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The New Entrepreneur

The New Entrepreneur

By Josh Chingas
The New Entrepreneur HOSTED BY JOSH C. is a show that is for the new, aspiring entrepreneur that may feel confused on how successful people built the great things they did. That's it. Join me as I invite early stage startup founders onto the show and dive deep into the tactics, feelings, and thoughts of how they have begun their entrepreneurial journey..
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The New Entrepreneur

Derek Omori AMAP Interview
Here is the quick hitting episode with Derek. If you want to learn more about him then check out his full interview just below this one.  Remember to check out Derek here: Blerp
June 24, 2021
Blerp's Derek Omori talks to the new entrepreneurs about his entrepreneurial journey, and business strategy.
This episode we have Derek talk about his journey with Blerp and what he recommends young entrepreneurs do when they enter a startup. If this is the position you are in then this episode is for you. Find Derek and Blerp here: Blerp Derek Omori
June 14, 2021
Matt Eau Claire's AMAP Interview
From our main interview, find out what Matt thinks are the most important points of entrepreneurship. If you like this one, don't forget to learn more about Matt in the main interview!
June 11, 2021
Clear Water Distilling's Matt Eau Claire talks to the new entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship, and how to survive being an entrepreneur.
In this episode with Matt, we chat about his journey with Clear Water Distilling. Everything that went into building the company to where it is now is broken down to the point where we can understand what it took to move the needle from point A to point B. If you are interested in B2C at all, this is the perfect episode for you. Find Matt here: Website
June 04, 2021
Crust Club's Tyler & Valerie Kukahiko AMAP Interview
Find out from Tyler and Valerie what entrepreneurship is really like in a quick interview. I'll do the work and make sure you know all the possible angles about that they say and how you can use it for yourself. If you like this interview, check out Tyler and Valerie further with their extended interview. As well as their company Crust Club.
May 23, 2021
Crust Club's Tyler and Valerie Kukahiko talk to the new entrepreneurs about business mentality, and their startup story.
This episode with Tyler and Valerie dives deep into what it takes to run a food business. Hear from both Tyler and Valerie their stories about growing Crust Club. What were the hard parts, long parts, etc. If you are at all interested in food for your business, this is your episode.. Find Tyler and Valerie @ Crust Club and on their IG 
May 19, 2021
Serial entrepreneur Jason Peery AMAP Interview
The first AMAP interview (As Much As Possible), shouldn't disappoint people looking for quick information about networking, best markets to get into, and more.  Check out Jason's full interview if you want to hear more advice he provides! 
May 10, 2021
Serial entrepreneur Jason Peery talks to the new entrepreneurs about business suggestions and workflow.
Hear Jason's story about how he got to where he is now. Hear about what it took, time spent, and more. Specifically for younger entrepreneurs, Jason will provide information about what he believes are the best markets to get into. Find jason here:
May 10, 2021
[UPDATE] The New Entrepreneur
It has been a while since I have posted an update on where the show is going and what I am doing with it. So, here is that episode. There will be new episode formats added to what I am currently doing. Besides that, there are no major changes.  Any questions for me should be directed to my email:
May 04, 2021
Acuitus's Chris Hunsaker talks to the new entrepreneurs about his story, and entrepreneurial characteristics
My chat with Chris opens up his journey with Acuitus Ag. Looking for an in depth story line of how a startup got to an idea to where they are today? This may be the right episode for you. Besides those things, Chris gives his experience of being an entrepreneur and what he would recommend we do to be successful in the space. Find Chris here: LinkedIn Facebook Website
March 31, 2021
Beddy's Betsy Mikesell talks to the new entrepreneurs about her entrepreneurial journey, and entrepreneurial lessons.
This episode with Betsy consists mostly of her story and how she build the business Beddy's. Along the way find out entrepreneurial lessons on how to grow a network, product launch, and more. Find out about the story behind a successful youtube channel as well. Find Betsy here: Business IG Personal IG
March 17, 2021
Salad's Bob Miles talks to the new entrepreneurs about positioning, and entrepreneurial habits.
Bob Miles who has been an entrepreneur for most of his life, found himself growing a startup called Salad. The time being, Salad runs on your idle PC to mine crypto that can be converted into cash, gift cards, subscriptions. We talk about how to increase your chances of being successful as an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial philosophy, and the story of Salad. Find Bob here: Salad Linkedin
March 09, 2021
Aquayield's Clark T. Bell talks to the new entrepreneurs about agriculture entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mentalities.
The first agricultural technology company I got to sit down with is one that you don't want to miss. Clark gives perfect examples of what it takes to grow an ag tech company. From a walk through of Aquayield to what it takes to make it into the agricultural space, you wont want to miss my chat with Clark. Check Clark out here: Website LinkedIn The Race to 2050
February 22, 2021
Sentient Academy's Keith Huang talks to the new entrepreneurs about entrepreneurial mentalities/business tactics.
Keith and I connect a lot with how entrepreneurship feels to the entrepreneur. The two sides to this chat I had with Keith contain how business and success should be pursued as well as what you can expect to see when pursuing entrepreneurship.  Check Keith out here: LinkedIn
February 17, 2021
Literal's Michael Romrell talks to the new entrepreneurs about startup stories, and entrepreneurial mentalities.
Michael brings up different points about startup culture you'd never suspect. Throughout my chat with Michael we talk about the simple and pervasive concepts of dealing with a startup. Between his story of building the Literal App and his opinions on successful entrepreneurship, for those wanting to really understand the space of early stage startups, this episode will be for you. Here is where you can check out Michael: Literal App LinkedIn
February 10, 2021
'nuffsaid's Chris Hicken talks to the new entrepreneurs about zero to one, and creating a team.
Chris and I walked through the story of how he arrived at the idea of nuffsaid. We also talk about the critical steps and checkpoints Chris came to while growing the business. From zero to one and creating a team, this early stage company has a great back story you don't want to miss. Find Chris here at these links: LinkedIn Email
January 22, 2021
Mikey Taylor pro skater and entrepreneur talks to the new entrepreneurs about entrepreneurial attributes, and lessons from entrepreneurship.
In this episode with Mikey we dive deep into the mentalities of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to start in certain situations. Besides Mikey's story and his lessons, find out exactly what it takes when you're starting just about anything in life. Besides business or financial freedom, from this episode hopefully you come out with essential life skills to audit yourself, and progress to whatever makes you happiest. Find Mikey at these links: Instagram Commune Capitol Other links associated with this episode: Influence by Robert B. Cialdini How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
December 31, 2020
Yan Stavisski @kingcredit talks to the new entrepreneurs about getting uncomfortable, and optimizing credit.
Yan Stavisski provides knowledge that helps any person interested in business progress how they should. Besides the principles of entrepreneurship and how to make moves, optimizing credit lines and relationships with banks we dive deep into and how exactly to make profits from credit. Getting uncomfortable, learning sales, and actively learning are the three main topics of our chat. Find Yan @ kingcredit
December 18, 2020
Slingshot's Taylor Olson talks to the new entrepreneurs about zero to ones, and sales.
In my episode with Taylor we get very deep in the processes of how he grew his company Slingshot. We also talk about sales, door to door, and general negotiation. Connect with Taylor on his LinkedIn here!
December 02, 2020
TFOW's Eric Sharp talks to the new entrepreneurs about fundamental entrepreneurship, and zero to one.
Eric's journey about his many different startups teaches us that basic fundamental, entrepreneurial characteristics are key to getting to where you want in business. We talk about time management and different opinions on how to manage time best.  Eric is a great resource as well. Find him at any of his businesses URL's. 
November 24, 2020
Adwallet's Adam Greenhood talks to the new entrepreneurs about marketing strategies, and zero to one.
Adam Greenhood before starting Adwallet was and still is a very skilled marketer and advertiser. Knowing the space very well brought him to the knowledge that the concept of Adwallet was the next revolution in marketing and conversion. In my chat with Adam, we don't just talk about his journey with Adwallet but what it takes to launch successfully. We walk through the process of what Adam did so you can paint your own picture from what his actions were! Find adam here:
November 11, 2020
Chargebacks David Adams talks to the new entrepreneurs about startup theory, and business tactics.
David walks through his journey of Chargeback and talks about the key steps in the business that got it to where it is at now. Along the way we talk startup theory and other philosophies that David has become successful with.  You can find David on both is LinkedIn and his website
November 05, 2020
Mentorli's Luke Mocke talks to the new entrepreneurs about zero to one, and pivoting.
This episode is full of experimentation and zero to ones. A new entrepreneur curious about the nitty gritties of growing anything will find a lot of value from Luke as he is right in the midst of scaling his company Mentorli to an established business and a major player. Luke talks about his different stages Mentorli has gone through and how he has settled from one business model to the current one he has put in place now.  You can find Luke on his site:
October 18, 2020
HaLLo's Joon Beh talks to the new entrepreneurs about the 0 to 1, and acquiring first clients.
In my chat with Joon, we dive deep into the process of initially starting any business. Joon gives good examples and advice to those new entrepreneurs that may be confused about what to focus on in the beginning. We talk about finding co-founders, finding investors, starting to grow on social media, and much more.  You can find Joon on both his website and his linkedin!
October 05, 2020
Kickstart's Gavin Christensen talks to the new entrepreneurs about VC firms, pitching, and growing a seed fund.
This episode with Gavin Christensen is centered mainly around the investment space in entrepreneurship and business. Seed funds, VC firms, and pitching are the major points that we touch on. We dive deep into each aspect of this particular business with strategies and lessons for young/new entrepreneurs to take away. Hope you future investors enjoy this one!
September 29, 2020
Blip's Brent Thomson talks to the new entrepreneurs about networking, business systems, and business philosophy.
Tune in to one of the most intellectual, thought intensive, and intellectual episodes on the new entrepreneur. Brent and I talk about statistical observations made by organizations that study successful business/entrepreneurial people. We chat about what drives all decisions and movement in the world and then correlate that back to business skills. Moreover, we talk about Brents journey as an entrepreneur and how he grew Blip. His advice and lessons for young entrepreneurs is something you won't want to miss! Check out the link Brent referenced when we talked about the study of what attributes makes a successful entrepreneur:
September 24, 2020
Serial entrepreneur Josh Little talks to the new entrepreneurs about validation, and zero to one.
This particular episode has more in depth information about starting out as an entrepreneur than most in the arsenal. Josh and I talk about validation and what a new entrepreneur should do to validate and idea, we talk in depth about josh's story in entrepreneurship. We break down some barriers new entrepreneurs may have in the beginning and what they could do to get over those blocks. Josh is providing us a validation document he uses for all his business that he runs. Check it out here.
September 20, 2020
Filevine's Ryan Anderson talks to the new entrepreneurs about negotiation, and acquiring first clients.
Join Ryan Anderson and I in our chat exposing the little things of scaling and growing a business. He talks to younger/new entrepreneurs about what it looks like negotiating in a sale, or to a potential partner in the business. Like always.. IF you are a new entrepreneur or new to business, my chat with Travis will help you better understand how he specifically grew his business Filevine. 
September 16, 2020
Ken Davis of TaskEasy | Implementing business systems for confused entrepreneurs
Ken Davis of Taskeasy talks about his experience scaling the company and what most people don't know about the process. From Ken's words take what you can and implement it into your own venture. Ken is a great resource for you guys mentorship wise, reach out to Ken for any further questions about what we talked about. Ken Davis on linkedin Find Ken's company @
April 07, 2020
Garin Hess of Consensus | Pushing past obstacles in a startup for confused entrepreneurs
Garin talks about what to do when you don't know if the business is worth pursuing or not. When things get hard and your business isn't growing when does it become insanity or grit and persistance? Garin also gives advice to those young entrepreneurs that want to do what he has done. He breaks down the processes and checkpoints of his business as well.
March 30, 2020
Jim Higgins of SolutionReach | Words of wisdom for young, aspiring entrepreneurs.
Jim Higgins of Solution Reach tells us about his experience running and scaling the company. He tells us the advice he grew to know that will help people wanting to do the same understand how to know they are on the right path. Email Jim with any questions @
March 23, 2020
Johnny Hanna of Homie | Hottest Utah startup broken down so you can understand its scale.
Two parts to this interview include Johnny's journey scaling Entrata which is a company now that does more that 100M in revenue. The other half we talk about the crucial parts of how he grew Homie and what may be confusing in its scale to a younger entrepreneur.  Check Johnny out on IG @
March 16, 2020
Karmel Larson of Momni | Scaling a tech company when you have no experience.
When you don't have experience in an industry that you want to change it seems impossible once you are on that journey. Karmel is one of these founders that made her way in the tech industry without knowing anything about it. Hear how Karmel scaled Momni and what you can do to do the same. Check Karmel on &
March 09, 2020
Daniel Harmon of Harmon Brothers | Scaling a video ad agency, and what it takes.
Daniel takes his journey more in depth on how certain aspects helped his company become what it is. When I ask how those situations played out we begin to find out what Daniel did to succeed. Check out the Harmon Brothers podcast here:
March 02, 2020
Chris Savage of Wistia | Understanding the confusion of growing anything.
In my episode with Chris what we talk about is his journey with Wistia. We chat about the checkpoints in his business that changed the trajectory of Wistia. How they happened, what they did to be in that position, etc.  Since Chris's company is also ranked very highly in company culture in the USA, we break down what he's done to make that possible with applicable things you can do! Check Chris out at  Check Chris out on twitter here 
February 22, 2020
50th episode checkpoint.. News, plans, future guests, etc.
Coming up on the 50th episode.. Can't believe it. What I am going to do is tell you about what is going on, where I plan to take the brand, new things in the podcast, and more.  Check out the new site here:
February 15, 2020
Stuart Edge | Youtube for the people that are confused about it.
In my episode with Stuart, we talk about the behind the scenes of running a Youtube channel. What kind of things you should expect, how hard it actually is to get big on Youtube, etc. If you want a good insight into Youtube and how it should be done, listen up! Want to ask these guests questions of your own? You can! Check out this link: Don’t forget to rate and leave a review! To follow content posted on the podcast, check out the instagram: Check out Stuart's book here: Check Stuart out here:
February 08, 2020
Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten of The Next Web | Media, scale, and behind the scenes of a media company for the worriers.
In this episode with Boris you'll find a lot on his story growing The Next Web. With those stories you'll find smaller niched aspects of the journey you'd never hear. To help people that worry, I wanted to make sure it was clear how Boris has done what he's done with The Next Web. The content of the interview include Boris chatting on scaling the events aspect of the company, what he does currently for the company, and what he'd say to younger entrepreneurs. Find Boris @boris on both Instagram and Twitter! Find Boris @ as well! Enjoy!
February 02, 2020
Tom Lehman of Genius | Breaking down the genius in Genius.
Tom has done what people can only imagine. Having 2 million unique monthly visitors within two years of launching, becoming Y-Combinators fastest growing company ever, and more. We talk about what made those things possible. Tom brings up things like working with his first artists, the grey area of Genius when it was not big at all, and what he'd recommend us do if we were to do it like he did. Find the explainer video here: Of course you can find Tom and his company at
January 25, 2020
Sam Venning of Y-Commerce | Behind the scenes in the labyrinth of e-commerce.
Sam's experience in E-commerce is one that shouldn't go ignored if you are interested in one growing a business or two doing anything with drop-shipping/e-commerce. In my interview with Sam we talk about aspects of e-commerce that most people don't want to admit or deal with. Sam gives his advice on how he beats those scenarios and what you should do within them. We also talk about things such as co-founders, starting the process, financial management in e-commerce, etc. Listen up.. Find Sam on his IG @samvenning
January 20, 2020
Sid Krommenhoek of Album V.C. | Entrepreneurship & Business for the Worriers.
I sat down with Sid to break down his journey as an entrepreneur and make sure it digestible for the rest of us. After doing research and knowing Sid had travelled a lot, ran a tech company, and ran businesses through college, I wanted to ask specific questions to understand that time in particular. Sid gives his advice for the people on what they should do in each situation.. See what you can pull out of it! Find Sid at
January 11, 2020
David Ray: Kuli Kuli Foods | Becoming high level, growth, and more.
David is the Director of Operations of Kuli Kuli foods. David has helped companies grow and scale in the position he has been. The knowledge and experience he has can help you out immensly with your journey and personal growth. From David's journey and lessons pull what you can to make sure you leave with the right things to blaze your path to success. Whatever that may be.
December 31, 2019
Sincerely, us. | Launch
Sincerely, us. is a new format of the podcast that will include high level individuals and how exactly they do the stuff they did with a touch of honestly, realness, and applicability. Sincerely, us. is meant to feel like you are in the room with one of these high level individuals asking all of the desired questions you'd want no matter how irrational or unprofessional. Let's take these individuals and put them in a new light. 
December 16, 2019
Eric Johnson of Recode | How to scale a media brand with prodcasting, videos, etc. and how you can do it.
Eric being a fellow producer of many podcast within Recode talks about how he does what he does and how he scaled that. He talks about how you as an entrepreneur or business person can begin to look at this field to make sure you make the right decisions. Eric touches on the starting points of such a media brand as well to give more context on how to scale a media/news brand for yourself. Find Eric on Twitter @heyheyesj Also find Eric's content @esjmovieproject
December 16, 2019
Mike Price of East Idaho News | How to scale a media/news company and do it right.
Mike Price being a Journalist and reporter for East Idaho News is in the trenches with this business trying to scale it by providing great stories for its audience. Mike talks about how to best serve an audience and create one if you are just starting out in media. See what things Mike said to help you on your journey is it is taking you down this path! Find Mike on Twitter @mikeboydprice
December 16, 2019
John Mchugh of Wild Made Snacks | From a food brand, see how they do their product development.
In my chat with John Mchugh, we chat about his journey creating the products that he has. From humble beginnings going into grocery stores finding the right produce to make this product with, to having factories that now produce this products, see exactly how John went from one to the next in this episode!  Find John @ and in any big local supermarket! 
December 16, 2019
Ryan Emmons of Waiakea Water | Scaling marketing, sales, and numbers in a food based business.
The most essential aspects of business are sales followed by marketing and financials. Ryan Emmons talks about these things and how he started these processes within Waiakea Water. From his stories you can find out a lot on where to start putting your efforts into to make a successful food brand. Ryan talks trends, processes, and what to avoid.  Find Ryan on Waiakea's Instagram @waiakea 
December 16, 2019
Samantha Abrams of Emmy's Organics | Scaling a food brand and what it takes..
In my chat with Samantha, we chat about exactly how Samantha grew Emmy's Organics and what things it took day to day to get where she was at. We talk about universal business problems people will see when running something in this field. From Samantha's journey and stories, see how you can become prepared if you are ready to take on this task of growing a business.. Find Samatha @ and in any big supermarket!
December 16, 2019
Dominic Edmunds | Startup to big business. Hiring, scaling, etc. in a tech business.
Dominic Edmunds runs a company called Sales Cycle. Dominic dives deep into the logistics of his business and how he started each process within his business. Those being hiring, operations infrastructure, etc. We all want to know how to scale from a start up eventually, have Dominic tell you the exact way he did it, and receive some advice on how you can do that too.  Check out Dominic @
December 16, 2019
Manuj Aggarwal | Experienced CTO on his role and how tech entrepreneurs need to think when scaling a software business.
Manuj talks about how some tech entrepreneurs need to think differently when getting deep into this space. He offers good insights on practical things tech entrepreneurs should do. Being a CTO he also talks on how tech entrepreneurs should handle the fact of finding or becoming a CTO of some sort. The process is crucial if you are in this space, and Manuj talks about how you can overcome some of those obstacles. Find Manuj and his courses he is offering to you guys @
December 13, 2019
Kyle Racki of Proposify | All about starting a SaaS company.
In my chat with Kyle, we dive deep into the beginning phases of starting a company. A SaaS company in particular. Kyle dives deep into all aspects of starting a SaaS company. He talks practically for the people that are interested in doing the same as he has. Hear exactly what it takes to get a successful SaaS company off the ground as Kyle has!  Check out Kyle on Twitter @kyleracki Check out Proposify @
December 10, 2019
Cindy Gallop on the origins, scale, and growth of Make Love Not Porn.
Cindy, being through what she has, is an optimal guest for my show in explaining how entrepreneurship and high level individuals are created. In this episode she walks through how she did what she has with, which is a site hosting real love in action, nothing fake. With such a product, you wont want to miss how Cindy has gotten to the spot she is now with this company. Enjoy! Find Cindy on OR on IG @thecindygallop
December 06, 2019
Robert Syslo Jr. | The Start to Media Production/Advertising businesses
Sitting down with Robert Syslo, he talks about his journey with his media production/advertising business and the origins of it. For those that are interested in his particular market, Robert is an expert having years and years of exposure to this particular niche. Tune in to see what kind of things Robert can open up for you if you are a person interested in this field! Find Robert on Instagram @robertsyslojr
December 01, 2019
Taking your startup to the next level with Richard Uruchurtu of Klientboost.
RIchard is the VP of operations at Klientboost where his job is to mainly focus on implementing systems and mid level infrastructure to make Klientboost run as efficiently and effectively as possible. In this interview, Richard opens up the conversation about growing the startup and what we should do as young entrepreneurs to do that optimally! Check out Klientboost @
November 21, 2019
Starting the hiring & management/operations with Kevin Palmer of Convertiv. | SMMA/Digital advertising
Kevin gives us information about taking your startup and scaling it into a legitimate business. We talk about the hiring process, as well as the operational aspect once our business gets big enough to get confusing with infrastructure. Kevin dives deep into the beginnings of these processes within his business.  See what kind of things Kevin has to say to help you within your journey as a business person! Find Kevin @
November 14, 2019
TJ Kelly of 3 Media Web | Starting, scaling, and optimizing marketing within a digital advertising/smma business.
TJ provides us with amazing content on how to initially set up marketing strategies in digital advertising. He talks about what he does day to day to help his company scale within marketing. From this interview you will be able to see inside of a company and how they think about their marketing tactics specifically for the digital advertising market!  Find TJ @ Mxt Media! Find TJ on any social platform by typing in (TJ Kelly)!
November 07, 2019
Bryce Liggins of Brolik | Starting, scaling, and optimizing account management within a digital advertising/smma business.
Byrce being someone that runs the funnel of client aquisition, and how to best serve each individual client to make their business 3x in growth, has amazing insights on how you can do the same for a digital advertising agency you'd like to start yourself. Pricing yourself, learning how to adapt when operations scale, and step by step how to serve each client is what you will find in this episode! Find Bryce and the company he works for @
November 05, 2019
Marketing/Sales and Accounting with Alex Melen of Smartsites | SMMA/Digital Advertising Company
Going over the most crucial aspects of business, Alex brings accounting, sales, and marketing into prospective within a digital advertising/SMMA business. I ask Alex about how he started these systems and what he recommends, what he recommends we stay away from and many more.  You can find Alex @
October 31, 2019
Paul MacArthur of MHM Law Offices | The legalities of a digital advertising/SMMA business
I sit down with Paul who is a lawyer that day to day focuses on helping entrepreneurs cover their bases when starting businesses. He helps them optimize their process so they get the most out of the money that comes into the business. Paul talks about how to do this within a digital advertising/smma world. He talks about the process, what to stay away from, what to know, how a young entrepreneur can do these things, etc. Check out Paul here! Don't to take the survey here!
October 25, 2019
Robin Raj of Citizen Group | Startup, 0 - 0.1, and setting up systems.
Robin dives deep into his businesses beginnings. What exactly he did mentally and strategically to make it successful. He dives deep into what a younger entrepreneur should do when going 0 - 0.1. Robins advice is very applicable and useful for a young entrepreneur confused about the process of getting that first client and how to do it.  Remember to fill out the survey!
October 19, 2019
Digital Advertising/SMMA with Jordan Platten | Getting the correct knowledge in Digital Advertising and SMMA.
Jordan offers the most practical, implementable info for entrepreneurs that are curious about SMMA and digital advertising. He dives deep into the tactics and systems of early stage advertising through social and through the inner web, as well as how to scale those systems and processes. See what Jordan's expertise can do for you after listening to this short episode! Find Jordan on social @jordanplatten on IG and Youtube "Jordan Platten" Find Jordan's school to SMMA and Digital advertising here: Pick up your FREE book from Jordan @ this link here:
October 14, 2019
Jason Brewer of Brolik | Making it happen in a digital marketing/SMMA market.
Jason talks a little about the ugliness of running and scaling a business in the digital advertising world. He dives deep into the ugliness of getting clients, the long game, and what to be prepared for!  Find Jason @ Also, tune into Jason's podcast that is called "Growth Curve"
October 09, 2019
SMMA/Digital Advertising Booklet Preface
WHAT'S UP GUYS! Welcome to the first booklet of Niche the Niche where I dive deep into a specific market by interviewing founders AND workers of these businesses to make it actionable for the audience. I hope that you guys enjoy!  Remember, this is your brand.. Which means the content that I produce is influenced by what you want to hear. if you want to hear more about a specific process/market, go to the facebook group to request it!!
October 09, 2019
Mitch Thrower of | Making it Happen in Entrepreneurship
Mitch Thrower is an entrepreneur that has accomplished much, and has much to offer to those that are looking for guidance through the ugliness of entrepreneurship. Making it happen through entrepreneurship is brought up by Mitch multiple times, he gives young entrepreneurs starting points on where they should put their focus to win the the end! See what tactics Mitch has for you to use within you own journey! Find Mitch @ Check out his book "Attention Deficit Workplace"
October 02, 2019
Why theDIYpreneur to Niche the Niche. What's Niche the Niche?
This is an episode to familiarize you with why a pivot has been made. What is new, what I want you to get from this, the process of the new brand, etc.  Enjoy!
October 02, 2019
[Steli Efti:] "Making it happen through moving from Germany to San Fransisco with nothing.."
Steli dives deep into his journey about coming to the United States of America starting a tech company with nothing. His lessons to younger entrepreneurs wanting to do the same are priceless. See what systems, mentalities, and strategies he recommends to get through the ugliness of entrepreneurship!  Steli has some FREE stuff for you guys! Email him at and ask for the gift! Also, check out his podcast called "start up chat" 
October 01, 2019
[Joshua Denne] "Making it happen through not having a job, and no money.."
Josh Denne is one of the strongest people you will meet mentally because of the money and time he has put into himself to succeed. See what tactics and mentalities Josh has for you to take away in mastering entrepreneurship when it gets ugly! Find Josh on IG: @joshuadenne
September 30, 2019
[Pallav Nadhani: Fusion Charts] "Making it happen through having no executive experience.."
Growing up in India, Pallav didn't have the luxuries of growing a company in the U.S. where culture is more centered around business and entrepreneurship. Pallav offers interesting struggles and tactics he used to overcome some of the problems most entrepreneurs wouldn't think of.  Pallav's insights can highly benefit young entrepreneurs because of the unique experiences he's faced scaling Fusion Charts. See what you can implement into your entrepreneurial journey through Pallav's experience being a successful one! Visit Fusion Charts to meet Pallav.
September 23, 2019
[Jefferson Santos:] "Making it happen through living in a $0 bank account.."
This episode will open up entrepreneurial processes to make sure you succeed no matter what situation or obstacle comes your way. Jefferson dives deep into some of his experiences as an entrepreneur and how he used resourcefulness, creativity, and grit to make it past moments in time that seemed hopeless. After telling us his stories, Jefferson offers tactics to help young entrepreneurs fight against entrepreneurship when it comes with a right hook. See how you can implement these strategies into your own journey to survive... Meet Jefferson on his IG @JeffersonfSantos
September 16, 2019
[Rand Fishkin: Moz] "Making it happen through $500,000 in debt.."
This episode with Rand is full of "ugliness." Rand after being through a lot entrepreneurially has many wise insights for young, aspiring entrepreneurs that want to build a business. He offers insights that aren't for growing or scaling, rather insights that give you the tools to combat entrepreneurship when it throws a right hook like Mike Tyson.  You can find Rand @randfish on twitter! Enjoy!
September 09, 2019
[Max Karg: Retired Teen] "Making it happen after dropping out of college.."
Max Karg is a high performance coach that shares his experience on how to best mentally prepare for entrepreneurship. Max being a high performance coach is a perfect guest to have on for learning how to slay the beast entrepreneurship is!  You can find Max @maxckarg on IG! Enjoy!
September 02, 2019
[Sterling Jones: Jojo's Chocolate] "Making it happen in college..."
Sterling is one who dives deep into how entrepreneurship is day to day and what to expect with obstacles. From this chat hopefully you can be prepared and understand how to best approach entrepreneurship so you can make it happen as well. Find Sterling on IG @jojoschocolate
August 26, 2019
[Marcus Cobb: Jammber] "Making it happen through being the "minority"...
Subscribe to theDIYpreneur on iTunes, Spotify, and don't forget to follow the IG @theDIYpreneur! Marcus's story is one that you won't want to miss and learn from. After growing up with a horrible situation, see what kind of lessons and tactics Marcus has learned that can help you withstand a journey like his.
August 19, 2019
[Fran Dunaway: TomboyX] "Making it happen through not having any entrepreneurial experience.."
Subscribe to theDIYpreneur on Youtube, Spotify, and my community! See how Fran's ugliness scaling a game changing business can help you with life and manage your own entrepreneurial ugliness!
August 12, 2019
[Amy Kauffman: Givily] "Making it happen through not being "techy" at all..."
Subscribe to theDIYpreneur on Youtube, Spotify, and my community! In my chat with Amy we find out the resourcefulness, and behind the scenes of what she had to face to grow her company Givily. See what things you can take away from her creativity.
August 05, 2019
[Laura Roeder: Meetedgar] "Making it happen through quitting her job to be an entrepreneur full time.."
Subscribe to theDIYpreneur on Youtube, Spotify, and my community! Laura tells us about some of the resourceful tactics she believes can help entrepreneurs get through the grind of entrepreneurship. Tune in to see what kind of things you can implement to optimize your ugliness!
August 02, 2019
[Dane Maxwell: The Foundation] "Making it happen through facing your demons.."
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July 31, 2019
[SISU Mouth Guard: Sassa Akervall] "Making it happen through long, long nights..."
Subscribe to theDIYpreneur on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes and my community! Sassa has created a unique technology for mouth guards that was very different. Being very different means facing things most people don't face... See what ugliness and value Sassa offers to you within this episode!
July 30, 2019
[Driftless Glen: Renee Bemis] "Making it happen through a war with the city.."
Subscribe to theDIYpreneur on Youtube, Spotify, and my community! In this episode we go deep into how Renee day to day got out of her entrepreneurial ugliness and grew Driftless Glen to what it is now! See how you can implement these things into your own entrepreneurial journey to see success!
July 23, 2019
[Marketing-Mentor: Ilise Benun] "Making it happen through 15+ long years of little progress.."
Subscribe to theDIYpreneur on Youtube, Spotify, and my community! Ilise Benun is a coach and a strategist. She helps her clients find bigger clients with better budgets. With an interesting business model Ilise runs, see what kind of ugliness she had to face and how she managed to overcome it!
July 11, 2019
[Lemonlight: Chad Rogers] "Making it happen through not having a home.."
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June 30, 2019
[Lone Tree: Jamis O'Brain] "Making it happen through 200+ employees to 2.."
Subscribe to theDIYpreneur on Youtube, Spotify, and my community! Jamis O'Brain is a chronic entrepreneur that has started many entrepreneurial ventures. See what he has to say about entrepreneurial ugliness, and what to do to get through it!
June 20, 2019
[Kodiak Cakes: Joel Clark] "Making it happen through a $25,000 dollar unexpected bill.."
In my chat with Joel Clark of Kodiak Cakes we expose some of how entrepreneurship was for Joel. After eleven years of scaling Kodiak Cakes to one of the biggest pancake mix brands in the United States, we see just what it took to complete such an amazing goal Joel set for himself and Kodiak Cakes. Lastly, we also learn how Joel was resourceful and creative in overcoming his obstacles on the way to what Kodiak Cakes is today! Hear how many Kodiak Cake pancakes Joel can eat in one sitting... 
June 08, 2019
[GymGuyz: Josh York] "Making it happen through being cheated, lied to, and taken from.."
Josh York is the founder of GymGuyz. Within my chat with Josh find out what he has to say about some of the ugliness entrepreneurs face on their journey, and how to power through those ugly times. Gymguyz is the fastest growing franchise as of now and Josh expects to grow Gymguyz into a household name of fitness. In this interview find out what makes a successful entrepreneur! 
May 22, 2019
Introduction! To ugliness...
See what theDIYpreneur is all about within this introduction. Meet me, Josh Chingas, and prepare yourself for an entrepreneurial experience like you've never heard before...
April 17, 2019