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The Next Turn - skiing, ski racing and sport

The Next Turn - skiing, ski racing and sport

By Martin Wilson
Conversations about Skiing, Ski Racing and Sport with some of the most successful and insightful skiers, coaches and forward thinkers in the world of skiing.
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Allison Forsyth
Allison Forsyth is a legendary Canadian skier and now, fourteen years after retiring from skiing, she is a legendary advocate who speaks out against abuse on behalf of athletes of all ages and across all sports. She joins us on The Next Turn to talk through her experiences and to shed light on the world of Safe Sport. In addition to bravely sharing pieces of her own story, Forsyth also illuminates the commonalities that exist among so many of these cases in the interest of helping to raise awareness among parents, coaches, volunteers and athletes and ultimately, to pave the way for a better and safer sport culture. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
May 27, 2022
Erik Guay
The Next Turn is back with another thought-provoking episode this week featuring Erik Guay. This former World Champion and current Alpine Canada Board Member is also a parent and coach of young athletes. Guay speaks about his path from competitor to coach and about how to best help kids acquire the technical and tactical skills he sees as vital in the development of the next generation of skiers in Canada. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
April 14, 2022
Joaquim Salarich
As he reaches the end of a breakthrough season, Spanish slalom sensation Joaquim Salarich joins The Next Turn for an enlightening conversation. Salarich has had multiple top ten finishes this season, along with a recent top five in Méribel at World Cup Finals. He shares what key changes he’s made that have resulted in a dramatic improvement to his slalom results, and talks through the impact of this success on both him and his career. As always, Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
March 22, 2022
Cassidy Gray, Justine Lamontagne, Raphaël Lessard and Etienne Mazellier.
Gold medal winners from last week’s Team Event at the World Junior Championships, Cassidy Gray, Justine Lamontange, Etienne Mazellier, and Raphaël Lessard, join us on The Next Turn for a lively and engaging dialogue. The conversation recaps their recent win, sheds light on the careers and paths of each athlete, and takes a look at both the strengths and weaknesses of each as skiers. The four top juniors also share their unique and timely perspectives concerning the ongoing discussion about the development system for alpine athletes. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff their “Thoughts of the Day.”
March 15, 2022
Diann Roffe and Francis Royal
Get ready for some incredible insight from two of the sport’s most talented coaches this week. Olympic gold medalist and Burke Mountain Academy’s Junior Program Director, Diann Roffe, and long-time Quebec team coach, Francis Royal, join us for a riveting conversation that examines the development of good, early fundamentals, looks at what makes good coaching, explores how to manage parent expectations, and works through how to best support athlete wellness. As always, hosts Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
March 09, 2022
John Kucera and Chris Powers
This week, as we continue our discussions with some of the sport’s top coaches, former World Champion John Kucera, now the Head Men's Speed Coach for Alpine Canada, and Assistant Coach Chris Powers, also of Alpine Canada, join us for a great conversation that delves into what defines good skiing and good coaching. The two talked with us upon their return from the Olympics, and the interview features their thoughts on the current top athletes, the up-and-comers, and details their experience in Beijing, covering everything from course conditions, to Alpine Combined results. As always, hosts Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
March 02, 2022
Kristina Revello and Mike Janyk
The Next Turn is thrilled to be joined by two coaches this week who both hold pivotal roles within the sport. Kristina Revello, former FIS athlete who is now the Regional Development Coach for US Ski and Snowboard’s Rocky Central Region, and Mike Janyk, Canadian National Team member who is now the Executive Director of Whistler Mountain Ski Club. This thoughtful conversation runs the gamut, examining topics like multi-sport exposure for athletes, coach development, course setting, ski IQ, and the good, the bad and the ugly of “Live Timing”. As always, hosts Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
February 23, 2022
Paul Epstein and Willy Booker
Get ready for a fascinating discussion from two extremely high-level coaches that will undoubtedly prove invaluable to coaches, parents and athletes alike. Joining us on The Next Turn are Paul Epstein, a long-time alpine coach and former ski racer who is the founder and CEO and Head Coach of Global Racing, and Willie Booker, also a former racer with a breadth of experience at the helm of companies like Nordica and Fischer, who has been Head of Burke Mountain Academy since 2017. Epstein and Booker candidly discuss coaching tactics, the ins and outs of coach development, analyze what might be missing in athlete development as early as the U12 level, and highlight the integral role that coaches and atmosphere play in the long-term development of athletes from both a physical and mental standpoint. As always, hosts Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
February 16, 2022
Luke Winters
As the Olympic slalom nears, The Next Turn shares a conversation with young American slalom specialist, Luke Winters. The Oregon native gives insight on the dues he has paid breaking into the World Cup points and how he intends to find more success on the way to the podium. From the technical changes he has made, to the belief system that holds the dream together, the conversation touches on it all. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
February 09, 2022
Charlie Guest
At a time of great excitement and promise for the alpine program of Great Britain, the country’s best female racer, Charlie Guest, joins us on The Next Turn. As Guest finds her way into the top of World Cup slalom, she reflects on the brutal road of injuries, how she regained her physical well-being and how she intends to use this phase of her career. From nitty gritty technical talk to the business side of the sport —she is currently looking for a coveted helmet sponsor— the Scottish skier shares her insights, struggles and successes. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
February 02, 2022
Dexter Paine - Vice President of FIS
Dexter Paine, the Vice President of the Fédération Internationale de Ski, joins The Next Turn, providing a rare opportunity for a candid conversation with a top leader of our sport’s governing body. Paine shares his long history in the sport, beginning as a youth racer in a family of volunteers, taking us through his 13-year tenure as the Chairman of United States Ski and Snowboard Association. In his current role since 2014, Paine weighs in on a variety of topics and answers tough questions on issues like broadcast rights, athlete safety, and mental health, while also explaining his vision for how FIS needs and intends to evolve into the future. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
January 26, 2022
The Voices - Nick Fellows, Steve Porino, Brian Stemmle and Tina Weirather
If you have ever watched a World Cup ski race, then you have certainly heard at least one of the four legendary voices we’re lucky enough to feature in this episode. Eurosports’ Nick Fellows, Steve Porino of NBC in the United States, Canadian Broadcasting Company’s Brian Stemmle and Tina Weirather of Switzerland’s SRF give us an inside look at how they give life to World Cup races for viewers and listeners around the world. We get a chance to hear their perspective about their roles, the preparation that goes into each broadcast, the stories they love, and the skiers they root for; we even get a bold prediction or two. No topic is left unturned, including the evolution of FIS safety, as well as how their roles as broadcasters may evolve in the future. As always, Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
January 19, 2022
Therese Brisson - President and CEO Alpine Canada.
It is not often we get a behind the scenes look at one of the world’s largest snow sports organizations. In this episode, Therese Brisson, President and CEO of Alpine Canada, joins The Next Turn and provides that access. Brisson explains how her long, successful career as a hockey player, professor, boardroom executive and athlete advocate have prepared her for the challenges of her current role. From development pipeline and geographical issues, to funding, branding and more, Brisson gives the data and the philosophies behind her efforts to make Canada both a World Cup and an Olympic leader in the coming years. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
January 12, 2022
Nina O’Brien
Nina O’Brien is in the midst of solidifying her place as both one of the top seeds on the World Cup, as well as one the leaders among America’s next generation of racers. Nina joins The Next Turn to discuss the technique and tactics she is utilizing to find success at the moment, the adjustments she has made and the hard lessons she has learned along the way. In a broad and insightful conversation, O’Brien reveals the personality behind one of the most exciting young skiers on the tour. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day
January 05, 2022
Steven Nyman
American downhill veteran Steve Nyman is in the midst of returning to form after a nearly two year hiatus due to injury. The multiple World Cup winner joins The Next Turn to give details on his progress at finding top speed, his method of learning and what he now knows that he wishes he knew when he was younger. Nyman is open and honest about the challenges that lay ahead for him and how his approach to success has evolved. As always, Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
December 22, 2021
Mac Marcoux with Tristan Rodgers
Two time Paralympic Champion and multiple medal recipient, Canadian Mac Marcoux joins The Next Turn for an engaging conversation. Marcoux, a blind skier with an accomplished career, is currently gearing up for the 2022 Paralympics in Beijing. Marcoux skis and competes alongside his guide, Tristan Rodgers, who also joins us for the discussion. Together, they give us an in-depth description of Rodgers’ role, describe the language they use to communicate effectively on and off the hill, and detail the level of trust required for success. Additionally, Marcoux reveals his goals for the future and the legacy he wishes to leave behind. As always, Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day''.
December 15, 2021
Paula Moltzan with Ryan Mooney
Paula Moltzan’s journey to land in the top seed of the Women’s World Cup in slalom has been long and measured. At the age of 27, she is realizing goals and is poised for even more success. A lot of her recent accomplishments, confidence and willingness to push hard are a result of the environment she has created with fiancé Ryan Mooney, who plays the role of ski tech, coach, and business manager, while also holding a day job as a freelance photographer. Paula and Ryan share the inner-workings of the team they have built together, the equipment set up they’ve landed on, Moltzan’s strengths as a skier, and how they intend to parlay all those assets into big things in the future. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
December 08, 2021
Sofia Goggia
Sofia Goggia is defending both her World Cup Downhill title and her Olympic Gold Medal this season, all while coming back from recent injury. Yet in true Sofia style, she reports that she is feeling better than ever. Goggia joins The Next Turn for an incredibly direct and candid conversation, where the personality and priorities of the reigning queen of downhill are both revealed. She shares what she believes has enabled her to be so successful over the years, what goes into executing her plan, and how her fast and fearless skiing is a direct reflection and expression of her truest self. As always, Martin, Cara, and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
December 01, 2021
Alice Robinson
Alice Robinson is already New Zealand's most successful skier ever, and she is only just getting started. Robinson joins us to discuss how she got to this point of her career, plans to add speed events to her schedule, and to explain how she intends to solidify her spot as a consistent threat on the World Cup circuit. Robinson also divulges her strategies to stay happy and healthy through the highs and lows that ski racing presents. These strategies for success seem to be firmly established thanks to a well-rounded and incredibly “normal” upbringing. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their own “Thoughts of the Day.”
November 24, 2021
Erin Mielzynski and Laurence St-Germain
Canadian slalom duo Erin Mielzynski and Laurence St-Germain are two incredibly close teammates and friends. In this interview, we hear how that closeness defies their divergent paths, opposing strengths and weaknesses, and their unique mental approaches to managing expectations and pressures. In their words, one is the yin to the other’s yang. Mielzynski and St-Germain reveal the many benefits of their powerful relationship and how having the steadfast belief and support of a fellow teammate can be of invaluable help on the often bumpy road to success. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
November 17, 2021
River Radamus
River Radamus jumped into the spotlight with huge successes at the Youth Olympics and World Junior Championships, captivating fans everywhere with flashy hair styles, acrobatic celebrations and viral challenges. During our conversation, River reveals that there is a lot more depth to the young American upstart. Going far beyond the style and diving deep into the substance of his unrelenting pursuit of success, River explains his own definition of success , and his thoughtful and meticulous approach to achieving it. As always, Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
November 09, 2021
Dave Ryding
Welcome Back to The Next Turn! Season two kicks off with steely British Ski Team leader, Dave Ryding. In a candid and in-depth conversation, Ryding goes into detail about his unorthodox pathway to the World Cup, his methodical approach to development on snow, and explains how honest self-talk helps keep him motivated. He shares the training tactics and mental techniques that just might lead to the 34 year old’s best slalom results yet. As always, hosts Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of The Day”.
November 02, 2021
“Thoughts of the Day”
As the first season of The Next Turn comes to close, we thought it would be fitting to highlight the insights of some of the loyal listeners of our podcast. They are coaches, parents and fans who have joined our “pursuit of better” from episode to episode. Now it is their turn to share their own “Thoughts of the Day” with all of us so we can learn from them as they discuss guests, subjects and themes that inspired them to listen and think a little differently about the sport we all care for deeply. And yes, as always, Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day” too.
May 20, 2021
Sasha Rearick and Warren Jobbitt
Warren Jobbitt and Sasha Rearick are two of the most influential leaders in skiing throughout North America in the last two decades. Jobbitt as a long term member and Head Coach of the Canadian Interski team, and Rearick as the Head Coach of the Men’s US Ski team. They joined us this week and both shared their beliefs, experiences and philosophies on what good skiing and teaching means, what the best instructors and coaches have in common, as well as where the differences lie. You might just be surprised with the conversation. As always, Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
May 13, 2021
Marie-Michèle Gagnon and Travis Ganong
Canada’s Marie-Michèle Gagnon and America’s Travis Ganong are two of the best speed skiers in North America. They are also a long-standing couple, which presents truly unique advantages and perspectives on the World Cup. They joined us on The Next Turn, where they shared their views on measuring and preparing for success, discussed how they dial in their equipment as well as the process of absorbing information during each run, and talked through what they believe they need to do to continue their pursuit of better. As always, hosts Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
May 06, 2021
Brodie Seger, Jack Crawford, Jeff Read
First came the Crazy Canucks, then the Canadian Cowboys--could this trio be next? Alpine Canada athletes Brodie Seger, Jeffery Read, and Jack Crawford joined us this week on The Next Turn to discuss the value of their team dynamic, how they are absorbing insight and experience with every World Cup start, and the role that their coach and former World champion Johnny Kucera plays in their development. The trio each takes a turn sharing his thoughts on the skiing of the other two, and they all enjoy more than a few laughs along the way. As always, hosts Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
April 29, 2021
NCAA Alpine Champions Amelia Smart and Cassidy Gray
Both of the 2021 NCAA Women’s Alpine Champions are based out of Panorama, BC and both are members of Canadian National team. Amelia Smart and Cassidy Gray have certainly made their mark on the NCAA circuit. Gray started strong in her freshman season this year with University of Colorado Boulder’s Buffs by taking the NCAA title in GS, while Smart finished out her senior season at University of Denver by taking the NCAA title in the slalom to go along with her GS and slalom titles from 2018. Smart and Gray joined us on the Next Turn to talk through achieving balance between the NCAA race circuit, the World Cup circuit, and academics, as well as to laud the benefits of racing with and for a team at the college level. Both discuss their techniques for remaining present and focused on race day, as well as strategies for putting together two solid runs. Hosts Martin, Jeff, and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
April 22, 2021
The Small Hills with Scott McGrew, Jason Gerry and Katherine Seleski
It is safe to say that for many of us, our love of skiing was fostered by small hills in small communities. That upbringing often results in a lifelong commitment to skiing that’s passed down to future generations. In this episode, we talk to three people who give their lives and energy to making sure these small hills survive and that our sport continues to thrive. Jason Gerry of Loch Lomond in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Scott McGrew of Rotarun in Hailey, Idaho and Katherine Seleski of Pass Powderkeg, in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta share stories and philosophies about their mission, which is to save the sport for generations to come. Hosts Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
April 15, 2021
Federica Brignone
2020 World Cup overall champion Federica Brignone joins The Next Turn for a candid conversation, where she addresses recent retirement rumours head on. The Italian alpine powerhouse discusses her performance throughout the last season, how Covid restrictions affected her, and what adjustments she plans to make for her own happiness and to continue her career on her own terms. Hosts Martin, Jeff, and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
April 07, 2021
Nick Fellows
Legendary Eurosport broadcaster, Nick Fellows brings an unmatched level of energy and enthusiasm to commentating to the World Cup that draws in both lifelong fans and new viewers alike. Fellows, a former ski racer for Great Britain, has earned both the trust and respect of the athletes, giving him first rights to inside info and insight into what makes them tick. He joined us on The Next Turn for a thoroughly entertaining talk about some of the biggest names and events in the sport, as well as his outlook on how FIS can best evolve to support the racers of today and the ever-growing fanbase of the sport. Hosts Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
April 01, 2021
Erik Read
Canadian World Cup skier Erik Read’s alpine roots run deep; his brother Jeff is his teammate on the Canadian team, his mom Lynda is a former national team member, and their father is none other than the legendary “Crazy Canuck”, Ken Read. Erik shares his insights on FIS, the NCAA pathway, the difference between good skiing and fast skiing, and ponders what it will take to be a medal contender in the near future. As always, Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
March 25, 2021
Jeff Lackie
US Ski Team coach Jeff Lackie talks openly about what goes into being the coach of the greatest female ski racer of all time, Mikaela Shiffrin. Lackie shares insight into the methodology of planning and executing the race and training program for Shriffrin, along with his use of data to help provide guidance for the best possible options for her success. Additionally, he gives his take on what’s important for coaches and young athletes in the sport. Hosts Martin, Jeff and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
March 18, 2021
Hannah Soar
A die-hard, lifelong skier, US Ski Team Moguls athlete Hannah Soar talks about her pursuit of World Cup success and her deep Killington, Vermont roots, where she cultivated her passion for skiing bumps, forged ties with her “Bump Gang”, and now thrives as a role model for young girls following her tracks. Hosts Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
March 11, 2021
Ivica Kostelić and Jan Hudec
Olympic and World Cup legends, Ivica Kostelić and Jan Hudec, pull no punches while discussing the recent events at the Alpine World Championships in Italy, shed light on athlete concerns with regards to safety and fairness on the World Cup circuit, and provide ideas for solutions and improvement. This honest and forthright discussion is sure to raise some eyebrows and get people talking. Hosts Martin, Cara and Jeff share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
March 04, 2021
Phil McNichol and Gar Trayner
Phil McNichol, former coach of Bode Miller, Ted Ligety, Daron Rahlves, now High Performance Director of Alpine Canada, and Olympian Gar Trayner, Director of Sport Education for US Ski and Snowboard, share their viewpoints in this engaging conversation on how to best support children through their progression in the ski racing world through their development into young adults. Hosts Martin, Jeff, and Cara share their “Thoughts of the Day”.
February 25, 2021
Ryan Cochran-Siegle
Ryan Cochran-Siegle U.S. Ski Team member Ryan Cochran-Siegle talks through the impact of the recent neck fracture he sustained racing downhill in Kitzbühel on both his training and competition plans. Additionally, Cochran-Siegle shares how he relieves pressure on race days and works to stay present in the moment, the value of growing up on a small, family mountain, and how parents of ski racers can best support their children on and off the hill. As always, Martin, Cara and Jeff share their, “thoughts of the day.”
February 18, 2021
Griffin Post
Griffin Post, American Freeskier, X Games gold medallist, and Teton Gravity Research athlete, discusses how he built a career using both skiing and business acumen, what goes into the planning of a project and how his racing background prepared him and others for a life in the snow. Hosts share their “Thoughts of the Day.”
February 11, 2021
Atle Lie McGrath
In this episode, Norwegian Alpine Ski Team member Atle Lie McGrath discusses his career trajectory to date, including his World Cup podium in GS at Alta Badia in 2020, the motivating nature of his lifelong friendship with teammate Lucas Braathen, the culture and support of the legendary “Attacking Vikings”, and finally how his choice of Alpine over Nordic came down to a massive cinnamon bun that any other reward proved difficult to rival. As always, the hosts share their “thoughts of the day.”
February 04, 2021
Deb Armstrong
In this episode, 1984 Gold Medalist Deb Armstrong talks openly about pathways for continued progress in the ski racing world to best support and retain female athletes, the lasting impact of the notorious "Lange Girl" ad campaign, as well as her post Olympic evolution into a leading instructor and coaching in the industry. As always, Hosts Martin, Jeff and Cara share their "Thoughts of the Day."
January 28, 2021
Michelle Gisin
Swiss skier Michelle Gisin opens up about her family dynamics, the parallels between family and team, and how her mindfulness and her “heartfulness” have led to her biggest successes so far. Hosts Martin, Jeff and Cara share their insights and takeaways in “thoughts of the day”
January 21, 2021
Alice Merryweather
U.S. Ski Team member Alice Merryweather discuses a wide range of topics in this hour-long interview. She shares her thoughts on ski academy life, mindfulness, what makes a healthy environment, and a telling video she made called "Boys, Food and Autograph Signings." Hosts Martin and Jeff wrap by sharing their "Thoughts of the Day".
January 14, 2021