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The Mothership Radio Show

The Mothership Radio Show

By Kevin Gassman
"The Mothership Radio Show!" features a unique look at Aliens, UFO's and other unexplained phenomena with insight and humor. Celebrities, authors and other people join host Kevin Gassman for a conversation that's strange and unusual.
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Bellavolent - Orbs, UFO's and Sleep Paralysis-July 6th

The Mothership Radio Show

Is There Life in the Afterlife? Jim McCarty, HOF Drummer of The Yardbirds new book "She Walks In Beauty: My Quest for the Bigger Picture"
She Walks In Beauty - My Quest For The Bigger Picture, Jim McCarty & Dave Thompson Was privileged to have another conversation with Hall of Fame Drummer from The Yardbirds, Jim McCarty.   He shared some stories that were in his book which is about Jim's wife Elisabeth, who passed away in June of 2020 and his attempts to contact her in the afterlife.   We get into some interesting conversations including one in where a medium told him about Charlie Watts months before his death as this interview was taken a week after he died.  Life is short and before we know it we're at the end of it. What we do before then is up to us to make it a better place for ourselves and our societies.
September 21, 2021
Dragged Into The Light Author Tony Russo-Strange Conspiracy Theories and Death
Author Tony Russo talks about his book, Dragged Into the Light: Truthers, Reptilians, Super Soldiers, and Death Inside an Online Cult  A fascinating dive into the minds of those who believe in conspiracies and orgone
July 12, 2021
The Struggle for World Sanity - Author Wajid Hassan
The Struggle for World Sanity is a book written by Wajid Hassan. This is a fascinating conversation about the fall of society and how we can rise above it. Oh, and aliens are involved! You can hear archived shows at: The show is also on, google, apple and spotify
June 27, 2021
The Knowles Family UFO Experience in 1988 Australia
Joining me in this episode is a previous guest, Bill Watson, Producer of Plan P from Outer Space, a puppet show spoofing the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space. We talk about the Knowles family in Australia and their very strange and unusual UFO experience which included physical contact between their car and a UFO The Mothership Radio Show is heard Saturday nights on at 9pm pst. The podcast follows in a couple days.
June 23, 2021
UFO's and Bigfoot
David Race of shares with us a story about seeing a UFO in Los Angeles and having a Bigfoot experience in upstate New York.
June 14, 2021
Prog Rock Robert Berry & Keith Emerson's Final Song Together & Society's Future
Robert Berry published his final song with Keith Emerson on his latest album, Third Impression from 3.2  We talk about the album and some of the songs which leads us down society's rabbit-hole in the full interview.  Listen to the entire interview on Spotify, Apple, Google and other podcast platforms under The Mothership Radio Show
May 03, 2021
Metaphysics with Dr Delbert Blair 2009 Interview
Was going through some old computer hard-drives when I found my interview with Dr Delbert Blair from 2009.  This was 6 years before I started talking about the "strange and unusual" as a weekly topic.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I met Dr Blair but I've always been open to different topics of discussion on my radio show. What Dr Blair talks about in this interview is extremely relevant to today.  Since this was done in 2009, I started the interview off with a question about Dec 21, 2012, a day that was predicted to be the end of the world.  Was Dr Blair correct in his assessment of what would happen in 3 years? Press play to find out.
March 01, 2021
Religion & UFO's - New Phoenix Lights Feb 22 2021
What do you do when you're a religious person who sees a UFO?  I was contacted by a witness of mysterious lights over the city of Phoenix, AZ on Feb 12th. This was a sighting that was one week after another report of lights in the sky over the city.  This episode talks about that and other strange and unusual topics.
February 23, 2021
Attaching Spirits Author Mike Beaver
Mike Beaver's new book,  "Instruments of Control" How attaching spirits cause war, terrorism, crime, racism, murder, insanity, mental illness, molestation, marital discord, suicide, and many other illnesses; and are leading humanity to its fourth, impending, fall.
October 19, 2020
Aug 24th - Comedian Hal Sparks-420-911-Hollow Moon
This interview was from April 20th, 2012 with Comedian  and TV personality, Hal Sparks. We went down a few rabbit-holes,  including, 911, the Hollow Moon Theory and the war on drugs, to name a  few. There's a video version as well on
August 24, 2020
Aug 10 Rene Watt-Witches-Hex's & Spells
Rene Watt, our favorite Witch joins us for a conversation about energy, hex's, spells, astrology, the sun, moon and stars. How are you handling the "stay-at-home" orders?  What about society as a whole?
August 10, 2020
Aug 3rd Keith Ellis-Ghosts-Orbs-BLM-Society
Comedian Keith Ellis talks about a few strange and unusual experiences with ghosts and an orb. We also dive deeper with his personal experiences with racism and what can be done to help put it to an end.
August 03, 2020
Ghosts and UFO's with Michael Motion
Radio and Music Producer, Michael Motion tells a few stories about seeing Ghosts and UFO's. 
July 29, 2020
July 27 The Hat Man-Documented Cases of Pure Evil
Director Kyle J Macias joins us to talk about his documentary on Amazon Prime, The Hat Man: Documented Cases of Pure Evil. Have you ever had "Sleep Paralysis?" Have you ever seen "The Hat Man?" What about "Shadow People?" Do you know what "Gang Stalking" is? Or what do you know about "The Jinn?" In this episode, we talk about a certain figure that seems to be a worldwide phenomena that people have experienced, in both day and nighttime settings.  You might want to listen with the lights on.
July 27, 2020
Shirley King - Sci-Fi v Real Life - Nature Taking Over - Spirituality
Shirley King, is a blues recording artist with a new album out called, Blues for a King. She's also B.B. King's daughter. Our conversation gets strange and unusual as we touch upon the current state of affairs, sci-fi movies and their possible impact on today's world & how mother nature is reclaiming her space. Shirley King Facebook page: Shirley King YouTube link:  Daughter of the Blues:
July 08, 2020
Joe Louis Walker - Native Americans, Spirits & Blues Music
Joe Louis Walker, four-time Blues Music Award winner and 2013 Blues Hall of Fame inductee and the 2016 Blues Foundation Contemporary Blues Male Artist of the Year award at the Blues Foundation Awards ceremony in Memphis. Blues Comin’ On is his latest album, as we talk music, spirits and life on The Mothership Radio Show. Link to Facebook page: Link to live Joe Louis Walker – T-Bone Shuffle -
July 08, 2020
Bellavolent - Orbs, UFO's and Sleep Paralysis-July 6th
Artist Bellavolent shares her amazing stories about seeing Orbs, UFO's and experiencing Sleep Paralysis and how she was able to protect herself from evil entities.
July 06, 2020
July 22nd - Bob Lazar Documentary - Preacher's Soulless Bodies
Comedian Bryan Ricci joins the show to talk about the Netflix Documentary: Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers We also get into a conversation about movies always depicting aliens as the bad guys.  One preacher is hellbent on saving the meat.
July 22, 2019
July 14th - Storming Area 51? Michael Jackson's Rock Doc and - Aleister Crowley's Cabin by Loch Ness
Do you really think it's a good idea to storm Area 51?  The Rock Doc, Dr Neil Ratner talks about his time as Michael Jackson anesthesiologist and working with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon 1973 tour. How many people believe Lizard People rule the planet? Aleister Crowley's Loch Ness cabin was bought and will become a day spa for health and well-being.
July 15, 2019
Crazy Abduction Story and Plan 9 from Outer Space
Talking with Bill Watson and Tom Loveman from Plan P Live in Hollywood, CA., about their production of Plan P from Outer Space, a puppet show/commentary play on the making of Plan 9 from Outer Space directed by Ed Wood.    Bill also shares stories of the strange and unusual from Colorado, like Norad and the Denver Airport Underground.  He also talks about something that happened while driving in Colorado with a friend.  Tom DeLong drops a teaser about the future One woman tells her story about abduction. 
July 08, 2019
Alien-Con 2019 Los Angeles Convention Center Travis Walton & Alejandro Rojas
June 21st - 23rd at the Los Angeles Convention Center with Alejandro Rojas from Open Minds TV online at Douglas Smythe from Phoenix Shaving Claudio Bergiman - Artist for Travis Walton and Judas Priest Travis Walton - Fire in the Sky - Alien Abductee Ryan Sprague from Somewhere in the Skies Podcast online at Robert Clotworthy - Narrator for Ancient Aliens
July 01, 2019
Dale Hendrickson Artist & Character Design for The Simpsons
Aside from being an interstellar artist, Dale is also a Character Designer for The Simpsons.   "The Mothership Radio Show," is heard in Phoenix, AZ every Sunday night at 9pm on 93.9FM KWSS The show has been on the air since Oct 2015. 
June 21, 2019
Witches and Aliens
This is the podcast version of, "The Mothership Radio Show," heard in Phoenix, AZ every Sunday night at 9pm on 93.9FM KWSS The show has been on the air since Oct 2015.  The Anchor Platform is a fresh start for the show, so join us for some strange and unusual stories on board The Mothership Radio Show.  The first podcast is with Witch, Rene Watt of
June 21, 2019