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The Pastor's Soapbox

The Pastor's Soapbox

By Seymour Helligar
Addressing topics in our world from a pastoral perspective with the goal to honor God and inform the Christian Community.
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Box in Five: Put Your Coates On
In Pastor Seymour's preacher's version of five minutes, He offers three grounds for us to all join in support of Pastor Coates and his family. 
March 8, 2021
Box in Five
In five minutes or less I will explain our duty as light in a dark world. 
March 5, 2021
Dethroning MLK Jr.
Episode 18 proves why the church cannot celebrate the life of a Social Gospel Preacher.
February 13, 2021
Part II of "Is Hindsight 2020?"
If hindsight is 2020, let us pursue godly initiatives for the glory of God.
January 16, 2021
Is Hindsight 2020?
If hindsight is 2020, there are many lessons to learn and godly initiatives to pursue for the glory of God.
January 2, 2021
Blindsided by 2020?
What issues has 2020 exposed? Join Pastor Seymour for insights into the revealing and refining trials God has given us this year. 
December 19, 2020
Covid-19 and Counting: The Good and the Bad
Pastor Seymour will offer a much-needed reality check for believers.
December 5, 2020
A Servant's Staycation
I'll be back. 
November 14, 2020
Preparing for Post-Election Letdown
Who's Really in Charge? How you answer that question will lift you above post-election letdown or idolatry. Episode 13 of the Pastor's Soapbox will provide biblical encouragement and application for one of the more hostile election seasons.  
October 31, 2020
Soundbites Make for Bad Blogs
We never want to deflect attention away from any issue, even when it hurts. Join the Pastor's Soapbox and receive biblical principles for life at the voting poll. 
October 17, 2020
COVID-19 is America’s Cold War
In my lifetime I have not witnessed a war like this one. Believers are fighting over civil stipulations without considering that the media’s propaganda is arousing sinful passions.
October 3, 2020
The Bubble of Anti-Intellectualism
Our world is becoming more emotional and less intellectual. That ability to think and reason only comes from God. We must recover that and put it into practice. Join Pastor Seymour as he identifies the bubble of anti-intellectualism.
September 19, 2020
With the rise of anti-intellectualism and emotionalism, believers need to be on guard and aware of the subtlety of these culturally acceptable norms.
September 11, 2020
Christian Contentment in a Malcontented World.
From the pages of Scripture, let us re-enroll in God’s school of contentment and unlock this precious but rare jewel, available for all who are in Christ.
September 5, 2020
Are you drowning in the sea of discontentment?
Listen with me as we look to Scripture and learn how we can all re-enroll in God’s school of contentment.
September 4, 2020
Still Here!
Update for our listeners to stay tuned for our upcoming podcast in September
August 24, 2020
The Marx of Deception
Can We Partner with the New Belial?
July 4, 2020
Promo for Episode 8, "The Marx of Deception"
Can We Partner with the New Belial?
July 3, 2020
The BLM Movement, Where Nobody Matters
Episode 7 extends the conversation on a dangerous and misleading mission by three women to dismantle God’s order in His Creation
June 27, 2020
The BLM Movement, Where Nobody Matters, Part I
Taking an honest and candid approach to a movement that is contrary to God’s truth
June 20, 2020
Dismantling the Lies and Displaying Christ
Seeing the redemptive work of reconciliation
June 13, 2020
Promo for Our Next Podcast
Lovingly but truthfully looking at our social challenges from the lens of Scripture
June 10, 2020
Racism and Reconciliation
What Should We Do and How Should We Respond to the Present “racial” dilemma
June 6, 2020
Podcast Update and Preview of our Upcoming Discussions
Join me as we take on a difficult topic and addressing it prayerfully with fairness and truth, God's truth. 
June 5, 2020
Shall We Dance? The Christian’s Concern with Michael Jordan’s Documentary
What was heralded as a tour de force may only serve to confirm the problems in our society.
May 29, 2020
COVID-19’s impact on the church and what we can do.
May 22, 2020
A fair, and we trust an encouraging discussion on a virus that is impacting the nation.
Adding our listeners input, your host will address COVID-19 from a CHRISTIAN point of view.
May 15, 2020
An Important Announcement for "The BOX" Listeners
Join in with me for our planning phase of the first "Box" Episode
May 8, 2020
Launch of our First Podcast is coming soon
We will have a great time together on the "Box." 
May 1, 2020
What Can The Pastor's Soapbox do for You?
Please join us and invite others to share a time of enriching discussions. 
April 29, 2020
Welcome to The Pastor's Soapbox
We want to discuss relevant issues from a biblical perspective. 
April 22, 2020