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The Mummer's Farce

The Mummer's Farce

By Dan Solberg
The Mummer's Farce is a podcast about the visual production of HBO's Game of Thrones. Join hosts Dan Solberg and Kate Berry as they break down each episode of Game of Thrones, sorted chronologically by director with specific focus on cinematography, production, and adaptation.
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Episode 00 - (Re)Introduction to The Mummer's Farce
Hello first-time listeners and long-time TMF fans! This is a brief introduction to the podcast and hosts Kate and Dan as they look back from atop 8 seasons' worth of Game of Thrones analysis. If you are new to The Mummer's Farce, this is a great place to start. If you've been listening week-to-week as we publish episodes, consider this an endcap on our extensive journey through ice and fire. Of course, The Mummer's Farce will return someday in some form, but until then, please enjoy the podcasts we've had so much fun making over the past 2 years. Thank you for listening!
June 07, 2019
Episode 49 - Season 8 Wrap Party & The Last Watch
Game of Thrones has ended, but what will the show's legacy be? Kate and Dan take one final lap around season 8, ranking the episodes, picking apart the most welcome and unwelcome surprises and reflecting on the documentary The Last Watch. All that plus a lot more talk about Young Griff than you were probably expecting, this week on The Mummer's Farce. Thank you for listening and sharing your time with us over these past 2 years!
May 31, 2019
Episode 48 - David Benioff & D.B. Weiss - GoT 806
This is it, folks, the final episode ever of Game of Thrones! Time to go out in style with the help of your friends at The Mummer's Farce. Does the show justify Dany's actions last episode? Do characters settle into tidy little conclusions? Will Drogon remain in the area?! Well, I'm not going to spoil it all in this description! Listen in to see what Kate and Dan think of just how bittersweet of an ending we got.
May 24, 2019
Episode 47 - Miguel Sapochnik - GoT 805
Game of Thrones barrels toward its conclusion, but not before burning half of King's Landing and seemingly quite a bit of audience goodwill. Kate and Dan take on the fiery downward spiral and the oh-so-controversial heel turn. But it's not all death-from-above and apocalypse. Arya and The Hound share a lovely moment before, hmm, ok bad example. Jaime finally reunites with Cersei and, um, er, OK, that one's kinda similar. Well, what if I told you Harry Strickland is there...for a minute. OK, it's mostly death-from-above and apocalypse, I guess.
May 17, 2019
Episode 46 - David Nutter - GoT 804
The final battle is over and also somehow the final battle is just beginning in the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Join Kate and Dan this week as they cut Dany some slack that no one else seems to be granting her, Bronn, of all people, makes some salient points about how the world works, and Jon contests whether Targs always gonna Targ. All that plus new evidence surfaces about Vary's secret merman identity, so don't miss it!
May 10, 2019
Episode 45 - Miguel Sapochnik - GoT 803
Feeling a bit tense after watching "The Long Night" episode of Game of Thrones? Take a moment (or 90 minutes) to unwind with Kate and Dan as they walk through the darkness and emerge with keen insights about the significance behind what just happened. Do Arya and Beric have some kind of Lady Stoneheart connection? What does this mean for Melisandre's premonitions about either Dany or Jon being Azor Ahai? Where exactly was Mr. Royce this whole time? All that and more in this blockbuster episode of The Mummer's Farce!
May 03, 2019
Episode 44 - David Nutter - GoT 802
Cozy up by the fire (or with your favorite blacksmith) one last time before it's too late as The Mummer's Farce checks in on our favorite characters as they prepare to face off against the White Walkers. Sansa and Dany have a fashion battle, Jaime reunites with almost everyone, and the show finally remembers how to write for Tyrion. That plus, y'know, all the feels.
April 26, 2019
Episode 43 - David Nutter - GoT 801
The final season of Game of Thrones is here at long last, and the premiere gives Kate and Dan plenty to talk about. Come along and listen as our hosts count Dany's smirks, guess how many other characters will get Meera Reeded, and wonder what Cersei was thinking with Euron (other than elephants). Let The Mummer's Farce be your flaming sword in the darkness, but pray we last longer than Beric probably will. 
April 19, 2019
Episode 42 - Season 8 Prediction Bingo
With teasers and a trailer (maybe the only one) for season 8 of Game of Thrones out in the wild, it's time for Kate and Dan to get back on the mics and play some bingo. No seriously, we made bingo boards with our predictions for season 8 and you should too. Come listen to speculation about whether the Night King will speak, if Bran will become a tree or a dragon, and how the truth about Kinvara's past will be revealed (spoiler: it won't). Check out our Twitter account to see images of our full bingo cards @mummersfarcepod!
March 15, 2019
Episode 41 - Spin-offs and Season 8 News Roundup
The Mummer's Farce returns for a hot minute (er 48) to talk about all the news that's been firmed up over the past 6 months around potential Game of Thrones spin-off shows and the final season of the main series. Join our intrepid mysterious socialites, Kate and Dan, as they sift through the most salient details and even read a few excerpts from *gasp* internet comment sections. We've still got some time to wait until Season 8 begins, so pull up a chair as we collectively wonder about fan demand for a return of Thoros of Myr and other hot button issues.
November 23, 2018
Episode 40 - Season 8 Facts, Rumors, & Speculations
It's the final pre-hiatus episode of The Mummer's Farce as Kate, Dan, and the rest of the world sit tight in anticipation of Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Here our hosts dig into final season gossip and lay out their predictions for the wars to come. The return of Daario? Cersei the ice queen? Kinvara joins with Young Griff to ride ice spiders against the zombie hordes? All are likely. There's also a look back at this very podcast and what the future of TMF could behold. Tune in for one of those bittersweet endings you've heard so much about!
April 20, 2018
Spring Break Special Part 3 - Best & Worst Travel Schedule/Companion of Seasons 4-6
Kate and Dan wrap-up Spring Break this week with planning some future travel plans. Where shall we go and who should we bring? Perhaps we should set sail with Davos or go off galavanting with Bronn. Flying first class with Dany would certainly have some perks. Or maybe we should all just take it easy and go on a cruise with Gilly. Wherever you choose, just don't let Stannis drive; dude will follow bad GPS directions right into a lake.
April 13, 2018
Spring Break Special Part 2 - Best & Worst Adaptations of Seasons 4-6
Spring Break continues on The Mummer's Farce as Kate and Dan detail the best and worst moments of adaptation from George R.R. Martin's source material across seasons 4-6 of Game of Thrones. And yes, much to everyone's surprise, there are moments where the showrunners have shifted the trajectory of certain storylines and added new original characters than genuinely benefit the plot. That said, don't expect Dorne to get off the hook so easily.
April 06, 2018
Spring Break Special Part 1 - Best Episodes of Seasons 4-6
Grab some margars and join The Mummer's Farce as the pod embarks upon Spring Break for the next 3 weeks in celebration another trio of Game of Thrones seasons on the books. For starters, Kate and Dan pick their favorite episodes from seasons 4-6. Will the winner be a big spectacle piece like Battle of the Bastards? Or perhaps a quieter, gorgeously staged Michele MacLaren episode? If it's not too much of a giveaway, I'm pretty sure neither host says the word "Dorne."
March 30, 2018
Episode 39 - Miguel Sapochnik - GoT 609, 610
Hachi machi is there a lot to talk about in the explosive conclusion to Game of Thrones season 6, where revenge is served like it's going out of style. Jon attends a very violent Woodstock festival, Daario gets dumped so he can he can run Meereen's special elections committee, and Cersei stays home from church. Elsewhere, Bran touches yet another tree, Arya bakes a pie, and pretty much every main character except for Brienne gets to do something. Maybe next year, Brienne!
March 23, 2018
Episode 38 - Mark Mylod - GoT 607, 608
It's time to get matters sorted before the big finish to season 6, so let's go back to Riverrun apparently. Hey, at least it gives Jaime something to do and you can't go wrong with more Blackfish. The Hound returns with a vengeance and Jon and Sansa hit the road to play some pretty rough sets. Arya's story in Braavos also very messily wraps up, and most surprisingly, Jaqen tells her, "Now you are truly Toeman;" whatever that means.
March 17, 2018
Episode 37 - Jack Bender - GoT 605, 606
Game of Thrones gets a shot in the arm in its sixth season with a Bran-heavy episode of all things, We're as surprised as you are. Elsewhere in this pair of mid-season excursions directed by series newcomer Jack Bender, Arya takes in a play, Yara and Theon attend the kingsmoot and get the king's boot, and Sansa has apparently been sewing like her life depends on it (maybe it does). Also we meet Kinvara, the very definitely important character in Meereen that will certainly have a wide-reaching impact on the saga of ice and fire. We are quite sure about this so keep your eyes and ears open for more Kinvara in the seasons to come.
March 09, 2018
Episode 36 - Daniel Sackheim - GoT 603, 604
The overall quality of season 6 tilts upward in this pair of episodes from GoT rookie Daniel Sackheim. Or perhaps the show has just resettled into a new normal. Either way, Our Heroes are reborn in these two episodes, signaling the start of the endgame. Arya gets a training montage, Bran's training is slow going, and Robin Arryn's training is halted when Littlefinger shows up with a cool bird. There's honestly too many character check-ins to rattle them off here, so listen in and grab those frequent flier miles*. *Frequent flier miles good for all Westerosi destinations except Dorne. Don't go to Dorne.
March 03, 2018
Episode 35 - Jeremy Podeswa - GoT 601, 602
Oh so season six is where Game of Thrones actually starts to go a bit sideways. I see now. To be fair, not every scene is a mess, but Jon Snow is dead. The Brienne and Sansa scenes are solid and there's the promise of a kingsmoot. Jon Snow is dead. on the other hand, Tyrion workshops his worst material in Dany's absence, Bran is back, and Dorne is done. Also Jon Snow is dead. No wait...
February 23, 2018
Episode 34 - David Nutter - GoT 509, 510
It's season 5 finale time and boy howdy is there a lot happening. It's rare in this show that so many key character arcs settle into satisfying conclusions at the end of a season that it's almost like the showrunners ran out of books to adapt... Anyway, Stannis will not be attending this year's father-daughter dinner and neither will Jaime for that matter. Elsewhere, Cersei takes a walk, Dany goes for a ride, and Jon takes a nap.
February 19, 2018
Episode 33 - Miguel Sapochnik - GoT 507, 508
Game of Thrones gifteth and Game of Thrones taketh away this week on The Mummer's Farce. The television show journeys further afield of adapted source material than ever before, and the result is a hodgepodge of wit and propulsion with gratuity and illogic. It's a big prison party as Cersei, Margaery, Loras, Bronn, The Sand Snakes, Jorah, and Tyrion all find themselves in chains or jail cells. Meanwhile Dany hates wheels, Jon's sword is magic, and Arya is having a blast at assassin camp.
February 09, 2018
Episode 32 - Jeremy Podeswa - GoT 505, 506
Kate and Dan wade into the Smoking Sea this episode, and things do get murky in the middle of season 5. Dany roasts a unwise master, things in Winterfell go from bad to worse, and the plot in Dorne unravels before our eyes. On the lighter side, Littlefinger has some new leather clad companions and Arya makes new friends at the House of Black and White. Well, ok maybe not "friends" exactly, but that thing about Littlefinger's guards is true.
February 02, 2018
Episode 31 - Mark Mylod - GoT 503, 504
We are still meeting new characters and arriving at new locations in the 3rd and 4th episodes of season 5 on Game of Thrones. Turns out adapting two giant books into one season of TV means you have to pile it on and press it down. This week it's the Sand Snakes as Jaime and Bronn have a goofy fight on the beach, and Cersei wades through dank alleys to locate the High Sparrow. At the Wall, Jon says "no" to any funny business and in Meereen, Barristan and Grey Worm well look at the time. To be continued, I guess!
January 26, 2018
Episode 30 - Michael Slovis - GoT 501, 502
Kate and Dan venture into stormier production waters in the 5th season of Game of Thrones. Luckily, the show still provides a ton to talk about (this is one of our longest episodes yet). There's a lot of table setting as pieces fall into place to make way for new plots and character arcs to emerge. Dany hires a demolition crew, Tyrion is unboxed and reboxed again, and Lancel has been doing whatever exercises make your neck look like that.
January 19, 2018
Episode 29 - Neil Marshall, Alex Graves - GoT 409, 410
It's Season 4 finale time this week on The Mummer's Farce and parents just don't understand. Neil Marshall returns to direct another self-contained action block, but can it stack up next to "Blackwater," Kate and Dan's favorite episode from the first 3 seasons? You'll have to listen and find out! Then in episode 410 there's the mixed bag of crying dragons, a slugfest in the mountains, elven hand grenades, and much more.
January 12, 2018
Episode 28 - Alik Sakharov, Alex Graves - GoT 407, 408
The Mummer's Farce returns from holiday refreshed and ready for 2018! It's time to start the new year with a pair of rollicking episodes full of character trials from season 4 of Game of Thrones. Kate and Dan discuss Sansa's brief turn to the dark side, Dany's role reversals, and unlikely sympathies for (am I reading this right?) Ramsay Snow.
January 05, 2018
Holiday Special Part 3 - Best Couples of Seasons 1-3
For the final podcast episode of 2017, Kate and Dan wrap up the holiday specials by chatting about their favorite couples from the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones, and speculate about some fantasy relationships in the time beyond. Obviously Jaime x Brienne and Jon x Ygritte are in here, but many more that you'll just have to listen to find out for yourself. Maybe we'll even find someone for Stannis, bless his (burning) heart.
December 29, 2017
Holiday Special Part 2 - Memorable Deaths of Seasons 1-3
It wouldn't be the holidays without a grim reminder of our own mortality, so for the second holiday special mini-episode Kate and Dan chat about the most memorable deaths from the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones. The obvious ones like Ned Stark and the Red Wedding are on the docket, but so are plenty of smaller yet still noteworthy passings. And how bout that time Stannis cut the top of that guy's head off? Pretty crazy!
December 22, 2017
Holiday Special Part 1 - Best Episodes of Seasons 1-3
Happy Holidays from The Mummer's Farce! We're wrapping up 2017 with a trio of special shorter episodes that look back at the first 3 season's of Game of Thrones. Up first, Kate and Dan talk about their favorite episodes and directors. Who will take home the top prize? Could it be the Red Wedding episode? Maybe. What about the battle of Blackwater Bay? Quite possible. Perhaps the three episodes Brian Kirk directed in the first season? Spoilers: no.
December 15, 2017
Episode 27 - Michelle MacLaren, Alik Sakharov - GoT 405, 406
Characters subject themselves to due process in this pair of mid-season Game of Thrones episodes. Tyrion stands trial while Stannis is denied a loan. Dany decides to rule Meereen and Yara decides she is very afraid of dogs. Toeman is crowned as king and everyone claps and it is not supposed to be weird.
December 08, 2017
Episode 26 - Alex Graves, Michelle MacLaren - GoT 403, 404
Kate and Dan celebrate 6 months of The Mummer's Farce this week (thanks for listening!). This time they take on some of the show's most controversial scenes and production blunders. But there's plenty of good stuff here too from Dany's magically amplified swagger to White Walker rituals to the appearance of the one true king of Westeros: Ser Pounce.
December 01, 2017
Episode 25 - D.B. Weiss, Alex Graves - GoT 401, 402
It's season 4 premiere time in Game of Thrones land and we have yet another wedding to attend. Join Kate and Dan for another round of analysis as the Lannisters don't answer questions, the Hound requests some chickens, and Oberyn makes an entrance. And even though we might already know the answer to the big whodunit, there's still plenty of Bran scenes to discuss at length. I'm just kidding, Bran touches a tree.
November 24, 2017
Episode 24 - David Nutter - GoT 309, 310
It's the iconic crimson-soaked finale of Season 3 of Game of Thrones with betrayals aplenty. Listen, there's a lot of interesting stuff going on here, but there is a scene when Jaime returns to King's Landing and Cersei is cradling a seashell. What's up with that? Anyway, Sam's a wizard and Joffrey's looking a little drowsy.
November 17, 2017
Episode 23 - Michelle MacLaren - GoT 307, 308
The pieces are moving into place heading toward the season 3 finale with a couple episodes helmed by Michelle MacLaren. Kate and Dan talk about both the bear AND the maiden fair, as well as Daario preferences, bathtub agency, and how not to behave at a wedding reception.
November 10, 2017
Episode 22 - Alex Graves, Alik Sakharov - GoT 305, 306
Some high highs and low lows, geographically speaking, this week in Game of Thrones as Kate and Dan find themselves hiding out in a bunch of caves, but also climbing to the top of The Wall. Elsewhere Stannis grinds his teeth, Robb gets soaked, and all of your favorite couples take baths. All that plus the return of the perma-soggy Freys and Melissandre employing her Gen-dar to somehow locate the Brotherhood's secret hideout.
November 03, 2017
Episode 21 - David Benioff, Alex Graves - GoT 303, 304
The Game of Thrones players do some comedy work amidst all the punishment and shaming in the first directorial outing from one half of the WB showrunning pair, along with new face, Alex Graves. Join Kate and Dan as they talk about awkward silences, medieval Dropkick Murphys covers, Dany's Michael Bay moment, and just how low Stannis' fires are burning these days.
October 27, 2017
Episode 20 - Daniel Minahan - GoT 301, 302
Kate and Dan dive into Season 3 of Game of Thrones with a pair of strong episodes that set a high bar for the season to come. Jon and Dany begin their hero's quests, Margaery flatters Joffrey's crossbow, and just about everyone else is literally lost in the woods. Also a lot of talk about the Boltons, which is almost certainly on purpose. Production note: The Mummer's Farce has a new recording setup! While everything may not be totally fine-tuned yet, hopefully the difference in general audio quality should be apparent. Plus there's outro music now too!
October 20, 2017
Episode 19 - Neil Marshall, Alan Taylor - GoT 209, 210
The season 2 finale episodes are real wildfire-induced barnburners, and Kate and Dan are here to sort through the altercations and the aftermath. Cersei gets sloshed, the Hound turns tail, the Qarth storyline ends, and there's actually a moment where you may, as hard as it is to believe, have a shred of sympathy for Lancel. But whatever, there's finally a battle scene that the show could afford to film.
October 13, 2017
Episode 18 - David Nutter, Alan Taylor - GoT 207, 208
It's another couple episodes of globe-trotting plot development and great character pairings this time around. Jaime x Brienne, Jon x Ygritte, Robb x Talisa, Jorah x Dany (just kidding!). Kate and Dan follow all the place setting in the lead-up to the big battle still to come.
October 06, 2017
Episode 17 - David Petrarca, David Nutter - GoT 205, 206
It's time to visit every set Westeros has to offer in this next pair of Game of Thrones episodes from season 2. Kate and Dan trot the globe, zigzagging between murderous shadow babies and floppy snow chases. Sandor comes to the rescue and Theo- wait, what the hell is Dany wearing?!
September 29, 2017
Episode 16 - Alik Sakharov, David Petrarca - GoT 203, 204
Kate and Dan continue through the first half of season 2 of Game of Thrones and the wheels are slowly beginning to turn on this arc of the story. We spend a long while in Renly's Medieval Times showcase, which may seem like a folly, but at least it's not the abject misery and explicit torture happening everywhere else. We do learn that Robb is turned on by a woman who knows how to saw off a leg though.
September 22, 2017
Episode 15 - Alan Taylor - GoT 201, 202
Kate and Dan pull back to season 2 of GoT, and take note of how many things have changed and how much has stayed the same. Alan Taylor is once again at the helm for both episodes and we have the introduction of Stannis and friends on the beaches of Dragonstone. We talk power dynamics, showmanship, and Dany's Mad Max ensemble. Note: The first two thirds of this episode we had a mic malfunction, so Kate's audio is recorded via a backup. The audio switches to 2 proper mics about 40 minutes in.
September 15, 2017
Episode 14 - GoT Season 7 Wrap Party
With season 7 of Game of Thrones in the bag, it's time for Kate and Dan to look back at the journey that was and dish out some awards. Who will win director of the year? Best costume? Best scene with a dragon? Most contrived plot arc? Best reaction to Bran Stark being a weirdo? Tune in to find out these and more!
September 08, 2017
Episode 13 - Jeremy Podeswa - GoT 707
It's season finale time! Kate and Dan break down the final episode of season 7 of GoT, which is also the longest ever. The end result is pretty mixed, which is lucky for this podcast because it provides plenty to talk about. Jon sells his wares, Theon takes one for the team, and Littlefinger, well, he's uh, taking a "nap."
September 01, 2017
Episode 12 - Alan Taylor - GoT 706
There's a cold chill in the air as Game of Thrones spends almost an entire episode north of The Wall, and Kate and Dan are here to help you brave the cold and the bonkers zombie snatching plans therein. Listen in for talk about some amazing production values and some pretty spotty writing that intertwine to form a grandiose, if uneven, episode of Fantasy Friends. NOTE: We had a little mic trouble, so things are more echo-y than usual and the levels are the best that could be done under the circumstances. Will be fixed for next time though!
August 26, 2017
Episode 11 - Matt Shakman - GoT 705
Things get more complicated in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and Kate and Dan are here to help put the puzzle together. Whether it's unread dissertations, Varys' sourface, or zombie kidnapping plots, we'll figure it out somehow. Probably with well-cited textual analysis.
August 18, 2017
Episode 10 - Matt Shakman - GoT 704
Kate and Dan do a deep dive on the production of the fiery battle scene that pitted Jaime against Dany and Bronn against a dragon. Elsewhere in the episode the hosts discuss Jon's Freudian obsession with caves, bad cave art, and unconvincing cave romance. Also there are other characters not in caves.
August 11, 2017
Episode 9 - Mark Mylod - GoT 703
Game of Thrones season 7 hits its stride with episode 3, and Kate and Dan are here to take back all the mean things they said about director Mark "M'lord" Mylod last time. Listen in for talk about Sansa's possible chain wallet, how Sam earned 50 points for Gryffindor, and how Grey Worm broke into the Bellagio, er, Casterly Rock, plus much more!
August 04, 2017
Episode 8 - Mark Mylod - GoT 702
Kate and Dan check out GoT season 7 episode 2, directed by Mike "M'lord" Mylod, in what feels a bit like a sequel to the premiere. Listen in as the speculation runs wild. Has Davos forgotten what dragonglass is? Will Theon find Gendry on the open water? Will Littlefinger DO SOMETHING? All of your questions will be answered within. Note: We're still on our temporary audio setup for this one, and next week will be all better.
July 28, 2017
Episode 7 - Jeremy Podeswa - GoT 701
Finally the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones is here, and Kate and Dan run through the fashion, performances, and cinematography that makes the episode come together. Tune in to hear about surprisingly red Arbor gold, rock 'n roll pirates, and Dany's double helix hair. Note: this episode was recorded over Skype, so the audio quality may be a little different than usual.
July 27, 2017
Episode 6 - GoT Season 7 Teasers, Trailers, and Expectations
In anticipation of the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, Kate and Dan talk about the promotional materials that HBO has released in the lead-up, while also indulging in a bit of prediction talk about who should live, who should die, and whether Dany will actually become a villain.
July 14, 2017
Episode 5 - Alan Taylor - GoT 109, 110
Kate and Dan analyze the climactic finale of the first season of Game of Thrones with two episodes directed by Alan Taylor. Bucking the trends of conventional TV plot arcs, this pair of episodes might as well have been a 2 hour film with all of its rising action and sweeping resolutions. Hear our hosts discuss Jorah's mysterious peacock scabbard, some prophetic Lady Stoneheart moments, and the perpetual dampness of Frey fashion.
July 07, 2017
Episode 4 - Daniel Minahan - GoT 107, 108
Kate and Dan take on another pair of episodes from director Daniel Minahan as the plot quickens and the action heats up. Of particular note is Dany's continued fashion evolution into a dragon, Drogo going all Mortal Kombat, and Ned's continuous delirium, even in the face of Varys' Gene Parmesan moment.
June 30, 2017
Episode 3 - Brian Kirk, Daniel Minahan - GoT 105, 106
Kate and Dan check out episodes from contrasting directors in Brian Kirk and Daniel Minahan as the plot moves from palace intrigue and foreshadowing to mounting tensions and betrayals. They discuss Vale fashion, the literal sunsetting of the peaceful realm, and whether Littlefinger's goading is supposed to irritate viewers as much as it does Ned.
June 23, 2017
Episode 2 - Brian Kirk - GoT 103, 104
Kate and Dan return for a second round of Thrones production talk, this time taking on a pair of soap-y episodes directed by Brian Kirk. They discuss Catelyn's most bone-headed moves, Daenerys' music video fashion sense, how much Viserys looks and behaves like a velociraptor, and much more.
June 16, 2017
Episode 1 - Tim Van Patten - GoT 101, 102
For their debut episode of The Mummer's Farce, Kate and Dan start at the beginning, talking about the first two episodes of Game of Thrones, directed by HBO regular Tim Van Patten. They go over the moments from the show that stood out the most to them in terms of cinematography, symbolism, and at one point compare Joffrey to a Tiger Beat cover model. They also discuss the original botched pilot episode and how much the final product changed from that initial draft. 
June 09, 2017
Episode 0 - What is The Mummer's Farce?
This episode is a primer to The Mummer's Farce. Meet Kate and Dan and hear them describe their plans for the show going forward.
June 08, 2017