production platform. I also launched and am super excited about its launch.  Patreon Shoutout: Barz Nice Bernard Bey DJ Unbreakable Ceejay Jonez Darryl Holmes FastedSith Lady Divine Marlon Condoll Jr. Promised Land Band Sean Wilmore Tha Smoke TruWerdz
November 18, 2019
In this episode of Revolution, I start this podcast with a dope interview from Chicago Artist Goaldin Tone as we discuss his life, music, and obstacles with being such an amazing artist.  I then played, some dope music and talked about the troubling changes with social media and how it is affecting our lives as influencers and content creators.  Shoutout to my Patreon members, Barz Nice Bernard Bey DJ Unbreakable Ceejay Jonez Darryl Holmes FastedSith Lady Divine Marlon Condoll Jr. Promised Land Band Ray Wallace Sean Wilmore Tha Smoke TruWerdz
November 13, 2019
The Minx Show (BONUS) Interview with Brian From Centralized.Me
What if I told you, there was a blueprint, a LIST designed to help you follow the necessary steps to become a greater artist or musician?  I sat down with Brian from Centralized.Me to discuss this list and where artists are making mistakes in their career.  Thank you again Brian for all that you do! 
November 7, 2019
"Ego" is defined as a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance and boy do a lot of people in this industry have HUGE egos when it comes to the little people trying to make a difference in the underground.  Tonight's episode, we explore this concept across my social media platforms and welcome Stationhead as part of our platform to engage with my listeners.  Shoutout to our new patreon member Barz Nice to kick off the show with his song "I Ain't A Gangsta" and we go into some topics regarding Spotify and why Hot97 does not play underground music.  Shoutout to Tony Grands artist and podcaster with his dope show "Tony Talks Alot"! We checked out his song "Under The Clouds".  Shoutout to my Patreon Members! Barz Nice DJ UnBreakable Ceejay Jonez Darryl Holmes "Black Sandcastles" Fasted Sith  Smooth Producer Midnite Promised Land Band  TruWerdz I thank you for your continued support! 
November 4, 2019
In this episode of The Minx Show, I go deep into the dark world of promotion and the scams that are going down in the DMs. Before I expose a few of these scammers, we go over a few articles regarding Triller, a music video application, and listen to some dope music from a new Patreon member, DJ Unbreakable with " Best of Luck" feat Miss Bee and one of my awesome friends Keir with "Concrete". Shoutouts to:  LA Show  Underground Mics The Promised Land Band Ceejay Jonez Smooth Producer Midnite Darryl Deon "Black Sandcastles" Tru Werdz Ray Wallace Fasted Sith 
October 28, 2019
In this episode of The Minx Show, we explore how being toxic can affect our lives, our side hustles and businesses.  Special Guest: SJ is an author, dancer, artist and model who helps us explore these concepts by discussing her book "Flowers Grow Out Of My Grave" and how self help is clutch in trying to overcome bad habits and strengthen your spiritual self.  We open this episode with music from my New Patreon Members The Promised Land Band with their song "Secrets" and we also have music from Thaddeus J with his song "Wait For It" and music also from CeeJay Jones. Covered some important articles pertaining to TikTok and as well as my usual thoughts and rants about why women in this business are TIRED.  Make sure you like, share and support this platform. Reach out, to inquire about getting on this growing platform or become a Patreon member to win promotion, interviews, merch and more. Thank you for your continued support! 
October 21, 2019
First time back in almost two weeks ever since the germ gawdz knocked me off my game. This episode, I discuss a few articles I came across while in bed, as well as my thoughts on Tekashi69 landing a 10 Million dollar deal in prison, Lil Peep's mother who is suing his management for wrongful death, and finally my story about how I went viral on vine and HATED it.  I have music from Black Sandcastle, my new patreon member CeeJay Jonez,  and why I think Old Heads need to stop bothering this younger generation when it comes to how they create music.  As always, I thank you for your continued support!
October 14, 2019
Does hometown support really matter as an up and coming artist? Well I asked twitter and then got into a debate with my cousin Dee Blaze The Pyro who is also an artist and producer about this interesting topic. We debuted his new song DWBM and as well as asked how he came up with his dope sample for the track you wont believe it! Some surprises in this episode, my dad just gifted me a new mic (SM7B which means i'm officially a podcaster now gnr gnr gnr)  you never know who's gonna pop in the chat! Shoutout to Genuine, Smooth Producer Midnite, Murda Megz, Black Sandcastle, and the countless others who keep this platform going and fun! Also, shoutout to SevenFiveNine, Libra gang! Happy Birthday girl! and become a patreon member so that you can win some awesome giveaways this season.  Donations get you rotations or just become a member for as low as $1 a month (last month for these specials)
September 30, 2019
Here we are with Episode 2 where I start off by wishing Smooth Producer Midnite a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As a valued patreon member and friend, we dropped his new single right off the presses to get the show RIGHT.  Alot of articles this week to cover. I talk about:  Instagram cracking down in the influencer world to prevent teens from seeing dieting and cosmetic surgery. How the Music Business and the Trump Administration is trying to change copyright laws Good ol fashion PAYOLA Fantasia Barrino's comments about how women should SUBMIT to men (yeah ok girl *scoffs*) Tekashi69 and this whole snitching thing in hip-hop. I play music from email submissions and as well as my service reviews on a platform called FLICK and how it is changing the Instagram game of Hashtagging your content. As always, please email me if you are interested in submitting content or being a guest. Become a Patreon member!  Thank you so much for your continued support!  
September 23, 2019
We BAAACK. Yes, its everyone's favorite MINX here with Season 4 Premiere of the hottest underground music podcast! Tonight's episode is called "Platforms" where I talk about social media, how artists should be using it and why "blue checkers" appear to be visiting your Instagram stories . I discuss articles that are impacting the music industry, get my thoughts in about why I think males in the industry are taking shots at the female rappers. We some amazing music from Pally Ray, Tru Werdz, K-Deuce and Jon Hannz which were some dope music videos on the live show and start this season with a bang! Become a Patreon member and keep in touch!! I thank you for your continued support!
September 16, 2019
Season 3 Finale
Man oh man, what a season. A couple of things I want to get off my mind since my mini hiatus. Why my Twitter got taken down, my thoughts about the decline of social media and more.  Music by B Fury feat Me "Superflex" , Mtaay, and Darryl Deon
September 9, 2019
"808's and Heartbreaks"
I took Twitters temperature and asked my followers if Relationships as an artist would be a great show topic, and here we are! In tonights episode, I discuss dating as an artist and what you need to know before deciding to making us your bae.  Shoutout to Rapper, Jon Hannz, who called in to discuss his thoughts on the topic and of course I played one of my favorites off his new album A.T.L.I.G that just dropped. "Michael Jackson" is certainly a gem to set the mode with the topic. I also played new music from K@T as she debuts a remix to her song Renegade, which features Lunaa Redd, Taya Jae, Buttah Niia and to top it off, I dropped "Phone Games" by Destiny Dreamsz Moore.  Make sure you become a member of the podcasts *NEW* patreon page. for all business inquiries and $MinxRadio for the cashapp.
August 26, 2019
"United We Stan"
I get being a fan, but I don't get being a STAN! In todays episode, I discuss the Barbz, Beyhive, and other fandoms who are taking this being a fan thing waaaaay too far.  Is it internet terrorism? I also discuss independent artist woes for the week, and pull up articles on the algorithm changes on the sites we need in order to promote ourselves and our music. Is the internet even free anymore? Last but not least, music by  Murda Megz  Shonuf with "Levels to Love" by D-Black ft. Rell Gutta Mike Rose $wish with Crossroad.
August 19, 2019
Yes its LADIES NIGHT, and not that kinda night.  It's hot girl summer and I sat down with two AMAZING female producers, Virgina's very own 759,  podcast host of LIVE FROM 805 and MegzTheGreat/MurdaMegz Music Harlem beat battle competitor to discuss this controversial TOP 50 List and other underground hip-hop woes and taboo subjects surrounding being females in this industry.  Make sure you cop Megz the Great's OFFICIAL beatape and make sure you follow these ladies.  As always, donations get you rotations! $MinxRadio on that cashapp
August 12, 2019
This week, I sat down with the one and only Benjamin Enfield to discuss his book in the works The Music Business, Educate Yourself. I talk about this "Hot Girl Summer" nonsense, these Security Breaches going on with Capital One and Experian, the #TheseHandsAward! Music by:  Flib0i "Go Away"  Maxi Priest // Bounty Killer //  Che Sav with "It's A Summer Vibe" And much more!
August 5, 2019
"A Woman's Game"
It's LADIES night on tonight's episode of The Minx Show and I wanted to do something to celebrate the ladies in this business. First I have female artist and producer Paurah, a Saint Kitts and Nevis native discussing her journey with her craft. We also debut her new single Holy Smoke and talk about her up and coming EP. Then I spoke with the amazing Tee Lynn music manager and promoter with Rich Mogul Records about the ins and outs of management and why artists need to focus on their craft and let the business side be handled by the professionals. We drop her artist, King Rich's new single "Hit A Lick" ft King Anderson.  MINX Radio now has new merch! Visit and remember, donations get you rotations! 
July 29, 2019
"Chasing Clout"
Here at "The Minx Show" we don't chase clout and neither should you. I also play some submissions for my #SUMMERBANGERCHALLENGE" for a little contest I have going on social media. I was not disappointed at all. is now INTERNATIONAL. Worldwide streams on our new 24/7 radio station! Hyped isn't the word. I expose Tom MacDonald for being a clout chaser. According to Urban Dictionary clout chaser  A person who tries to feed off others popularity to benefit themselves.  Music by  FlyCoolClub  with " Hot Summer"  Kibree Shardae with "Instagram Crush" DCYP with "It Is What It Is"  Remember, donations get you rotations. Hit me up at 
July 22, 2019
Lordy Lordy. With everything that could possibly go wrong with this episode, it did. But my interview was still fire! (lol) Besides the RTMP server issues I had with Restream, I was able to still chop it up with the one and only Money Gramz (Shoutout to JERSEY)  Also, I talked about the trending topics in music such as:  Jermaine Dupri's comments about Female Rappers The changes in rental laws that could be a GODSEND for New Yorkers Spotify ending their program "Rise" that spotlights new artists Also Music from Jon Hannz and Gstarrob Remember, donations get you rotations $MinxRadio 
July 15, 2019
"Let It Be"
Happy 4th of July! Oh, wait.... and I curse alot in this episode so If you are are a senstive crybaby, don't listen!  This episode of "The Minx Show" I went off the grid for a few days to spend time with my family and upon my return, I got into a BIG twitter fight. I discuss this "Little Mermaid" outrage, Little Nas X coming out the closet, Spotify cancelling artists on the direct upload tip, being called a "Colorist" once again and Taylor Swift not owning her Master Recordings.  Also, we have music from Brown Skin Quinn, Real Lyricz, and more.  Remember, donations get you rotations! *shimmy* Follow The Minx Show on @theminxshow on instagram.
July 8, 2019
"Blikkity Black"
Today's episode, I discuss colorism in Hip-Hop and Worldwide.  I discuss why Cardi B is blikkity black.  Spotify is at it again, and personal user information may be at risk from pre-saving albums. Chaka Khan regrets Kanye sampling her smash hit "Through the Fire"  My homie Ben from 24/7 Hip-Hop News checks in, and I spill the tea about his new platform Music Link Music by:  Blake Neil x JaKie42 x Supersoaker - G.Y.R (Get You Right) ELLFINE$$E L CORLEONE "Rollin" JON HANNZ - THE HUSTLE Remember Donations gets you rotations and promo! $MinxRadio on that cashapp! 
July 1, 2019
"It Is What It Is"
This episode of "The Minx Show" I talk about a few things in the mainstream that people were talking about this week.  For #NEWMUSICFRIDAY I interviewed the one and only City The Great about his new album, his single "Bag Full Of Money" feat Megga Millz and JusWrite.  Article discussions regarding DistroKid and my thoughts on the changes affecting streaming. My cousin DeeBlaze also checked in to ask me my thoughts on the state of Female Rappers and Producers and if I ever found our first mixtape from 2003.  Also Music From + @str8edgeemcee +@fatmandon and more. Follow me on instagram! @theminxshow // email me submissions@minxradio for inquiries// shout out to YVRadio and everyone who supports this podcast! Donations are accpeted via cashapp $MinxRadio
June 17, 2019
Shots fired! What a way to start the season but with a little BEEF. I'm tonights guest and I have a few things to get off my chest about the crap going on behind the scenes.  Quincy Jones thinks rappers can't call themselves producers. #NewMusicFriday with songs from Ashanti Major with "Heem" Sa'naga with his new song "Bloodline" And Coka Brez  Make sure you follow me on instagram @theminxshow and donate to the show!
June 10, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Episode 9
It's Episode 24 which is the LAST episode of the season and I talk about how artists are screwing up royally about their royalties, how "Old Town Road" is a $30 beat, Why my tweet pissed alot of people off, and a service review for Fan Wave Marketing. Do they get #thesehands or am I screaming #takemymoney... Music by Real Lyricz feat Vero G and more and for #NewMusicFriday music by Ruby Ibarra  Remember, you can always donate or tip the show to our cashapp which is $MinxRadio
June 3, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Episode 11
I chopped it up with the beautiful Dirti Diana (@dirtidiana) Bronx rapper on the rise. We talked about her thoughts on being a female rapper, what needs to change in the female artist realm and of course debuted her song "D.Rose feat Drag On".  For my #NEWMUSICFRIDAY segment, last week we spoke to OG Baby Gangsta and as promised we had his artist Terry Anthony to talk about how he got his start as an artist, the EP that he is working on and as discussed what it was like working with Curren$y on his new single "Don't Want Do Nothin'" I also talk about a few articles I found that pissed me of and as always new music! Also, new music by DCYP "Runaway" and Zel The Prince with "Finally Here" Make sure you follow me on @theminxshow to stay up to date with our latest posts and upcoming shows.  Also shoutout to @yvradio for putting the show on their platform. Make sure you follow!
May 24, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Episode 10
I chopped it up with Cali legend Fredrick Staves aka OG Baby Gansta and talked about his movement to stop gang violence, his books, merchandise, and as well as his new artist Terry Anthony.  Also, my thoughts on how independent artist's are screwing themselves out of major opportunties and music by B Fury.  You can donate to $MinxRadio on cashapp or via anchor and paypal. Thank you so much for supporting the platform!
May 18, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Episode 9
 MINX SHOW EXCLUSIVE! I sat down via Skype and chopped it up with the one and only OG Hoodrich from Hoodrich Films to discuss his movement and as well as the all things going wrong with how artists are sharing their music. Then, for our #NewMusicFriday segment I talked to Santiago Sayso, an up and coming artist. Shout to DontSleepPromotions. 
May 15, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Episode 8
This episode of The Minx Show, I interview R&B artist K@t and of course discuss copious jewelz pertaining to the underground music industry. Music by Jon Hannz and many more!
April 26, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Episode 7
In this episode, I chopped it up with the one and only Frank Kastle 13, dropped some serious jewelz about the industry and my thoughts on where music is headed today. Users submitted their songs for #NEWMUSICFRIDAY and of course the infamous plane that keeps going over my house that my viewers all love (haha). 
April 26, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Episode 6
On this Episode of The Minx Show Jon B is back with Donell Jones with a new R&B song called "Understand", I intervew the legendary Florida Rapper, JT MONEY via Skype, and our exclusive mixtape drop for #NewMusicFriday goes to Brian Fury, Civilli Da Don, and Boogotti Shicered with "3z Company RELOADED" out now on Soundcloud. 
April 13, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Episode 5
In this Episode of "The Minx Show" Atlanta Rapper "Wish Da Great" checks in to discuss his music, life on tour, his label "New Life New Label" and drops some copious jewelz on being an independent artist. I also spoke with Dallas Rapper "Junya Boy" right before the Freak Nic show. I play both artists singles and of course, my usual rants. Also, music by "Tony Benefit". So sit back, pour a drink, and enjoy the show!
April 8, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Ep 4
I talk about Cardi B backlash, T-Pain never got paid for some of his major features?!, Myspace mass deletion, and new music!
March 31, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Episode 3 "The Evils In Music"
Hey all! I'm back from my hiatus after my recent surgery...All is well and I am BACK for another Episode of The Minx Shoe. This episode I discuss the evils in the music industry, Spotify giving songwriters the shaft, Why you DON'T NEED A RECORD DEAL, why headlines are burying important articles that affect indies and much more!
March 14, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Episode 2
In this episode, I talk about Cardi B's Grammy Win, Music Industry News and how it affects us as indie artists, why I think Young Ma's producer copied my beat and much more. 
February 23, 2019
The Minx Show Season 2 Ep 1
 We are back with a new episode where I talk about R Kelly, the backlash from the music industry, discuss how females are treated behind the scenes as upcoming artists, and much more.   I also showcase Instagrammer Heartsick Hermes and his hot tracks, as well as drop a few jewels of motivation. 
January 13, 2019
The Minx Show Episode 12
Today's Episode of The Minx Show, I talk about the current topics in music, indie news and my exclusive interview with Bronx native rapper Quintescence.
December 19, 2018
The Minx Show Ep 11
This Episode of "The Minx Show" we discuss the war on Podcasters with getting flagged with copyright infringement on user submitted content, A profound Soundcloud Troll, we drop an exclusive video with Kier for his banger "Double Dutch" and other artist submitted content. Just remember, we are life Fridays at 10
December 1, 2018
The Minx Show EP 10
Happy Black Friday! We had a great episode discussing promotion and an EXCLUSIVE drop from G Taylor with his new single "Bigg'n Up"
November 24, 2018
The Minx Show Ep 9
I talk about Facebooks RIDICULOUS copy-write infringement policies, the reasons behind them, beat stealing, celebrities who fake their streams and many more.
November 15, 2018
The Minx Show Ep 8
This episode I discuss promotion, distribution, publishing and licensing of music. Being an independent artist doesn't mean you have to be confused and alone.
November 11, 2018
The Minx Show Episode 7
Minx talks about mistakes artists make and reviews on services used to promote music
November 4, 2018
The Minx Show Episode 6
I discuss Kanye West, Trending Topics, The Fake Vine App, and drop Exclusive New Music from my favorite independent artists and producers.
October 15, 2018