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The Mom Next Door: Stories of Faith

The Mom Next Door: Stories of Faith

By Pam Fields
Momlife is tough. Sometimes we are discouraged by the world around us and sometimes by the things happening in our own homes. But when we are overwhelmed by life, when motherhood is hard, when discouragement, frustration and challenges set in, it helps to hear what God has done. It is at those times when we step away and hear of God's activity in the lives of others, we are encouraged by the fact that He will take care of us too!

Come and meet my friends because when we tell of God's faithfulness, we never run out of stories!

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112 - All About Education - Molly Plumb
The last few years have sent many families back to the drawing board when it comes to their educational plan. Molly has had experience in several school settings and at different levels. Today we are sitting down to take a peek at what is happening in schools and considering our alternatives. We need to know our "why" but sometimes we aren't even sure what to evaluate. After listening today, we hope that you are able to compile some questions and concerns to research as you formulate your own family plan.   Some links mentioned today  HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) and TendingFields Mom's Group on facebook.  Past podcasts about homeschooling...  #95 The Privilege of Home Education with Yvette Hampton  #42 To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool? with Leann Garfias 
September 24, 2022
111 - Fostering a Legacy of Love - Dusti Stark
Dusti's heart was forever changed when her sister was taken into foster care. There are a variety of reasons why a parent can no longer care for their biological children but every child deserves a firm foundation in order to grow. The investment of just one person in the life of a youth can shift the trajectory of their future. Dusti is a well informed foster and adoption consultant as well as a foster parent. Her testimony and wisdom will help you understand the needs and concerns unique to a caregiving family. We pray that this episode brings awareness and community support to families who minister to children in this way. You can connect with Dusti on her website   or on her Facebook page Check out her book, Legacy of Love on Amazon (affiliate link)  Some other resources shared today (affiliate links): No Sugar Coating: The Coffee Talk You Need About Foster Parenting by Jillana Goble  The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family by Karyn B. Purvis  Every Child Oregon  Dr. Degarmo Join Pam's Facebook group Tending Fields Mom's Group for fellowship with other women. Make sure to stop by the website 
September 17, 2022
110 - Heart Transformation - Rhonda McMahan
Rhonda was caught by complete surprise when she uncovered her husband's affair. The devastating reality of this situation led Rhonda to discover new things about herself and about God. Things that perhaps she would not have learned any other way. In the midst of this storm and all the emotions it brought, there was also healing. God wanted to bring her to a better place and build a new marriage for her, one that was transformed, just like her own heart. Today she is praising God for His goodness and His love. Connect with Rhonda McMahan on her Facebook page, Born 2 Shine.  If you need a place to start one resource that was mentioned today was Hope Now ministry. Needing a group of women to pray for you and encourage your heart? Join Pam and her friends over on Facebook at Tending Fields Mom's Group 
September 10, 2022
109 - A Changed Life - Heather Stover
From a scared young child and youth to a redeemed and confident life in Christ. Though Heather grew up in a tough and sometimes desperate situation, when she met God she had hope for a better future.  The words ring in our minds, "not good enough", "not worthy", and the feelings of insecurity anchor in our hearts. But God. He is the one who refines and redefines us. He is always there for us despite our fears and insecurity. You can find Heather and her new book on her website   Her book, "The Change in Us" is also on Amazon (affiliate link) As always, I look forward to meeting you on Facebook at Tending Fields Mom's Group or on Instagram @TendingFields 
September 03, 2022
108 - Remembering Hannah - Peggy Nikander
Listener caution- Today is a tough one. Peggy lost her daughter to a genetic heart condition while on a school field trip. She became part of a club that no parent ever wants to be in but today she shares her story as she remembers Hannah and God's faithfulness. When someone loses a child, your heart breaks for them. Reach out, offer support, remember their loved one. Remind your friend that they are not forgotten. Grief and loss are not logical, they may not even know what they need but your presence and compassion can minister to them. If you know a child who has experienced the loss of a sibling or parent, connect with The Dougy Center .  If you would like to chat with Peggy, you are welcome to email her at Join more conversations and find encouragement at The Homeschool Hub  and at Tending Fields Mom's Group on Facebook.  #lossofachild #godshandthroughtragedy #supportoneanother #writedownansweredprayer #griefbrain #themudzone #painoflosingachild #itsnotsupposedtobethisway #Icantpray #griefeffectsyourlungs #whenitsachildeveryonecomes #bonnevilledam #fishladder #thedaythesalmonjumped 
August 20, 2022
107 - Trial By Fire - Amanda Humphries
Please gather around and listen to what God has done in the lives of the Humphries family as He has walked with them through the journey of a house fire. This is not what they had on their list but to God be the glory for the way that He has shown himself faithful to them. You are going to love Amanda and her testimony of God's provision along each step of the way. He went before them and was so obviously working, sending them "God winks" time after time. There is no doubt that He was with them on the hard days and that He directed people who obeyed His leading to respond to not only their needs but their wants. If there was ever any doubt in your own mind about God's faithfulness and provision just soak this up and know that HE SEES, HE KNOWS, HE CARES and HE IS WORKING!  Please visit and share Amanda's Go-fund me page. You will find it right HERE. If you feel led to send them a gift, Amanda also has Cash App and Venmo you can find her at     $Ahumphries05           @Ahumphries05 Join Amanda and Pam over on the Facebook group, Tending Fields Mom's Group. We would love to get to know you and hear about God's faithfulness in your own life.  #Godwantstohearfromus #wecantrustgod #godofmiracles #livebyfaith #learningtotrust #askinggodwhy #ministryoffriendship #godprovides #simplelittlethings #housefire #homeschoolfamily #homeschoolmom 
August 06, 2022
106 - Building An Intentional Marriage - Dean & Kristy McKenzie
Thanks for joining us in this candid conversation with Dean and Kristy McKenzie as well as Pam's husband Andrew Fields! Today we are talking about ways to strengthen your marriage. Whether you are newlywed or have been married for decades each of us must be making regular investments in our marriages. Perhaps when you first said, "I do", you believed "Love is all we need". Well, it's a start but the truth is that there is a lot more to it and the joining of two imperfect people will inevitably bring challenges. God's way always works! Each of our journeys will be unique but always more successful when we have an understanding of God's design for marriage and tools to help us navigate each season.  If you want to connect with Dean and Kristy to check out Re-engage in Cookeville, Tennessee click here or go to The River Community Church  Another resource shared was where you can find out more about a Re-engage in your area.  Moms- Join Pam and her friends over on Facebook in the Tending Fields Mom's Group. 
July 23, 2022
105 - Wrongly Accused - Rachel Bruno
*Episode for Parents* My guest today shares her experience of being wrongfully accused of child abuse against her children. We would like to believe that this never happens but sadly, Rachel Bruno is one of many parents who has been assumed guilty without evidence and had her children removed. This is a story of abuse by the system, government interference and medical kidnapping. It is also a story of fear, surrender and incredible faith.  Our enemy, the devil, is working towards the destruction of the family. We must fight for our children. Get in touch with Rachel on her website on Facebook at Rachel Bruno Speaks or on Instagram at Rachel Bruno Speaks You can find her book, Fractured Hope on Amazon or at your favorite bookstore. If you are a homeschooler and are not yet a member, make sure to check out Home School Legal Defense Association. #godisgreater #advocateforyourchild #medicalkidnap #medicalconsent #CPS #protectyourfamily #parentalrights #prayforyourfamily #mostimportantjobever #donotfear #trustgodinyourstory #fracturedhope  #faithjourney #surrender 
July 09, 2022
104 - Spiritual Warfare, Be Prepared - Ruth Wagnell
*Warning- the topic of spiritual warfare will be plainly spoken of. This can be scary for some children.  Any time we can hear the stories and gain wisdom from the generations before us, I think we need to pull up a chair. Ruth grew up in Africa on the mission field and later raised her own family there. Today she speaks truth to the women of our generation about the spiritual warfare that takes place and how to be on our guard. You will be challenged with the need to be on alert in our homes and as we equip our children for life with a sound mind.  Today we mentioned the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship  Make sure to check out Tending Fields website at  on Pinterest or on Instagram  If you are looking for a place to chat about mom life, Join AMY and PAM over at TendingFields Mom's Group on Facebook  And please, please, please... join the mailing list by clicking right HERE  #demonism #demonpossession #missionaryfamily #superstition #missionarypilot #missionarykid #beonthelookout #ephesians6 #notagainstfleshandblood #prayer #meditation #readthebible 
June 25, 2022
103 - Never Forsaken - Deepa Sukumar
This is a beautiful testimony! Through her growing up years, Deepa was always trying to keep up performance. She was well educated and excelling in many ways yet she had no peace. Friendship and the reading of God's Word attracted her and drew her in. She traded her hopelessness for life with Christ who promises to never leave and never forsake.  You can connect with Deepa through email at  If you want to discuss something with her via her medical practice go to Grace MD Connect  Be sure to check out her devotional, Do Not Be Anxious  Ann Dunagan's group (as mentioned in this episode) Mission Minded Women  Join Pam's group on Facebook Tending Fields Mom's Group  Sign up for Pam's Email list right HERE
June 11, 2022
102 - Marriage, Motherhood and Devotion - Chelsey DeMatteis
Sit back, relax and join us for some real life mom talk as we discuss marriage, motherhood and devotion. Chelsey DeMatteis is bold for truth wherever she is no matter if it is talking with friends, her children or online. There are so many good reminders in this episode to slow down and chase what is holy. We are praying that you will be blessed as you listen to our conversation and the very real applications of pursuing obedience and walking out our faith.  Make sure you follow Chelsey on Instagram at LivingWithLessPodcast or find her on her website While you are on Instagram, follow Pam at TendingFields or join our facebook group at Tending Fields Mom's Group  To keep up to date with all the happenings with Pam and her ministry, click here to join the newsletter! So blessed that you stopped by! 
May 28, 2022
101 - Time to Breathe
Just a short chat today with your host, Pam Fields. I want to update you with some of my personal life and what you can expect on the podcast over the summer. Please make sure you catch up with me over on Instagram @TendingFields. You can also find me on the Facebook group, Tending Fields- Mom's group or on my website Or you can reach me via e-mail at  Please sign up for my e-mail list right HERE to keep up to date with all the things. 
May 21, 2022
100 - Defining Success - Tim Winders
Tim Winders is a Christian business man whose faith was sharpened as he and his wife Glori walked through major financial challenges. Today we talk about God's provision, serving, stress, respect and the importance of holding our tongue and speaking life. Their story illustrates the eternal investment of pressing into the Lord, submitting to Him and redefining success in our lives. We are praying that this conversation is a solid blessing for your marriage and for your life! .  Get the book, "Coach" on Amazon or on Tim's website Help me Celebrate this 100th episode by following me over on ... Instagram @TendingFields or on Facebook at Tending Fields For some mom talk, let's chat on Facebook in the Tending Fields -Mom's Group And make sure to sign up for my e-mail list here to stay connected with all the things!  #christianman #resourcesfordads #businessethos #successredefined #strategiccoach #powerofthetongue #evaluateyourwords #prosperitygospel #servinggod #totalsubmission #thelordismysource #godprovides #honoryourhusband #respect #speaklife #christianmarriage #christianwomen #fathersdaygifts #mensgifts 
May 14, 2022
99 - Emotional Maintenance - Amy Oberg
Do you find yourself living on the edge of your Christianity? Is your mind full with a cloud of emotion leaving you in a fog, disoriented, depressed and overwhelmed? We need to talk more about mental health and the very real work of renewing our minds. Amy Oberg provides practical tips to us as moms to practice emotional maintenance for ourselves so that we can pour into others and give them Jesus.   God has abundant life for us! No matter what it is that is weighing you down and heavy on your heart we can learn to navigate the emotional storm and give it it God.  Listen to Episode #83 about Prodigal Parenting right here.  Connect with Amy at  Join us in the Facebook group at Tending Fields Mom's Group #runningonempty #controlyouremotions #renewyourmind #mentalhealthandthechurch #trustgod #livingintrauma #traumaisreal #momlife #busymom #christianparenting #emotionalmaintenance #bodysoulspirit #iwanttobehealed
May 07, 2022
98 - Finances for God's Glory - Scott LaPierre
Let's talk about money! We can't live without it but what does the Bible say and how do we teach our children a biblical perspective of finances? Have you considered that our finances can be used for eternity and have been given to us for God's glory? Join Pam and guest Scott LaPierre as they chat about family finances and stewardship.  Learn more about Scott's ministry at  Check out his book- Your Finances God's Way: A Biblical Guide to Making the Best Use of Your Money and the workbook- Your Finances God's Way Workbook: A Biblical Guide to Making the Best Use of Your Money Also mentioned in this episode,  A Candle In the Window Hospitality Network  As always, you are invited to join the mom's for some chat over on Facebook at Tending Fields - Mom's Group  #financesgodsway #stewardship #getoutofdebt #excitedaboutsaving #trustgod #biblicalfinances #waitforgodsbest #teachyourchildren #kidsandmoney #financesforgodsglory #christianparenting #christiancouples #italladdsup 
April 30, 2022
97 - What's Your Legacy? - Sue Donaldson
Have you ever thought about what legacy you are building with your life? Do you believe that the way you invest your time will make a lasting difference in the life of another? Sue will encourage your vision for building into eternity as you practice hospitality and love to those around you. You don't have to be the best housekeeper or the best cook! Just open your home for heaven's sake.   Look for Sue at or follow her podcast, Welcome Heart, Leaving a Legacy Life. Make sure you pop onto Facebook and join the conversation with practical tips for the holy work of hospitality in Sue's group Welcome Heart, Welcome Home And as always, you are welcome to follow Pam over at TendingFields and on the Facebook group, Tending Fields- Mom's Group #dontbediscouraged #relyupongod #motherhood #momlife #identityinchrist #loveyourneighbor #startwithone #lookfornewpeople #havecompany #godshowsup #meetthephysicalneed #hospitality #changetheworld #welcomeheart #welcomehome 
April 23, 2022
96 - Mothering from the Overflow - Jesse Faris
I didn't know exactly what we would be talking about when I sat down with Jesse Faris but what transpired was beautiful. I loved hearing about her heart for adoption, mothering and living out those things led by a Holy God. Our neediness is not a flaw. God created us to need Him and as we learn to walk with Him and co-parent with Him, He will refine us and our children whom He knows even better than we do! Some resources shared today are: Empowered To Connect to chat with Jesse at work, Show Hope   Bible Study Fellowship International  And as always, you can join Pam and her tribe over at the Facebook Group "Tending Fields- Mom's Group" (formerly "Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas") #heartforadoption #surpriseadoption #medicaltransplant #FedExchild #addictedtothelordspower #createdtoconnect #studythebibletogether #supportfamilies #coparentwithgod #christianparenting #momlife #motherhood #momofgirls #bsfinternational 
April 16, 2022
95 - The Privilege of Home Education - Yvette Hampton
Yvette and her husband Garritt took a big step of faith as they sold everything and hit the road with their family in their RV to make a movie! What would prompt someone to do such a thing? To put it plainly, God put a desire in their hearts to debunk the myths of homeschooling and share what it really looks like to home educate their children. Though many become homeschoolers reluctantly, what we find is that God is faithful where He calls us. We can trust Him.  So wherever you are at with your child's education, give this a listen! If these moms can homeschool, so can you! Yes academics are important but they are the icing on the cake! There is so much more. For example, creating lifelong learners, training character and growing together as a family not to mention regaining our own education as we learn along side our children. We were created on purpose and for a purpose. What a humbling experience and opportunity it is to home educate. For your Homeschool Survival Kit and to check out the ministry of Schoolhouse Rocked, click here.   You can also find them over on Instagram and on Facebook.  If you are looking for some mom chat, please join Pam and her friends over on the Facebook group, "Tending Fields" (Formerly named "Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas".  #daughteroftheking #debunkinghomeschoolmyths #familydiscipleship #trustinggod #createdonpurposeforapurpose #lifelonglearners #homeschooling #homeschoolmom #howdoihomeschool #schoolhouserocked #homeschoolsurvival 
April 09, 2022
94 - Peace in the Broken Places - Dawn Marasco
*Sensitive topics* So many times tragedy, fear, anxiety, low self esteem, rejection and loneliness try to sneak in and steal our peace. Dawn's story started out that way and created so many opportunities to wall off parts of her heart. BUT THEN GOD was introduced her to and she was met with the greatest love. If you are desperate for peace or living in fear we pray that you are able to surrender those broken places to Jesus and be healed. Our scars point to an amazing healer! Find our more about Dawn at or follow her on FB and IG @thedawnmarasco  Link to the FREE three day mini course is here at Make sure you look for her book too! Continuous Peace, 4 Steps to Living the Life of Peace God intended If you want to chat with other moms who are navigating life with Jesus, Join us in the Facebook Group "Tending Fields" (recently changed the name from "Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas".  #feartofaith #domesticabuse #childhoodtrauma #livingwithopenhandstogod #surrender #strategicmotherhood #servefromyourhome #peacefulparenting #christianparenting #momlife #storiesoffaith 
April 02, 2022
93 - Draw the Verse - Julie Parido
Is it hard to be creative and include your children in family devotions? You will love the ideas and resource that Julie has created to keep children engaged in learning God's word. Her heart is to interact with Scripture and challenge our families to live out their faith as they hide verses in their hearts. Start where you are and be encouraged as you join us today! Follow Julie on Instagram @Julieparido  The book, Draw the Verse is available on Amazon. Check it out here!  Make sure you join us for conversation and encouragement over on Facebook at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas.  #Christianparenting #Bibleforkids #drawtheverse #familydevotions #familyworship #memorizetheword #interactwithscripture #bibletimefun #learnbetter  #deeplyrooted #homeschoolmom #biblecurriculum 
March 26, 2022
92 - Light After Darkness - Christy Campbell and Abby
* ADULT CONTENT: Mom's, please put in your earbuds. Christy raised her daughter Abby to love Jesus and follow Him but as a college student living across the ocean from her parents they ended up walking a path that neither of them expected. Christy and Abby share the story of their journey navigating relationship coercion and domestic violence that occurred during her daughter's college years. Though they never intended to be part of this "whisper club" they learned much about the power of prayer and the importance of speaking light into darkness and the hope that can be found in the redemption promised by Jesus Christ. If you would like to chat about this and other mom topics, please join me on Facebook in Less than Perfect Christian Mamas. #homeschoolmom #missionarykid #lonelyincollege #hopewhenitshopeless #openconversations #homeschoolsexed #puritymovement
March 19, 2022
91 - Be Safe, Love Mom - Elaine Brye
Are you a military parent trying to stay settled? Or, do you know someone whose child is serving? Being the parent of a service member or first responder is an emotional journey. Elaine not only grew up as her parents served, her husband served and she has had over 20 years of experience as a military mom. She will speak peace into your heart and give you encouragement as we learn to trust in our kids, their training and our God. Find all things Be Safe, Love Mom right here. Elaine is also on Instagram, Facebook and she has a PODCAST!  The Journey of Becoming a Military Mom, podcast with Pam and Beth episode #29 USO- United Service Organization  Blue Star Mothers of America The Red Cross for military families Elaine's interview on The 700 Club  #militarymom #armymom #navymom #airforcemom #marinemom #coastguardmom #bluestarmom #dontbeanobstacletoyourchildsdream #riseabovefear #manageworries #staysettled #childrenareagift #servewell 
March 12, 2022
90 - Healing the Abortion Wounded Heart - Lisa Mackie
We think, "I'm fine" until we realize we aren't. Lisa shares her story of God's transforming power to heal her heart and call her to himself. Through a series of traumas and the shame of a broken family Lisa made a decision that would stick with her for life. Even with that she has learned that our circumstances do not define us. God will get you through the hard times and bring beauty from ashes. We pray that her testimony will provide resources and hope to you. Please, share it with a friend.  Join the next retreat April 8-10, 2022 in Tennessee. Contact Deeper Still Upper Cumberland  For the national headquarters contact Go Deeper Still  Serving God After An Abortion Decision, podcast with Nancy Knowlton (click the title)  also mentioned in this episode, Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic #deeperstill #saythehardthingfirst #graceandmercy #christianwomen #abortionsupportnetwork #abortionsurvivor #speaktruthandlove #lovemeinthecrazy #forgivenessandhealing #checkonyourfriends 
March 05, 2022
89 - Stewarding Time and Energy Well - Jenn Uren
Jenn's life encountered unexpected changes when the Lord brought them two babies by way of adoption. Through this season of motherhood, Jenn learned how to direct the gifts God gave her to manage her energy and make time for ministry along with family. If you have been believing the lie that "I have to do it all" or "I don't have enough time for that", get ready for a mindset change. Go from overwhelm to energetic for the life God has called you to. Follow Jenn's ministry This Mom Knows and her podcast right here.  We chatted about this episode "It's about time", check it out!   As always, you are welcome to join Pam and her friends over on the Facebook group, "Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas" #adoption #lifeafteradoption #homeschoolmom #investinyourhome #mompreneur #christanmothering #overwhelmed #idonthaveenoughenergy #momlife #timevsenergy #systemsbecomeroutines #routinesfreeupenergy #leanintogodsgift 
February 26, 2022
88 - God's Healing Power Today - Marie Tsuruda
You won't be able to sit still after you get this incredible picture of what God is doing around the world today. He is still healing in a miraculous way. He is changing hearts and lives. Marie Tsuruda will encourage you to believe in God's power. God wants to raise you up. Have faith in the Word and do not quit! You can follow Marie and connect with her on their website Family of Faith Global Missions.  You might also see Marie and myself (Pam) over on Facebook at Mission Minded Families with Ann Dunagan. Join us!  For an encouraging mom's group, please join us over on Facebook at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas. 
February 19, 2022
87 - Confident Special Needs Parenting - Stephani Cook
When you start to suspect your child has a learning disability fear may set in. Stephani Cook will ease your mind as she shares from her years of experience in the field of assessing special needs such as ADHD and Autism. Let's open our eyes to our children's strengths and abilities and identify a plan to advocate for our children. Don't question if you are the right mom, you are the right mom!  Find Stephani at her website from there you can check out On Purpose Coaching and  the What's Your Story with Hannah & Stephani podcast.  You can also email her at or find her over on Instagram @Stephani_cook  Please join Pam and her friends over on Facebook at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas One resource Pam mentioned today was Carol Barnier . She has a website specific for special needs focus called, "SizzleBop"  #Practicalparenting #autism #adhd #learningdisabilites #strengthandweakness #focusonthestrength #professionalencourager #christianlifecoach #havegraceforothers #askforhelp #youareagoodmom 
February 12, 2022
86 - Sober Minded Media - Chris Martin
It is no surprise that we are living in a media age. Living out our own Christian faith amidst technology is a challenge for adults. The stakes seem even higher when teaching our children and teens how to interact and navigate life in this modern internet saturated world. My guest Chris Martin has worked in the field of technology and marketing for years. I really appreciate his insight for Christian parents asking really great questions such as, "Does the algorithm change you?" and "Does social media serve you or, do you serve it?" I think you too will appreciate his sober view of media. Make sure you get his book Terms of Service, The Real Cost of Social Media available now wherever books are sold.  You can connect with Chris over on Twitter at If you are looking for a group of moms to chat with about this or general mom life, join me over on Facebook at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas
February 05, 2022
85 - Too Young For Cancer - Korri Miller
This is a praise episode as we join my guest Korri in celebrating 30 years since her cancer diagnosis. She really was too young to have thyroid cancer yet that was her reality. A big take away from today's show is that God loves you and He is intimately involved in our lives individually.  If you are looking for a group of moms to connect with , join us over at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas on Facebook.  #inaweofGod'slove #prayerchain #anointedwithoil #prayerofhealing #churchsupport #celebratehealing #cancerfree #identityinchrist  #Christianparenting #thankfulandblessed #giveGodtheglory #cancersurvivor #testimonytime 
January 29, 2022
84 - Intentional Motherhood - Angie Smuin
Whether you are expecting your first child or have been parenting for a number of years, we all benefit from taking a moment to look at our parenting style and our lives and ask ourselves, "What kind of parent do I want to be?" Angie shares from her heart to encourage and equip us in this gift of motherhood. As we consider our parenting goals and our history let's battle the lies we have believed and instead speak truth, speak life and continue to be refined by God as He transforms our parenting.  You can find out more about Angie at  or email her at  Her book Intentional Motherhood is available on Amazon or at Angie's website along with other books she has written.  Feel free to join us in the Facebook group, Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas and if you would like, email Pam at  #Christianparenting #Singlemom #speaklife #devotionsformom #momofmany #momlife #parentingwithpurpose #equippingchildren #intentionalmotherhood #Christianmom #refinedbyGod #crisispregnancycenter #youareagreatmom #Iamthatgirl #speakitbelieveit 
January 22, 2022
83 - Prodigal Parenting - Amy Oberg
ADULT CONTENT- Parenting small children is tough, parenting teens and young adults can be no less of a struggle. Amy Oberg was that prodigal and later, she parented a prodigal. Her story will encourage you and give you some practical tips and the truth of scripture to hold onto if this is your road. Hang in there mom. Trust God with the impossible.  You can find out more about Amy and catch up with her on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube... any of the socials or at her website Send her an email at  She is also in Pam's FB mom's group. Join the conversations over at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas.  A book referred to in this podcast- "Long Way Gone" by Charles Martin Handout by Amy, Tools for Parents of Prodigals.  Amy's further message/presentation about Prodigals is here on YouTube.  #nogoneistoofargone #prodigalchild #prodigalparenting #letgoandletgod #trustgodwiththeimpossible #sowgoodness #christianparenting
January 15, 2022
82 - Supporting the Special Needs Mom - Wyvonne Williams
Parenting is tough. Add in being a single mom of a special needs child and it is a downright challenge. Wyvonne Williams is rising above and growing through this journey. She will be a source of encouragement to you as she shares the hope of what it looks like to live in a supportive community and pursue an intentional and life giving relationship with her child. You can connect with her over at also on Facebook and also on Instagram. 
January 08, 2022
81 - Happy New Year! with Pam Fields
Kicking off the new year with your host, Pam Fields! Let's just chat a little bit about the year past and look into the future. How has community played a part in your life? In your journey of faith and in your motherhood? Are you making deposits into those you meet along the way? Join me in the conversation here and over in the Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas group over on Facebook.  You can also catch up with me on Instagram @TendingFields or on my website TendingFields . 
January 01, 2022
80 - Christmas Celebrations
Today, your host Pam Fields shares about her own Christmas traditions and celebrations. Wishing you the merriest of Christmases.  More information about the Waiting Tree and also our St.Nicholas Day traditions just click!  A few great resources... Celebrating the Christian Year by Martha Zimmerman                                      Jotham's Journey by Arnold Ytreeide
December 25, 2021
79 - Recycled and Redeemed - Goldie Winn
Goldie found new life in Christ after a painful past that included family hurt and also abortion. Today, she shares from a joyful heart that has been recycled and redeemed!  You will want to get to know her more so make sure to follow her over on her website, She is also on Instagram @goldsiewinn. If your heart was touched today and you would like to contact her directly, please email Make sure you get on the mailing list to keep up to date on the movie that is being developed! If you are looking for a community to grow with, make sure you join Pam over on facebook at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas.  #postabortionhealing #postabortion #abortionwound #nurturelife #newlifeinchrist #abortionsurvivor #surrendertochrist #titus2women
December 18, 2021
78 - Miscarriage and Healing - Brittany Wilson
Brittany has spent years as a therapist, leader, and coach, helping people move out of the spaces they have been stuck in. She has also walked through her own journey of healing from miscarriage. We pray that you are encouraged today as you hear her testimony along her faith journey. You can find Brittany over at the "Morning Mama" podcast, on her Facebook group, or of course, on Instagram. 
December 11, 2021
77 - Raising Musicians - Jennifer Galicinski
Are you a musical family? Considering an instrument for your child? Today Jennifer Galicinski shares from her experience of being a mom of 10 musicians. We chat about beginning music, singing together, listening to music, practice, sacrifice and investing in not only ministry but in our children's futures. Your family may not be hitting the road or traveling internationally but Jennifer's testimony of raising musicians will be an encouragement to you. Wherever God has called you, work unto the glory of He who sent you. If you would like to e-mail Jennifer directly,  Check out their family adventures and music videos at The Missions Organization we spoke about today is Some other resources we mentioned today are                                                                And as always, you can chat with me and my friends over on Facebook at
December 04, 2021
76 - Practical Family Life - Jennifer Galicinski
Jennifer Galicinski is a Titus 2 woman with practical knowledge and advice for managing a busy home. Her experience in raising 10 children, homeschooling them and organizing their family band has given her lots of opportunity to practice and apply the truth of Scripture in daily life. To find out more about Jennifer and follow their adventures, go to They are on Facebook at:  and Instagram @galicinskifamilyband  They are active with the ministry of Some resources mentioned today are: Managers of Their Homes                                  The Young Peacemakers series                                  Speak Truth in Your Heart by Sarah Mally
November 27, 2021
75 - Livin' What You're Given - Laura Padgett
Laura Padgett is a delight to visit with! Today she encourages us to walk in obedience to God, letting go of the outcome and finding peace in His plan for our lives.  Make sure you find her podcast Livin' What You're Given and go to her website As always, you can join me in my virtual living room "Less Than Perfect Christian Women" on Facebook And check out my blog at
November 20, 2021
74 - Grandmothering - Nancy Campbell
If you are a grandmother or expecting to be, you are in for a treat! Nancy Campbell joins me and we talk about the visionary and generational role of grandmothering. Check out Nancy's website at: and wonderful book that encouraged me in my early years of mothering As always, you can join me in conversation over at Or stop by my website at
November 13, 2021
73 - Grace According To Gifts - Karol
Karol and her husband could not have imagined the parenting journey God had planned for them. Their story is a wonderful testimony of God's hand through adoption, special needs, surgeries and child loss. You will want to read the complete story in Karol's book, "Grace According To Gifts". You can also find Karol on Instagram @kkholmes70 
November 06, 2021
72 - Bumps Are Okay - Sharon Czerwien
If 2020 wasn't a rocky year, I don't know what else is. The truth is, there are many bumps along the road of life. Sharon Czerwien shares today about how her core was challenged after a car accident. But even more, how the Lord used that very thing to teach her more about her relationship with Him.   To catch up with Sharon, check out her website at                                         or on Facebook at: If you want to hear more about Kelly Dean Or find Sharon and I on The Homeschool Hub
October 30, 2021
71 - Hurting Moms, Mending Hearts - Cathy Taylor
Cathy Taylor has grown through the seasons of her own life and her parenting years. If you are a mom who is hurting from the choices made by your children, Cathy wants you to know that you are not alone. We can't fix our children but, we can learn how to surrender them to the Lord and trust Him for the future. You can find Cathy on Instagram @hurting_moms                              on Facebook at                             and at her website at
October 23, 2021
70 - God's Redemptive Power - Renee
*adult content* Though she had a foundation in church, Renee went her own way in her youth. Through many trials of life she eventually learned to surrender her life to Him and trust Jesus. You can hear more about her testimony and follow Renee over at:
October 09, 2021
69 - Flourishing In The Church - Jill English
Jill's journey of life in the church gives a good perspective of how we can be authentic in our walk and our role in the body of Christ. If you are a leader or the wife of a leader in the church I think this will be blessing to you. If you desire to encourage ministry women, this will open your eyes to ways that you can speak words of life into them.  If you are interested in the men's ministry we talk about in this episode, check out Man in the Mirror If you are looking for a group of women to connect with just like Jill and Pam, join us in "Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas"
October 02, 2021
68 - Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood - Gina
*ADULT CONTENT- Honest discussion about sexuality and marriage.   Gina has joined us before and she is back to give us a Titus 2 and Physician's perspective of menopause, marriage and motherhood. She addresses some really practical questions and also the spiritual ones like, "What does God have for me in the next phase of life?". I hope that you are encouraged by this authentic conversation.  Please check out Gina's first interview on episode #60 Anchored During the stress of life. Some resources she mentioned in this episode are:  Dr. Juli Slattery Dr. John Gottman Shaunti Feldhahn
September 25, 2021
67 - What Is A Wife To Do?
Do you long to share your spiritual journey with your husband but he isn't a believer? Pitana Mutana shares how his wife influenced him to look to God. Now together they are raising their children to love and serve Jesus. Their story will grip you. Find Pitana and Nadia at: also on Facebook at                                             also on YouTube at "Love Mothering"                              "Kingdom Warriors Youth" Podcast interview with Nadia Mutana "To Hear and To Obey"
September 18, 2021
66 - It Was Not My Time - Anna Mitchell
Breast cancer attacked but it wasn't Anna Mitchell's time to go. I think you will be encouraged by her story and how God healed her and grew her in her walk with Him through the cancer journey. To read about her story and connect with Anna find her on  Instagram @Itwasnotmytime  Facebook and also Her book is also available on Amazon. 
September 11, 2021
65 - Overcoming Overwhelm - Rachel Risner
Rachel Risner is back and sharing how she navigates through life as a busy mom of eight. Do you wonder how you can best tackle that "to-do" list? Always trying to juggle what is the best choice and the best way to manage your time? Sisters, we want to encourage you today to find the Lord's heartbeat for your life. You can find Rachel at  Look for her book, "Significant"  at As always, you are welcome to join our group online at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
September 04, 2021
64 - Through Feminism, Abortion, Divorce and Illness, To New Life - Candy Kane Thompson
Today Candy Kane Thompson takes us through the heartaches and challenges in her life that ultimately led her to where she is today. Beginning with the root of feminism, abortion and divorce shadowed over Candy's life and stole her joy. Today she clings to the word of God to renew her mind and her body for His glory. You can find Candy at also on facebook at Liberated by Love, Finding Truth Beyond Lies and Pain Join us for mom chat at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas
August 28, 2021
63 - God, You Are My All
With joyful resilience Angela Ruth Strong shares her testimony through divorce and cancer. Her beautiful story illustrates the power of God to heal a wounded heart and exchange it for healthy relationships.   To learn more about and connect with Angela, head over to Or on Facebook at
August 21, 2021
62 - Meet Your Host
 After 14 months of podcasting, it's time to get to know your host, Pam Fields. We hope you will enjoy this episode as Sonia makes a return appearance to run the interview. Be blessed! Some of the resources we talked about today are:   It is here that you can find out more about Nancy Campbell and her book "Power of Motherhood"  Pam's blog- Pam's group, "Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas" You can also follow her on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook at "TendingFields"
August 14, 2021
61 - Songs For Saplings
Dana Dirkson joins us today to share the heart behind an excellent resource that trains our children in Biblical truth. It's never to early to teach the deep and rich theology of the Word. My family has been blessed by the ministry of Dana and her family . We are praying that this will be a solid resource to add to your parenting toolbelt.  Check them out and on Instagram @songs_for_saplings 
August 07, 2021
60 - Anchored During The Stress Of Life
You are going to love my friend Gina as she walks us through some very practical steps to manage stress in our lives. She's a wife, a mom and a retired doctor but her greatest love, that for the Lord, shines through as she shares her story of faith.  Some resources mentioned today are: Read Scripture App Names of God by Nathan Stone Safe People by Henry Cloud and John Townsend
July 31, 2021
59 - Breaking the Cycle! New Life In Christ
(Sensitive content) We don't all start off from the same place in life. But God is able to find us, just as He did with Caitlin. We pray that her story ministers to your heart and gives you hope wherever you may be. May you and the ones you love be overcomers through Christ.  If you are in need of encouragement or community, please join us over at: My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
July 24, 2021
58 - Bickering And Bad Attitudes? Hit The Reset.
We all feel the strains in relationships and (lack of) peace in our homes from time to time. Mothering is a challenge and more so when there is constant complaint and argument. Is your home ready for a change? Karen, mother of 9, shares a few methods that she has implemented to hit that reset button in her home and begin to "outdo one another in showing honor".  Mentioned in this episode:  Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman Captivated , If this episode blessed you and you would like to join in conversations like this online, please join our mother's group over at:  Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
July 17, 2021
57 - Advocating For Your Child
In an intense moment God spoke the word, "Advocate" to Emma. After Sawyer's premature birth their family faced another hurdle with further illness but God is faithful and guided them through. You can follow Emma on Instagram @whereverishome.  If you would like to find out more about how to bless families in difficult situations like this: Make sure to join us over at our Facebook group, Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas:
July 10, 2021
56 - Matteo's Story
Little Matteo is such a blessing to Kailey and her family. I think you will also be blessed by hearing about his life and the joy of having a child with Down Syndrome. Follow Kailey on Instagram @kuenzikailey Do you have a baby with Down Syndrome to celebrate? Check out  Sarah Brooks' book for children about special needs: Need some mom connections? Join us on our group, Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
July 03, 2021
55 - Courageous Vulnerability
*sensitive and graphic language Today my guest Molly shared how being open about past hurt and abuse in her life opened the door to help others. Though her story is heartbreaking, we pray that it speaks to you about the power of God to heal our pasts.  One of the resources mentioned today: Significant: Six ordinary women, one extraordinary God. If you need a group of women to connect with, make sure you find us at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
June 26, 2021
54 - Praying With Expectation For Your Future Spouse - Leanne Rozell
Leanne Rozell has such an inspirational story! Through prayer, pursuit and a whole lot of faith she gave over her love life to Jesus. Through her journey she found fulfilment in the blessing of a relationship with Him. Make sure to find her book, "Praying for That Man: A Love Story from Above" on Audible and also in print. You can find Leanne at her website, Leanne  on Facebook at Leanne Rozell Author  and on Instagram at @leannerozell  And as always, you can join Pam's group of mommies on Facebook at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas (now called, "Tending Fields Mom's Group") 
June 19, 2021
53 - I Can't Say That! (adult content)
* Today's episode will be a straight forward conversation about teaching our children a sexual ethic. We use a lot of "real words" and concepts today so, you will want to have your earbuds on and be child-free when listening. Have you ever wondered how to have "the talk" with your children? You know... the one about sexuality. Dr. Corey Gilbert is going to help us as parents understand how important our impact is as we cultivate conversations with  our children and young adults to have a  Biblical sexual ethic.  For more information about how to connect with Dr. Corey Gilbert Podcast is New Trauma program - New upcoming program - Book purchases: or from my website, a few resources mentioned today...  Book, Age Of Opportunity
June 12, 2021
52 - The Family Blessing - Rolf Garborg
Many years ago our family was encouraged by the discovery of Rolf Garborg's book, The Family Blessing. I am sure you will be inspired by this discussion on imparting God's favor and blessing on your family and the people who you interact with. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please E-mail Rolf directly at Be watching for the re-release of his book in the future at If you would like to read more about how we have practiced The Blessing in our home, read here:
June 05, 2021
51 - Mommy Needs Jesus Time - Gretchen Rodriguez
Distracted, stressed, overworked, overwhelmed? Sometimes, mama just needs a little Jesus time. Gretchen speaks to busy moms who are longing for a better way. Let her encouragement draw you to what you want most, knowing Jesus.  Check out Gretchen's website for more about her book, The Encounter,  as well as freebies and encouragement!  Don't forget to join my facebook group for moms Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas (now called, "Tending Fields Mom's Group) 
May 29, 2021
50 - Recalibrating Your Marriage - Dr. Corey Gilbert
There are subtle shifts that happen in our relationships add to that, our backgrounds and genetic makeup. All couples at some time need to step back and recalibrate their marriage to to reflect a content, healthy and whole gospel centered marriage. Today, Dr. Corey Gilbert walks us through some steps to help focus on some areas for healing and growth. You can find out more about Dr. Corey's ministry at Podcast is New Trauma program - New upcoming program - Book purchases: or from my website, A few books mentioned in todays podcast are:  and also books by Les and Leslie Parrott
May 22, 2021
49 - Cultivating Ministry Where You Are Today
Just a couple moms talking about how the Lord uses us right where we are, in our homes, in ministry for Him. Have you wondered how to include your children in ministry or help instill in them a heart to serve? You will be blessed by this conversation with my friend Michelle Leonard. If you want to reach out to Michelle, you can find her on Instagram at @momma2ten  or e-mail her at  A resource we discussed today was (Child Evangelism Fellowship)
May 15, 2021
48 - Sam and Abby's Mom
Mary Lester, neighbor to all mothers even though she lives in Arkansas, steps back three decades to share with us her loss in miscarriage. We pray that this episode is a healing balm to mothers who have lost a child. If you would like to share your own story with Mary, please e-mail me at and I will forward it on to Miss Mary. And if you are looking for a community of mothers to share life with, please join our Facebook group "Less than perfect Christian mamas"
May 08, 2021
47 - When The Bottom Falls Out Of Your Basket
Kelly joins me again this week and shares more of her journey as a mom of 12 who also carries the diagnosis of ALS. Kelly will encourage you to find joy in what you are doing and embrace where you are at. She is an example of a woman who lives out the decision to choose joy. You can check in on Kelly's blog at Make sure you join me and my friends over on the Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: And you might also find encouragement at my blog:
May 01, 2021
46 - Do Less, Prioritize Him More
This was a very hard episode to put a title to because it is FULL of wisdom! My friend Kelly, who has been diagnosed with ALS, shares what she has been learning about getting priorities straight, sitting at the feet of Jesus and resting in Christ. Do you feel like you are running around with too many plates spinning? Find rest dear mama, seek Jesus and find rest.  You can find Kelly at Let's chat about podcasts on the Goodpods app! Join the Christian Women's Book Club group on Goodpods. As always, you can join me and my friends over on the Facebook group Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas:
April 24, 2021
45 - God's Gift of Special Needs
My friend Leah shares the joys and challenges of raising her beautiful daughter Sarina.  You can send Leah a message for me to forward at  A few resources we mentioned today are: 99 Balloons Our friend Tauna Meyer has great homeschooling helps
April 17, 2021
44 - Focusing On The Gospel Through Books
Today's guest Mario DeMatteo shares about a tragic accident as a young man that left him paralyzed and wheelchair bound. But it was through this very tragedy that God directed him to a new life and service to Him. Some things we talked about today...  Get Mario's newest release, "Peter" from Also check out More Bible Comics at And for all things Mario DeMatteo head to... To enter the giveaway head to Tending Fields fb page at or send me an e-mail at 
April 10, 2021
43 - Answering Uncomfortable Questions About Faith
Do you struggle with finding the words or the confidence to talk to your children about the hard faith questions? Maybe you have some hard faith questions yourself. In this conversation with Janell Wood, we talk about our heart posture in parenting and having Holy Spirit led conversations. Janell also shares many resources with us. These are several things we talked about today:  Finding Something Real Podcast Crazy Love by Francis Chan Mama Bear Apologetics Unbelievable with Justin Brierley Find Pam at  Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
April 03, 2021
42 - To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool?
Are you on the fence or new to homeschooling? This episode will help you sort it out and put your mind at ease. Lea Ann Garfias is a homeschool grad, homeschooling mom and an author. Here are the links to some of the things we talked about today....  Lea Ann's website  For the book! Homeschool Made Easy Facebook group: Home School Legal Defense Association Great Homeschool Conventions
March 27, 2021
41 - Praying Christian Women
Jaime and Pam chat about learning to pray. Listen in as we discuss prayer closets, prayer partners, confession, journaling and stepping out in faith. Some resources we talked about are: Join the Prayer conference at:                                                                             (Disclosure: that is an affiliate link. Tending Fields will receive a commission... which will be used for further ministry)     Pam's article about prayer bracelets: Pam's facebook group, Less Than Perfect Christian Women:
March 20, 2021
40 - Incorporating Faith and Motherhood
My mother-in-law, Louise, is back and together we share how we have integrated our faith into our mothering. If you missed them, go back and listen to the last two episodes where this Titus 2 woman shares her tips for parenting children and teens.  On this episode a few resources mentioned are:
March 13, 2021
39 - Parenting Teens with Gramma Lou
We are continuing the parenting conversation with my mother-in-law Louise. This week, we are talking about parenting teenagers! I hope you glean some great ideas for this stage of life. We are praying for you! If you are looking for more encouragement, please also visit: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
March 06, 2021
38 - Parenting Young Children with Gramma Lou
Listen in as Pam and her mother-in-law Louise share tips and memories about biblical child training.  Make sure you visit Pam on:  Instagram @Tendingfields  on the blog at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
February 27, 2021
37 - Graduated to Glory (A Mother's Testimony)
When tragedy hits we can't always make sense of it but we know that God is with us and that we can trust Him. Today Kim shares of the sudden loss of her 14 year old daughter, Naomi in a drowning accident. Though her story is difficult, Kim's faith amidst tragedy will be a blessing to you.    The facebook group mentioned in this episode: Christian Moms of Large Families that Homeschool Book recommendation from this episode:    (By Dale Evans Rogers)  Join Pam at my Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
February 20, 2021
36 - The Hard & Holy Work of Motherhood
This episode will be a gift to you as you ponder the work of motherhood. Meredith's testimony of ministry life in harmony with raising children will be a blessing to you. A few resources shared in this episode are:  Missional Motherhood by Gloria Furman The River Community Church And as always, you can find me at:  My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
February 13, 2021
35 - Hope for the Future, Amidst a Cancer Diagnosis
My friends Celeste walks us through her journey of hope. Though she had recently given birth and would assume she had complete health, Celeste received a cancer diagnosis. But it is through this trial she learned more of the hope available in Christ.  If you need a place to meet with encouraging moms, please join us at: My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
February 06, 2021
34 - Christ Centered Pregnancy
Like many young women, Heather desired to grow in her walk with the Lord as she entered into motherhood. Today we chat about battling the world's expectations for pregnancy and aligning them instead with the truths of God's Word.  You can find more about Heather at:  Website: Book: Instagram: And you can find me at my Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
January 30, 2021
33 - Serving Jesus After An Abortion Decision
God reaches us where we are and can use our story for His glory. Nancy shares about her past history of abortion and her current ministry to women facing the same decisions of her youth. You will be inspired to live for Jesus as you join us today.  You can find Nancy at For more encouragement: Or come join me at Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Or take a peek at my blog:
January 23, 2021
32 - Is the risk in following Jesus? Or in not following Him?
Olesya's marriage was crumbling and her faith was being challenged. But God worked to turn that around for her good and for His glory. Some resources mentioned today in this episode are: YWAM FAMILY DTS (Discipleship Training School) Mission Minded Families ( Ann Dunagan) Ministry donations- tax deductable         (make sure to note for Maddox Family Missions) Pam's Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
January 16, 2021
31 - Treasure Mining the Gift of FASD
FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) affects many more families than we realize. Though not a medical provider, Natalie Vecchione shares so much from her 18 years of lived experience parenting a child with a diagnosis of FASD. She will offer you hope and resources as you listen and then visit her online at:    She is also on Pinterest and Facebook at Make sure you look for her podcast,
January 09, 2021
30 - Crying out to God, "Show me a better way."
As Jennifer battled depression and multiple health challenges within her family, she looked to the Lord and what she knew to be true. It was there that God met her and led her in a better way.  * Jennifer is not a doctor, this episode should not constitute medical advice, just a few moms talking over coffee.  You can find Jennifer at: mentioned in the podcast today: Pam's Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
January 02, 2021
29 - The Journey of Becoming a Military Mom
When our sons each joined the Army we understood that it would bring new things. What we didn't know at that time is that God was preparing for each of us, as special friend for our own journey as a military mom! We hope that you are encouraged by our conversation today. Please share this podcast with those who are embarking on a similar path.  Some resources we mentioned: The Making of a Soldier, YouTube series The Power of Praying for your Adult Children by Stormie O'Martian Volunteer for the USO Check out Pam's blogpost "Boot Camp for Military Moms"
December 26, 2020
28 - Catch Your Thoughts, Overcoming Depression
Sometimes our thoughts can get us into trouble. Robyn was in the depths of despair but she has overcome! Robyn ministers to women in her facebook group,    and also on her website on Focus Friday. You can find her at    In today's podcast, Robyn mentioned    Also,  the book, "Companions in the Darkness" by Diana Gruver
December 19, 2020
27 - The Miracle of Healing, A Marriage Restored Part 2
Jen continues to share the story of her husband's affair and God's faithfulness as He restored their marriage. 
December 12, 2020
26 - The Miracle of Healing, A Marriage Restored Part 1
Jen's marriage was hit hard by her husband's affair. But God was able to use this very thing to heal their marriage and bring glory to Himself. 
December 05, 2020
25 - Walking With Women Considering Adoption
Jami has always had a heart for adoption. God made clear the path for her as He led Jami to start Cookeville, Tennessee's first adoption agency.  You can find out more about her ministry at and also on Instagram @hopecenteradoptions My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
November 28, 2020
24 - A Heart for Adoption - Part 2
In this episode, Lindsey shares about her fourth adoption and the blessing that Penny is in their life.  One of the book she referenced is "The Connected Child" My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
November 21, 2020
23 - A Heart for Adoption - Part 1
It's national adoption awareness month. I know you will be blessed to hear Lindsey's adoption story. 
November 21, 2020
22 - Where God Guides, He Provides
Today Pam shares with you about her own faith journey as their family moved from Oregon to Tennessee.  You can get in touch with Sarah Latch at   or  My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
November 14, 2020
21 - Kaylie's Home Birth Testimony
Kaylie is back this week to share about her homebirth experience. I know it will be of encouragement to you. If you miss last week's episode, you are going to want to go listen to that!   If you would like to hear more about Kaylie's background, here is a link to her and her husband's testimony. It is amazing! My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
November 07, 2020
20 - New Life in Christ, From Childhood Trauma to Transformed
*Warning adult content. This episode is not appropriate for children as Kaylie shares about her really dark childhood (sex,drugs) and then, how her life was changed when she gave her life to Jesus.   Kaylie's full testmony can be found at : My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
October 31, 2020
19 - Mission Minded Motherhood
Ann Dunagan is a wonderful example of a mom on mission for Jesus. Today she shares some tips on how to focus at living on mission. You can connect with Ann on Instagram, Facebook or through her website, My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
October 24, 2020
18 - Praying for your Husband
Karna knew the importance of  praying for her husband. It really became clear though, when her husband who worked in corrections was attacked by an inmate. Today she shares her account of that day.  My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
October 17, 2020
17 - From "Why me?" to "What Now?"
Sarah shares her parenting journey as a special needs mom and how the Lord is using that for new things!  You can find out more about Sarah at:  and To find out more about the writing group:       My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
October 10, 2020
16 - Joyfully Living with Spina Bifida - Part 2
Sara shares resources and encouragement as she recounts her daughter's diagnosis and journey with spina bifida. Also, check out my resources: My blog : Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
October 03, 2020
15 - Joyfully Living with Spina Bifida - Part 1
Sara shares resources and encouragement as she recounts her daughter's diagnosis and journey with spina bifida. Also, check out my resources: My blog : Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
September 26, 2020
14 - Learning to Pray
Colleen has been an encouragement to me and the growth of my prayer life. I am sure you will be blessed by her words. 
September 19, 2020
13 - Saying "Yes" to God
Rachel Risner shares how the Lord overcame her doubts as she walked forward in faith.  You can find out more about Rachel at: My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
September 12, 2020
12 - Grieving With Hope
Mae lost her son in a tragic four wheeler accident. As she shares her story, she also shares of the new things God has done through her circumstance.  My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Mae's blog and links to all the places she shares:
September 05, 2020
11 - Mentoring Relationships
Colleen has been pouring into the lives of women for a very long time. Today she shares about building a lifestyle of mentoring.  My Blog: Here are some resources that came up in our conversation today: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Inscribing the Truth Facebook group:
August 29, 2020
10 - Becoming a Mother-In-Law and Grandma with Gramma Thelma
Today Thelma lays out her best tips for becoming a great mother-in-law and grandma. If you are entering this season of life, you will benefit from her wisdom.  My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Check out Thelma's website at:
August 22, 2020
09 - Homeschooling with Gramma Thelma
If you are new to homeschooling or just looking for some encouragement, this is the episode for you! Thelma English homeschooled her own children in the pioneer days of the homeschooling movement. She now offers classes for homeschoolers and jumps in wherever possible to support her grandchildren's education.   My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Check out Thelma's website at:
August 15, 2020
08 - Life Lessons with Gramma Thelma - Part 2
Gramma Thelma continues where we left off last week on the subject of becoming a new wife.  My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: To find out more about Gramma Thelma, check out her website:
August 08, 2020
07 - Life Lessons with Gramma Thelma - Part 1
People in my area regularly seek out Gramma Thelma for advice. In this session Thelma lays the groundwork for a series of life lessons including dating, marriage, homeschooling and becoming a gramma.  My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Here's the link to Thelma's website :
August 01, 2020
06 - Pray Like It Matters
Sometimes God uses the little things in life to cause us to stop and refocus. Today Sonia shares about how God has awakened her view of prayer.  My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Here are some resources that came up in our conversation today: Nadia Mutana, Love Mothering Praying Christian Women Prayer Boxes Prayers That Changed History by Tricia Goyer,
July 25, 2020
05 - To Hear and To Obey
Nadia shares about family ministry and living a life of faith as God leads them wherever they are called. My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Nadia's Blog: Mutana Family Facebook Page: Love Mothering on Youtube:
July 18, 2020
04 - Children are a Gift
Listen in as Charity shares about her journey into motherhood and receiving children as a gift. My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
July 05, 2020
03 - All In; Our Foster Care Journey
Join in on our conversation about one family's journey in foster care. My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Nancy's Instagram:
June 27, 2020
02 - Parenting through a traumatic car accident - Jeanette
In this episode Jeanette shares how God carried them through after the tragic accident and recovery of their daughter Denise. My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Touched by a Miracle, By Jan Goodman: Samaritan Ministries:
June 20, 2020
01 - We gave up, God didn't - A marriage restored
In this episode Candace shares how her marriage was ending and how God intervened to save it. My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group:
June 20, 2020
00 - Let's Tell Our Stories of Faith
Find out more about what motivated me to start this podcast.  My Blog: Less Than Perfect Christian Mamas Facebook group: Nadia's Blog: Nadia's Youtube channel:
June 20, 2020