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The Offer: original stories podcast

The Offer: original stories podcast

By The Offer
Join Cesar and Paul as they improvise original stories with lovely guests. Here's how to connect with us:

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The Take w/ Curt Mabry : All about Applied Improvisation
The Offer take a journey into interview, with THE TAKE: where Caesar and Paul interview a guest about their passions, their life, and their dreams. Normal stories will return in March!  Today on The Take: Curt Mabry! Founder of Zmack Improv family, renowned international coach individuals and corporate teams, and most importantly all around Renaissance mensch. Curt discusses with us the world of "applied improv" one of the primary ways he plies his trade as improviser. We pick his brain about what applied improv is, why people need it, and why Curt finds it worth doing.  You can find and connect with Curt via his Linkedin: And you can find more about all the upcoming projects Zmack has going on on their facebook page: or via their WeChat!  Here's a bit about Curt, in his own words:  Curt Mabry is a Senior Organizational Learning and Development Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach and Program Designer based in Shanghai, China. He has over 13 years of Asia Pacific Training, Coaching and Lecturing experience. Curt has designed and delivered programs for hundreds of Multinational and Local corporations with a high degree of success. Curt brings energy, passion and enthusiasm to all his trainings; and prides himself on helping teams and trainees discover learning that is specifically applicable to their work and life long after the training program is completed. His experiences include television, radio and film production; administration of a respected international school, professional theatrical coaching and leadership training using unique and unconventional methods of training and development.
February 11, 2022
One Punch Woman: a Christmas story ft Ben Browder Thompson!
When his proposal doesn't go as planned, one man must learn to fight... for love! And then fight to save his friend, and THEN for love. A grunge adventure of the ancient past (the 90s) comes to you now as part of The Offer's Christmas Past/Present/Future/Diehard stories!  Check out the wonderful wonderful Ben Browder Thompson at these places:  Instagram (for the art!): @Browderartist (for the games!):
December 15, 2021
The Carnival Del Luna: the finale part 1: the Feywilds
Mick, Thing and Corbar make their way through the mirror into a dark a wild swamp. They deal with some bugs, then find an adorable kitten. What could go wrong!
November 19, 2021
Ep.4: The Carnival del Luna Finale Pt. 1!
Join us for a live steamed part 2 of this finale on twitch: We'll live stream on November 7th, 8:00PM Beijing time, 7:00AM Eastern Time!  Thing, Mick and Corbar stride into the Mirror Hall and confront its guardian, a tricky shift mirror fiend who shows them visions of their past. Will they manage to beat its trials to find their way into the Hag's lair? Find out!  #ttrpg #improv #horror
November 04, 2021
Carnival Del Luna Ep 3: Illusions at the Tower
Thing, Mick and Corbar hurry across the chaos of the carnival to try to stop whatever magics have caused the chaos. At the top of the lookout tower, they find a Monsieur Moon... but everything is not as it seems.  This will be the penultimate episode of this adventure! Make sure you subscribe so you can join us for the next one.   
October 29, 2021
Spooky Episode 3: The Masked Man: With the Impossible Face ft. Julien Bertrand
A mysterious old beta max arrives at a local news office, and a spate of murders follow! Will our journalist hero manage to find out who is behind these gruesome attacks and unravel the mysteries of the small town? Find out! Find out all about Julien Bertrand by going to or searching facebook for "Julien Bertrand Actor." He's got a twoprov in Paris, and improv classes!  This episode was inspired by a image from The Offer's Discord bot--join our discord to try it out yourself! You can see the image on the cover of this episode.  That's all for spooky month folks! More DnD to come as we wrap up the first campaign this week, and then ... a new campaign in November! Don't miss it. 
October 27, 2021
Episode 2 of The Carnival del Luna: The Big Top Disaster
Thing, Mick and Corbar must attempt to save the acrobats before they mauled... or will Mick instead shoot them? Well, you'll see.  The Carnival descends into madness and our heroes must try to escape the big top to find out why everything has gone so wrong. 
October 22, 2021
Spooky Month Episode 2: The Twisted Venus (ft. Shweta Bhat!)
A string of mysterious murders... a dedicated cop, and a promising photographer. Will they mange to unravel the vines that bind? Find out, in THE TWISTED VENUS. Featuring the wonderful wonderful Shweta Bhat, find her poetry on Instagram: @shwetabhatpoetry And she's on Facebook as Shweta Bhat.  This episode was inspired by an image, pulled by the Offer's very own improv assitance bot. To join our discord and try it out yourself, follow this link: You can see the image on this weeks' episode art. 
October 19, 2021
The Carnival del Luna: Episode 1
The Offer's first TTRPG! Join Paul, your GM, and Cesar, Chris, and Benjamin, as they explore the magical world of a traveling carnival, coming through the sleepy town of Ledgewood.  The Offer's TTRPG (The Roll-fer? Roll-for?... we're taking suggestions for a name!) will feature improvisers creating worlds and playing together in short and long stories.  This is a "one-shot" campaign, meaning it will have limited run. We will continue through the month of October, and briefly into November. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes!  We're using DND 5e as our tool set, and the world is homebrewed by Paul Deichmann.  If you prefer to watch your DND be played, you can find this on our youtube channel, available soon: Find Benjamin in the Zmack team SAY WHAT YOU MEAN and find Chris in the Zmack team: TYPICAL HEROES  both at Find Cesar (and Paul) at And join our discord to stay in touch!
October 14, 2021
Spooky Month Episode 1: Nuclear Cookies
Etriiip joins Cesar and Paul for hijinks and shenanigans galore! It's October again, and so we are once again diving into the genres of horror and surprise! We begin, like all the best stories, with an apocalypse.  Sponsored by Peter, who will eat your Calzones!   W
October 08, 2021
The Time Child ft Shweta Bhat
When Ferdinand and Ferdinand come to a wealthy rural family to showcase their newest invention... the TIME CAMERA---not all the shutters click with utter perfection. Find Shweta on ZMACK's team TYPICAL HEROES! Here's the link to their next live stream:[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22search_results%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22search%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D And join our discord to connect with us and check our Cesar's OFFER BOT, which helped us make this episode:
September 07, 2021
The Dance of Dread at the End of the Decade! ft. Gan!
When a young maker of music has his beat stolen by an unscrupulous DJ, will he manage to track down the record producer and prove his case? Or will that record producer turn out to be a terrible villain with Russian bodyguards?! All of the above, on this episode with our good friend Gan! Check out Gan over on youtube at Gan and Another: And check US out on youtube, where you can WATCH this episode if you want! As always, find us at
August 24, 2021
The Handkerchief Secret: The Dream Police ft. Curt Mabry Part 2!
We return to the trouble town beside a corn field, besieged by all their greatest fears. Will our lonely agent manage to solve the mystery, or will someone else bring down the forces that assail this town?  Make sure to follow ZMACK on facebook, so you don't miss our next live stream (which by the way is Thursday July 29th at 8am EST, 8pm Beijing time with Shwe of Typical Heroes!)  
July 28, 2021
The Handkerchief Secret: The Dream Police (Part 1) ft. Curt Mabry
When a town is besieged by all their worst nightmares, the shadowy forces of the US Government leap into action to conceal their secrets. Will those who want tear down the powerful succeed? Or will the Quaker... whoever he is... will he be able to save the world?  Featuring the wonderful Curt Mabry! Subscribe to the Offer so you don't miss part 2! 
July 22, 2021
The Age of the Tomato ft Charmika Stewart
When young Raphaello and Donatello (Raph and Donny) are sent on a quest to recover the newly in demand tomato from the new world, what world will they return to? Featuring a lot of exquisite and exaggerated codpieces, this story is set in a version of Florence, 1548 or so. 
July 18, 2021
Tickle-Mania: A Tribute to (a generic version of) W.W.E. ft. Pete Grella!
When BANG BANG Bullet Johnson is dethroned by the evil heel The Shadow, will he manage to return to his position as beloved king of the ring? Will he overcome his traumas to actualize as the most fearsome fighter? Find out!  Pete Grella improvises with Hong Kong Improv, Typical Heroes and many others! You can find out about him in all these places:  Pete Grella Facebook: Hong Kong Improv: Typical Heroes (a Zmack team): See the live recording of this episode here: or on Zmack's facebook page: Attributions:  "Glass Smash, Bottle, B.wav" by InspectorJ ( of Oh yeah there's a bottle smash.  Like all of our socials: And join our discord:
June 23, 2021
The House With The Voice ft Julien Bertrand
Seriously, go check out this wonderful man: 19 people remain, stuck in the house with the voice: who will be kicked off this week? What strategies will the particpants use to hang on to their chance to win 10,000 dollars? Find out, on this week's THE HOUSE WITH THE VOICE. Also introduced by our host and panel of experts from the studio.  This week, things get spicy between Kermit, Jennah, and Brad. Brad gets angry, and Kermit makes a surprise trip to the emergency room.  Follow us on facebook to join our next live show on June 10th!
June 04, 2021
FROM THE ARCHIVES: You Should Have That Checked Out ft. Julien Bertrand (FRIENDS tribute)
The Cicadas are all talking about FRIENDS, so we thought we should too. Here's our FRIENDS episode, recorded with the wonderful Julien Bertrand.  JUNE 10th--join us as we make an Offer LIVE! With Pete Grella! We'll be live at 8pm Beijing time, 8am EST, here:
June 01, 2021
The Doc on the Roc: the offer makes a documentary! Ft. Iris Park!
Hearing tales of an indigenous ritual around some strange rocks, a film crew sets out to record the rite--but instead finds... a Roc.  Created with the wonderful actor, improviser, travel, artist, Iris Park, who you can find on instagram: @@irisiapark and on facebook! Or on her project expressly languages, on instagram  @expressly.languages or website if you enjoyed please give us a rate if you're in apple podcasts! AND catch us live on June 10th, 8pm China time, 8am EST! We'll be live on Hope to see you there!
May 27, 2021
The Planet Formerly Known As: or the Frost Beacon
When an ancient beacon is activated, smsll planet must rally to a young boy in the bitter cold to destroy it. Meanwhile Pirates are drawn by the Beacons' signal and Star Kid may not arrive in time to save the folks of Frostulon 5... err... Xenon 5?  Joining us: Curt Mabry and Etriiip. It's incredible!  Editing by Paul Deichmann Join us for our next live taping on 5/20 at 9pm China time, 9am EST, and 3pm PARIS time, because it's with JULIEN BERTRAND!
May 19, 2021
Where's My Offer? May 2021
Updates! Our next live stream is on May 20th at 9pm Beijing time, 9am EST, and 3pm PARIS time cause it's with Julien Bertrand! Follow Zmackcomedy on Facebook to make sure you join us for our live episode recording.  This week's episode is delayed because Paul doesn't know how the internet works, and so can't complete the editing until he returns home.  So, enjoy these audience questions! And if you have questions, feel free to leave us a voice message on anchor, DM us on any of our social media pages, or email us: You can find all the ways to contact us at
May 13, 2021
The Twin Kids: the adventures of Star Kid and Darla ft Victoria Bender!
When Star Kid is summoned to a small outpost, he'd never imagined he'd run into (and over, whoops!) his old nemesis, Nebulon Kid. What follows is the harrowing fight for a small town's freedom from pirates, a small boy's freedom from collar grabs, and a large love's freedom from absent fathers. Oh, and Igor... is Igor.  Join Victoria for trivia at, follow that on Instagram (@mindbendertrivia) to get updates about when it's happening! (Usually Sundays at 8pm eastern time) The Offer will be live on May 6th! 8pm China time, 8am Eastern time, head over to to watch us create the final episode of this run of Star Kid stories! 
April 29, 2021
The Blob of Destiny: an adventure of Star Kid and Darla ft. Llaura H Improviser!
Star Kid is at again in.... THE BLOB OF DESTINY, ft. Llaura H. Improviser! This time SK finds himself adrift in the Omega sector, Darla badly damaged and his need for a mechanic great. But when he runs in with a man on the wrong side of the law... and a blob of pure energy, things get interesting.  Find Llaura and all her wonderful projects at  Among other things, Llaura is a member of SAY WHAT YOU MEAN a wonderful brand new improv show coming to ZMACK  VISION streaming --starting THIS month! Make sure to follow  Zmack on facebook to catch their first show!  ZMACK VISION will ALSO have the Offer! So make sure to follow Zmack (and us!) so you never miss a show.  Stay safe, don't kill your loved ones, and see you soon! 
April 22, 2021
Stephanie's Tale: an adventure of Star Kid and Darla ft Andi Fei!
When Star kid picks up a dog as a passenger to keep him company in the vast empty stretches of space, what could go wrong? A lot apparently... Meet Andi Fei! Andi is a member of Zmack's team SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, and makes wonderful youtube videos here: This episode edited by Marcus Tavani 
April 13, 2021
Time Tapes Part 5: The Smoking Gun Paradox
Here it is! The FINAL part of the Time Tapes Saga. It's WILD. Follow the lovely Etriiip on instagram and twitter (@Etriiip101) and follow Zmack Comedy on Facebook ( to find out more about our upcoming live streams!  Episode time stamps:  00:00-Annoucments!  02:20-Episode intro 04:19- Story Starts 24:52- This episode sponsored by TIME TRAVELER DAN 27:41-The THRILLING Conclusion 51:26- It's over! After show chat  Attributions so I don't go to internet jail:  It's Always Too Late to Start Over by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist: Ether Disco by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist: 
April 06, 2021
Time Tapes Part 4: The Belligerent Bunker (Part 2)
Will Ezekiel and Archy manage to escape the wrath of Nun Buffington (from the future) and will the Detective get to the bottom of the case (and the statue of the Archbishop) with Sister Tiny? Find out in the conclusion to part 4!  Part 5 coming later this week--THE FINAL PART of Time Tapes! It's gonna be HUGE. Make sure you're all caught up! Check out our anchor page to start the story from the beginning: MARCH 27th in Shanghai, make sure you don't miss CURATOR'S CUT: an evening of dramatic incredible improv. Follow the ZMACK Wechat account to find out all about it! Etriiip is in it! 
March 22, 2021
Time Tapes Part 4: The Belligerent Bunker (Part 1!)
You know the story, and if you don't go back and listen to it! Part 2 coming... later this week!  Featuring the LOVELY Etriiip!
March 17, 2021
Time Tapes Part 3: Mixtape Messages
Welcome back to part 3 of the special 5 part event!  Detective Jackson hunts for the supplier of the illegal cartridges, Jefferies and Ezekiel race against a deadline they know they can never beat, and we learn a bit more about the prophecy hounding after our heroes….  Many thanks to Cesar Gozurreta for the graphic design Etriiip for the flashes of brilliance in the sky and hand Paul Deichmann for the sound editing 
March 10, 2021
Time Tapes: Part 2: Velocity VHS
Etriiip returns with Cesar and Paul to continue what we began in Time Tapes Part 1: A Case of Cassettes. A detective with memory loss, hunting the truth about his past, an army of robot nuns, an expensive sound track and LOTS of explosions. The story so far:  After the Archbishop dies, the army of robot nuns sets out on a quest to find his killer. Meanwhile, the detective's head injury still prevents him from remembering that HE is the chosen one, and Mr. T and Jefferies are abroad, causing havoc.  This story is the second in a five part series of TIME TAPES.  Sound design by Paul Deichmann Graphic Design by Cesar Gozurreta  
March 02, 2021
[RE-RELEASE] Time Tapes: Part 1: a Case of Cassettes ft. Etriiip
In anticipation (there's MAJOR hype over hear folks) of our upcoming Part 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Time Tapes, we present to you a re-release of a classic Offer story so good, we wanted to make sequels! Time Tapes: Part 1: a Case of Cassettes. A detective is given two versions of an illegal art deal gone bad--it's up to Detective Jackson to sort the truth from the tapes--but it all goes astray when he finds the scene of the crime... has not been disturbed in hundreds of years. Thus begins a mind bending (entirely improvised) journey, battle, and struggle for survival--nay--struggle for purpose. With beloved characters like the itchy Jefferies dealing in illicit time travel tapes, a mysterious buyer known only as "Mr. Tapes," -- "Mr. T"-- and an ancient order of robotic nuns--there's something here for everyone to enjoy.  All March is Time Tapes sequels! Listening to this certainly isn't required to enjoy it, it'll help track all the characters.  Part 2 is coming tomorrow! Get hyped!
March 01, 2021
The Viral Wind ft. Darryl Charles
Darryl Charles (Comedy Album: Black Gentrifier, and much more) joins Paul and Cesar to create a story inspired by the frights and spooks of the Resident Evil franchise.  Windington is renowned for its peaceful harbor and yearly windy gusts. But one year... no wind. Something nefarious swirls at the heart of this idyllic town: will it blow over our heroes or will they escape unscathed? Find out!  Find Darryl Charles and all his projects on his website: Listen to his Album on Spotify here: Here's more about Darryl:  Darryl Charles is a comedian based mostly out of Philadelphia. His Debut Album "Black Gentrifier" debuted at #3 on the iTunes Comedy charts and is currently streaming on your favorite places to do that. He's been seen on The Travel Channels "Mysteries At The Museum" and the Comedy Central web series "Delco Proper", and some commercials. He does stand-up and has opened for a variety of better known performers like: Ted Alexandro, Justin Willman,Tommy Davidson, Dave Attell, Patrice O'Neal and Dick Gregory. He performs, teaches and coaches improv comedy and has been a member of ComedySportz Philadelphia since 2011. He is a sketch comedy writer and performer, doing most of that work with the sketch group The Layoff Kids. They have been featured performers on Funny or Die. He's also the co-host of DTF: The Darryl and Timaree Funhour, the greatest sex-ed/comedy/gameshow, and now podcast, in the known universe. Also, this story will come to our YouTube channel soon, where you can watch us improvise! Find the stories there already: And sound design for this episode was done by the wonderful Marcus Tavani!
February 25, 2021
Programming Update! What's happening in March and April? I'll tell you!
Paul gives you a quick rundown of what's to come. On the Offer, spring is for sequels. In brief:  March: Time Tapes. We're creating a mega 4 part improvised event continuing one of our favorite stories. Listen to the first part here: April: The adventures of Star Kid and Darla continue! A series of episodes with a variety of guests follow our favorite cowboy spaceman and his talking ship.  Have a story YOU want us to continue? Tweet it at us @theoffercast. (Or post to us on facebook, or email us.... anyway you reach out, we will hear!) And the third and final gaming month episode will drop in just a few hours! It's a great one with the hilarious Darryl Charles, who you can find (and his podcasts!) on his website: See you in Spring! 
February 24, 2021
Momma Kombat ft. Etriiip
What happens when Mom disappears ... INTO the game? Young Jeremy wakes up to an update to his SegaPlaystation One to find that his Mother is a new player in his favorite game--will he manage to defeat the Grimantor and rescue her from the interdimensional tournament?   Find Etriiip on Instagram at @etriiip. Do it, he's great.  Also, find us on facebook and twitter--we're planning an end of month Among Us stream with our lovely guests, details will be announced there!
February 16, 2021
The Hunt For Leadership ft. Charmika Stewart!
Charmika Stewart of ZMACK fame joins Cesar and Paul for our first gaming month episode: our conversation about DUCK HUNT leads us into an adventure into the distant past (or perhaps a desolate future) where one young hunter's crisis leads him on a long journey of self discovery. Wild characters, fearsome tribes, and ... the advent of painting! It's a rocking good time. Also very much NSFW.  The story begins at 14:25, if you want to skip our opening chatter. February is gaming month here on the offer. Each episode will be inspired by our relationship to a video game. We will also be streaming at the end of month playing GTA V as a roleplaying first-of it's-kind improvised experiment! Follow us on twitter, facebook, youtube, and/or twitch, to make sure you don't miss it! You can find Charmika on twitter, instagram, and soon, youtube. Details and specific handles will be added to this episode soon! 
February 09, 2021
The R's Don't Mix ft. Tara Gadomski!
Tara Gadomski (Vitamin G Films, voice actor, film maker, MENSA member, and much more) joins Cesar and Paul to tell a story of dueling towns, a campaign to get a pool (and therefore Lollapalooza) for their town, and a quest which everyone sets out on but only one person has the guts to ACTUALLY do it.  And much more!  Find out all about Tara at her website: And make sure to find her on instagram where she's speaking Hungarian! She's pretty cool.   @taragadomski
February 01, 2021
The Fire Below ft. Tony Perea!
Tony Perea joins Paul and Cesar for a Revolutionary Steam Punk story!  If you want furious attempts to overthrow an unjust monarchy, under appreciated staff, and dastardly dungeon escapes—we have all that AND MORE!    Tony is a member of the UNDER CONSTRUCTION Zmack Shanghai team, and he’s really great. Find Zmack on Facebook or WeChat to find out about their first shows!   Sound design by the wonderful Marcus Tavani  Performed by Cesar Paul and Tony
January 27, 2021
The Paradox of Simian Freedom ft. Victoria Bender!
Victoria Bender (Mind Bender Trivia, and much more!) joins Cesar and Paul to weave a story of two people fleeing oppression toward freedom... which is magic? Join them as they learn the consequences of their wishes and explore the paradoxes of love and freedom. Along the way, they'll learn something about the nature of work, of love and... minks!  To skip our opening chat, hop to 07:35! But you don't want to, it's a good chat. Find Victoria Bender in all these lovely places:  Mind Bender Trivia: (every Sunday at 8pm EST!) also on facebook: also Instagram: @mindbendertrivia And her personal self: Instagram: @bendini_creative Our Improv Daddy (paternity test proved it!) wants to tell you about this:  Check out Zmack's IMPROV BEYOND: advanced improv workshops (online!) starting Feb 7th. Find out more on their facebook page:
January 18, 2021
Sneak Peek to THE PARADOX OF SIMIAN FREEDOM with Victoria Bender! Meet our sponsor.
The upcoming episode THE PARADOX OF SIMIAN FREEDOM with Victoria Bender is sponsored by Picasso Boxes*. Unlock your deep inner wellsprings today!  The Paradox of Simian Freedom, in which escaped Soviet scientists must suffer the consequences of their newfound freedom--or lose their beloved project-turned-friend forever.  Coming to the pod-theatre on January 18th!  In the meantime, check out Victoria Bender's online trivia nights--> facebook:  instagram: @mindbendertrivia And find her creative work on Instagram: @bendini_creative *Picasso Boxes Inc are not responsible for actions resulting from opening the boxes, including but not limited to self-mutilation, random acts of aggression, sudden reunification with spouses or spontaneous divorce. Picasso Boxes Inc also claims no knowledge of art history,  no credentials, and no certification by any governmental or nongovernmental entity. 
January 14, 2021
The Bumbling Amulet: Gary Scott Yarbrough!
Gary Scott Yarbrough (Frame rate podcast, Zmack!) joins Paul and Cesar to create a YA Fantasy of narrative--full of young boys trying to be men, sports being neglected or overtaking the rest of life, and of course, love.  Happy New Year! Sorry the episode is late --there was a whole thing in the US, but it's better now?  Stay safe all! 
January 10, 2021
Sneak peak: Mr Nice Guy Sponsor!
Anyone else get distracted yesterday and not get work done? Just me? Ok Anyway, today's episode will be coming out tomorrow! To tide you over, please enjoy this sneak peak of our next episode with Gary Yarbrough!  MR NICE GUY: delivering the bad news,  but in a nice guy way! 
January 07, 2021
The Ghost of Christmas Diehard: It's Movie Time ********ers!
Etriiip (Find him on instagram @Etriiip) joins Paul and Cesar to weave a wholesome family action killing spree in the spirit of the season--exactly the release you're looking for after a year like this one.  Will our hero manage to defeat the vaguely foreign villain with evil (somewhat unclear plans)? Will his girlfriend take him back, or will she run away with aforementioned bad guy?  Will the hostages get to see what happens to Nemo? Find out in MOVIE TYME!  Wishing everyone out there a happy holidays, a joyous new year, and the best of luck in the year's reboot upcoming. Thank you for listening!  Credits and Attributions:  Paul as "Luke" and Barry and several other bad guys and cops Cesar as Allen and Manny as several other bad guys and cops Etriiip as Britney and Steven (RIP) and several other bad guys and cops Edited by Paul Deichmann Graphic Design by Cesar Gozurreta  We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.  Artist: Carol Of The Bells by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Artist:
December 31, 2020
The Future Ghost of Christmas Cyberpunk: Upload w/ Julien Bertrand!
It's a Christmas story! Our second to last. How the month has flown! And now for your listening pleasure, our gift this holiday season: a wild romp through the not so distant future when the human mind can be uploaded to the internet... or can it?  I can't think of anything better for the holidays! Happy Holidays all! Stay safe, and look forward to our last December episode: The Ghost of Christmas Diehard, with Etriiip. Find out all about Julien at his website: He has a play coming up in the spring!  And be sure to subscribe! TO EVERYTHING
December 24, 2020
The Ghost of Christmas Present: The Christmas Corn Pipe Rescue with Sonia Zhang!
Sonia joins Cesar and Paul for our Christmas present adventure: a story of a family fighting to find their children, disasters and evil media aside! It's a rolling good time for the whole family, with all the hallmarks of Christmas today: disaster, disreputable news anchors, and a sick heist. 
December 18, 2020
The Hams of Christmas Past with Ben Browder Thompson
The wonderful BBT joins Paul and Cesar for a holiday story of the joys of serving... in the serve off! To save his poor poor master and the kingdom, Rodger will serve as powerful as he can! Will he manage to defeat the Hunkerdink champion, Phillip? Will Esmeralda's cider stand take off? Find out! 
December 14, 2020
BONUS: Episode coming Saturday. Until then, enjoy this Ad!
Welp, what a year. Recording is hard, so we haven't done it yet! We will record this week's episode on Friday, and have it to you over the weekend! Until then, enjoy this improvised ad.  Featuring: Cesar G Paul D Sonia Z
December 10, 2020
034: You Should Have That Checked Out (The Offer does FRIENDS!)
Julien Bertrand ( joins Cesar and Paul to do our last TV tribute episode, this time to the classic sitcom Friends! Will this group of friends manage to pull off a beautiful Friendsgiving? Or will the divorce and remarriage of Johnny The Money pull the twins Jessica and Messica apart? And will Jennifer EVER stop smoking? Find out in this peak at season 4 of YOU SHOULD HAVE THAT CHECKED OUT!  Find us and all our socials at : ALSO! A special apology from The Offer's resident apologist on why this episode is SO late! Hope you enjoy! 
December 03, 2020
033: El Amor y el Odio (Tribute to Telenovelas)
The long wait is over! The Offer presents: TV or TB presents: El Amor y el Odio (The Love and the Hate) the best telenovela you've never heard of!  Etriiip joins Paul and Cesar to weave a story of Love, of Hate, of hot priests and morally bankrupt doctors! Evil lurks in the house... but who is it?  Sorry this is late! We did such a bang-up job improvising it our editor had to take EXTRA time finding enough sound effects for it.  Roll credits!  Improvisarios: Etriiip, Paul, Cesar Graphic Designer: Cesar Editor: Marcus Tavani
November 16, 2020
032: The Way We Are (Tribute to Daytime TV!)
This month on the Offer: each week is a tribute to a beloved genre of television. Curt Mabry joins Paul and Cesar to create a trashy late afternoon/early morning talks show.  What could better suit this dramatic moment in world history than a dramatic talk show host like Courtney Crox. She brings on only the best guests, with the best codpieces, who bring the most sexual appeal of any greasy singer you've ever seen.  This tribute comes via TV or TB: your guide through the greatest untold gems of the television world. 
November 05, 2020
031: Garbage Day (Spooky Episode #4! The Halloween one!)
Thank you so much for your patience! This episode was a nightmare to edit.... And we continue our journey of making scary improvised stories! This one is loosely based on 'slasher' killer films!  Julien joins Cesar and Paul for a wild adventure of teen rebellion, tragic bike rides, and brand new cars.  Enjoy!  Find Julien, and all his new upcoming things on his website:
October 30, 2020
030: It Wasn't There... When I Looked.... (Spooky Month #3!)
Sonia joins Paul and Cesar to improvise a story of alien invasion, martial relations at work, and mossy hijinks!  In case you're confused: 1) it's still season 1, even though we say otherwise, and 2) our new episode release day is Tuesday!* *and yes this episode is a day later than that! Good things take time.  Please subscribe to the Offer and tell a friend! Find all our socials on our website: ROLL CREDITS! Produced by Paul and Cesar Special Guest and original OG: Sonia Editing and Sound Effects by Marcus Tavani Artwork by Cesar
October 21, 2020
029: The Lake House, By The Shore... OF DARKNESS: Halloween Month #2
Cesar, Paul and Etriiip make a horror story about a mysterious house, a struggling couple and their dear friend.... who is very tall.  And introducing Marcus Tavani, our fabulous new editor! Sound effects! Music! Ambience! We are finally a true improvised audio drama! It's wild and crazy!  This is part of our scary stories series: each week of October we are experimenting with improvising in genres of horror and fright!  Sponsored by: Dramatic Enforcement Services
October 12, 2020
028: Billy and His Bat (Spooky month #1)
The Offer goes Dark! Or at least, less bright. Err...  It's spooky month! Each episode for the month of October is themed like the frightening stories told around the camp fire, and in theaters every year in October. Enjoy your Halloween with the Offer's improvised terror! Matt! Cesar! Paul! A terrifying story of a young boy coming to grips with why his town is disappearing all around him.  The episode of the Offer was produced by Paul and Cesar. Special thanks to Tinder Investigators, this weeks sponsor. Editing by Paul.  Find us on YouTube as well! That's right mom, We're on the Tubes! Also, I know I said this was going to be season 2... but Cesar thinks it's still season 1.... so we've compromised, and it's still season 1. That's how compromise works, right?
October 04, 2020
027: The touch of chill: a cyberpunk adventure
Cesar and Paul gear up for a weather adventure sponsored by: THE INTERNET
September 26, 2020
026: Quentins Quest
Curt! Cesar! Paul! Tim Burton-esque adventure to find the nature of wealth and happiness!  Wanna practice improv online? Check out Zmack's intensives, starting in November. Three levels, from beginner to advanced. Follow Zmack on Facebook for more updates:
September 19, 2020
025: The Dark Dark Dark Love Potion Brew
The Offer does Fantasy! Ben Browder Thompson is our guest and we make a wild epic fantasy story, just for you.  If you want to send Ben Browder Thompson ideas for his stories, send him an email to: 
September 12, 2020
24: The Bus of Broken Dreams
Etriiip returns to weave with Paul and Cesar... a wild thriller based on the offer "dancing globetrotting" .... also we don't know what a thriller is, so.  Enjoy! 
September 06, 2020
023: Star Puppies: the adventures of Starkid and Bippity Brothers: DARK STAR
Genre week with Paul and Cesar! Join us for a story spanning galaxies and riding on horseback... it's sci-fi western week! Jump to 06:10 to skip straight to the story! 
September 01, 2020
022: The Law of the Land
Mathieu! Cesar! Paul! The King is living a great life.... And we object!   Join us as we weave a story of envious lawyers, disloyal advisors, and powerful fashion statements.    The Offer is an improvised (long-form) podcast. Each week, new stories--so new they've never been written or imagined before they are made. Join Cesar and Paul as we meet with wonderful people and make crazy stories. If you want to give us "an offer" go to and read us a line from a news article, book, or whatever set of macaroni instructions are nearest to you. You could inspire our next episode!
August 22, 2020
021: Baby Steps Across the Tracks
Blast from the past! An archived but hilarious episode salavaged from our heap of technical woes, this gem is the work of Cesar, Paul and Etriiip! (Two weeks in a row, could we be more blessed?) It's a hoot and half, as grandpappy would say.  Also, go to to "Offer the Offer an Offer to Offer." Say your name, and read a line from a book, poem, news article, or something you over heard someone say, and it may end up inspiring our next story! Thanks so much ! 
August 15, 2020
020 Time Tapes: a Case of Cassettes
It's genre week! Join Cesar Paul and Etriiip as we imagine a world where art is illegal and go on a mind bending adventure through perspective... and time and space.  If you're in the area near Hangzhou and you want to be involved in "I AM AN ARTIST, so...." with Etriiip,  dm him on instagram: @Etriiip.  And please go to to leave us an Offer to start an episode. Just say your name, and read a line from a book, a poem, something you heard someone say, or a warning label by your left elbow. Anything at all! It may inspire our next story. 
August 08, 2020
019: The Song of Love
Join Cesar, Paul, and special guest Sonia for an episode all about searching within yourself for your true self, or to replace that self with artificial intelligence. Goddesses, divas, engineers just wanting a better life, and more! For information on how to attend the Zoom show Sonia is playing in, please email: or message us on facebook.
August 01, 2020
Regular Episodes Resume Next Week
Paul and Cesar explain why there's no episode next week, suggest blasts from the past for you to listen to, and promise to give you an episodes next week. Sorry for the delay! 
July 25, 2020
018: The Scent of Freedom
When the only thing you can trust is someone's scent, where will you go? Join Cesar Paul and Curt Maybry (Zmack Improv!)  as we weave a tale of bearded mafias, complex weapons, and disastrous recipes--all this and more on this week's Offer. If you'd like to learn more about Zmack's online and offline shows, and online and offline workshops, follow them on facebook:
July 18, 2020
017: Border Crossings... Smithereens
This week on the Offer, meet Julien! You may know Julien from ZMACK, or from Paris Impro--however you know him, he's wonderful. This week, Paul, Cesar and Julien weave a story of long lost friends finding each other despite great obstacles, poetry, and just a bit of state sanctioned violence... Will love prevail? What will end this tyranny of waring kingdoms?? Listen to find out. Follow Julien everywhere: Insta: @julienactor, FB: julienactor Twitter: julienactor
July 11, 2020
Goofin With Guests 02: All I Want
This week, Mark, Lilian, Will, Paul, and (brand new to the podcast!) Alba (!!!!) goof about through space, time, and soudscapes galore to create a series of stories about our dreams meeting reality.
July 04, 2020
016: Florida Bound Bark Found
Very excited to welcome Etriiip to the podcast! Leaping off from a problem with names, we go on adventure to find one poorly named dog their inner bark, and in the process, change the world.... forever. Also, If you're in Hangzhou on July 1st, check out Etriiip in the Screaming Lemur's show at BREWGANG in the West Lake. Evening time!
June 27, 2020
015: Bianca's Crisis
This week, a confusion of genres... it's genre week!  Loosely inspired by whatever genre the film "La confusion des genres" (The Confusion of Genders) is, we weave a story of indecision, sensation, and caffeination.  This weeks guests are Sonia, Tom, and Clo! Clo is of ZMACK's Zut Alours, and she's wonderful. You've met Sonia and Tom, but it's worth repeating they're also wonderful.  Recorded at LIB studios, a creative consultancy in Shanghai. Find them on instagram at LIB_Let It Be
June 21, 2020
014: Love and Tube and Book and Death
This week on the Offer, Cesar and Paul weave a tale of an all powerful algorithm, a dedicated intern, and.... server room hostages? It's a wild ride.  The Story begins at 06:02, if you want to skip our chatter and great straight to it!
June 13, 2020
013: Clowns and Friendship
Speaking of justice (segue!) check out these organizations who are working to help people vote and encourage young candidates to run for local offices to transform the country: Hope you're all safe and your right to protest are protected by those we trust to do so.
June 06, 2020
Goofin' with Guests 01: Mind the Gap
Five weekends a month? Who made this calendar?  Anyway, rather than an episode, This week, a short insight to our warm-up and playings around behind the curtain, as it were.  Mark, Lilian, and Paul sing with Will on the piano. It's wild, it's weird! We go to hell and back.... literally?
May 30, 2020
012: Travel Force: Ahead of the Game
This week join Florine Gillette, Tom Syzco (sounds like Cisco spelled like WHAT?) and Paul as they tell a story in the beloved genre of the police procedural.  Loads of fun, I loved listening to this one. Hope you enjoy!
May 23, 2020
011: (F)un-traditional Pirates
This week, Cesar and Paul ride their riff back into the past and tell a tale about forces that fight for and against change, with pirates who just wanna have fun, islanders who just wanna eat bananas, and everyone who just wants to live well.
May 14, 2020
The Offer Trailer
1 minute of me trying to explain what this thing is Just search "The Offer: original stories podcast" wherever you get your podcasts.  Find all our social media links and the latest episode at:
May 10, 2020
010: The Party That Changed Everything
This week on the Offer, Matt Lovelace, Sonia Zhang, and Paul weave a story of a party, where one boy discovers things about himself that will change not just his life, but the whole town, forever.  The story begins at 00:07:12
May 09, 2020
009: Commune For All?
It's musical week! Mark, Lilian and Paul and Will on the keys. Loads of fun to make. Is a world without rules really the thing for everyone? Or do we need a form to request dinner time adjustments? Hippies, riots, interrogations and much more!
May 02, 2020
008: The Watch Everyone Loved
Genre week: sci fi! Flo, Matt, and Paul improvise, and Dan Richard Fister provides live sound on a keyboard! What if a trinket in your home was the key to an inter-dimensional plot? But plot against who? Listen to find out!
April 25, 2020
007: Mall Love and Lockdown
This week, join Paul and Cesar as they weave a story about the love of malls in an age of lockdown, the consequences, and of grandparents whose dark past comes in handy.  Also, introducing Cesar! Co-producer of this podcast, technical difficulties prevented him from coming on air with Paul, but no longer!  Story starts at 00:08:41
April 18, 2020
006: The Not-So-Sad Tale of Johnny and Lucas
This week on The Offer, join Ben Browder Thompson, Sonia Zhang and Paul as they weave a story of a friendship tested, relationships dashed, binging spiritual retreats, and more.  Also big thanks to Dan Richard Fister who mixed the episode and provided superlative sound support.  Story stars at 00:08:10
April 11, 2020
005: (Un)Structured Play
This week on The Offer, join Mark, Lilian, William and Paul as they tell a story about scary parents, teachers exploring new methods, and much more! This is musical week on The Offer! William plays piano and we all sing along. It's a story with music! Be sure to subscribe, and find us on Facebook and Twitter. I hope you enjoy the episode! Story starts at 00:03:28 !
April 05, 2020
004: The Sandstorm That Stole Jack
This week on The Offer join Paul, Matt Lovelace (Zmack, Zut Alors), and Mathilde Chirol (Impro Fou Fou) for a story of resolutions gone wrong, hooligans and their dreams of movie star success, and ... sand. A lot of sand.  If you want to skip our opening talk and jump straight into the story go for: 00:06:24
March 28, 2020
003: The Margarita Plot
This week on the Offer, it's genre week. Join us as dive into the dark world of noir, with an experiment in live foley.Guests:Ben Browder ThompsonMatthew Lovelaceand ft Tom Szyszko doing live improvised foleyThe Margarita Plot: the Offer goes deep into a world swirling with conspiracy and cold drinks. Follow Sunny Johnny, Cynthia, Agent Thompson Johnson and others as they try to navigate the dark underworld they find themselves locked in and try to come out in one piece on the other side, and maybe learn a
March 22, 2020
002: Forgive Or End the World
This week, join Lilian Shen and Mark Skinner of ZMACK Shanghai and Paul as they race against the world to avert .... the end times. This week's episode is sponsored by Shanghai Brewhouse, who now delivers in Shanghai! Search for them on WeChat or follow us on twitter or Facebook to scan their QR code--with your first order you get a beer, FREE! Story starts at 00:10:25 -- skip to there if you're not here for the banter.
March 14, 2020
001: The Baijiu Curse
With COVID-19 on the brain, we met in Shanghai and made this story for you. This week, daring escapes from quarantines, furious news teams, helicopter crashes, and more. Guests: Mademoiselle Zhang (Sonia)Matheiu Lovelace
March 05, 2020