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The Ordinary Photographer

The Ordinary Photographer

By Ian Turpin
A photography podcast bringing creativity to people who find it difficult. Film Photography will probably get talked about quite a bit, but creativity is gear agnostic.... Well, I think it is anyway.

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A New Year's Retribution
A pondering beginning to 2021 discussing plans (not resolutions!) and their uses in becoming a better photographer. In the second half, I defend HP5 Plus after the podcast bashing it's recently had so if you don't shoot film you get to go home early. It hasn't really been bashed, just a couple of people said they didn't think it was exciting. I exagerrate. That's what my wife is always telling me. Podcast referred to in the episode is The Candid Frame #546 with Jeffery Saddoris. An excellent listen. Happy new year to you all!
January 14, 2021
Episode 11: The Ordinariest Photographer
Inventing New Words Week. Also, "Recording Into The Right Side Of The Microphone" week too! Sound quality much improved.  This week I wanted to talk about the ordinariest photographer - Vivian Maier. That's about it.  Email the "show" at I had a couple of emails from the last show and may well collate with any new ones - especially ranty ones - in January. Have a cool yule everyone!
December 21, 2020
Episode 10: Do your Photos Need To Tell A Story?
A prize for the longest title ever and the longest gap between podcasts. 1 whole minute of erms cut. That's a lot of erms. Say erm. For a minute. See? Rather than a rambling moan which was what E10 was destined to be I decided to try and talk about something positive. Lots of poeple say your photos need to tell a story, but do they? Really? Regular listeners will likely know the answer. Apologies for the sound quality. I'd forgotten how to do it properly and had to relearn everything. I guess that's an incentive if ever there was one...
December 03, 2020
Episode 9: Sight & Insight. Getting It Right
In which I fluff up the beginning, sigh more than erm, and repeatedly get the book name wrong. It's a good job I'm not getting paid for this... Exploring the extra-ordinary work of Phillipe Halsman through three books. Sight & Insight, The Jump Book and Dali's Mustache. Preposterous stuff. And an apology that I repeatedly call the book Sight & Sound when that's not what it's called...
July 20, 2020
Episode 8: Book Recommendations
So in Episode 8 I deal with another listener email as well as one from Podbean... Well... I also think I sound like I perhaps make unkind remarks about other podcasts. I actually heartily recommend anyone to give them a go. Whilst the content might not be everyone's cuppa, the people behind them all are talented and gifted folks...  The Candid Frame: Negative Positives: The Large Format Photography Podcast: The Classic Lenses Podcast: Books mentioned are Ibarionex Perello's "Making Photographs" and Bruce Barnbaum's "The Art of Photography". Accept no substitutes.
June 29, 2020
Episode 7: Gear Matters
So after a bit of a photographic drought, I picked up an Olympus 35RC and it inspired me. tl;dl : Gear matters when it either contributes to your creativity or doesn't inhibit it. It's why I can't use a Panasonic camera - the menus drive me round the bend. Also, I got an email (and a physical postcard!) from Richard Hall! @connexions on Instagram. Go buy his zine: Other than that, more erms, a motorbike, and 1 frame short of a full roll. Situation normal.
June 13, 2020
Episode 6: I had an email!
This week's incompetence.... Mixing up Iron Maiden's frontman with a Magnum street photographer Spending more time than should be reasonable removing a nasty earth hum from the audio More erms than I have dust on my 6x17s "Talk like Captain Kirk" episode with amusing pauses in between. My brain is just toooo slow. 3 Instagram likes come in mid-episode. Three! In which I read out my first email, and discuss the content because... Well, it's a simple "how do you become a better photographer" email. Cheers Ian!
May 23, 2020
Episode 5: Those Who Can't... Teach...
I can't get over the amount of erms!!  Anyway, this week I witter on about the phrase "those who can't... teach...", wishing that it wasn't me but ultimately realising that it is. Discussing mainly the advantages of night school learning, or learning ina  social environment which is possibly the worst thing to be talking about at the moment. My wife always tells me I have terrible timing.... Roll on episode 6! Email the "show" at and consider sumbitting an image for discussion on the new Flickr group! (listen for more detail)
March 13, 2020
Episode 4: Is Feedback Useful?
I think I'm getting into a groove at the moment. Join me for the fourth episode where I ramble on a bit, tackling the question of feedback and asking myself how useful it might be. Actually, there's not much groove. Still a lot of erms. Drop me an email at if you like.
February 16, 2020
Episode 3: Celebrate the Print
So after a completely failed effort to incorporate YouTube, I applied the sensible rule of "If at first you don't succeed, give up." Instead, I spend this episode talking about the print, starting with reading out the statement on Magnum photographer, Constantine Manos' site tl;dr - Print Your Work. Zine, book, or just a print on paper.  Email me if you're a listener if only to prove my email works! Cheers for listening! Ian.
February 09, 2020
Episode 2: Slow Down With Film. Slow Right Down!
In Which Ian rambles on some more (see if you can spot the cuts) about film photography the week after saying gear wasn’t a factor. Hey - I'm not perfect. Go shoot some film and be nice! ProTip: Don’t forget to un-mute a track before you save it as an mp3 and upload it. You’ll appear to be super professional and not an idiot. ProTipII: Accept your defects. If it’s erms, repetition, cats or wind. Nothing in life worth having is easy. Graham Young’s awesome podcast about getting started with film: Betcha can’t wait for the interviews eh? Contact (please!!):
January 31, 2020
Episode 1: All The Erms
So Episode 1 is all about me learning how to do this improperly with a million takes, sound levels all over the place, and intro music that goes on a shade too long... In Which I.. Talk about what this podcast is hopefully going to be all about, witter on about film photography for a bit, then ramble on about how I got into photography and why I love it. It's taken me quite a while to get episode 1 out of the door, and it's not all crap - even though there's a colon in the middle of the title. Hope you enjoy! Ian.
January 15, 2020