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The Next Stage

The Next Stage

For young people, by young people. The Next Stage is The Naked Student reborn, discussing the big questions that face us all during our formative years. We hope to inspire curiosity into the topics we cover and help those facing times of adversity. Make sure to check out the TNS blog where we write small articles leading on from episodes, also featuring work from guests on the show: Any enquiries or general feedback can be sent to We hope you find our podcast insightful!
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Episode 78: Empowered Through Diversity... with Suki Sandhu OBE
Welcome to the first episode of a revamped TNS. No longer The Naked Student, this is The Next Stage.  My first guest is Suki Sandhu - an absolute honour to have on the pod.  Our convo starts at 4:00 and we talk about all manner of things: growing up in a religious family, coming out as gay, establishing your own business and much more. A wonderful chat to be a part of! Find the all new insta page: @thenextstagepod. 
May 17, 2021
Episode 77: Banding Together... with Xavi Bull
Welcome to the second episode of series 5. Today, I'm joined by Xavi Bull, who co-founded the charity Band Together. We chat about mental health, the challenges of covid for charities and some helpful tips moving forward. A great chat to be a part of. Find us on insta: thenakedstudent_ and remember to leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts!
March 25, 2021
Episode 76: Elite Sport, Studies and Beers? with Maria Tsaptsinos
Welcome to the first episode of Series 5! We return to a more normal form of TNS, where I'm joined by a guest for longer conversations that can be fun, insightful and often poignant.  For this first episode, I'm joined by the wonderful Maria to discuss how she balanced elite level sport, studies and her social life. A cracking convo to be a part of... enjoy! You can find us on Insta: thenakedstudent_ 
March 07, 2021
S4 E6: Connection...
Welcome to the final episode of this series on mental health, bitzesized as usual. We have a look at connection and what that can do for our lives.  If you've enjoyed this series then remember to subscribe/follow on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Also, leaving a nice rating can help us grow in the charts and would be greatly appreciated. TNS will be back with series 5 later this week. 
March 01, 2021
S4 E5: Reframing Pain...
Episode 5 in our series tackling mental health. It's only 8 minutes long, so it doesn't take much time out of your day, but hopefully it provides some solace. In this one, Luke examines pain and how it can be the catalyst for positive change.  Find us on Instagram: @thenakedstudent_ and hit up our blog: Also, if you enjoy listening to TNS, then it would be greatly appreciated if you could head over to Apple Podcasts and leave us a nice little review as well!
February 05, 2021
S4 E4: Toxic Positivity...
Welcome to episode 4 of our series on mental health. In this episode, Luke examines the concept of toxic positivity or, in other words, not allowing ourselves to feel negative emotions. This one is only 10 minutes long, as all episodes will be in this series. Hopefully it gets you thinking... You can find us on Insta: @thenakedstudent_ and our blog: 
January 22, 2021
S4 E3: New Year, New Me: Why Habits Are Important For Our Mental Health
Welcome to episode 3 of our series on mental health. A shorter episode again to make it nice and easy to find time in the day. Apologies for the slight delay in getting this one out, just had SO much uni work going on (as I'm sure many of you will as well). Hope the episode gets you thinking as per. You can find us on Insta: @thenakedstudent. Our blog:
January 04, 2021
S4 E2: Authentic Happiness...
The second episode of our series examining mental health and hardship. Only 10-minutes long - I hope it helps you think and reflect. You can find us on Insta: thenakedstudent_ & our blog:
December 28, 2020
S4 E1: The Other Side of Christmas...
Welcome to episode 1 of series 4! This series will consist of short, 10 minute episodes, so that you don't have to take much time out of your day during this Christmas period. I want to tackle the incredibly important topic of mental health and I hope this first episode helps you to remember that you are never alone. Always reach out.  Over the coming episodes, I'll be discussing topics such as authentic happiness, toxic positivity, habits, reframing pain and much more. Christmas can be a very hard time for people. So let's be there for each other whenever we can. You can find us on Insta: @thenakedstudent. Check out our blog:
December 23, 2020
Episode 69: Celebrity, Charity, Instagram and more... with Eliza Batten
Today, I'm joined by Eliza over Zoom for a wonderful conversation. We begin (2:23) by discussing MiC and being a celebrity at university. We then move on to discuss Instagram and Eliza's charity work via the platform. We round off by talking about her plans for the future. Eliza was a wonderful guest - enjoy the episode! Catch us on Instagram: thenakedstudent_.
November 19, 2020
Episode 68: Is There A Student Mental Health Crisis? with Izzy Bros
After a brief 2 week hiatus, TNS is back! For this episode, I am joined by Izzy to examine the current mental health crisis in the UK. Uni students are having to deal with a lot right now, so hopefully this episode provides some solace. For the last 20 minutes or so, we also discuss body image and the societal pressures on both men and women to conform to a certain stereotype. Lastly, we talk about the importance of having solid relationships in your life. A useful conversation if you're stressing about life.  You can catch us on Insta: @thenakedstudent_ & Twitter: @TNS_Podcasts.
October 09, 2020
Episode 67: Coming Out as Gay: Rejection, Religion & Representation...Have Times Really Changed? with Alex Grant
For this one I am joined by Alex for an honest discussion about homosexuality and his recent experiences of 'coming out' to his family and friends. We also delve into religion, representation and identity. A really important episode and not one to be missed.  You can find us on Instagram: @thenakedstudent_.
September 21, 2020
Episode 66: Focus On What Matters... with Freya Haworth
Today, Freya joins me for a very honest and important conversation. We tackle the issue of body dysmorphia, which is something we all struggle with at times. Freya is an established model and she discusses the challenges presented by the modelling world and how she has built resilience to other people's comments. We also examine the impact of social media and finding what you love.  I hope this episode helps you to think with more clarity and realise that looks are not everything, what matters is who you are. Find us on insta: @thenakedstudent. 
September 12, 2020
Episode 65: The Naked Student meets The Starving Student...
For this episode, I am joined by the wonderful Lauren Leyva to chat all things food related (from 2:37). We discuss how Lauren built up her brand, how she got into cooking, some of her favourite recipes, the benefits of eating healthily and how we can reduce our food wastage. Such an enjoyable conversation to be a part of and I'm sure you will be inspired to cook something magical after listening.  Check out Lauren on Instagram: @the.starving.student & her website: The link for the student manual mentioned in our chat is below & Lauren has very kindly provided a bank holiday discount for a few days which is 15% off everything in her store (code FOOD15): You can catch TNS on Instagram: thenakedstudent_ & our blog: 
August 31, 2020
Episode 64: Class of 2020...
Today I am joined by Osaro and Claire from the Class of 2020 project. We talk about the current climate and the issues that graduates face. This is a very useful conversation for recent uni grads and generally anyone who is panicking/stressing. Be sure to check out their fantastic website: You can find TNS on Instagram: @thenakedstudent_  & the Class of 2020: @classof2020hq.
August 21, 2020
Episode 63: From Eritrea to the UK... with Fithawi Tiumzgi
Today I am joined by Fithawi over Zoom to discuss his unique and inspiring journey to university. A really fantastic conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of.  Find us on Insta: thenakedstudent_, on Twitter: @TNS_Podcasts & give our Facebook page a like to stay updated with all things TNS.
August 16, 2020
Episode 62: Finding Positivity In The Face Of Adversity... with Catherine Cracknell
For this episode, I am joined by Catherine over Zoom. In the first part of our chat, we talk about Catherine's decision to drastically change her career path, returning to university to pursue her ambitions. We then move on to discuss the hardships she has had to overcome. Whilst back at uni, she contracted cancer, sepsis and suffered from a collapsed lung. Despite this, Catherine graduated in 2015.  A really inspiring conversation, that illuminates how a positive mindset can help us overcome anything in our way. Find us on Insta: thenakedstudent_
August 06, 2020
Episode 61: Setting Up Your Own Business After Uni... an interview with HYBR
Today, I am joined by Hannah from Bristol via Zoom. Hannah established her own company (HYBR) after graduating university, tackling issues within the student housing sector. We start (3:45) by discussing the reasons why she set-up HYBR, the process of launching your own company and the apprehensions Hannah held. Later on, we chat about working through this perplexing period and her hopes for the future of HYBR. A riveting conversation and very useful if you're thinking of setting up your own business.  Make sure you catch our series on racism if you haven't yet!   You can find us on Insta: thenakedstudent_
August 01, 2020
S2 E6: Why are we hostile to immigrants?
This is the final episode of our series on racism. Today, I analyse the hostility towards immigrants, particularly in the UK, with reference to Brexit, nationalism and classism. I will be tweeting out the reports that contained many of the figures I used in this episode, so keep your eyes out for that if it's something you would like to read more about - @TNS_Podcasts. All feedback is welcome! I hope this series has provided a starting point for you to go and do further research/reading into issues surrounding race.  Make sure you check out our blog: You can also find us on Instagram: thenakedstudent_ and Facebook. 
July 16, 2020
Manjit Wolstenholme...
From the heart. I hope this episode inspires you. Find us on Insta: thenakedstudent_ and Facebook: The Naked Student. 
July 04, 2020
S2 E4: Land of the Free? Trump & the USA...
For Episode 4, our attention turns across the pond to the USA. We have a look at the concept of freedom, touching on the ideas of John Locke, and some examples of Trump attacking minorities. We finish off by looking at the peaceful protests that have occurred all over the US and the  backlash they have received from the President. Make sure you catch the other 3 episodes in our series and hit up our blog: Insta: @thenakedstudent_ & Twitter: @TNS_Podcasts. 
June 23, 2020
S2 E3: Racism in the UK Media...
In episode 3 of this series, I delve into how embedded racism is in the UK media. I go beyond the overtly racist headlines of some newspapers, instead looking at subtle instances of racism that have sinister undertones. In line with the rest of the series, this episode is shorter, so that the content is easily digestible.  I hope you find this episode insightful. All feedback is most welcome. Make sure to check out our new blog: You can also find us on Instagram: thenakedstudent_ & Twitter: @TNS_PODCASTS.  
June 19, 2020
S2 E2: Churchill... False Idol?
I pushed this episode forward in our series on racism, as Churchill is a major discussion point at this moment in time. The question I want us to ponder is whether we should judge historical figures by the morals of the present day.  I hope you find this episode engaging and it helps you gain a new perspective. All feedback is welcome. Sidenote: if you can hear any sips from a cup, I was drinking coffee as it was an early start for recording!  Find us on insta: thenakedstudent_ & Twitter: @TNS_Podcasts 
June 12, 2020
S2 E1: White Privilege...
Welcome to the first episode of our series on racism. Today, I analyse the term 'white privilege' - what it is and what it is not. I hope you find it insightful & it inspires your own research. I would love to know listeners' thoughts on all of the topics covered, so feedback is encouraged! Tune back in mid-week for episode 2. Find us on insta: thenakedstudent_ & twitter: @TNS_Podcasts 
June 07, 2020
Series 2 (Trailer): Let's Talk About Racism...
Welcome to series 2 of TNS. In this series, I want to analyse and educate listeners on racism and its manifestations in easily accessible episodes. We will focus on a number of issues, such as slavery, white privilege, the current state of the US and the UK, the pillaging and subsequent partition of India and many more.  I want people to listen, learn and do their own research into these topics. Together, we can tackle this issue, and the world will be better for it. Series 2 starts this Sunday. Follow us on insta @ thenakedstudent_
June 04, 2020
Episode 54: Fighting Sexual Harassment... with Alexis Phillips
Today I am joined by Alexis to discuss a prevalent issue in society: sexual harassment. Alexis is a committee member of the Not Cool Club, a student-led society at UCL aiming to tackle the issues surrounding sexual harassment both on campus and in wider society. We explore common misconceptions about sexual harassment, how to call out inappropriate behaviour and systematic problems of sexual harassment in the workplace. This is an issue we all need to care about and hopefully this conversation inspires your own research into the topic.
May 14, 2020
Episode 53: Live life so that when death comes, it can take nothing away... a conversation with Sam Fitzsimmons
Today I bring you a special episode, one which I want all listeners to truly absorb. I am joined by my dear friend Sam, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer in the past few months. We discuss what gives life meaning, how we all need to embrace our feelings and the importance of talking about our issues. We also highlight how practicing gratitude can alter our perspective and, in turn, our everyday lives. We hope this episode has a profound impact on you and it helps you think about your own life.  Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_ and email at 
April 28, 2020
Episode 52: The World of Online Dating... with Frankie Adkins
Over the past decade or so, the internet and smartphones have transformed how we meet potential romantic partners, leading to a broad debate about the impact of online dating on society. Frankie joins from London via FaceTime for an exploration of this phenomenon. We start off by discussing the questionable chat that many people have on these apps, as well as its increased use in isolation. After Pointless Facts (16:31), we delve into the more negative aspects, such as racial stereotyping and sexual harassment. We hope you find it engaging! Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_.
April 24, 2020
Episode 51: The Fabric of Friendship... with Tom Foley
Friends, amigos, hombres... whatever you call them, we all have them, and they continue to shape our lives. Tom joins me today to discuss what friendship means in the modern age, and in the context of lockdown. A really important episode and one we hope you enjoy listening to! Stick till the end to here some really touching words of wisdom from Tom.  Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_ 
April 09, 2020
Episode 50: Life after COVID-19... with Raife Copp-Barton
A landmark episode for TNS, the half-century! It's been quite a journey so far and we hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have. Today brings one of the most in-depth discussions we've had so far. Raife joins Luke over FaceTime to discuss what life could look like after this pandemic, and lockdown, subsides. In the first half, we look at the  negative connotations in the short and long-term, delving into issues surrounding surveillance, a police state and, of course, the economy. In the second half, we look at the positives this lockdown period could have, such as flexible working, greener living and the potential to bring us all together for the greater good. We hope you find this engaging! All feedback is welcome - you can email us: or find us on insta: thenakedstudent_ 
April 02, 2020
Episode 49: Popular Psychology & the Self-Help Revolution... with Eimear McCosker
Today, Eimear joins me on FaceTime from her barn for the first episode of the lockdown period. For many of us, self-isolation brings feelings of uncertainty to the surface, and I imagine people will turn to a self-help book at some stage. So, we want to demystify this phenomenon, delving into the positive and negative connotations of the self-help movement. A compelling chat awaits! Books mentioned: Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell; The Consolations of Philosophy - Alain de Botton; Feel Better in 5 - Dr Rangan Chatterjee; Waking Up - Sam Harris  Podcast: How to Fail - hosted by Elizabeth Day (and of course your weekly dose of TNS). 
March 28, 2020
Episode 48: How to worry about Coronavirus...
After a brief hiatus, TNS are back! In Episode 48, Luke is joined by Eddie as co-host, as they tackle the issue that is dominating both the news and society at large... coronavirus. We discuss everything from Spanish Flu to Malcolm Gladwell, and we really want listeners to understand the seriousness of current events. We all need to be selfless at this time. 
March 15, 2020
Episode 47: Eating Disorders & Self-Esteem... with Sasha Gill
Today, TNS tackle an important topic that has received wider recognition in recent years. Sasha joins me to openly discuss her personal experience with an eating disorder. We delve into her headspace at the time and the internal pressure she had to face. We also touch upon the importance of friendship and parents in helping one to change their outlook. After some Pointless Facts, we look at body dysmorphia and how that affects so many people, male and female. A recurring theme in our chat surrounds social media and the harmful ideals that it often promotes, particularly of superficial perfectionism. I hope you found this chat engaging and honest. Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_ and on Twitter @TNS_Podcasts
February 13, 2020
Episode 46: Inner Determination & the Future of Work... with Tom Lees
A really riveting episode today! Luke is joined by Tom to discuss all manner of things. In the first half, the focus is primarily on determination and work ethic, which Tom has in abundance. As a part of this, we discuss our shared experience attending to an academic, all-boys school, and the challenges it presented. We also touch on issues surrounding ego and arrogance, and how they can prevent us from growing as human beings. Finally, we openly discuss how we dealt with our respective failures. After some outstanding Pointless Facts (approximately 40:00-44.00), we move our attention on to the workplace. Tom, who works for Deloitte, talks about dealing with imposter syndrome when entering the world of work. In the final half an hour,  we examine the recent changes in work culture and the developments in the working landscape that we may witness in the coming decades. We firmly believe that a more flexible, target-based approach should be adopted. A thoroughly enjoyable and insightful chat. Enjoy! Follow us on insta at thenakedstudent_
February 02, 2020
Episode 45: Drug policy reform... is it on the horizon? with Lola Brittain
After a 2 week break, TNS are back with a hugely important episode! Luke is joined by Lola, who is the Yorkshire Ambassador for the Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform. In the first half, we discuss Labour's policy on this subject and the shifting political perspectives in the current climate. We then examine the clear evidence that the War on Drugs has failed, demonstrated most prominently through county lines. We also touch on the Portuguese model, which offers an example of a successful shift in drug reform policy. After some enthralling Pointless Facts, we delve into the debate on cannabis and whether it should be legalised. This is a very complex issue, but the need for government intervention is ever-growing.  The UK needs to take a public health approach to drug abuse, rather than it being a criminal justice matter. How long before real, practical change occurs?  Follow the Labour campaign on Twitter: @LabourDrugRef to see all the great initiatives they undertake and see how you can get involved. We hope you enjoyed listening!  Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_ 
January 24, 2020
Episode 44: Job Hunting & the Radio Revolution... with Liv Swift 🔊
Hello dear listeners! Welcome to the second episode of 2020. Today, Liv joins Luke on the pod again, after being a guest for Episode 11 - over 3 months ago! In the first half, we talk about her journey over the past few months, which is incredibly insightful . Liv was rejected numerous times by all manner of organisations, but she remained proactive and managed to land an unpaid internship at a radio station in Manchester. She reveals how she has found the world of work and the creative industry itself, working in radio production. After some interactive Pointless Facts, we delve into the reasons behind the rise of audio in the past 10 years. Podcasts are growing year-by-year; however, radio has remained incredibly resilient, even though many believed it would fall off.  This was such an enjoyable conversation and Liv was a fantastic guest.  Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_. 
January 11, 2020
Episode 43: Grief... with Tom O'Mahony
Today, Tom joins Luke on the pod for the first episode 0f 2020. This is a big episode - one we've been wanting to bring you for some time. We cover the taboo topic of grief, which both of us have experienced growing up. We each reveal our respective tales of loss, something that we usually bury quite deep inside, and how it has affected us. We also delve into what we've learnt along the journey and how subjective the whole process is.  This was challenging for both of us and we wanted to keep it raw. We hope you find it thought-provoking and insightful, and that it helps those going through difficult times.  We would love your feedback on this episode. Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_.
January 03, 2020
Episode 42: Dropping out of Uni... An Interview with Eddie Parry
Our final episode before Christmas! Today, Eddie joins Luke on the pod to discuss why he decided to drop out of uni at the end of first year. This is a conversation we've been wanting to have for a while, as it's imperative that people realise you do not have to stay at uni if you're not enjoying it. Eddie stuck out the whole of first year, applied to jobs whilst studying for exams and, upon receiving a job offer, decided go into the world of work instead. There are so many paths one can take and, as with most of our chats, we want to get listeners thinking about what they want to do.  Due to the popularity of our TNS quiz 2 weeks ago, we decided we would do another (smaller) quiz in the second half of today's episode, which makes for some easy listening over the Christmas period. Hopefully you beat Luke's feeble attempts!  Merry Christmas to all our listeners! We will be back soon and we have some very exciting plans. Catch us on insta at thenakedstudent_ 
December 24, 2019
Episode 41: Working in London & the Super Yacht life... An Interview with Mike Burns ⚓️
Today, we are joined by Mike on TNS! In the first half, we discuss his journey from school to his job now. Mike did not sit his AS levels due to injuring himself by falling off a ledge, something he now views as a defining moment. Mike talks candidly about his decision to join Deloitte and his emotions after being asked to leave. Rather than dwell on this, Mike threw himself back out there, and has been working at the same company in London for the past 3 years. After Pointless Facts, we delve into what it's like living in London as a young person - a topic that lots of our listeners have asked us to cover again! From 50 minutes onwards, Mike shares some entertaining tales from his time on super yachts around the world! This was a real corker of an episode. Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_ 
December 20, 2019
Episode 40: Uni life & making your Christmas sustainable... with Emily Muir (Part 2)
Welcome to our second interview of the Christmas period - Episode 40! Today we welcome back Emily to the podcast. Emily joined us for episode 34 to discuss the human impact on the environment (make sure to give it a listen if you haven't already) - something we build upon in today's episode. However, before we delve into that, we first explore Emily's path from school to uni and beyond. She tells us why she cares so passionately about the environment and making a difference, and how this came primarily from developing a real sense of empathy whilst at university. After our Pointless Facts, we then hone in on how we can all make our Christmas' more sustainable in little ways, so as to not spoil any of the fun. We raise issues such as pouring fat down the drain, food waste, wrapping paper & even the issue with Christmas trees. Christmas is a time of excess and thus, if we all made one small eco-friendly change each, it could make a real difference. Stay to the end to hear some cool initiatives taking place around the world that are tackling environmental issues!  We absolutely loved this episode and we hope you do as well. Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_ & twitter at TNS_Podcasts. 
December 17, 2019
Episode 39: Desert Island Discs with Richard Parker...
Hello dear listeners! This is the first episode in our festive extravaganza that we have coming up before Christmas. Today, we are joined by our dear friend Richard to do an episode in the fashion of the wildly popular Desert Island Discs, as clamoured for by some of our fans. We have altered it slightly, so we each choose 5 songs each, a book & and a celebrity/book character we'd take with us to the mystical island. Before we delve into that however, we do analyse the shock results from the election yesterday, as it's a topic that weighs on all our minds.  Rather than list 15 songs on here, we have made a playlist on Spotify with all the songs mentioned - TNS playlist. We would love listeners to add songs that our personal to them... so get in contact with us if you want a song to be added!  We hope this episode brings you much joy (with our array of chat) - we certainly loved doing it! Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_ & Twitter at TNS_Podcasts. 
December 13, 2019
Episode 38: The TNS Quiz
We wanted to bring you a light-hearted episode, following on from the slightly heavier one we did on politics. Thus, we have devised a wonderful quiz! Grab a pen and paper and join us in this 36 question extravaganza. There are 6 rounds that include: general knowledge, history, geography, sport, music and TV & Film - see how many you can get right! We want you to comment under our latest post on Instagram with the score you get - anything over 24 is quite the achievement. We hope you enjoy! Follow us on insta at thenakedstudent_ & Twitter at TNS_Podcasts. 
December 07, 2019
Episode 37: TNS does politics...
Today, we bring you a significant episode. In light of the general election next week, we wanted to make the political world more accessible to our listeners, especially those who may feel disillusioned with it all. This is by no means a political debate and we remain very much objective throughout - we simply want to get people thinking. In the first half, we discuss the policies of the main political parties', which aims to cut through the noise. We also talk about why we all need to stop "headline grabbing" and the importance of voting in our democracy. After some short but sweet Pointless Facts, we touch on the issue of the NHS in an interactive manner. We also delve into tactical voting and what it entails. Then, for the final half an hour, we critique our democracy, examining the issues that are inherent in our current voting system. We way up the positives and negatives of Proportional Representation and compare it to F-P-T-P. Stay to the end to hear our articles of the day and read more on our Twitter: TNS_Podcasts.  Make sure you all check out "Vote for Policies" on their website to stay as informed. We wanted this episode to be as engaging as possible and we would love your feedback. We urge everyone to go and vote next Thursday! Follow us on insta at thenakedstudent_. 
December 05, 2019
Episode 36: The power of smiling... 😁
Today, we bring you a joyous episode, from which you can go and enjoy the rest of your day. We want to talk about smiling and why it's so important. In the first half, we talk rather aimlessly about why a confident smile is not only good for yourself, but also for those around you. We share some personal tales from the days of braces and Luke shares some rather interesting impressions. In the second half, we delve into some of the science and psychology behind smiling and how research has demonstrated how it can be indicative of a person's well-being and longevity!  Make sure you stay to the end for this one for a wonderful finishing segment.  We hope you find this episode amusing and it makes you smile. 
November 29, 2019
Episode 35: Sweet Dreams... Why sleep is so important 😴
Today, TNS delve into the issue of sleep. Sleep is such an important pillar of our health - both the physical and mental sides. In the first half, we discuss how hard it can be to be well-rested whilst at uni, due to either the social aspect or work. We also discuss the personal experiences we've had with sleep and set our listeners a challenge for the week ahead (which we hope you join us in doing). After a magical Pointless Facts segment, we examine sleep in more detail, especially the science behind it. Matthew Walker is at the forefront of this scientific research. His book: "Why We Sleep", as well as his 3-part podcast on The Peter Attia Drive, heavily informs this episode. Sleep is the "swiss-army knife of health" and it's time we all started to prioritise it. We also pose some questions about the nature of our society and why work/school has to start so early? Finally, we provide a few suggestions on how to improve our sleep.  This is an episode we really enjoyed doing and we hope it gets you thinking! Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_ & Twitter at TNS_Podcasts 
November 27, 2019
Episode 34: Maybe we're all f*cked... An Interview with Emily Muir (Part 1)
Hello lovely listeners! Today, we tackle a big issue - the human impact on the environment. Emily joins us for this discussion, as she is both knowledgeable and passionate about this issue. In the first half, we delve into the ambivalent attitudes humans have towards recycling and general environmental issues.  We also ponder whether recycling is the way forward or whether we need to simply reduce our plastic usage. Are we, as a society, addicted to plastic?After some *interesting* and interactive Pointless Facts,  we examine how humans are destroying the natural world. Humans and nature need synergy for the world to be saved and, right now, this is far from the case. We provide examples of how coral reefs are being eradicated all over the world and how natural disasters are becoming more frequent.  We hope this conversation engages you and gets you to think about how you can alter small behaviours that are better for our planet. Part 2 will be out in a couple of weeks, so join us then to hear us talk more about how we can make sustainability sustainable... 
November 21, 2019
Episode 33: The North-South Divide Revisited...
In episode 33, we wanted to focus on a topic that has been partly explored in early episodes of TNS. The North-South divide is prevalent within the UK and we think it isn't spoken about enough, especially amongst young people. In the first half, we discuss our personal experiences with some light prejudice at university towards our 'northern-ness'. After easing us into the debate, and after some superb Pointless Facts, we get into the real meat of the discussion in the second half. Having read extensively on this topic, we debate the need for HS2 in the North and whether this really redresses the imbalances that are so apparent. We also highlight the disparities in education between Northern schools and those in the South, and why this urgently needs to change. Get ready for hella stats!  Stay to the end to hear our choices for Favourite Northerner. We hope you find this as engaging as we did. We would love to address this topic again in the future, so any feedback is much appreciated.
November 19, 2019
Episode 32: Solo Travels & Working Young... An Interview with Will Hughes
Hello dear listeners, welcome to episode 32 of TNS. Today, Luke is joined by Will to discuss his journey since leaving college. Will decided to throw himself into the world of work, rather than rack up large amounts of student debt on a course that he didn't really want to do. After a year of one job and an 18-month apprenticeship, Will decided to travel the world on his own, even reaching Hawaii on his trip. After Pointless Fact of the Day, Will discusses his current job, one that he worked incredibly hard to get. This chat offers fresh perspective on why uni isn't for everyone and why seeing the world is so important! Stay to the end, as Will and Luke list their top 3 albums of the day (although Will did steal one of Luke's!) - let us know your thoughts!  Will: 1) Don Mclean - American Pie, 2) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye, 3) Abbey Road - Beatles Luke: 1) Psychodrama - Dave, 2) DAMN - Kendrick Lamar, 3) Favourite Worst Nightmare - Arctic Monkeys  An eclectic mix! 
November 12, 2019
Episode 31: Dedication & Mindset... An Interview with Jake Knotman
Hello lovely listeners! Welcome to episode 31, where Jake joins us on the pod. This is a captivating conversation, with Jake speaking candidly about the difficulties he faced at school , being formally asked to leave at 16. However, rather than going down the wrong path, Jake decided to take the path less travelled. He got to work. Jake is hard-work personified, often travelling the world for business, and rising every morning at 5am. This is a necessary conversation for those who may not have got the grades they wanted or don't believe in themselves. Jake reveals that with the right mindset, which takes years to build, we can all do the things we dream of. Hard-work and dedication is the key. We hope you enjoyed this chat as much as we did. Catch us on insta at thenakedstudent_ & Twitter at TNS_Podcasts 
November 09, 2019
Episode 30: Movember...
Episode 30 of TNS! Time flies when you're having fun. The focus of this episode is on Movember, of which both of us are taking part. The Movember initiative aims to raise awareness for men's health around the globe. To date, Movember has funded more than 1250 men's health projects across more than 20 countries and by 2030, aim to reduce men dying prematurely by 25%. Mental health problems are especially prevalent among young men, and it is estimated that, globally, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day. This needs to change. Hopefully this podcast raises awareness in itself, especially around male mental health. Remember, always reach out. This is a link to a blog Luke wrote about what it's like to suffer from depression: Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_, where you can donate to our Movember through the link in our bio. 
November 07, 2019
Episode 29: Mentality & Adversity... An Interview with Sam Fitzsimmons
This is a truly powerful episode. An episode that makes you stop and think. Sam joins Luke today to talk about the positive outlook he has cultivated since his teenage years, especially when faced with adversity. In the first half, we discuss academics and the science route that Sam followed, before touching on his time at Cambridge. After our wonderful Pointless Facts, we explore the personal challenges Sam has faced over the past year. Sam was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma - a rare bone cancer - and was given a slim chance of survival. However, Sam's incredibly positive approach to life helped him confront this head on and is an inspiration to all those around him. We finish off by discussing how he aims to help those in need.  Follow us on insta at thenakedstudent_ And twitter at TNS_Podcasts  
November 05, 2019
Episode 28: Loneliness & Joy at Uni...
Hello dear listeners! Today, we discuss a topic that isn't in the national conversation enough - that of loneliness, especially at uni. The feeling of loneliness is something that everyone will have to deal with at some point in their life. Thus, it is imperative that we all try to figure out how we can enjoy being by ourselves! However, it is also so important to remember that we are never really alone and reaching out to friends at uni is always a positive way forwards. After our Pointless Facts, we also talk about how much we enjoyed our time at uni and how this comes from the journey we go on, with both the good and bad parts. Make sure you stick around to the end to hear some amusing (and very very revealing) stories.
October 29, 2019
Episode 27: Balancing Sport & Social... An Interview with Tor Hughes
Today on the podcast we are joined by Tor (short for Victoria). Tor is a keen hockey player and focus of the discussion is on how to balance sport and a social life growing up. We also venture into Tor's experiences at state school and why she loves uni so much! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did, Tor was a fantastic guest. We feel this discussion will resonate with a lot teenagers who have had to make the decision on whether to continue playing sport or not.  Follow us on insta at thenakedstudent_
October 26, 2019
Episode 26: Love Island...
This is a big topic amongst younger generations, and a topic that we both have strong opinions on. Love Island is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, but what sort of message does the show give out to young people? We explore the dangers and morals presented by Love Island and how, much like social media, it can heighten anxiety and depression, especially regarding one's physical appearance. After our Pointless Facts, we also discuss the deaths of two Love Island stars after they left the show and how insane it is that there is now going to be not one, but two, series per year even after these deaths.  This is a fairly deep examination of the problems posed by Love Island and we hope it gets you all thinking! Please do get in touch. Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_
October 22, 2019
Episode 25: Human capabilities...
This episode comes on the back of the insta poll we ran earlier this week, where 61% of you voted for a discussion on human capabilities. We start by reflecting on the otherworldly feat of Eliud Kipchoge, who became the first person to run the marathon in under 2 hours. We then provide a few examples of notable human achievements across different fields to show what we are truly capable of. After an enjoyable (and interactive) Pointless Fact of the Day, we hypothesise how we can apply these examples to every day life. We are often our own worst enemies and if we learn to believe in what we can do, then we can surprise ourselves every day. Podcasts we mention: Joe Rogan Experience and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (check them out!)  Netflix documentary: Iron Cowboy (truly inspiring). 
October 18, 2019
Episode 24: A dramatic episode... An Interview with Faye Harrison
Hello one and all, welcome to episode 24 of TNS. Today, we are joined by Faye, who is a professional drama tutor at the Garrick Theatre. We explore the benefits of drama on your mental wellbeing and why more young people should get involved. People are often scared of making that first leap into the theatre for fear of being ridiculed, but, rather contrastingly, it can really aid us all in taking a more confident approach to life. After Pointless Fact, we delve into how Faye maintains such a positive outlook on life, the work she's done in Finland and if she would give any advice to her younger self. This episode is incredibly engaging and we hope our listeners think about taking up drama.  Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_.
October 15, 2019
Episode 23: Reflections...
This is a slightly different episode to the ones we've been releasing recently, as we pause and reflect on our journey with the podcast thus far. We laugh at the audio quality in some of the earliest episodes, phrases that were said too much and how we could at times talk over one another. We also recap some of the ideas our guests have discussed with us. We have been really overwhelmed at the response so far and it has driven us both on to continue to create stimulating and relevant content. Furthermore, we answer a few of the questions that have been emailed in over the past week or so from our listeners.  We believe this is merely the start of something great. Remember to follow us on insta at thenakedstudent_ 
October 13, 2019
Episode 22: Uni is not the only path... An Interview with Jonny Scurrah
Jonny joins us on the podcast today to discuss why uni isn't the only route that teens should take. Jonny moved schools after his GCSE's and struggled to find the motivation to revise during his time in sixth form, a problem that many of us face. After leaving school, Jonny was unsure what he wanted to do, before finding an opportunity in the field of quantity surveying. He managed to get an interview at McGoff and started working there in 2016. Jonny's route is really interesting, as he also studied at Salford University during his first 3 years of work, achieving first class honours last year. Jonny reveals what working hard really means and why you should never let exam results define you. We absolutely loved this conversation and how it shows why every person has the capability to work hard and achieve. Follow us on insta at thenakedstudent_
October 12, 2019
Episode 21: Failure does not matter, it's what's inside that counts... An Interview with Dillon Loupos
This interview made us want to take on the world, that's how how much motivation Dillon gives you in this episode. We start off with Dillon revealing how he dealt with not achieving what he expected at A-level and how that put him off going to uni. He then followed a different path and we examine why uni isn't the only route. In the second half, Dillon talks about working for himself and the positives and negatives associated with doing so.  Dillon is hard-work personified and a great advocate of being disciplined in order to better yourself.  Carpe Diem. Follow us on insta at thenakedstudent_
October 10, 2019
Episode 20: Divorce, 'Accentism', and Law... An Interview with Ailsa
Episode 20 of TNS! Time flies when you're having fun and we hope the listeners have enjoyed the journey thus far. Today, we are joined by Ailsa to discuss her personal journey after her parents' divorce at age 13 and why talking about our issues with friends is so important. After our legendary Pointless Fact of the Day, we then move on to discuss Ailsa's professional life in the world of law, managing to overcome earlier adversity. In our humble opinion, the most poignant aspect of this section is when Ailsa reveals how at times she has felt underestimated as a result of her accent in this profession. This is a really powerful discussion and we look forward to your feedback from this episode. Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_
October 08, 2019
Episode 19: Private schools - engines of privilege? An Interview with Greg Dron
Today, we are joined by Greg (over the phone) from his bedroom in Troon. The focus of this podcast is on issues surrounding selective education and private schools in the UK, as well as addressing whether social mobility should be a fundamental goal of society. We contrast our differing school experiences, shine light on elitism that is very present in the UK and ponder the Finnish model of education.  Is it time for a National Education Service? This is an important conversation and Greg was a truly fantastic guest. You won't want to miss this chat.  Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_
October 06, 2019
Episode 18: The dreaded limbo stage...
Today on TNS, Ross and I explore the 'limbo stage' that many of us endure post-uni or post-school. This period of one's life can be very challenging and often existential crises can be at the forefront of your mind. A lot of this episode hinges on the notion that people believe they have to achieve something to obtain self-worth, such as finding a good job. Even in the limbo stage, there are so many productive things we can do to better ourselves - learn that language you always said you would, read lots of books on your list, learn an instrument or become the fittest you've ever been. We also touch on continuing university studies with a masters degree and the importance of developing skills. Stay to the end for some light-hearted relief after what is quite a heavy topic. We hope to illuminate the difficulties of this period and it will certainly be a recurring theme with several of our guests. Find us on insta at thenakedstudent_ or on email at 
October 04, 2019
Episode 17: Freshers' Guide to the Galaxy...
Today, we explore the issues many of us face during Freshers Week and, more widely, first year at university. Ross and I begin by reminiscing about our moving in day and the major anxiety that we both faced. Often, moving to uni can be thoroughly overwhelming, especially meeting vast swathes of new people. There were several awkward encounters and from this, we move on to share some funny stories from our respective time as "Silly Freshers". After our popular segment, "Pointless Fact of the Day", we ponder the 3 things that we would change if were to go back to that time again. This mainly revolves around budgeting better, eating healthier, playing more team sports and saying no to nights out if you don't feel great. Stay to the end to hear our special '_ of the day', which we guarantee listeners will enjoy! This is a topic that many of you have asked us to discuss on the pod, so we hope you find it both intriguing and amusing. Remember to give us a follow on insta at thenakedstudent_
October 01, 2019
Episode 16: A year in Industry... An Interview with Charles Dunscombe
It's just Luke interviewing today, as Ross is enjoying a weekend trip down to the capital. In this episode, Charles joins me on the pod to talk about his route into the world at work. Charles has taken a role at the prestigious consultancy firm, Accenture. He attended Bath, a campus university in what is a small and quaint city, which presented a different uni experience. Moreover, Charles' course allowed him to pursue a year in industry, where he worked on two six-month placements. This is the predominant focus of this episode, as we explore the benefits of this path. As well as this, we also touch upon Charles' challenges at school, his passion for sartorial excellence and maintaining a long-distance relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed this chat and we hope you find it engaging. P.S. Stick around to the end to hear the guests suggested '_ of the Day'.
September 29, 2019
Episode 15: Dealing with Rejection... An Interview with Raife Copp-Barton
Our first video interview (apologies for any minor glitches)! Our dear friend Raife joins us from his bedroom in Cambridge to speak about his experiences growing up. The conversation starts with a reflection on our time at an all-boys school with a fiercely competitive environment, and how this permeated into one's personality. Then, we get into the meat of our chat, on failure/rejection and how Raife has dealt with that in the past few years. After our Pointless Fact of the Day, Raife tells us about uni life in London and the challenges it can present. Finally, we cover the 'limbo' stage when finishing uni and Raife's decision to pursue a Master's at Cambridge. This was an insightful and thought-provoking conversation and Raife will certainly join us again in the future.
September 27, 2019
Episode 14: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind... An Interview with Sarah Loftus
In this episode, Sarah leads a discussion about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how being active can influence your mental wellbeing. We discuss the importance of playing team sports growing up, both in school and in clubs, as well as independent exercise. This links to the focus of our chat, which is surrounding nutrition, an area that people of all ages often overlook. After our popular mid-way segment, we move on to what life is like as the younger sibling and we explore the pressures that can arise from family life. We firmly believe that it should always be family first and showing gratitude to one's family is so important. As always, there is a motivational quote to take into the rest of your day. P.S. Here are some links to photos and podcasts for people who want to explore this topic further: This is a link to the powerful photo we discussed in the show:
September 26, 2019
Episode 13: Casual Racism
In this episode, we tackle a very difficult topic, one that is often regarded as 'taboo' in society. Are people unaware of the implications of casual racism? Luke talks about his experiences with casual racism growing up at school, his home town and at university. The crux of the discussion is how dialogue is the key to breaking down this subject and our hope is that we make you think more about racism in society. We really encourage people to read 'Why I no longer talk to white people about race' by Renni Eddo-Lodge if they wish to explore this topic further.  We hope for your feedback on this and any suggestions for future episodes:  Also find us on Instagram at thenakedstudent_
September 24, 2019
Episode 12: Mind your Language... An Interview with Liv Swift
We absolutely loved this chat with our dear friend Liv. In the first half of the episode, we focus on languages and why we should all try and learn one. British people notoriously shy away from learning other languages, including both of us, and hopefully this makes you think about trying to learn one. We also discuss why studying abroad is so great, but also the challenges it can present, ultimately helping you to grow as a person. In the second half, Liv tells us about her time working in radio during her time at uni and her desire to get into the creative industries. We ponder as to why there is some stigma around this industry and why you should always try to pursue what you enjoy. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! P.S Stay to the end for another special segment, which will be lead by our guest each time.
September 18, 2019
Episode 11: Growing up with dyslexia... An Interview with Katie Raw-Rees
Katie is our first female guest on the podcast and this conversation is truly fascinating. The main focus is on what it's like to live with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and Irlen syndrome. There is a lot of stigma that surrounds dyslexia and dyspraxia at school and university so we aim to enlighten our audience as to how difficult it can be for people to manage them. Additionally, we also delve into  discussion about state schools and assimilating into the Bristol university life. We certainly learnt a lot from this chat and we hope you do as well! Remember any suggestions or general chat can be sent to P.S At the end of the podcast we introduce our new, (slightly) zany segment, our '_ of the day', which will alter ever so slightly each interview.
September 17, 2019
Episode 10: A world without music...
In today's episode, we discuss all things music -  how it has helped us through difficult times, what music we enjoy, lyrics that have really stood out to us and how powerful music can be in de-stressing us or motivating us. We finish with our track of the day on this episode, replacing our usual motivational quote. Hope you enjoy! 
September 13, 2019
Episode 9: Follow your heart... An Interview with James Samarji
A long promised interview with our good friend James, who provides a detailed account of his time at uni, particularly focusing on his decision to stop studying medicine at uni and taking some time out to travel and see the world. A really enjoyable and deeply insightful conversation which we really hope you enjoy! 
September 11, 2019
Episode 8: Find Your Balance - Alcohol Consumption
The UK has a renown culture for "binge drinking" and youth culture certainly perpetuates this. This episode provides an initial examination of alcohol consumption and peer pressure, discussing our experiences with drinking and providing insight into the issues surrounding excessive drinking among young people. 
September 09, 2019
Episode 7: Are you a smartphone addict?
This podcast focuses on smartphone use among young people, and juxtaposes nicely with the the last podcast, which was on the topic of reading. We will explore both the positive and negative effects on smartphone usage, especially the impact it has on sleep, and in turn, health. Are smartphones helpful or harmful for teens/young adults? We have also got 2 new segments to the podcast after asking for feedback from friends on how to spice it up a little. Thus, we have introduced the 'Pointless Fact of the Day', as well as finishing with a motivational quote each to take into the rest of your day. 
September 06, 2019
Episode 6: Reading between the lines
This episode brings a discussion on reading (books thats is). We all understand that it's important, so why is there such a disconnect amongst teens? An acknowledgement of the rise of audiobooks is also present and if this should be seen as a substitute for reading printed books. A gentle reminder that we all should all try and read for at least 20 minutes per day, and how this can drastically improve our lives.
September 06, 2019
Episode 5: North-South Divide Part 2 - High Speed chats
A more in-depth conversation about the North-South divide, with a focus on the economic imbalance and the notion of a Northern Powerhouse. The main body of the conversation will revolve around HS2 and whether it is really necessary; should funding instead be given to education and local infrastructure in the Northern regions?
September 06, 2019
Episode 4: North-South Divide Part 1 - "Alreet R Kid?"
Exploring the North-South divide in uni life (at Bristol and Edinburgh specifically) and the prejudice against the northern accent. A more relaxed conversation to help us initially explore this prominent issue.
September 06, 2019
Episode 3: The legal world... The First Interview! With Tom Foley
This is the first 'interview' episode, where I sit down with my dear friend Tom to discuss his life up to the present. The discussion mainly focuses around the field of law - why he chose to pursue this path and how competitive it is coming out of university. 
September 06, 2019
Episode 2: Isn't that like "colouring in"?
A general discussion about the subject of Geography and why it gets the stigma it does at school and uni. Also, a brief discussion around the subject of History as well.
September 06, 2019