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The Nightly Commute

The Nightly Commute

By Minh Lam
The Nightly Commute is a show that covers a wide array of topics from gaming to current events and trends.

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Episode 18: Etika, social media awareness
In this episode, we visit the recent news about Etika, the youtube streamer, and the disheartening events surrounding his passing. We also explore social media, and how being cautious, can mean all the difference. Let us know what you think! I also this the audio quality on this is a little shot, feedback? Twitter: the_mlam91 twitch: ig: mlam91x
July 03, 2019
Episode 17: Tfue, When they see us, cat piss?!
Phazey and Mike have had the last two weeks off, and return with this densely packed, quality content podcast in episode 17! Where they cover a range of things from Tfue's contract agreement with the Faze Clan, the critically acclaimed short series "When They See Us," and Mike's experience as he undergoes his first opportunity to act on set, and more! This stream is set live on twitch, and we are always looking for special guests to engage in the chat, or on mic on our discord. Please reach out to us through one of the many social media platforms Fmot: the_mlam91
June 19, 2019
Episode 16: Social Media growth, and movies
In this Episode, Mike introduces wanting to branch out to other social media platforms, talking with Phazey about the different dynamics between platforms, as well as briefly discussing movies, and more! As always, please feel free to reach out to us, to participate in our Podcasts on our discord!
May 29, 2019
Episode 15: Soulja Boy locked up? Jake paul who, and more!
We revist the conversation around Soulja Boy as he is sentenced to jail, as well as discovering already existing talent as we compare and contrast others, while covering other general topics, in this latest episode!
May 24, 2019
Episode 14
Another live broadcast on Where Phazey and Mike go through a variety of topics, from resistant bands, thoughts on movies, and more! We are always invite guests to engage on twitch with us, or to come participate on the actual podcast! Hope you enjoy!
May 16, 2019
Episode 13: Another Live Twitch!
With the continued commitment to a shorter duration, and delivering a more wholesome experience, Phazey and I are continuing developing our groove. We  do another live stream on twitch, engaging with the viewers, check it out! 
May 09, 2019
Episode 12: Another Live Twitch!
This episode is streamed on Twitch, which can be found at We engage with the audience popping in, and allow an opportunity to help create the podcast! We are committing to shorter times, to allow a denser, more fulfilling experience with The Nightly Commute. We hope you enjoy, and as always, please feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to participate! We are always actively searching for new participants with unique content to offer. 
May 02, 2019
Episode 11: General talk
We cover a variety of topics, but there's real no sole topic as we bounce back and force between thoughts here and there, trying to emulate a more fluid conversation, rather than try to broadcast news. Let us know what you think on our discord! 
April 19, 2019
Episode 10: General Talk
Phazey and Mike cover a variety of topics from revisiting their commitments to the podcast while broadcasting to Twitch live! From speaking about their commitment to a healthier lifestyle, to harassment in the work place, this sure is one jam packed episode!
April 11, 2019
Episode 9: Cardi B, Nipsey Hussle, & More.
Phazey and Mike have returned after a two week break, catching up on missed time and covering a variety of recent events, such as Cardi B's grim confession, Nipsey Hussle's death (RIP), and more! 
April 04, 2019
Episode 8: Michael Jackson and R.Kelly
In this episode, we cover the controversial debate between Michael Jackson's allegations from previous to present, and explore the more current allegations of R.Kelly. 
March 13, 2019
Episode 7: Momo Challenge, Hamza Bin Laden, and more!
We address the facts, the myths, and origins of the newly viral hoax: The Momo challenge, as well as Hamza Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden's son, and more! 
March 07, 2019
Episode 6: Taking a leap of faith, adopting new behaviors, and more!
In Episode 6, we explore adopting new behaviors contributed towards a healthier life style, and letting go of older ones. We forge new commitments, and provoke thought around how to go about handling new commitments, and more !
February 22, 2019
Episode 5: Misinformation, Foods, Senator of Virgnia, and more!
We end up covering a very wide array of topics in this week's podcast to compensate for last week's absence. We speak about misinformation with Alex Jones, and the importance of conducting your research as well as several other topics from the Netflix documentary, Abducted in plain sight, to our thoughts on Apex Legends!
February 13, 2019
Episode 4: DNA Influence in children, pressures of success, War Craft 3, Kingdom Hearts 3 & More.
In Episode 4, we cover a wide variety of topics with our special guest RawritsRobert. From DNA influence in children to the anticipation of a near and dear childhood favorite, Kingdom Hearts III and the reintroduction of Warcraft III, this episode is thought provoking to say the least! Enjoy! 
January 30, 2019
Episode 3: Soulja Boy P3, Emotional Intelligence.
Soulja Boy continues to stir up controversy between Casnova, and Famous Dex while his product line takes an unexpected turn. We also discuss emotional intelligence. 
January 22, 2019
Episode 2: Missed Connections, Souljaboy, Fortnite, and more.
SouljaBoy comes out with a new product, again. Fortnite is popular, but why? And more. 
January 18, 2019
Episode 1: Missed Connections, SouljaBoy, Twitch, Gaming.
In this segment, we cover a variety of topics from missed connections on craigslist, Soulja Boy as he attempts to insert himself in the gaming industry, and other tech devices, copyright lawsuits against Fortnite, and more! 
January 10, 2019