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Laxmi & me - with Hansi

Laxmi & me - with Hansi

By The Money Hans loves money. But not everybody knows how to make money love them. Our relationship with money is complex, based on childhood memories, major financial events and our personality.

Women struggle even more. We want to find out why.

Hansi, a veteran financial consultant-turned-coach, speaks with women from all walks of life about their journeys.

A show about our relationship with money.
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Becoming a champion

Laxmi & me - with Hansi

Writing her own poem
Shyra lives her life as a poetess with an abundance mindset...she is grateful for the abundance in which she grew up in, and also what she enjoys today. Interestingly, she chose to do a business degree from MIT Sloan. So was her financial journey different?   Laxmi & me is a show about our relationship with money. Especially women's whom we call Laxmi. We talk with women from all walks of life, exploring who influenced their relationship with money, how it's evolved and how their money life affects their personal relationships.  In previous episodes, we have focused on guests recalling their earliest memories of money being discussed at home. We also hear about their family's financial circumstances. In one episode, we referred to a investor personality quiz.  Note we lay out all episodes as three chapters - past, present and future. In this episode, we mention that actually our relationship with money not only includes deep seated money beliefs from childhood, but also the effects of major financial events from our generation (such as the 2008 financial crash) and the personality quiz again. We will flesh out these aspects further in future episodes and on our website (   We would love to hear from you. You can leave comments here. You can also send us voice message either on the site or on our facebook page ( Producer - The Money Hans Host - Hansi Mehrotra Editor - Natalie Barrass
May 11, 2021
Learning to be happy
Jashoda was born as the eldest child to a hard-working couple living in the slums of Mumbai. Both her parents worked as cleaners, apparently because they belong to the Valmiki sub-set of the Dalit caste which usually includes cleaners. Her father was a street sweeper and her mother a maid, but Jashoda wanted to become a teacher. Did she become a teacher? What role did money play in her life? What are her aspirations as she gets married? Laxmi & me is a show about our relationship with money. Especially women's. We speak with women from all walks of life to hear about what messages they received as women, how they think about money, where they learn about money. We want to understand how their family & friends affect their view of money, and vice versa. We believe our money beliefs shape how we handle money. We would to hear from you. You can send us voice messages on Anchor, or through WhatsApp on our facebook page - The Money Hans. We can add some of your messages to podcast episode. Producer - The Money Hans Host - Hansi Mehrotra Editor - Natalie Barrass
May 3, 2021
Inspiring Prernaa
Prernaa was born into a pretty affluent Marwadi family so she learned good money values. While her family was a bit orthodox, they encouraged her to build a career. She got her inspiration (prerna in Hindi) from her mother who not only encouraged her to start her jewellery designing business but acts as her financial adviser/coach.  Let's meet Prernaa to find out how this background shaped her present including her relationship with money. Laxmi & me is a show about women, money and relationships. Hansi talks to women from all walks of life, exploring their past, present and future, discussing how their relationship with money changed over time. We also discuss how their relationships with family and friends impacted their relationship with money, and vice versa.  Note we divide the journey into past, present and future - this will come in handy if you are following the financial planning model used on our website (   Credits  - Producer - The Money Hans  Host - Hansi Mehrotra  Editor - Natalie Barrass    Podcast available on all major platforms -  Anchor/Spotify Apple, Google, Pocket casts Gaana, JioSaavn Aawaz
April 25, 2021
Becoming a champion
Ayesha dreamed about sailing around the world, participating in the  Asian and Olympic games, about becoming a world champion. How does a  girl from a middle-class family fare in a rich-man's sport? How does she  fund her dreams? What has she learned from the journey?    Laxmi & me is a show that explores women's relationship with money.  What messages do we get growing up? How does money affect our  relationship with family, and vice versa? Why do we find it so hard to  learn about money? We hope to encourage you to ask these questions as  you look around whether it's about your own life, your friends' or  strangers'.    We would love to hear from you...we welcome feedback comments,  suggestions, stories. You can leave a voice message on Anchor, or comment on this post on any social media.      Producer - The Money Hans  Host - Hansi Mehrotra  Editor - Natalie Barrass
April 18, 2021
Designing a path from slums to MNC
Shaheena recalls having to sneak out in the dark to use the public toilet in a Mumbai slum. She now works as a user experience designer in one of the largest technology firms.  On this journey, she had to convince her parents to let her study. She had to walk out of a bad marriage. She had to build a career in design. Hear how she managed, what she learnt about money and what she wants other women to know. Note the conversation with Shaheena was recorded mostly in Hindi. If you would like an English transcript, comment on any social media post, or direct message on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter - our handle is @themoneyhans on all social media.  
April 5, 2021