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We Didn't Start The Fire with Theo Priestley

We Didn't Start The Fire with Theo Priestley

By Theo Priestley
Theo Priestley is a futurist, author, and associate fellow of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change on technology and public policy. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, WIRED, The Times Raconteur, Venturebeat, and has been interviewed for BBC Radio and UK national television news on emerging and future technology trends.

A new podcast series at the intersection of technology, business, and society.
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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

We Didn't Start The Fire with Theo Priestley

What Next For Immersive Technology?
Albert Millis, immersive technology expert and co-founder of Virtual Umbrella comes on the podcast to discuss where virtual reality, extended reality and augmented reality are heading in the next 5 years, whether they can rise to the challenges faced under the pandemic, some of the better use cases for immersive technologies and why taking time out from social media to connect with friends and family is utmost under lockdown.
April 18, 2020
On Writing And World Building
One for all you writers out there, I get to talk to best selling sci-fi author and writer for the Dune and Star Wars franchise novels, Kevin J Anderson. We chew the fat on his very first story he wrote called 'The Injection', his inspiration for creating worlds and getting them down on paper, how the pandemic has affected his routine, and whether his sweeping space opera The Saga of Seven Suns will make it to the big screen one day. (Marking this as Clean, there is one instance of the word BS in this episode, if you feel this is incorrect get in touch)
April 14, 2020
Life, the Universe, and Video Games
Phil Harris is a well known narrative designer for video games and multimedia projects, having worked on IP (that he can talk about!) including Dark Orbit, Peaky Blinders, Distant Star and Gateway, as well as lecturing on story telling. In this episode Phil and I talk about the state of the games industry under the pandemic, whether Google Stadia is the future of video games, can VR emerge as a new medium for narrative story telling, and that 5G conspiracy theory.
April 7, 2020
Big Things Have Small Beginnings
Who doesn't love the Alien franchise?  I get to talk to Clara Carija, unofficial Alien consultant and founder of Studio Yutani a major fansite, about loving Ridley Scott's masterpiece, what crossovers she’d love to see that havent been done yet, what the wildest fan theory is that she's read on the franchise and whether we will ever see a conclusion to David’s story arc?
April 4, 2020
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
In this episode I'm joined by William Griffin, Chief Ethics Officer at Hypergiant, and Olivia Gambelin, founder and CEO of Ethical Intelligence to discuss the fundamentals of A.I. ethics, practical examples of implementation, whether regulation and data protection will stifle or boost innovation, and whether will we ever elimate bias in artificial intelligence completely.
April 2, 2020
A Time For New Leaders To Be Forged
It's time to stop thinking about the solution and get back to the problem we're trying to solve. I chat with Richard Mulholland, one of South Africa's most recognised keynote speakers and business leaders, on whether every business should survive the pandemic, letting leaders emerge from the skills within your organisation, why the virus is exposing not just weakness in our immune systems but  in our business models, and why empathy will become more important than ever as a leadership quality.
March 31, 2020
Futurists Are Engineers of Hope
Nikolas Badminton is a world-renowned futurist and researcher. In this podcast* we chat on how our thoughts create our reality, can old business models can survive post-pandemic, whether the future of virtual and augmented reality is secured in a more collaborative world, and is the gig economy going to get better or worse after we emerge from lockdown? It's time to discuss the positives we can adopt after the pandemic. *This episode was recorded a week before the lockdown in the US, UK and most other Western countries.
March 30, 2020
Can We Fix Recruitment?
I speak with Juliet Eccleston, CEO of AnyGood? about how she is changing the recruitment industry and the candidate process, why trust plays a huge role in candidate referrals in the gig economy, whether using artificial intelligence in the hiring process is the right tool and ethical, and how companies need to adapt their hiring strategies in the wake of the pandemic.
March 29, 2020
The Fundamentals of Brand Strategy
I talk with JP Castlin, CEO of Rouser on getting back to the basics of brand strategy, the differences between startup and corporate approaches, relative change vs absolute change, avoiding hindsight bias in marketing and why the martech landscape is so fragmented.
March 26, 2020
The Real Pandemic is Dunning Kruger
Editor, Streamer, Podcaster, Writer, Director and Producer Richy “MahdDogg” Reay speaks on the woeful state of writing in Doctor Who, identity politics in movies, how the real pandemic we face isn't a virus but the Dunning Kruger effect, and whether ISIS membership includes a pension plan. Check out his movie short, Roulette too:
March 19, 2020
Business and Opportunity in the Shadow of the Pandemic
I get to talk to the irrepressible Tom Goodwin, Head of Futures and Insight at Publicis Media on operating business, digital transformation and startups under the shadow of the Coronavirus, why the smart home is really dumb, the problem with FOMO and technology, and how he wished he had invented the e-scooter.
March 19, 2020
The Worst of Technology
Friday the 13th gremlins strike in this podcast where Bronwyn Williams, futurist and economist, and myself pour hot scorn and ire over some of the more moronic things we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks such as CoronaCoin and Smart Candles, and consign them to the depths of the Marianas Trench forever. 
March 14, 2020
How 3DPrinterOS is Democratizing the Maker Industry
In the inaugural episode of this podcast series CEO of 3DPrinterOS, John Dogru joins Theo Priestley to discuss the 3D printer market and how their cloud-based management software has helped the likes of Duke University, Google, MIT and the US Navy save millions by standardizing 3D printer management for all users.
March 5, 2020