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The Modern Hippie Podcast

The Modern Hippie Podcast

By The Modern Hippie Podcast
Barrett Perlman hosts The Modern Hippie Podcast exploring boundary pushing ideas surrounding the body, mind, and spirit. Get ready to probe spirituality and consciousness, learn the latest in mental health and self development, and delve into the physical body through nutrition and exercise... and so much more!
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EP5 - Channeling Hope from Other Dimensions w/ Lauren Aroney
In episode 5, I interview multi-dimensional artist and spiritual channeler, Lauren Aroney. I share my experience with Lauren’s services as she guided me to meet my Arcturian starseed group in another dimension. We explore the many varieties of starseeds existing on this planet and learn how Lauren discovered her talents. Lauren channels a message of hope for the Earth. About Lauren Aroney: Lauren is a Multi-Dimensional Artist and Spiritual Channel based in Sydney, Australia. Lauren’s passion and purpose is to inspire and empower people to connect with their Divine Self, and express their unique frequency here on Earth. Lauren’s purpose is to be a channel of higher dimensional light, by bringing through the Blue Star Transmissions. Lauren’s mission is to assist with the great shift in consciousness that is now occurring globally. Lauren's intuitive transmissions include hand-drawn artwork, spiritual guidance, messages in the Language of Light and multi-dimensional activation journeys. The Blue Star Transmissions are the new Divine Templates of Light, bridging the higher consciousness of the 5th dimension, anchoring them to Earth. Lauren is a self-taught artist who possesses a life-long passion for the creative arts and the performing arts. Lauren's transmissions assist Starseeds, Lightworkers, Healers, Empaths, HSP (Highly Sensitive People) and the Neurodiverse to awaken to their Divine potential. Show Outline: 1:27 - Lauren’s Portal 2:52 - Unforgettable memories of Barrett as a child 3:47 - What is a starseed? 5:54 - How many different alien races are there? 10:03 - Barrett had a connection with someone she had known for a long time 12:39 - The feeling of unconditional and universal love 14:39 - Lauren's lineage 19:37 - Activations and Remembrance 20:45 - The number of dimensions Lauren believes 22:13 - When Lauren get into this kind of work and find her path 24:30 - The start of  Lauren’s shamanic drumming journey 27:29 - Building channeling abilities 28:30 - Lauren get stuck 29:28 - Barrett used to get really bad nightmares 30:45 - The most powerful messages that Lauren transmitted to other people 39:27 - Most powerful thing happened since pandemic 40:04 - The meditation style of Lauren 43:49 - Lauren’s spirit animals 44:40 - Barrett’s spirit animals 48:23 - Symbology is part of Lauren’s life
August 08, 2022
EP4 - Tapping Into The Subconscious Mind w/ Tina Orlando
About The Episode: In episode 4, Barrett Perlman interviews hypnotherapist, Tina Orlando, about why hypnosis is so groundbreaking for therapy. They both share their experiences with being hypnotized and why the idea of someone getting hypnotized to do something wild that they’d never normally do is far out of the question. They dive deep into the primary two ways people interpret information in relationships and how you can best “dance” with the other type. About Tina Orlando: Tina Orlando is an HMI graduate who is passionate about the hypnotherapy healing modality for personal transformation. —--------------------------------------- Show Outline: 01:55 When Barrett effortlessly found Tina 02:59 CBT, ACT, DBT 04:35 Why Tina was drawn to hypnotherapy 06:13 The beauty of hypnotherapy 09:45 What is Hypnosis? 10:55 How to put someone in a state of hypnosis 13:43 Cappascinian theory explained 21:33 One of Barrett’s personal favorites 25:34 Tina has been hypnotized many times 30:46 The difference between emotions and feelings 38:10 Common reasons that clients get Tina’s services 39:15 Differences between primary and secondary caregiver 44:53 The fun part when Tina got to HMI 45:33 Emo and Phys differences and experiences
July 25, 2022
EP3: Re-Writing Your Story to Heal w/ Leah Drew
In this episode, Barrett Perlman interviews Leah Drew, a pain management specialist, awareness coach & trauma informed healer. We discuss the power of storywork for healing traumas, how trauma gets stuck in the body (and what to do about it), and why our energy and movement is so important. Leah supports clients navigating all types of healing journeys including those healing from chronic pain, chronic inflammation & chronic disease symptoms. Leah's mission is to empower others to love more, heal better, move mindfully, think differently, connect deeper and elevate their awareness. Through massage therapy & other bodywork, functional movement, breath, habit & lifestyle changes, energy work, mindset shifts, subconscious reprogramming, frequency therapies & many other tools. —--------- Show Outline: 5:00 Story work explained 7:36 Why Chronic Disease starts 14:53 Trauma Informed healing 16:52 Letting it all go the trauma 19:00 Barrett’s trauma response 19:36 The beautiful thing about story 20:33 The affirmation and the statement 29:00 Leah and the diagnosis 34:13 ANF Therapy 39:30 Reiki Energy Healing 55:52 The most powerful dolphin experience —------------------
July 11, 2022
EP2 - Breathwork & Trauma Healing w/ Bishop Reid
Episode 2 examines breathwork and trauma healing with somatic based business coach and trauma informed breathwork and mindfulness facilitator, Bishop Reid. Bishop designs and facilitates transformational experiences all over the world for corporate teams & individuals looking to reclaim lost parts of themself and connect more deeply to the life within them and around them. Her work involves empowering others to learn to work with their unique nervous system and the wisdom of their feeling body. This somatic based approach entails helping people understand how to return to their living wholeness by engaging in practices that work with all aspects of the self; the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. She facilitates a trauma-informed space where individuals can integrate stuck, repressed energy living in the body and re-pattern more safety and connection at the pace that is uniquely right for them. Bishop believes this is the only way we can truly heal & reclaim our innate knowing & sense of personal power in all areas of our life. —------------------ Show Notes: 0:49 The difference between Breath work and Somatic 2:34 How Bishop ended up in Guatemala 4:44 The Hermitage 4:55 Bishop spent a day in the dark room 11:13 Wim Hof breathing experience 14:35 Questioning God 20:00 Barrett's Trauma story 22:23 Becoming like a shaman 26:16 Expanding our capacity like a flowing water 28:00 The Big and the Little T Trauma 44:37 The feeling of the presence of an angel 47:30 The voice opening like a little Mermaid 56:00 Largest groups facilitated by Bishop 57:20 Most impactful sessions that Bishop had with breath —--------------------
June 27, 2022
EP1 - Psychonautics & Myers-Briggs w/ Scott James
Episode 1 examines the world of heroic psilocybin mushroom doses and exploring consciousness with Myers-Briggs personality type analyst, Scott James. Hosted by Barrett Perlman. @imscottjames Show Notes: 1:00 Magic truffles! 2:22 What is a Psychonaut? 3:03 Enhanced experience 5:35 Our mind and its reflections 13:50 Lake paris rendezvous! 18:05 Reconnecting to your consciousness 20:20 The value of group synchronicity and check ins 27:32 Barrett shares her spiritual awakening on mushrooms that overcame her suicidal thoughts 31:22 Mystical Experiences 43:13 Scott on experiencing Acid 44:50 Integration 51:43 Barrett’s Spiritual awakening integration 58:03 Scott explores Myers-Briggs 1:05:15 Scott’s Rare Myers-Briggs type 1:10:00 From ENTJ to ENFJ 1:16:01 What is your type?
June 13, 2022