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The No Fluff Society

The No Fluff Society

By Laetitia & Co
Serial entrepreneur, multi-passionate soul, I am your Host Laetitia. Through this podcast, I want to share with you marketing tips, business & branding strategies, productivity hacks, and more than that, I want to bring you insights, experiences, inspiration from my own journey and the journey of the amazing people I meet along the way. Listen and learn from our wins & failures and create the life and business that is aligned with you! Because If we can do it, so can you. @laetitia.nh || The No-Fluff Society-Show notes:
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014 : Increase your freedom in business with systems and automation

The No Fluff Society

021 : Enhance your performance with a plant-based diet
Don't we all want to feel energised and our body to perform at its best? Whether you are vegetarian/vegan or not, you might be interested in knowing how a plant-based diet can actually help you enhance your physical performance. In this episode, I am interviewing Jayden Ordner, Nutrition science and dietetics student, to take us through the benefits of a plant-based diet.  THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh and our guest : @jayden_ordner
September 28, 2021
020 : How to balance relationship & entrepreneurship
When we get into business, a lot of things change. When we step up into the entrepreneurial world, a lot of things change within ourselves but also with the people in our life. Our partner, our friends, our family... not everyone is going to understand what we are going through or understand why we are going through it. To help us understand why and how to deal with it, I interviewed Misha, relationship coach. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh and our guest : @mishakoko
September 21, 2021
019 : How to achieve long lasting health transformation
The foundation in everything in life, is health. Mental and physical. Without it, it's hard to grow on stable ground. We hear so many options to build a good health which is very often associated with weight loss. We try magic pills and diets to reach our goals. But to me, health isn't just about a number on a scale. Physical health sometimes has to do with mental health. You might have to FEEL good, to be able to LOOK good. And whatever you do, it should never be a quick fix. In this episode, I am welcoming Tais, whose transformation will inspire everyone. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh and our guest : @tais.nutritionist
September 14, 2021
018 : What is Human Design and how to use it in business
What is Human Design, or like they say HD? And how can you use it in business? That’s what we talked about in this episode with our guest Amanda King. What I loved about Amanda’s approach was that she was really different from the other HD coach. Her vision is so fresh and raw and she has SO MUCH energy. Human Design is an amazingly vast tool. It has to be taught a way that will resonate with people and it need to be put into actions, which is Amanda’s absolute goal.  Let's dive into HD without further ado. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh and our guest : @fierceasfucktribe
September 07, 2021
017 : Connection is the new currency
In the last 15 years, with the arrival of internet, social media, online businesses, the way we market, the way we sell, the way we connect with our customers has taken a huge turn. If you are in the online industry, it is really important to understand how to connect with your ideal customers and how connection is the new currency. To talk about that, we are welcoming Ally.  She is a business coach and she is very specialised in understanding the connection about a customer centric design and an emotional buying journey for you to be able to create and engage with loyal customers. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh and our guest : @theallykennedy
September 01, 2021
016 : Sync your cycle with your business and unleash your superpower
In the previous episode, we talked about women’s cycle, the different phases and the symptoms of each of them. Now that we understand the cycles, let’s see how we as women can use it. Let’s be clear, syncing your cycle with your business, and even with your private life, will unleash your superpower. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh and our guest : @leah_brueg
August 24, 2021
015 : Understand your cycle (episode 1/2)
In a world and society schedule based around men, women can sometimes be disadvantaged. There is a lot of misinformation and clichés that we hear about our body and our cycle. There is so many things we aren't taught. To me, understanding who we are entirely, and especially how our body and cycle work is the best way to be empowered. Being a woman can actually be powerful.  Today, I am welcoming Leah, Functional Diagnostic Nutritional practitioner, specializing in hormonal balance for women. Our discussion will be split in 2 parts. Today will be all about understanding our cycle. Stay tuned for part 2 next week. We'll be discussing how to use these information in your life and business. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh and our guest : @leah_brueg
August 17, 2021
014 : Increase your freedom in business with systems and automation
We take the step, we sign the first client. We feel like we are on fire. We get more and more clients. So many, that we start looking to scale our business from solo entrepreneur to CEO. So we hire. But we still feel underwater, still feel overwhelmed, still feel like there are still so many things to think. It starts to be draining. That's when you have to think of systems and automation. In this episode, I am talking with Claire, a business system and automation coach, and the founder of Artificially Intelligent Consulting. Claire will explain how systems and automation can increase our efficiency and productivity in our business. As entrepreneurs, we have so much in our head. This discussion will definitely give us some clues to free up our mind. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh and our guest : @clairewhittakeraic
August 10, 2021
013 : How making bad decisions is helping your business
Why is making decisions so hard? The fear of missing out when taking a decision instead of the other is often so strong that we end up not making decisions at all. But what if making ANY decisions, even bad ones, was helping your business? Let's dive into this in today's episode.  THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh
August 03, 2021
012 : How self-worth and self-identity influence us
Self-identity, self-confidence, self-worth: how can these help us be a better leader, a better entrepreneur. Why does it matter so much to do the inner work to create a sustainable business. In this episode, I am welcoming Live, Founder and creator of "The Grateful Beginning" as well as co founder of the Happy Grateful Academy, to talk about these topics and guide us through the process to make peace with ourselves, for the better good. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh and our guest : @thegratefulbeginning
July 27, 2021
011 : Stay true to yourself and inspire others to do the same
Showing up authentically as yourself is not just a right, it is also your duty. You duty towards yourself, and others. Because when you show up as yourself, boldly, truly, you shine and your light is bringing people that felt like you out of their shadows! In this episode, I just want to enlighten that being yourself is truly empowering to anyone crossing your light. So, are you going to show up as yourself? THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh
July 20, 2021
010 : What's your origin story?
We all have an origin story. Whether it started from an event in our life or a travel or something that happened and spoke to us and lit that fire inside of us that makes us want to have an impact.  It is especially true when it comes to social business.  In this episode, I am talking with Sherona, founder of Humble Sampler. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh & our guest: @humblesampler
July 13, 2021
009 : What rejection really says about you
Rejection... that feeling that makes you feel like crap, and makes you go into an existential life crisis right away. When that feeling hits you, you are asking yourself "who did I think I was?", "maybe my idea is just not worth it?", "maybe I should just give up", or "no one will ever be interested in my idea", "what is freaking wrong with me?" Well, nothing is wrong with you. No-thing. In this episode, I want to make clear that rejection doesn't have to define who you are. You choose who you want to be. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh
July 06, 2021
008 : How to legally protect your business with Mairin Van Shura
When it comes to starting a new business, we all think of the product, pricing, social media, branding, website... The legal side barely comes to mind. Yet it is essential for every business owners to make sure to be legally compliant. In this episode, our guest Mairin, experienced lawyer, takes us through the good practice to protect your business.  THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh & our guest: @solivagant_legal
June 29, 2021
007: 3 tips to stay on top of things
Have you ever had that feeling that you spent hours sitting behind that desk but still didn't get anything done? With the right procedures and automation, take control of your time to increase productivity and become highly efficient. In this episode, I'll share with you the processes I put in place to make sure that EVERY hour I work is productive. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh
June 22, 2021
006: How to push your limits with Nick Cusseneers, ultra runner
Have you ever decided to take on a hobby, start a new business, a new diet, a new exercise routine ? Surely. We all do that. And we do well for a few days, maybe a few weeks and then... without even realising, we just give up. No matter how much we actually want to stick to it, we don't. "How can I actually take on something new and stick to it once and for all?" To try to find some answers, I interviewed Nick, ultra runner. If you are into running, you will definitely love this episode. And well, if you don't run, you will still love his story and how inspiring his experience is to any situations. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh & our guest: @nickcusseneers / @offsetmotion
June 15, 2021
005: Reasons why your circle is not supporting your business & How to deal with it
If you talk to entrepreneurs and ask them about their close circle before and after starting their journey you will hear the same thing most of the time: there are people that doubt you. "Why don't you just find a real job?" "Why are you always working so much?". Yes, as entrepreneurs, we all heard that and felt misunderstood and unsupported. Your friends and families may not be trying to be unsupportive, they may simply not have the right words or behavior.  There could also be other reasons; discover which ones and how to deal with them in this episode. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh
June 08, 2021
004: 5 Things I would have loved to know when I started a business
The beginnings in entrepreneurship can be the hardest period of this challenge, full of doubts and uncertainty. Most of us started without any help and learnt along the way. In this episode, I'm receiving Ines, nutrition coach who started her business who started her business after discovering the IKIGAI, a Japanese method based on finding what gets you up every morning and keeps you going. She describes her own journey full of ups and downs and how important it is to know what you love to do and why. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here Instagram: @laetitia.nh & our guest: @ines_schubi
June 02, 2021
003: Listen to your GUT
Gut instinct or intuition, is your immediate understanding of something - you just know. Listening to your it helps you avoid bad situation or unhealthy relationships. You need to learn to take it seriously, cause it is most of the time right! As being authentic and aligned are the values I stand for, I wanted to share some tips with you, to help you believe in yourself and your intuition. Remember, being you is what makes you unique, it is the reason why people will choose you instead of someone else. Listen to your gut and watch the magic happen... THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes :click here Instagram: @laetitia.nh
May 25, 2021
002 : Take the leap of Faith
Described by Beat Magazine as a singer that “rings of a soulful folk-pop sound”, Sean first picked up a guitar when he was 8 years old, learning the basics from his Dad. 5 years ago, he decided to focus primarily on his passion and invest in his music. In this episode, Sean takes us through his career journey, going from a marketing agency to the music industry. He explains how to actively listen to what you feel when you’re creating, and how to take your goal seriously by asking yourself "why" you’re doing something. THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here INSTAGRAM: @laetitia.nh and our guest: @seanfraynemusic
May 20, 2021
001: How to overcome Self-Doubt
Is your inner voice often telling you to not go for those risks you’d like to take? What if you could train your mind to worry less over failure? Because failure isn't a bad thing... it’s actually part of the journey! Here are 8 tips to help you overcome self-doubts... and do it anyway! THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes: click here Instagram: @laetitia.nh
May 20, 2021
Welcome to The No Fluff Society podcast
Bonjour and Welcome to The No Fluff Society Podcast, a place where we share our experiences, our wins and failures. From mindset, marketing and branding, to living abroad, health and womanhood, we will talk about everything here. With no taboo, no walking on eggshell and no fluff! This intro episode explains what you'll discover in the next ones. Enjoy! - THE NO FLUFF SOCIETY Show notes : Instagram: @laetitia.nh
May 19, 2021