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The Magniloquent Moth

The Magniloquent Moth

By Salinday
Welcome to The Moth! Take a seat and prepare for a hearty serving of Invisible Sun discussion focused on deepening your connection to the Actuality.
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People of Satyrine (Alexander Gray)
++Humans of New York++ ++Alexander Gray++ A connected empath of the Order of Weavers who speaks with the moon. (played by NotBob#5833 from Discord) ++People of Satyrine++ Are you a person? In Satyrine? We want to hear from you! Share your story of Satyrine life with us using the voice message link below and it may be featured in a future episode!
April 12, 2020
Philosophy Salad with Jordan Peacock
++Connect with Jordan on Discord!++ hewhocutsdown#8567 ++Chat about philosophy with the rest of the Invisible Sun community++ ++Grey is Truth, Indigo is Beauty++ ++My "origin myth" for the Actuality++ ++The Sooth Deck++ ++Quentin Meillassoux++
April 09, 2020
A Conversation with Patrick Stuart, second course
++Back Deep Carbon Observatory (Remastered!) on Kickstarter++ ++CGP Grey's video about why your timeline is infuriating++ ++Is the loose collective of RPG fans online a "community"?++ Patrick's thoughts on this: Ben Milton's thoughts on this: ++A Distant Mirror++ ++The Gods Must Be Crazy++ An old movie: Here's a documentary based around a similar premise: ++Patrick's letter writing game (a literal play by post)++ ++Ryuutama++ ++FLAILSNAILS++ ++Chris McDowall's conversion advice++ ++Hacking Invisible Sun into an OSR game in the style of the GLOG++ More info on that project and what the above acronyms mean here: ++TROIKA!++ The game that introduced me to slot based inventory ++Inventory items that raise questions++ the "family-sized bottle of Rohypnol" in Silent Titans ++Half-Life Alyx++ Last-gen puzzle, next-gen medium... still doing connect-the-pipes in VR ++Tom Francis' games++ Heat Signature: Tactical Breach Wizards: ++Deadliest Warrior++ Yes, there really was an IRA vs the Taliban episode ++Sorry again about the audio overlap!++
April 05, 2020
A Conversation with Patrick Stuart, first course
++Back Deep Carbon Observatory (Remastered!) on Kickstarter++ ++Patrick's talk on the Wapentake at Ignite Liverpool++ ++Silent Titans++ ++The world is a spell++ I didn't explain this super well on air... of course more past is created if you wait a bit, since the time that you waited is now the past. What I meant to say is that Invisible Sun supposes that additional "past" is being added at the "beginning" of the past as well, or rather that beginning is being extended. So the earliest recorded event might be X, but if you wait a bit the history books have altered themselves and the earliest recorded event is now the previously nonexistent Y. ++Fear of a Black Dragon (DCO episode)++ ++Arnold's "Goblin Punch" blog and time traveling dinosaurs++ ++Veins of the Earth, Fire on the Velvet Horizon, A Night at the Golden Duck++ Check the sidebar of Patrick's blog! ++The audio starts to overlap in the second half of the episode++ Yes it does, which there's no way to fix unfortunately. Anchor allows you to record a conference call which is awesome, but somehow my audio must have shifted out of sync with Patrick's by a few seconds, which is why you hear him reacting to things I say too early and me reacting to things he says too late. The audio of all parties in the call is combined into a single audio file automatically, which means I can't shift the timing. Alas! The price of convenience. ++Time travel in RPGs++ A delicate touch is best. Here's my favorite short blog post on the subject: ++Continuum RPG++ ++Still hungry?++ The conversation continues in our second course (the next episode!).
April 05, 2020