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The New Old-Time Radio Show

The New Old-Time Radio Show

By Mark Seven
Creating live recreations of vintage radio theatre to be distributed through your modern streaming device.
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Crime Club: No Time For Murder!
A live retelling of vintage radio theatre: this episode from the series "Crime Club" tells the story of a clock that chimed with DEATH! The Librarian - Brittany Bizub Peter Woods - Matthew J. Wilks Hilda Ryan - Jessica Burkhart Steve Jackson - Chris Bizub Karl Andrews - Nick Yurick Dixie Martel - Shley Snider Directed by Mark Seven, Written by Stedman Coles, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
December 17, 2020
15 - Christmas for Carole
"A hit-and-run! One job! With enough out of it to make it worthwhile." Paul is willing to go through great lengths for his wife, Carole, but will he know the true consequences of his action? Paul - Nathan Jarosz Rocky - Mike Rogan Doctor and Ricky - Rick Kay Carole and Mrs Forbes - Vivian Luther Announcer and Mr Forbes - Vince Kracht Directed by Mark Seven, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
December 17, 2020
14 - Escape: THE BIRDS
Escape presents a terrifying creature from which there may be no escape: THE BIRDS - originally broadcast October 7th, 1954. NAT - Justin Edenhofer DEBORAH - Shley Snider JILL and MRS. TRIGG - Linda Schneider NARRATOR, MR. TRIGG, and BBC ANNOUNCER - Matthew J. Wilks Directed by Mark Seven, Written by Daphne du Maurier, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
December 3, 2020
13 - Richard Diamond, Private Detective: MERRY-GO-ROUND CASE
When a mentor is attacked, this singing detective seeks out the criminal in an unlikely place. Richard Diamond - Mark Seven Helen Asher (and Jewel) - Jessica Burkhart Walt - Ted Larson Leo (and Old Man) - Justin Edenhofer Birdy (and Smiley) - Vince Kracht
November 20, 2020
12 - The Adventures of Philip Marlowe - Red Wind
Originally aired June 17, 1947: the heat of the Santa Ana winds blowing into Los Angeles can cause a man to do anything. Philip Marlowe - Michael Rogan Lola Barsaly (and Eugenie Kolchenko) - Shley Snider Bartender - Nathan Jarosz Waldo (and Frank Barsaly) - Maurice McNicholas Ybarra - Vince Kracht Announcer - Mark Seven Directed by Mark Seven, Written by Raymon Chandler, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
November 5, 2020
11 - Lights Out: Ghost Party
An unexpected guest to Mrs. Hinkle's party overstays their welcome. Mrs. Hinkle - Evie Morris Mr. Hinkle - Mark Seven Jimmy - Nathan Jarosz Ellen - Emily Bishop-Bosu The Old Woman - Cheryl McConnell Jeffries (and The Life of the Party) - Matthew J. Wilks Directed by Mark Seven, Written by Arch Oboler, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
October 23, 2020
10 - Inner Sanctum Mysteries: The Undead
Diana has nothing to fear from the dead... but what about... the UNdead? Host - Nick Yurick Mary, the Lipton Tea Lady - Allyson Voller Diana - Jennifer Myor Richard - Justin Edenhofer Claudia/Operator - Rosilyn Jentner Caretaker/Vampire/Sergeant - Mark Seven Directed by Mark Seven, Written by Milton Lewis, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
October 8, 2020
9 - Sherlock Holmes: The Problem of Thor Bridge
First premiered October 1st 1945, Petri wine brings you a tale of a suspicious death over a body of water. Sherlock Holmes - Chris Bizub Dr. Watson - Nick Yurick Neil Gibson - Matthew J. Wilks Sergeant Coventry/Announcer - Mark Seven Cesar - Jairo Cuesta Miss Dunbar - Shley Snider Singer - Jennifer Myer
September 24, 2020
8 - Lights Out: The Locked Room Mystery
First premiered October 23rd 1935, Sam Chase tries to finish he novel with the help of an unexpected acquaintance. Sam Chase - Joe French Harvey Kerrigan - Maurice McNicholas Don Stewart - Matthew J. Wilks Bud Taylor - Michael A. Wollner Directed by Mark Seven, Written by  Willis Cooper, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
September 10, 2020
7 - Dragnet: The Big Switch
Sergeant Joe Friday and Officer Frank Smith investigate the elephant in the room trying to find the murderer of George Pilson. Sgt. Joe Friday - Rick Kay Officer Frank Smith - Ted Larson Marie Pilson - Linda Schneider Sam Mordell - Joe French Charles Parra - Matthew J. Wilks Lydia Shires - Marcia Wilsey Policeman Carly - Mark Seven Directed by Mark Seven, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
September 3, 2020
6 - Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Case of the Careless Victim
Also known as "The Case of the Careless Client," listen to your favorite Belgian detective search for a reasonably priced apartment in the heart of New York City while investigating the criminal egomaniac Hillary Kent! Hercule Poirot - Justin Edenhofer Agatha Christie/Miss Fletcher - Lisa Braatz Officer Stevens - Matthew J. Wilks Johnny/Pilot - Nathan Jarosz Clerk/Laura Parish - Haley Reese Calhoun Announcer/Jonathan Parish - Mark Seven Directed by Mark Seven, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
August 27, 2020
5 - Ellery Queen: The Disappearance of Mr. James Phillimore
The Case of Mr. Short and Mr. Long. Ellery Queen - Paul Engelhardt Inspector Queen - Thomas Hill Sargeant Velie - Matthew J. Wilks Nikki Porter - Lorraine Lash Mr. Biggs - Mark Seven Messenger - Haley Reese Calhoun Directed by Mark Seven, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
August 13, 2020
4 - Dashiell Hammett's The Adventures of the Thin Man: The Case of the All-American Menace
It's hard to be an attractive young thing just out of bobby-sox... especially when you're being FRAMED for MURDER - let's hope the bum living off of his wife can come to the rescue! Nick Charles - Michael Wollner Nora Charles - Allison Voller Joanie Winslow - Julie Hurt "Plunger" Belsen - Michael Rogan Laura Marshall - Jessica Burkhart Alistair Floritin - Matthew J. Wilks Directed by Mark Seven, based on the Novel by Dashiell Hammett, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
July 28, 2020
3 - Dick Tracy: The Case of the Big Top Murders!
An action-packet episode of the world's greatest detective featuring: waltzing elephants, tootsie rolls, unrequited love, and mysterious murders - all jam-packed in a three ring circus! Dick Tracy - Nick Yurick Tess Trueheart - Shley Snider Vitamin Flintheart - Mark Seven Hambone Shill - Ted Larson Faye Line - Jennifer Myor Duckfoot the Clown - Rich Stimac Zelda - Vivian Luther Announcer - Matthew J. Wilks Directed by Mark Seven, Written by Sidney Sloan based off the nationally-known comic strip Created by Chester Gould, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
July 27, 2020
2 - Lucille Fletcher's "Sorry, Wrong Number"
This classic and highly celebrated piece of American radio theatre history tells the tale of a woman trying to stop a murder from her own bed by using the only tool available to her: a telephone - use yours to stream this episode! Mrs. Stevenson - Donna Bica Sgt. Duffy - Justin Hale Operator - Haley Reese Calhoun Miss Curtis - Emily Bishop-Bosu George - Matthew J. Wilks Directed by Mark Seven, Written by Lucille Fletcher, Audio Edited by Haley Reese Calhoun
July 26, 2020
Theme Song!
The opening theme for "The New Old-Time Radio Show!" We're bringing the golden age of radio into the golden age of technology. This podcast is brought to you by Curtains! Mystery Dinner Theatre a devision of Get Away With Murder LLC. Featuring: Mark Seven
July 25, 2020