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The Parent Impact

The Parent Impact

By Carrie Mamantov
For the parent questioning if they are having an impact in their child’s successes. Complex needs are challenging for everyone involved, and we need all kinds of strong connections to make it work. Each episode we will explore a skill parents can use in building positive relationships. We will talk about tools and resources out there to find motivation to keep trying new things. We will celebrate the positive results parents share with us, and we will shout out to those influencers and advocates helping us along the way.
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The pilot: Meeting the host
In this intro episode, Carrie shares her vision for a future of inclusion, where all abilities are succeeding thanks to kick-ass connections created between parent advocates. Hear Carrie share her six-word story as part of her journey of self awareness and working to be the best advocate she can for her children.  Parents and professionals can expect to hear future episodes interview healthcare, education and special services professionals describe relationships that work, and how to build them. We will also be interviewing experts in specific relationship building skills like emotional intelligence, self awareness, and active listening.  If you're interested in being a guest of the show, or have a suggestion for a topic, please reach out to Carrie via the Anchor platform, or find her on social media.
February 08, 2021