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The Narrative

The Narrative

By NikNak
Hosted by NikNak, "The Narrative" is a brand new show in the podcast realm that focuses on and features black female creative in music, art, photography, dance and many more creative industries. Tune in as we talk about anything and everything that comes to mind from the original question: "What Is Your Narrative?"
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Episode 11 - Yvette Griffith
On this, the FINAL episode of season 1, I speak with Yvette Griffith! She is the Co-Chief Exec of the award-winning not-for-profit organisation Jazz Re:freshed. Check out all the amazing work they're doing - @yvettegriffith and @jazzrefreshed
February 17, 2021
Episode 10 - Kei Maye
On this week's episode, I speak with the badass creator of Creative Champs, Kei Maye! She is a Creative Consultant & Digital Artist from London who creates tools and resources to support visual artists & designers. Follow - Kei on instagram and twitter - @creativechamps and @Kei Maye
February 10, 2021
Episode 9 - Cassie Kinoshi
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
On this episode, I catch up with Cassie Kinoshi - a Mercury Award nominated and Ivors Academy Award winning London-based composer, arranger and alto-saxophonist. She is currently working in theatre, film, contemporary dance and both the jazz and classical performance worlds. Cassie is best known for her work with SEED Ensemble alongside bands KOKOROKO and NÉRIJA.  
February 3, 2021
Episode 8 - Estelle Uba
In this episode, I speak to Estelle Uba: an ambitious student, social commentary blogger and freelance print/broadcast journalist with a confident and optimistic can-do attitude to life, as well as a humanitarian concern for worldly injustices.  Join us for our conversation, and support her amazing work on social media - @estelleuba
January 27, 2021
Episode 7 - Layla-Roxanne Hill
Happy new year everyone! Season 1 continues with a conversation I had with Layla-Roxanne Hill, a writer/curator-artist and organiser. Influenced by Afrofuturism, black feminist thought and the activist, she uses mixed modes of media as narrative changing tools to amplify the Black Scottish voice. @LRH151
January 20, 2021
Episode 6 - Reni K Amayo
This week, I speak with Reni K Amayo, an amazing author of the book Daughters of Nri, the first in the Return Of The Earth Mother series, set in the ancient Nigerian Kingdom of Nri. Not only do I fangirl over her brilliant work but we talk about how multifaceted Black women are, colorism, book-to-film adaptations and more... all from the question "What is your narrative?" You can follow Reni on Twitter and Instagram, and you can snag a copy of her book "Daughters of Nri" on Goodreads and other bookselling sites! 
December 9, 2020
Episode 5 - Jessica Moss
In this episode, I speak with Jessica Moss: An artist, independent curator and arts worker based in the US! We talk about the differences and similarities of being black in the US and UK, representation in the arts, spirituality & tarot, what it's like being a mum/mom during the pandemic, and loads more! You can find Jessica and her amazing work here -  @jesseplane @therollupclt @sibylsshrine
December 2, 2020
Episode 4 - Valerie Ebuwa
On this episode I speak with Valerie Ebuwa, a freelance dance artist, activist, writer and model based in London.  We talk about the naked Black female body, vulnerability & expression, representation, the patriarchy and so much more.... an open conversation all inspired from the question: "What is your narrative?" Here's her website - and you can follow her work on Instagram too!
November 25, 2020
Episode 3 - Afro Leads
In this episode, I speak with Julie Duodu and Stephanie Amor, the two queens behind Afro Leads - a great page dedicated to promoting UK Black businesses and culture!  We talk about the power behind the Black Pound & Black Pound Day, supporting black businesses, and generally have an open conversation inspired by the question "What Is Your Narrative?" You can follow and support Afro Leads on Instagram, AND they too have a podcast that you should check out here, and here too!
November 18, 2020
Episode 2 - Jaleesa Wells
On this episode I speak with Jaleesa Wells, a culture and enterprise scholar based at the University of Kentucky in the Arts Administration department. We speak about the differences and similarities of black culture between the UK and US, ask "Where Are The Black Academics?", and just have an open conversation spurred on from the initial question "What is Your Narrative?" You can find, follow and support Jaleesa's amazing work via her website, on Twitter, and on Instagram You can also find her venture Bossirainbow on Instagram too! 
November 11, 2020
Episode 1 - Annalisa Toccara
Welcome to "The Narrative" and thank you so much for being here!  On the very first episode, I speak with Annalisa Toccara, an incredibly hard-working & award-winning cultural producer, TEDx speaker, communications and marketing consultant, and coach.  We speak about PR, Marketing, whether she feels seen as a black woman in this industry, and many other topics that stem from her answer to the question "What is Your Narrative?" You can find her on Instagram and you can also follow the organisation "Our Mel" on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for listening!
November 4, 2020