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The New Paradigm Podcast

The New Paradigm Podcast

By Schools of Consciousness
Jess Garcia and Galia Brahim are Transformational Life Coaches, Motivational Speakers, and Healers here to assist in your Personal and Spiritual Development. In our Podcast we share insights,tools for Mental Health, Self-Healing, Spiritual Growth and Transformation. To learn more about our mentorship programs and services visit us at
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EP36: Healing Intergenerational traumas
Welcome to Episode 36 of The New Paradigm Podcast. On this episode we discuss how traumas are intergenerational. We share how healing intergenerational traumas is connected to healing our DNA and repair timelines on earth and other solar systems. Intergenerational traumas are the result of deep and ancient collective traumas that are passed down from generation to generation.  To connect with us on instagram : Add us at @healwithgalia  @jessgarcia.coaching  To learn more about our coaching programs : 
May 26, 2022
EP35: Healing from feeling unworthy
Welcome to episode 31 of the New Paradigm Podcast. On this episode, we talk about the origins of the feeling of unworthiness. If we did not receive validation from our parents at a crucial stage of our developmental process, we are more likely to feel unworthy. We teach you how to navigate through this feeling and heal it. 
May 19, 2022
EP34: The Matrix is going Down
Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel.   " We won't take the Double BigMac"   Welcome to EP34 of the New Paradigm ! THE MATRIX IS GOING DOWN. It is time to rise up and break free from the oppressors! We are in a time of major world shifts that are connected to a Collective Consciousness Shift and major planetary alignments. We are the prayers of our ancestors. We volunteered to be incarnated on earth at the time of The Great Cycle Transition. We are now witnessing The USA's Pluto return and the current world events are getting more  intense.    Connect with us on instagram  : @jessgarcia.coaching  @healwithgalia   Visit our website
March 25, 2022
EP33: Reclaiming our Sovereignty
Welcome to Episode 33 of The New Paradigm Podcast. On this episode we discuss the energies of this March Full moon and how these energies are calling us to take action and step into our full power.  This Episode Covers :  - As we transform our inner world, we make a global impact.  - Integrating the higher energies of this March full moon.  - Coming from a place of wholeness instead of reacting from our lower self.  - Learning to Master the Self through becoming aware of interferences and lower frequencies.  - Breaking free from Belief Systems  - Heart & Mind Coherence  - The Pandemic is a major activation and we are awakening even deeper to ancient traumas  -  Rising up as a collective before the corrupted system.  Connect with us on Instagram :  @healwithgalia  @jessgarcia.coaching Subscribe to our Youtube Channel, Schools of Consciousness for new video updates every Monday and Thursday To know more about our Mentorship Programs, visit us at 
March 19, 2022
EP32: How to Stay Calm in A Crisis
Welcome to episode 32 ! On this episode we talk about how to manage to stay calm in difficult times.  This episode covers: 1. Introduction: How current world events are a distractions to drive us way from our purpose.  2. The New Paradigm : Leaving corporate life to step into entrepreneurship. Sovereignty through decentralization of money and new technologies.  3. How do we manage our stress and trauma responses in a time of a crisis.  4. Welcoming the changes to transform. 5. From Surviving to Thriving. 
March 10, 2022
EP31: The 3 Keys to Personal Transformation
Welcome to episode 31 of The New Paradigm Podcast. On this episode we discuss in detail the 3 keys to personal transformation. We also share examples of our personal transformational journey. This Episode covers: 1. Introduction: Why it is important to start our personal transformation. 2. First Key: Willingness to transform (comes with faith sense of purpose, putting yourself first, stay loyal to your decision to transform) 3. Second Key: Quality of Life ( becoming self aware of our patterns, changing environment, relationships, addiction and negative habits, shifting our mindset) 4. Third Key: Commitment to Self-Growth ( self-discipline, self-love/compassion, consistency & resilience, doing the deep inner work/ shadow work/trauma healing, self-education, authenticity and leaving our legacy).  5. Wrap up: We share how our personal transformation and self acceptance has opened and inspired our mothers to start their healing work and accepting to work with their daughters 1:1. Through us becoming the change we wish to see in the world it has created a ripple effect in our collective consciousness. Connect With Us: Instagram: @jessgarcia.coaching @healwithgalia Visit us at
March 03, 2022
EP30: How to Manage our Emotions and Activate our Light Body
Welcome to episode 30 ! In this episode, we talk about how to manage our emotions and activate our light body. This Episode covers : 1/ Introduction : How do we repress our emotions and how our emotions are a gateway to the metaphysical. 2/ Meditation : Transmutation of our emotions and realizing the trauma body . 3/ Sacral chakra meditation + deep breathing 4/ Connection between light body and our emotions. Ascension Symptoms. 5/ Healing Vibrations : Sei Ei Ki = Emotional Healing.
February 25, 2022
EP29: How is Trauma your Best Teacher?
Welcome to episode 29 !
February 18, 2022
EP28: What is Emotional Addiction ?
Welcome to Season 3 and the episode 28 of The New Paradigm Podcast ! On this Episode, we share about what's emotional addiction, how it manifests and how we can begin to heal from emotional addiction. We talk about the importance of nurturing the inner child and create a space to break free.  To connect with us on instagram : @jessgarcia.coaching @healwithgalia  To learn more about our mentorship programs :
February 10, 2022
EP27: From Abused to Victorious with Rosa Pontifice
On this Episode, we interview Rosa Pontifice, Jess's Mother, who is a preschool teacher and works with children from diverse cultural backgrounds through the integration process. She has been working for Mount Diablo Unified School District in Contra Costa County, California for over 20 years. She shares how she managed to overcome an abusive marriage while taking care of her children and guiding Jess through her mental health crisis . She uses her life experiences to inspire women in abusive relationships and parents with children suffering from mental illness that there is hope and everything is possible with the spirit of faith and trusting In your intuition.
December 28, 2021
EP26: Healing Holistically with Ranjeeta Singh, MD
Welcome to episode 26! On this episode we interview  Ranjeeta Singh, MD aka Dr. Rani who is a Wellness Consultant, Personal Trainer, Holistic Life Coach and Urban Healer. She has spent 15+ years in the health and wellness industry from Kinesiology and Medicine to personal training, ancient medicine and spirituality. What she hopes to share with people is education and wisdom. When it comes to one's health and wellness, there is no right or wrong way. There is just the way that is going to work for oneself, at this point in time, that resonates with the individual. The individual is the one who defines health and wellness for themself and how it feels for them, we are all unique in that, therefore, it feels different for everyone depending on where that person is in their life. Her greatest passion of all is guiding individuals back to themselves through those various modalities. Instagram: @lovesoulfit Website:  ReplyForward
December 20, 2021
EP25: Creating a Mindfulness Practice with Ixel Sanchez
Welcome to episode 25! On this episode we interview Ixel Sanchez who has a Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Business Administration. She is a doctorate student in Psychology at the University of Paris. Her focus in on developing a Mindfulness and Creativity program for her Psychology doctoral thesis project. Ixel is a Spiritual Teacher and has launched The Dream Podcast where she talks about dreams, Spiritual growth & techniques as well as delivers messages for her listeners.  Instagram: @ixchel_sourcefrequencies Website: Podcast: Pinterest:
December 13, 2021
EP24: Clinically Trained, Mystically Guided with Casey Stevens
Welcome to Episode 24 ! On this episode, we interview Casey Stevens, Spiritual Psychotherapist who shares about how her practice differs from conventional psychotherapy. Casey has over a decade of clinical practice working with thousands of clients worldwide, including a rich diversity of ages, races, cultures, genders, religions, sexual orientations, and socio-economic statuses. She is a Licensed Psychotherapist, a Master Certified Consciousness Coach and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Beyond that her intuition and healing abilities allow her to feel client’s unique energy patterns adapting tools and techniques to support optimal organization for the precise needs of each soul. To connect with Casey : Instagram : @shrinkbigger
December 06, 2021
EP23: Breaking Free from limiting beliefs with Chris Cuadros
Welcome to Episode 23 ! On this episode we interview Chris Cuadros, Mindset Coach and Therapist, who utilizes Hypnotherapy and Strategic psychotherapy to help you tap into your negative subconscious patterns and break free from limiting beliefs.  To connect with Chris : Instagram : mind.your.mind21
November 29, 2021
EP22: How to Exit The Matrix with Marja West
Welcome to episode 22. On this episode, we interview Marja West, Author and Trauma-Based Mind Control Deactivator. On this episode Marja shares about how to step into sovereignty and break free from the matrix. She also gives us helpful tools for Self Mastery. About Marja West :  Marja (pronounced Mahrrr-ya) West is an author and a leading expert in Energy Mastery, Reality Creation, and Trauma-Based Mind Control DeActivator specifically focusing on handholding survivors of Human Trafficking, Rape Camps, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Cult/Tribal, and NSP Abuse (Narcissistic-Sociopathic-Psychopathic), to evolve from Victim to Victorious. In her 34th year of private practice, of which 80% is pro bono work, Marja is a champion for Conscious Sexuality out of the Matrix. She is the creator of Absolute Balanced Mastery™--a cutting-edge energy healing technology (and curriculum--based on 5-Element Chinese Medicine, the Human Energy Field & Chakra System, and Exiting the Matrix) that dissolves all Trauma-Based Mind Control, aligning Heart (emotions-feelings), Mind (thoughts-beliefs), and Body (actions-active stillness) with our True Divine Creative Natures. This alignment is known as Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Coordination and is only accessible by exiting the Matrix. She has trained hundreds of practitioners all over the planet since 1994. Well-known for her laugh-out-loud humour and filter-free, disarming, electrifying presentations, Marja is the author of F’d Wide Open: The Rude Awakening of the Heart-Based New Humanity. She is also a medical intuitive, martial artist, musician, dancer, and mentors one and all in True Reality Creation, lovingly mastering their attention and energy--waltzing in and out of the Matrix, undetected, repopulating the True Quantum Field Universe, all in accordance with Natural Law. She is an advocate for igniting your Superpower of Courage, Transurfing Reality, and engaging your Divine Masculine (and Divine Feminine) to actively stand-alone, learn to take a punch, hit back hard, and raise your frequency in any shitshow to go stealth, undetected, waltzing in and out of the Matrix, and keep on keeping on. Like Awakening, The Great Work is NOT a one-off event; it is continuous.  YouTube Channel : LoveTruth&Beauty Both editions of her book F’d Wide Open: The Rude Awakening of the Heart-Based New Humanity are available on Amazon. Marja West’s information in one cool place:
November 22, 2021
EP21: Attuning to the Wisdom of Love with Kirsty Collett
Welcome to Episode 21. On this episode we interview Kirsty Collett, energy healer and writer but Kirsty would prefer not to be introduced with a label or a series of words about who she is, not because she is beyond that, simply because there is no reason to elaborate in a way that mistakenly identifies her as anything other than simply Being Love. Kirsty shares her profound insights about attuning to the wisdom of love.  To connect with Kirsty : Website : Instagram : simply.beinglove
November 15, 2021
EP20 : The Creative Process with Emily Tamayo Maher
Welcome to Season 2 of The New Paradigm Podcast. On Episode 20, we interview Emily Tamayo Maher, Book Coach and Best-selling author in Women's spirituality. She helps aspiring writers turn their own life-changing stories into books that capture the depth and significance of their experiences. On this podcast, we dive deep into the creative process and our special guest shares about her book, The Meaning Method to help you move past your writer's blocks.  About The Meaning Method :  There’s a reason your book idea won’t leave you alone. It’s part of your soul’s potential and the path to fulfilling that dream is hidden in your chakras. You’ll discover realms of your imagination you didn’t even know existed, eliminate blocks that stifle your best work and learn audience growth strategies used by spiritual leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi. This approach to manifesting is four-thousand-years-old but most people don’t know about it. The Meaning Method is a step-by-step guide that applies this sacred path to your book project: • Crown – Connect to infinite inspiration. • Third Eye – Get clarity on your outline and big vision. • Throat – Feel confident in your unique voice. • Heart - Love the creative process. • Solar Plexus – Think like a professional editor. • Sacral – Birth (ahem, publish) your book. • Root - Grow Your Audience. To Connect with Emily :  Instagram : Emily.Tamayo.Maher  Website : Purchase the Book :
November 08, 2021
EP19: Energy Healing Work
Welcome to Episode 19. Today I ask questions to Jess about energy healing. She dives deep within the practice and give you unique tools to transmute and transform your pains.  Connect with us :  @jessgarcia.coaching @healwithgalia
November 01, 2021
EP 18 : Trauma Healing- The Spiritual Approach Guidebook
Welcome to episode 18 ! On today's episode, I interview Galia Brahim about her powerful book, Trauma Healing- The Spiritual Approach. She shares with us her book in greater detail.  In this guidebook, you will learn : 🔹️ To understand the Roots of Trauma 🔹️ To Identify Dysfunctional patterns in your family history and know why traumas manifested into your life 🔹️To understand different trauma responses and overcome them with the help of unique guided meditations 🔹️To learn to see traumas on different dimensions and resolve your inner conflicts through the guidance of your spirit 🔹️ How to Reframe your thinking and how to acquire more emotional intelligence 🔹️ How to release stored traumas in the body and your energetic field 🔹️ Getting in touch with Energy and Vibrational medicine 🔹️ To come into a place of embodiment through training your consciousness 🔹️To live from your Spirit and become a fully integrated being FIRST 100 COPIES FOR FREE DOWNLOAD : @healwithgalia 
October 25, 2021
EP17: Conscious Vs Unconscious Relationships
Welcome to Episode 17. On this episode we help you understand how a conscious relationship differs from an unconscious relationship. How to see negative and repetitive patterns and break free.  Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
October 18, 2021
EP16: The Energetics of Gender
Welcome to episode 16 ! On this episode we talk about the connection between gender and soul. In today's world we are seeing many dark agendas being played out and are directly after young children with gender confusion. Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
October 11, 2021
EP15: The Myths on Mental Health
Welcome to episode 15! On this episode we break down some common myths on mental health: Diagnosis, Medication and labels.  Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
October 04, 2021
EP14: How to be an Empowered Woman in 2021
Welcome to Episode 14. On this episode we discuss how important it is for a woman to transcend her pain body. Women have a particular mission on earth and need to fully step into their power. Time to come into this place of realization and let go of trauma. Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
September 27, 2021
EP13: How to Free Your Mind
Welcome to Episode 13. On this episode, we discuss how to free ourselves from frequency control. Since time immemorial humans have been controlled through their mind and we can reclaim our sovereignty through discipline and practice.  Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
September 20, 2021
EP12: Healing Through The Power Of Spirit
Welcome to episode 12. On this episode we dive deep into healing through the power of Spirit. Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
September 13, 2021
EP11 : Mental Health and Spiritual Awakening
Welcome to Episode 11. On this Episode, we discuss how mental health crisis are connected to the different steps of Spiritual Awakening.   Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching  For more info visit our website:
September 06, 2021
EP10 : Addiction as a Trauma Response
Welcome to Episode 10. On this episode, we share in which ways Addiction is a trauma response and how addiction can take many forms. We share powerful insights on how to start your Addiction Recovery process.  Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
August 30, 2021
EP9 : The Roots of Trauma
Welcome to Episode 9. On this Episode, we share about the origins of Trauma. How does a trauma manifest into our life ? Where does it come from ? Can we say that we are impacted by our parent's life ?  We dive deep into these questions and at the end of the Podcast we offer a unique and powerful exercise for you to travel back in time to heal. Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
August 23, 2021
EP8 : My Body, My Choice, My Freedom
Welcome to Episode 8. On this episode, we share our personal journeys leaving our home country during the pandemic to start living more sustainably. We talk about the current global situation and how it is creating a split within the population.   Connect with us on Instagram : @thenewparadigmpodcast and our personal accounts :  Galia Brahim : @healwithgalia and Jess Garcia : @jessgarcia.coaching   Visit us at 
August 16, 2021
EP7: How to Start your Transformation
Welcome to Episode 7. On this episode we dive deep into how to start a Self-Transformational journey. We share our personal daily morning routines tips and tools for creating a personal daily routine.  Grand Rising Ritual 1. What are you grateful for? 2. Affirmations 3. Todays Mantra 4. Todays Intentions 5. Manifestation ( write as if it has already has manifested) 6. Thank The Divine Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
August 08, 2021
EP6: What Is A Divine Partnership?
Welcome to Episode 6. On this new episode, we discuss what is a divine partnership. A divine partnership just as its name says it, it is a union before God aiming to evolve your soul and experience oneness within and without. We share ways to manifest this divine partnership in your life and if you are already in a relationship, we are sharing crucial tools to improve your relationship and step into a more conscious relationship. The Ho'oponopono prayer : I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you. Message us to receive the Love Language Quiz via email at Just enter My Language Quiz on the email subject. Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia/Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
August 06, 2021
EP5: A Life Of Service
Welcome to Episode 5. On this Episode, we talk about living a life of service and we share major keys on how we can remain in the heart space along our journey to Serve a Higher Purpose. It is not easy to do what is right as many people would rather point the finger at others instead of looking in the mirror and facing their shadow Self. It takes courage, it takes Heart and Pure Devotion to our Higher Self, Our Source to step into the Path of Truth and Love.   Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching  For more info visit our website:
August 06, 2021
EP4: From Sexual Addiction to Sacred Sexuality
Welcome to Episode 4. On this Episode, we share about our experiences with healing our sexual energy, from struggling from sexual addiction to experiencing pure symbiosis in a divine partnership. For centuries, sexuality has been corrupted through porn and images that created distortions within thyself. We were born out of a sexual energy exchange and sexuality is the root of all healing. We explain how it is important to preserve our sexual energy and use it to create and not to destroy and the purpose of a divine partnership. Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
August 06, 2021
EP3: Practicing Non-Attachment For Spiritual And Personal Growth
Welcome to Episode 3. On this Episode, we share our personal journeys giving up on earthly attachment for our spiritual and self-growth. It can be an obsession with our physical appearance, money, sex, food and many habits that become vices that cause us suffering. Desire needs to be dominated to avoid useless pains. Practicing daily detachment allows us to face life with more strength and less conflict. To be indifferent even if it rains or the sun is out, when we don’t feel afflicted by impermanence and cultivate only The Permanence of Spirit. This is where is born true wisdom. We can navigate through life with more serenity. Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
August 06, 2021
EP2: Faith And Mental Health
Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @healwithgalia /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
August 06, 2021
EP1: A Way Out Of Suffering
Welcome to Episode 1. In this Episode, we are sharing about how to break free from the addiction to suffering. Before our birth, our genetics get affected by our surroundings when we are developing in the womb. We are prone to suffering before our birth if our parents, grand parents and ancestors lived their life prisoners of their thoughts and we grew up in a toxic environment. This suffering is then revealed as we go through life and we have to learn to unlearn the negative thought patterns that we have adopted in our life. Everything goes back to the way we have been programing ourselves to operate and our upbringing. This melancholy in life comes from a lack of nurture of our inner child. If this child has never been nurtured, we can feel happy at times and it is easier to relapse because there is always this place in our being that is lacking love and feels unsafe. How do we break free from our addiction to suffering ? We need to take personal responsibility as this conflict within creates disharmony. Connect with us on Social Media: Galia Brahim @galiadevi /Jess Garcia @jessgarcia.coaching For more info visit our website:
August 06, 2021