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The Ownership Economy

The Ownership Economy

By The Ownership Economy
Welcome to the Ownership Economy podcast, the podcast that explores the people and ideas that are utilizing technology, economics, and the law to reimagine how the economy can work for everyone. Here we connect with the entrepreneurs, investors, thought-leaders, academics, and politicians that are constructing a better economy, one based on broad-based ownership and democratic governance. Hosted by Martin Smith and Jahed Momand, two investors and operators that aim to use this platform to showcase the people and ideas that will shape more inclusive economies.
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Episode 031 - Tokenized Communities and Creator Ownership, with Jihad Esmail of ForefrontDAO

The Ownership Economy

Episode 035 - Web3, Operator-Investors, Venture-Contributors and the World of Web3 VC with Jake Lynch from LI Digital
In this episode of the Ownership Economy, Jahed and Martin speak with Jake Lynch from L1 Digital . Jake is a rare breed of researcher, operator, and investor and is operating at the heart of the web3 ecosystem. LI Digital invested in Molecule, a decentralized biotech protocol porting intellectual property into web3 and launching biotech DAOS. It is a deal that Jahed and I followed L1 Digital into and so we wanted to better understand Jake’s thought process on investing, how he stays current as both a DAO contributor and investor, and get insights generally on the ownership economy. We hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did.
October 07, 2022
Episode 034 - Optimal Timing for Launching a User-Aligned Ownership Program with Sascha Kellert from Rekursive Labs
In this episode of the Ownership Economy, Jahed and Martin speak with Sascha Kellert from Rekursive Labs. Sascha is an entrepreneur with experience building multi-sided digital marketplaces. The experience of building a home-services marketplace and his unsuccessful attempt to convince his existing venture capital investors in that business to allocate ownership rights to vendors set him on the journey towards web3. He is now exploring a business model that allocates ownership rights to users based on key contributory events that help a business scale. This episode is a great listen for entrepreneurs that are thinking about the right time to add ownership rights for stakeholders. We hope you enjoy the episode.
September 30, 2022
Episode 033 - Making the Transition from Web2 to Web3 as a Engineer and Operator with Golda Velez, Co-founder of What’s Cookin and Former Uber and Postmates Senior Engineer
In this episode of the Ownership Economy, Jahed and Martin connect with Golda Velez, the Co-founder of WhatsCookin, an activity planning startup working to strengthen communities, create opportunities and democratize corporations. Golda comes from a background working as a senior software engineer in some of the largest web2 digital platforms. She worked on data at Uber, risk at Postmates, and held a variety of other roles leading teams in building complex, scalable platforms. She is now taking that experience and applying it to building a stakeholder owned and governed platform for community engagement. We dig into the business model, how she started, tools she’s using for ownership and governance, and other aspects of team building in this early stage venture. For engineers interested in transitioning from web2 to web3, we also recommend episode 5 with Kevin Owocki from Gitcoin and Episode 8 with James Young from Abridged. We hope you enjoy the episode. Show Notes: Mike Moyer – Slicing Pie – Equity Splits for Startups What’s Cookin’ does equity their way | by Fairmint A Minimal Approach to Linked Trust With Uncertainty Cooperation Episode 027 - Empowering Local Providers with Efficient Development Finance Facilitated through Web3 with Dr. Melyn McKay by The Ownership Economy Bloomberg Beta Episode 005 - Building and Funding the Digital Commons Together with Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin by The Ownership Economy Episode 008 - The Future of Work, DAOs, and Verifiable Credentials with James Young of Abridged by The Ownership Economy
September 24, 2022
Episode 032 - Building a Natural Asset Economy with Regenerative Finance, with Gregory Landua of Regen Network
In episode 032, Martin and Jahed chat with Gregory Landua, CEO of Regen Network. Gregory has a long history in regenerative finance before it became the web3 incarnation of #ReFi. He covers the roots of regenerative finance in the permaculture movement, traces its intellectual history, introduces key concepts necessary to understand the new economy being built in natural assets, and introduces us to what Regen Network is enabling communities to do with their natural asset resources and commons management. This episode will be of interest to companies and protocols in the regenerative finance space, and those seeking to understand how the emerging ecosystem services economy. Show Notes: Enclosing the fishery commons (Alaskan commons management) Terra Genesis International Bioregionalism Permaculture Rafter Sass Ferguson Bill Mollison David Holmgren Allan Savory Holistic management 8 forms of capital (regenerative enterprise) Legibility (seeing like a state) Doughnut economics Gregory Bateson Sacred Economics Natural Capitalism World Economic Forum - natural capital assets and ecosystem services
September 16, 2022
Episode 031 - Tokenized Communities and Creator Ownership, with Jihad Esmail of ForefrontDAO
The previous wave of internet innovation created a new economy, but left many creators out of it. Tokenized communities, some of which are organized as DAOs, are the next attempt at trying to broadly distribute and own the wealth generated by communities of creators. Jihad Esmail of ForefrontDAO is at the forefront of trying to figure out how to build new, sustainable organizational structures for and with creators. In this conversation, we dig into the learnings behind his last couple of years at Forefront, and how he’s pushing tokenized communities forward with learnings from other DAOs such as NounsDAO. This episode will be of interest to founders building new creator and social DAOs in particular.
September 14, 2022
Episode 030 - How to Unleash a Culture of Innovation in Your DAO with Liberating Structures, with Jeremy Akers of Regens Unite
In the middle of the current bear market, DAOs are still surviving and sometimes thriving. One of the keys is social, emotional, and operational support, and in this week’s episode, Jahed sat down with Jeremy akers of Regens Unite, GravityDAO, Commons Stack, and LS DAO to discuss how the framework for unleashing team innovation, Liberating Structures, can be used by DAOs to get themselves through this rough patch. Along the way, Jeremy touches on patterns from LS that can be useful to new DAOs, how DAOs can manage conflicts inter- and intra-DAO, we touch on Gnosis Guild’s new pattern library for DAO organizational structures, and what new data in complexity science suggest for hierarchies and organizations. Show notes: liberating structures The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures (book) Diagram we discussed GravityDAO The Inherent Instability of Disordered Systems (academic paper)
September 02, 2022
Episode 029 - Ownership, Individuality, and Sybil Attacks: A Conversation with Octopus, GitcoinDAO Contributor
It’s summer for us at the Ownership Economy Podcast, so we’re bringing you a short series of wide-ranging episodes, which are more conversational in nature. We start this week with anonymous GitcoinDAO contributor @8octopuso, who is a mathematics PhD and worked on the systems for public funding distribution and governance at Gitcoin. In the conversation, we cover sybil attacks, how they can be a threat to democratic systems and why they’re important, systems that can prove individuality, and how this fits into measuring DAO contributions and broadly distributing the wealth generated by ventures. It’s a wide-ranging conversation that will get into the meat of Gitcoin and other DAOs governance best practices and pitfalls, as well as pedagogy, psychology, and behavioral science, from an operator’s point-of-view. Show Notes: What is a public good? Alfie Kohn Punished by Rewards Taylorism Longtail Financial Token Engineering Academy Youtube channel on math videos show notes @8ctopuso - twitter
August 26, 2022
Episode 028 - Sharing Wealth by Realigning Incentives in Real Estate, with David Lidz of StreetWell
In this episode, Martin & Jahed sat down with David Lidz, an entrepreneur building an impact real estate company that employs those in recovery and convicts looking for their way back into society. David has managed to innovate at the intersection of real estate, technology, and social / political realms by finding a way to give people upside in restoration and ownership of properties in the cooperative, co-design governance and share distribution with the stakeholders, and address the consequences of redlining and other discriminatory practices in historically marginalized communities in the US. Show Notes: Stocksy case study Geospatial NFTs - Astral Protocol Geospatial NFTs - Episode 023 of Ownership Economy On Velocity in several Complementary Currencies RSF Social Finance BlueHub Capital
August 19, 2022
Episode 027 - Empowering Local Providers with Efficient Development Finance Facilitated through Web3 with Dr. Melyn McKay
In this episode, Martin and Jahed connect with Dr. Melyn McKay, the founder and CEO of CoalaPay, a direct funding platform that connects users to trusted, grassroots actors working to sustain and strengthen their communities. Dr. McKay is an anthropologist by training and has spent years working in emerging markets with some of the largest institutional donors in the world. She is now bringing that knowledge and expertise to make sure more grant money makes it into the hands of expert local actors. Listeners interested in the intersection of international development, impact investment and blockchain should also check out episodes 11 and 26 with Dr. Hamid Rashid, Episode 25 with author Brett Scott, and Episode 13 with entrepreneur Dr. Shaun Conway. We hope you enjoy the episode. Episode 011 with Dr. Hamid Rashid Part 1 Episode 026 with Dr. Hamid Rashid Part 2 Episode 013 with Dr. Shaun Conway Episode 025 with Brett Scott
August 12, 2022
Episode 026 - Decentralized Finance: Stability vs Effiiency in Design of a More Equitable Financial System with Dr. Hamid Rashid Part 2
In this week’s episode of the Ownership Economy, Jahed and Martin where joined by UN macroeconomist Dr. Hamid Rashid.. In this episode, we start out of a recap of Episode 11 where we explored the impact of monetary policy on the ownership economy. We recommend listening to that episode first before this deep dive on the tension between stability and efficiency in the design of decentralized finance protocols. Dr. Rashid walks listeners through a short history of the banking industry in the US to contextualize the current challenges in building decentralized finance systems.
August 05, 2022
Episode 025 - Building Resilience and Democratic Access to Finance by Preserving Cash with Brett Scott
In this week’s episode, Jahed and Martin sit down with Brett Scott, author of In the book, Scott guides the reader through the undercurrents of the banking and technology industries to create a compelling argument on how the two are mutually reinforcing market efficiencies that threaten the existence of cash. Risks of the decline of cash go beyond concerns of surveillance, loss of privacy, and declining market competition to a world where “hyperconnected markets burrow into the deepest parts of being”. Shownotes: Cloudmoney: Cash, Cards, Crypto, and the War for Our Wallets. Brett’s Newsletter - Altered States of Monetary Consciousness Brett’s Twitter - Donut Economics by Kate Raworth The Curse of Cash by Kenneth Rogoff The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton
July 22, 2022
Episode 024 - Investing in and Building the New Open Internet with Dermot O'Riordan of Eden Block
In this episode, Jahed and Martin sit down with Dermot O'Riordan, a Partner at Eden Block who is focused on supporting and building what they refer to as the new Open Internet. In the course of the conversation, we dive into how new, efficient markets in compute, machine learning, and other sectors of technology can actually democratize access to the services that result from innovation in web3, the role of culture in company building and innovation, and the role that DAOs can play in spurring organizational innovation. This episode will be of particular interest to new founders looking to organize their companies in a decentralized fashion, as well as those trying to understand the implications of blockchains for more functional, efficient markets. Show Notes: ​​Culture eats capital for breakfast  Investment Thesis for Gensyn Pocket Network Investment Thesis Understanding “New Power” Episode 001 - Cryptoeconomics, Economic Democracy, and Networked Governance in Web3 with Nathan Schneider by The Ownership Economy Episode 006 - Worker Ownership and the future of the “Gig Economy” with Jason Prado of the Driver's Cooperative Sociocracy 3.0
July 16, 2022
Episode 023 - Web3 and the Transition to Stakeholder Aligned, Democratic Institutions with Patrick Rawson
In this episode of the The Ownership Economy, Jahed and Martin talk about how institutions are built, how to make them more inclusive, and the tension between global economies and local empowerment. The conversation has implications for how we construct companies, but also how more inclusive and vibrant democracies could be realized.
July 08, 2022
Episode 022 - Scaling Regenerative Economies with Local Currencies and New Markets in Natural Assets, with Luuk Weber of Kolektivo
In this episode, Jahed and Martin sit down with Luuk Weber of Kolektivo to dive into the opportunity for regenerative, non-extractive economic designs built on tokenization of natural capital assets and localist economic principles. Luuk's story starts in Curaçao where he experienced the consequences of living on an island whose currency is pegged to the dollar, and the vicissitudes that come along with it. He was among the first people experimenting in the DAO space, using his learnings to bootstrap a local currency called CuraDAI, enabling local Curaçaons to keep their economy local in times of massive inflation. In the conversation we cover how Kolektivo is working with Celo and other entities to create new economic models that value ecosystems, land, and water for their regenerative capabiltiies, and not just their extractive, priced capabilities, with an eye to building markets that can price and provide liquidity for natural assets for people to take regenerative actions. This episode will be of particular interest to folks interested in the intersection of climate, impact, and web3. Show notes: Principles of Decentralized Exchange Trading Systems - Tuido CuraDAI How Crypto is Regenerating the World - Kolektivo Celo hopes to invest $340m stablecoin asset backing in rainforests - Ledger Insights - blockchain for enterprise Tokenized Natural Assets | Union Square Ventures Automating Ostrom for Effective DAO Management | by Jeff Emmett | Commons Stack | Medium Episode 015 - Mutual Credit on the Blockchain: Building Local Resilient Economies with David Casey
July 01, 2022
Episode 021 - Evolving the Venture Capital Model in web3 to Distribute Wealth to Awesome People, with Julia Lipton of Awesome People Ventures
In this episode, Jahed and Martin connect with Julia Lipton, the founder of Awesome People Ventures. Julia cut her teeth in venture capital on a first fund working on the future of work. Her exposure to crypto and blockchain inspired her to position her second fund at the center of the ownership economy. Julia’s experience in web3 goes beyond her investment fund and she is also the founder of a DAO and a platform that sources talent for web3 companies. In her work as both an investor and operator, she is constantly thinking about how to empower value-creating stakeholders in her ventures through unique earning mechanism and governance rights. This episode will be relevant for both investors and operators trying to figure out how to align incentives in progressively decentralizing companies. Show Notes:
June 24, 2022
Episode 020 - Decentralized Travel Marketplaces and How They Might Improve the Travel Industry, with Maksim Izmaylov of Winding Tree
In this episode, Martin and Jahed sit down with Winding Tree founder Maksim Izmaylov and learn how the travel and hospitality industry works. It's not pretty—we dive into the economics of online travel agencies (OTAs), how they work, where their take rate comes from, and how consumers win while most community businesses and even airlines lose. Winding Tree is building a multi-stakeholder platform to reduce the rent-seeking behavior in this marketplace, and this episode will be a fascinating listen for those who are thinking of using web3 technologies to disintermediate legacy rent-seeking players, as well as those studying complex market processes and how they might lead to unintended outcomes. Show Notes: First people ever book a hotel on blockchain with crypto and checkin with NFTs. | Winding Tree Winding Tree DAOs, Democracy and Governance
June 17, 2022
Episode 019 - Undefining Money and Redefining Value, with Christopher Goes of Anoma Network
In this episode, Jahed and Martin sit down with Christopher Goes who is building Anoma Network with Heliax. In the conversation, we cover definitions of money, what new definitions of money co-designed with local context can unlock in terms of value for communities, what the design space of money is, and promise and perils of privacy-shielded transactions. Show Notes: An Overview of Anoma's Architecture | by Awa Sun Yin Theory of Social Choice on Networks Against Decentralized Finance The Tyranny of Metrics | Princeton University Press Retroactive Public Goods Funding Introducing Namada
June 10, 2022
Episode 018 - Co-creation and Co-ownership in DAOs and Co-ops with Metalabel founder Austin Robey
In this episode, Martin and Jahed connect with Austin Robey, founder of one of the first platform tech co-ops Ampled, and a prolific doer and thinker when it comes to self-managing organizations. We cover the full gamut of self-management, from Austin's formative experiences with co-operatives in his neighborhood in New York, bootstrapping and sharing ownership in the music platform Ampled, to his learnings working in Forefront DAO and then forming his own digital community in Metalabel. This episode will be of particular interest to founders and investors interested in how DAOs and Co-ops fundraise, fund their ongoing activities, and coordinate their labor to ship new products. Show Notes: Metalabel What Co-ops and DAOs Can Learn From Each Other
June 03, 2022
Episode 017 - Identity, Security, Reputation, and Control: Crafting Free Societies with Decentralized Identity Protocols with Jaya Klara Brekke
In this episode, Jahed and Martin spoke with Dr. Jaya Klara Brekke, a researcher on the political economy of blockchains at Durham University and Chief Strategy Officer at Nymtech. Nymtech is reimagining a world where resilient digital platforms and ecosystems and individual privacy are not mutually exclusive. We connected with Dr. Brekke on a variety of topics including identity, security, control and power. Dr. Brekke’s work is guided by both political economy and anthropology and she brings a discerning eye to both the potential and limits of blockchain applications. Show Notes: 1.)   Distributed Ledger Technologies for Social and Public Good - 2.)   Digital Scarcity - 3) The market as a gun to your head, tool in your hand or escape route from hell 4) Cryptopolitics - an update 5) The Dissensus Protocol 6) Hacker-engineers and their economies 6.)    “The World of Anonymous Credentials” - 4.)   “Why I am Joining Nym” - 5.)   The Age of Survelliance Capitalism - 6.) Cloud Money -  Cloudmoney: Cash, Cards, Crypto and the War for our Wallets 7.) How Reason Almost Lost Its Mind: The Strange Career of Cold War Rationality 8.) Louise Amoore -
May 27, 2022
Episode 016 - Beyond State and Market, Building Ecosystems in the Commons with Tamara Helenius
In this episode, Jahed and Martin connected with Tamara Helenius, who is a Program Manager at the Commons Stack and Steward in the Token Engineering Commons. In an earlier episode, we spoke with Jeff Emmett at the Commons Stack about token engineering. In this episode, we discuss the human side of building ecosystems, commons and companies that embrace decentralization. It builds on the conversation we had with Richard Bartlett on the human work of how to create culture, and how technology can support this work rather than undermine or replace it. Anyone working on thinking through how to pragmatically decentralize a part or an entire company or build for the commons will be interested in this episode. Here are the show notes: Tribes, Institutions, Markets, Networks: A Framework About Societal Evolution | RAND Collaborative Economics: A Non-Violent Revolution Against Technocracy | by Tamara Helenius | Commons Stack | Medium Think Like a Commoner The DAOist's GGG - Beyond State and Market - Tamara Helenius DAO Check: Getting Stewardship Right - Tamara Helenius Beyond Markets and States: Polycentric Governance of Complex Economic Systems* - By Elinor Ostrom
May 20, 2022
Episode 015 - Mutual Credit on the Blockchain: Building Local Resilient Economies with David Casey
In this episode, Jahed and Martin talked with David Casey, the Founder and CEO of Resource Network. Trained in political economy, David spent nearly a decade thinking about how to build local, mutually supported communities in the real world. He is a co-founder of Numundo, a network of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms and retreat centers. That experience informs his current work on Resource Network, a marketplace and ecosystem that is using blockchain technologies to bring mutual credit onchain. We talk about the history of complimentary currencies, how they worked before blockchain, and why the composability of web3 solves some challenges that historically limited the ability of mutual credit to scale. In doing so, we dive deep into Resource Network as a case study in decentralized finance. We hope you enjoy the episode. Here are the show notes: Resource Network White Paper - CIP36 vs ERC 20 - Complementary Currencies: Mutual Credit Currency Systems and the Challenge of Globalization - Mutual Credit Systems and the Commons Problem: Why Community Currency Systems such as LETS Need Not Collapse Under Opportunistic Behaviour -
May 13, 2022
Episode 014 - Patient-Owned and Aligned Healthcare Platforms with Dr. Jen Horonjeff
In this episode, Jahed and Martin talked with Jen Horonjeff, the Founder and CEO of Savvy Cooperative. Jen has a truly interesting background, having worked in academia after completing a doctorate in Environmental Medicine, subsequently working as a consumer representative with the Food and Drug Administration in the USA, and even as a scout for an early stage venture fund. Dr. Horonjeff took her experience as a life-long autoimmune disease patient and cancer survivor and channeled it into building Savvy, a cooperative owned and governed by its patient members. In this episode we get into the details of life as an entrepreneur and the challenges of starting and growing a multi-stakeholder digital platform. Hope you enjoy this episode. Here are the show notes: Healthcare co-op Savvy snags venture funding from | TechCrunch Cooperative Commons Manifesto Savvy patients help Amazon train Alexa to respond to those with speech impairment Savvy Cooperative helps Boehringer Ingelheim become more patient-centric, starting with inclusivity
May 06, 2022
Episode 013 - Designing Better Possible Futures with Impact Markets with Dr. Shaun Conway of IXO Protocol
In this episode, Martin and Jahed sit down with Dr. Shaun Conway of IXO Protocol, to talk about the future of measuring, verifying, and delivering social impact with new mechanisms and designs enabled by blockchains. In the conversation, Dr. Conway leads us through his history working as a medical doctor, then transitioning to HIV / AIDS impact projects in his native South Africa, to working with the WHO, UNICEF, and other NGOs on policy measures. This experience led him to conceive of an impact marketplace long before the current ReFi space brought together off-chain impact with on-chain data. We cover the possibilities for better incentive design, governance structure, and real-life impact measurement through the IXO protocol. This episode will be particularly insightful for those working in NGOs, sustainability and social impact projects, and social impact entrepreneurs. Here are the show notes: Impact Alpha Bonds The Tokenized Impact Economy The Origins of IXO Risk Adjusted Bonding Curves Statistics: Are you Bayesian or Frequentist? Podcast with Chimple / IXO UBS Impact Bonds - Optimus Foundation Nature 2.0 - Ocean Protocol MIT Connection Science
April 29, 2022
Episode 012 - Patterns for Decentralized Organizing with Richard Bartlett of The Hum
In this episode we speak with Richard Bartlett, co-founder of the tech cooperative Loomio, and The Hum, management consultancy for organizations without managers. In the conversation, we cover his history and experience with patterns of decentralized organizing picked up from the punk scene and Occupy Wellington in the early 2010s, what he learned from those patterns, and how he co-created new organizational structures that put them into play with his co-founders and fellow workers. This episode will be particularly interesting for listeners who want practical advice on how to organize in DAOs, cooperatives, and other organizational forms that seek to work in non-hierarchical ways, but still get meaningful work done. Here are the show notes: Employment Participation Rate in Europe: Unemployment rate by country in EU: United States labor participation rate: The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber and David Wengrow ( Resilience of Cooperative Model in Recessions: Cooperatives in a Global Economy: Key Economic Issues, Recent Trends, and Potential for Development, (Smith, Stephen C., Rothbaum, Jonathan) Teams of Teams: Rules of Engagement for a Complex World, Stanley McChrystal - Patters of Decentralized Organizing,  Forthcoming by Richard Bartlett - Internal Family Systems -
April 22, 2022
Episode 011 - Monetary Policy and the Potential of Central Bank Digital Currencies with Hamid Rashid, Chief of Global Economic Monitoring at the United Nations
In this episode, Martin and Jahed talk with Dr. Hamid Rashid, a former director-general for multilateral economic affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh, is Chief of Global Economic Monitoring at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. We take a bit of a detour from web3 and blockchain to discuss macroeconomics with Dr. Rashid. We dive into the functioning of the fed in the US, and how its policies impact economic opportunity and inequality in the US and abroad. We then use this framework to discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of the fed introducing a Central Bank Digital Currency.  Here are the show notes: Financial Times - Fed to begin ‘rapid’ balance sheet reduction as soon as May, says top official Positive Money - Basic Overview of Bank Reserves  A Return to Operating with Abundant Reserves Teaching the Linkage Between Banks and the Fed - RIP the Money Multiplier The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Central Bank Digital Currencies Averting Catastrophic Debt Crises in Developing Countries Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Picketty
April 15, 2022
Episode 010 - Modeling Digital Community Governance with Joshua Tan of The Metagovernance Project
In this episode, Martin and Jahed sit down with Joshua Tan, executive director of the Metagovernance Project and the DAOstar One, building standards and infrastructure for digital self-governance of communities. He also conducts applied research on collective intelligence and the governance of online communities. In the conversation, we cover institutional innovation in web3, modeling patterns for decentralization in digital communities, and what the worst DAO dystopias could have in store for us. Here are the show notes: Composing games into complex institutions Metagov Introducing the Agreement Engine. How to build contract systems for the… | by Joshua Tan | The Metagovernance Project | Medium Modular Politics: Toward a Governance Layer for Online Communities
April 08, 2022
Episode 009 - Localized Democracy and Public Goods with Token Engineering, with Jeff Emmett of The Commons Stack / BlockScience Labs
In this episode, Martin & Jahed sit down with Jeff Emmett, who is a prolific researcher at the Commons Stack, Token Engineering Commons, and BlockScience Labs, studying how to build community collaboration tools with blockchains. In the conversation, we cover how new forms of voting mechanisms can help communities make clearer, better decisions, measure and aggregate their own preferences, and execute and measure their impact, so they can ultimately achieve their goals. This episode will be of special interest to people working in impact assessment in NGOs, people building DAO governance tools, and communities looking for new, inclusive forms of democracy to experiment with locally. Here are the show notes: Impact Alpha Bonds Rewriting the story of human collaboration Challenges and Approaches to Scaling the Global Commons Automating Ostrom for Effective DAO Management Conviction Voting What is the Byzantine Generals Problem? Seeing Like a State, by James C. Scott Jeff Emmett on Twitter Token Engineering Commons The Commons Stack
April 01, 2022
Episode 008 - The Future of Work, DAOs, and Verifiable Credentials with James Young of Abridged
In this episode, Martin & Jahed sit down with James Young from Abridged, the developers of the popular software that many digital communities are using to engage, grow, and coordinate their members. In the conversation, James traces his arc from software engineer on Farmville in the early days of Zynga and how those experiences with Web 2.0 companies shaped his focus on the promise of user-owned digital communities, eventually settling on tools that help communities own their own data and experiences. This episode provides a peek at the future of work enabled by data economies in web3 and will be useful to founders and entrepreneurs who want insights into how the unique interactions enabled by web3 wallets can create new trails of data and economic value both for users and platforms. Here are the show notes: James talks on decentralizing collabland James on Twitter The DAO and the DAO Hack MolochDAO explainer Episode 2 of this podcast on exit to community with Pia Mancini Episode 1 of this podcast on exit to community with Nathan Schneider What is 
March 25, 2022
Episode 007 - Bootstrapping Digital Communities of Abundance with Mark Beylin of Myco
In this episode, Martin and Jahed chat with Mark Beylin, co-founder and CEO of Myco, where communities can bootstrap themselves with labor, co-own the business they launch, and not be beholden to the platform economics of the last wave of the internet. In the conversation, we cover how communities can use Myco’s unique LLC structure to protect themselves from liability while they extend ownership and upside to the people who contribute to it, how governance in these communities works, and how to build communities that last for decades by taking a long term, dilutive view of stakeholder ownership. Founders, entrepreneurs, and DAO contributors will get a peak at how an ostensibly web3 community is building front-end products that do not require any of the clunky UX that we’ve become accustomed to in web3, and can learn from the myco blueprint on how they might form tokenized digital communities. Here are the show notes: The Myco Blueprint Dilutive DAOs: Building a Community in Perpetuity The Crypto-Social (R)evolution Join a Myco community
March 18, 2022
Episode 006 - Worker Ownership and the future of the “Gig Economy” with Jason Prado of the Driver’s Cooperative
In this episode, Martin and Jahed sit down with Jason Prado, Director of Platform at the Driver’s Cooperative, to chat about the history of worker-owned cooperatives, the failure modes of the gig economy, and the challenges of building a cooperative in the current funding ecosystem. In the conversation, they cover the market competitiveness of the cooperative form, access to financing options that are uniquely available to cooperatives (and barriers to accessing them), and what governance innovations in web3, such as DAOs, might indicate for worker-owned initiatives in the future. Here are the show notes: DAOs are interesting, likely, and terrifying by Jason Prado The DAO of decentralization: Can co-ops thrive on the blockchain?  What Co-ops and DAOs Can Learn From Each Other The Drivers Cooperative is helping drivers escape the gig economy. But it needs to overcome major obstacles before it can compete with Uber and Lyft.
March 11, 2022
Episode 005 - Building and Funding the Digital Commons Together with Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin
In this episode, Martin & Jahed sit down with Kevin Owocki, co-founder and CEO of Gitcoin, a community developing digital public goods that has put $52 million in the open source ecosystem's hands since its founding. In the conversation, Kevin covers how Gitcoin's mission came to be, why its important to fund public goods, and the bleeding edge of democratic governance innovations Gitcoin is spurring on with quadratic funding and quadratic voting with Gitcoin Grants. This episode provides a unique view behind the scenes of a thriving, well-funded community experimenting with new democratic methods that politicians, technologists, and founders seeking to expand the agency of their community can borrow from. Here are the show notes: Elastic and AWS open source battle The crusade against Open Source abuse Grounding decentralised technologies in cooperative principles: What can “Decentralised Autonomous Organisations” (DAOs) and platform cooperatives learn from each other? A comparative analysis of the platforms for decentralized autonomous organizations in the Ethereum blockchain Gitcoin Grants Case Study
March 04, 2022
Episode 004 - DAOs vs. Cooperatives: An Exploration of Legal, Economic, and Financing Strategies with Jason Wiener
In this episode, Martin & Jahed sit down with Jason Wiener, an attorney at Jason Wiener p.c. He is a social entrepreneur, advisor and a long time board member to renowned digital platform cooperatives, including Stocksy United. In the conversation, Jason discusses the history of the cooperative movement and how this traditional structure can inform new organizational designs such as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). In so doing, this episode provides entrepreneurs and investors with insight into the technical and legal innovations, opportunities, risks and limits of these new organizational designs. Here are the show notes: Jason Wiener Firm The Main Street Phoenix Project What Can 'Decentralised Autonomous Organisations' (DAOs) and Platform Cooperatives Learn from Each Other? Wyoming DAO Law
February 25, 2022
Episode 003 - Actually Existing DeFi Banking Solutions for the Unbanked, with Jordi Riulas of EthicHub
In this episode, Martin & Jahed sit down with Jordi Riulas, angel investor, entrepreneur, and board member at EthicHub. In the conversation, Jordi covers how EthicHub's DeFi platform is leading the regenerative finance movement by helping investors provide loans to unbanked coffee cooperatives in Mexico, creating a circular economy for their products in the EU and the US, and turning over ownership and governance to the farmers themselves with the Ethix platform token. It's a fascinating case study in co-designing products with communities, learning and iterating, and picking objectives that benefit not only your company, but the community that contributes value to it over the long term.Here are the show notes: Regenerative Finance Movement Applied Regenerative Economics The Regenerative Finance DAO EthicHub Buy coffee on EthicHub direct from coffee cooperatives in Chiapas Jordi Riulas on Instagram and LinkedIn Not-fit-for-purpose: multi-stakeholder initiatives and the pathway forward Climate Change And The Circular Economy
February 18, 2022
Episode 002 - Democratizing Ownership and Governance via Exit to Community with Pia Mancini
In this episode, Martin & Jahed sit down with Pia Mancini, co-founder and CEO of Open Collective. In the conversation, we explore Pia's early work broadening access to democratic governance and starting a digital-first political party in Argentina, borderless democracy, commons-based projects, and the future of Open Collective as a community-owned project as it explores Nathan Schneider and co-authors vision for exit-to-community. Here are the show notes: Pathways for Open Collective’s “Exit to Community” Early musings on "Exit to Community" for Open Collective How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era (TED Talk) Exit to Community: A Primer Steward Ownership
February 09, 2022
Episode 001 - Cryptoeconomics, Economic Democracy, and Networked Governance in Web3 with Nathan Schneider
In this episode, Martin & Jahed sit down with Nathan Schneider, Assistant Professor of Media Studies at UC-Boulder, the co-author of Exit to Community, and principal invesigator of the Metagovernance Project. In the conversation, we cover the history of the cooperative movement, what DAOs and cooperatives can learn from each other, the perils of digital governance design, and the future of community-based democratic governance. Here are the show notes: Beyond Cryptoeconomics: Platform Cooperativism and the Future of Blockchain Governance Article on a democratic counterpart to venture capital for financing, and a software stack that supports creative democratic governance Cryptoeconomics as a limitation of governance Cryptoeconomics is fundamentally about the use of economic incentives together with cryptography to design and secure different kinds of systems and applications.” - Buterin 2018 A Pre-History of DAOs by Kei Kreutler DAOs are the natural evolution of organizational forms after tribes, institutions, markets, and networks. A Preface to Economic Democracy by Robert Dahl A functional political economic liberal democracy might require economic democracy and other mechanism designs Markets in the Name of Socialism: The left-wing origins of neoliberalism by Johanna Bockman (George Mason) How functional markets require competition, and what market socialism organizational forms can teach us about current democratic forms
February 09, 2022