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Humans have needs. It's easier to meet them when we know what they are.
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Rebecca's Log 12-5-2019 Sad About Silent Women
Trigger warning. I cry while talking about women who are silent. Today, I released the screenshots between me and David after he caressed the small of the back while I was bending over to get my shoe where he tries to get me to be silent. I'm very sad that so many women out there are walking around in silence over being violated. It is your right and you are strong as fuck to be walking around every day carrying a load like that with you. I just don't want the world to be like this. 
December 06, 2019
Trapped in a PTSD Nightmare After David Silverman Violated My Autonomy
Recording from November 7th, 2019. Prior to talking to David Silverman about what happened and prior to him trying to silence me, I was in a PTSD nightmare. I recorded this approximately 5 hours before I reached out to him and he attempted to silence me.
December 05, 2019
David Silverman Touched Me Without Permission
David Silverman touched me on November 2nd, 2019.   Kalisti and I made this recording on November 4th to record every detail while it was fresh in our minds. We decided we would hold it unless we needed it. David Silverman, after this point, tried to silence me. He failed at his attempt. He is still trying to control the narrative, so here is the recording we made with every detail, prior to him trying to silence me and prior to me knowing that he had massive identity issues that he needs to work on.
December 05, 2019
Rebecca's Log 10-31-2019 Missing Halloween
Podcast only. While missing the first Halloween of her son's life, Rebecca discusses the phrase, "I'm proud of you... The truth is, if most people really knew your story and all of the things you've been through, they'd probably wonder how you're still smiling." She also discusses laughing and decides that she's going to outline her personal outline of trauma. She finishes off with meeting her needs for food and water and discusses the problem with gulping and guzzling.
December 05, 2019
Rebecca's Log 10-18-2019: Calming Down and Apologizing
Podcast only. Rebecca helps her son cope with the stress that comes when you work on something new.  She talks about coping with her own stress.
December 05, 2019
Rebecca's Log 10-17-2019: Feeling Better
Podcast only. Rebecca is starting to feel better following her miscarriage.
December 05, 2019
Rebecca's Log 10-16-2019: Struggling with Food
Podcast only. While still recovering from her miscarriage, Rebecca struggles with food and discusses a story she is writing.
December 05, 2019
Rebecca's Log 10-15-2019: On My Abortions and Cutie Lark Finchmun
Podcast only. In the first of many daily logs, Rebecca discuss the lessons she learned from her abortions that came into play in the loss of Cutie Lark Finchmun. Warning: plenty of tears. Rebecca is somewhat cryptic at a few points in this recording and we will be revisiting this topic in a future episode. From Rebecca: "Not stated, but referred to more than once: I wanted to keep the second pregnancy, but the "father" did not. I aborted for the child's sake, not for my own. When I say, "I didn't do it for me", it's because I sacrificed what I wanted for what I believed to be what was in the child's best interests."
December 05, 2019
FB Livestream Audio After Miscarriage: Cutie's Episode
Podcast only. The following is the audio from the Facebook livestream we did shortly after Rebecca's miscarriage.  A couple hours after this, Rebecca had to go to the ER for fluids. Audio provided in its original unedited form.
December 05, 2019
S1E4: SPECIAL: The Well-Being List
Kali and Rebecca talk about the list of needs they have created for the show called The Well-Being List. You can find the list at
September 26, 2019
S1E3: Kali's Friend Was "Chucking Potatoes" At Nonbinary People
In this impromptu episode, Kali and Rebecca dive into what it feels like to be triggered(while triggered), the very real affects of "harmless" posts that deny the needs of others, and the PTSD/CPTSD freeze response they've deemed feeling like a potato. To learn more about Reality Therapy/Choice Theory this is a good place to start:
September 17, 2019
S1E2: Your Brain's Signals: Emotions/Feelings/Sensations
Kali and Rebecca discuss the signals human brains send us when our needs are not met.  Episode credits: The Displaced African's Comprehensive List of Emotions, Hoffman Institute Foundation's Feelings and Body Sensations List,
September 04, 2019
S1E1: Needs: The Foundation of Well-Being
Kali and Rebecca discuss various lists of human needs and weigh the pros and cons of each as they begin to compile and organize the needs every human has to some degree. Episode links: CNVC Needs Inventory: BayNVC Universal Human Needs - Partial List: Manfred Max-Neef Fundamental Human Needs: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: From Conflict to Connection:
August 23, 2019