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The Peg Doesn't Fit

The Peg Doesn't Fit

By Erich Stephen and Ryan Bartel
The world of education continues to try to operate in the confines of an antiquated system. Despite it's flaws, solutions continue to be offered that add to an increasing convoluted system that continues to resist change. Join us as we talk about our frustrations and attempt to provide solutions.
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S1 E14: Open Source Technology with Ross Parker

The Peg Doesn't Fit

S1 E25: Positivity with Yancey Sanderson
Join Erich and Ryan as they discuss the importance of the educators role.  Everyday we have a choice to feed into the negative that surrounds us in the world, or to fight through the difficulties of the teacher's job and strive to make a difference in the world.  Join us as we discuss being positive in the workplace with Yancey Sanderson.  Yancey Sanderson is a husband and a father of two daughters. He has been in education for 20 years and in administration for 7. He is in his 4th year as a high school principal. His website, is overflowing with positive blog entries on how to not only be a better leader, but how to be a better person in general. On his website, you can subscribe to The Opposite Project newsletter, where his main mission is to try and help people be the opposite of average in their lives. Yancey's favorite resources: Mindsets - Carol Dweck Shane Parrish - Farnam Street      Blog The Daily Coach - on      SubStack Untangled - Lisa Damour Yancey Contact: @YanceySanderson Erich's twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Show twitter: @thepegdoesntfit email:
April 19, 2021
S1 E24: Restorative Practice with Lee Rush
Join Erich and Ryan as they have a powerful conversation about Restorative Practice with Lee Rush.  Restorative practice is much more than a classroom management program.  Lee defines it as an emerging social science.  Schools with effective Restorative Practice Programs of a restorative culture with in their school.  It's more than a culture though.  It is a school community.  One where everybody belongs and is open to having vulnerable conversations.  When a school community is built where people truly know each other and willingly have open conversations about how certain actions make them feel, true progress can be made. Links: Lee Rush Website: Lee Rush Bio: Lee is the Executive Director of justCommunity, Inc. a non-profit organization based in Quakertown, PA.  justCommunity provides training and consultation services to communities, schools and organizations in the area of youth development, community mobilization strategies, student assistance programs and restorative practices. A current board member for the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice, Lee also serves as a consultant with Designed Learning, Inc. and has studied with Designed Learning’s founder Mr. Peter Block to learn facilitative skills using A Small Group methodology. Lee is also a certified trainer for the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP), the world’s first graduate school dedicated solely to Restorative Practices. Through his work with IIRP and justCommunity, Lee has trained over 30,000 people throughout the United States and abroad. In 2004, Lee was appointed by Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA), to serve as a member of the statewide Advisory Commission on Children and Families, an inter-disciplinary group to provide guidance to the Governor’s senior cabinet members on public policy issues involving families and child and youth issues.  In 2013, Lee was also honored as the 2013 National Prevention Advocate by the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA).  CADCA is the country’s largest advocacy group working on behalf of over 5,000 members to prevent substance abuse. Lee served as the Executive Director of the National Student Assistance Association (NSAA), (a membership driven organization devoted solely to enhancing the development of SAP's across the country), from 1995 to 2008.  NSAA presently has 17 state chapters and represents the interests of thousands of professionals in the student assistance field.  He was a co-founder of the Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals (PASAP), and served as a charter board member, treasurer and membership chair from 1989-1993. Also, in 1981 Lee was certified as a national field representative for the New Games Foundation, a non-profit educational organization that provided trainings and seminars throughout the country on cooperative play and community building.   Lee and his wife Kathy live in Perkasie, PA. @thepegdoesntfit @erichjstephen @RyanDBartel1
April 14, 2021
S1 BonusE06: @alfiekohn
Join us as we discuss a profound tweet by Alfie Kohn.  We discuss the importance of treating students like people and not just "things" to give information to and behave the way we want. Alfie's Twitter: @alfiekohn Erich's twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Show twiter: @thepegdoesntfit  If you ever find a tweet you feel we should highlight, retweet it to #thepegdoesntfit.  We will discuss your tweet and give you the credit for finding it.
April 10, 2021
S1 E23: Edu Tech & More with Jake Miller
Join Erich and Ryan as they have a dynamic interview with Jake Miller.  Though much of the episode is about Jake's experience as a education technology leader, we also discuss important lessons he has learned about reaching students.  Listen in as we discuss the importance becoming tech ambidextrous, developing rapport with students, and how to find balance between career and personal life.  Jake also shares with his some of his favorite tech tools and reminds teachers that they don't need to learn all the tools, but to find the one that works for them and master it.  To learn more about Jake, you can find him on all social media platforms as jakemillertech, go to his website at or find his podcast, EduDuctTape. Books and resources he recommends: Drive by Daniel Pink--all time favorite book for educators. Find educational podcasts at Contact us  Email: Erich's Twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's Twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Show Twitter: @thepegdoesntfit
April 7, 2021
S1 Bonus E05: @natabasso
Join us as we discuss a profound tweet by Natalie Vardabasso.  We discuss the importance of open ended tasks and discuss the idea that often times students can come up with ideas that teachers never even thought of. Natalie's twitter: @natabasso Erich's twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Show twiter: @thepegdoesntfit If you ever find a tweet you feel we should highlight, retweet it to #thepegdoesntfit.  We will discuss your tweet and give you the credit for finding it.
April 3, 2021
Parental Involvement with Dr. Robert Zeitlin
Ryan is out on vacation this week so Erich is running the show solo. Join him as he discusses the importance of parental involvement at school. Too often parents are only really included in their child's education when something goes wrong. What if we made a conscious effort to connect with parents as partners in their child's education. In today's episode, Erich visits with Doctor Robert Zeitlin about different ways to help parents feel connected at school. Dr. Robert Zeitlin has dedicated the last 20 years to raising his kids, helping the children under his care, and working with parents to raise the children that the future needs. With his wife Betsy, Robert has raised two amazing teens who are kicking ass and taking names. Working in schools, with parents in his community, and through his practice, Robert has maximized his background in Clinical Psychology to create family and school cultures that produce courageous leaders and communicators. In addition to his work as a psychologist, Dr. Zeitlin has authored two books. "But I'm Not a Teacher! A Parent's Guide to Learning Under Lockdown" emphasizes the role that parents can play in their kids' learning journey, resisting the pressure to treat them like robots, clearing the way to rekindle a love of learning rather than complying with an emphasis on grades and pleasing teachers, and taking care of themselves (parents as models) in a holistic, 360 degrees way (sleep, mindfulness, movement, screen time, etc.) in order to handle the challenges of working from home/virtual learning. "Laugh More, Yell Less: A Guide to Raising Kick-Ass Kids" is a call-to-action for parents who are willing to change their family culture from the inside-out, hacking the relational energy in their house, zooming in and zooming out, providing a protective space for their kids to have their feelings, and taking calculated risks to "go out on a limb" to flex their own superpowers. Additional resources Dr. Zeitlin recommends are as follows: The Relational Book for Parenting The Coaching Habit A blog post written by Dr. Zeitlin: What is School (Really) For? For more information about Dr. Zeitlin, visit his website at Want to get in touch with us? Show email: Show Twitter: @thepegdoesntfit Erich's Twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's Twitter: @RyanDBartel1
March 31, 2021
S1 Bonus E04: @dintersmith
This weeks tweet comes from Ted Dintersmith.  His twitter profile reads as follows: Author, film producer, and venture philanthropist.  As an education goes, so goes democracy.  Trusts and respects teachers.  Big baseball fan.  If you like what he has to say give him a follow @dintersmith. If you ever come across a tweet you feel we should feature, retweet it to the hashtag #thepegdoesntfit.  If we choose your tweet, not only will we share our thoughts on the tweet, but we will give you the credit for finding it.  Feel free to put your thoughts in the retweet and we will share them on the show.
March 27, 2021
S1 E21: Dr. Monica Housen
Join Ryan and Erich as they discuss the power of collaborating with colleagues and including student voice within your teaching.  In today's episode, Dr. Housen discusses how she has created a PBL math class collaboratively with 2 other teachers at her school.  The power of teaching math project based is that it creates student ownership over learning.  Listening to her discuss student motivation and growth in her class was truly inspiring.  We hope you get as much out of our discussion as we did from having it.   Here is a list of books and resources that Monica left us with: Leading Adult Learning by Drago Seversen Designed to Learn by Lindsay Portnoy Anything by Sir Ken Robinson The innovators Mindset by ?George Koros If you would like to connect with Dr. Housen, you may find her on twitter @monicahousen Contact us: Show Twitter @thepegdoesntfit Erich's Twitter @erichjstephen Ryan's Twitter @RyanDBartel1 Email: Voicemail:
March 24, 2021
S1 Bonus E03: @robertkaplinsky
Join Erich and Ryan as they discuss an insightful tweet from @robertkaplinsky.  His tweet touches on the idea of if we are teaching the right math or not.  Math is certainly an important life skill and students need to understand their math, but do they really need Geometry, Algebra 2, and Calculus?  Join us as we discuss this ever important topic.  We'd love to hear your thoughts as well.  If we say anything you agree or disagree with, hit us up through email, twitter, or voicemail. email: Show twitter: @thepegdoesntfit Erich's twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Voicemail:
March 20, 2021
S1 E20: Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) with Kim Hopkins
Join Erich and Ryan as they discuss alternative ways to managing student behavior.  This week's guest is Kim Hopkins. Ms. Hopkins is an independently licensed clinical social worker who has specialized in working with behaviorally challenging kids for more than 20 years.  She has managed the clinical departments of two organizations serving youth and families in residential facilities, foster homes, therapeutic day schools, and homeless shelters.  She has been a Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) Trainer since 2007 helping schools, residentials, hospitals, and parents to successfully implement the CPS Model.  Ms. Hopkins is also the Director of Outreach & Communication for Dr. Ross Greene’s non-profit, Lives in the Balance.  Visit the website for all of Dr. Greene's resources at  If you have an idea for the show please reach out to us.  We would love to hear from you. email: twitter: @thepegdoesntfit Erich's Twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's Twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Leave us a voicemail:
March 17, 2021
S1 Bonus E02: @Mr_Ankrum
Join Erich and Ryan as the discuss a powerful tweet about parental voice from @Mr_Ankrum.  Way to often parental voice id discounted and not heard.  We must listen to our parents and form true partnerships with them to help their students be successful in school.  This is applicable to teacher practice in terms of listening to students as well.  Teacher's and administration often discount student voice when addressing student misbehavior in the classroom as well.  All voices must be taken into consideration when working with students.  For more information about Mr. Ankrum follow him on Twitter or visit his website at If you find a tweet of the week we should highlight, please retweet it to the hashtag #thepegdoesntfit.  We are always looking for outside the box educators to feature on our show. @thepegdoesntfit @erichjstephen @RyanDBartel1 Email us at or leave us a voicemail at
March 13, 2021
S1 E19: Daniel Bauer (The Chief Ruckus Maker)
Join Erich and Ryan as they discuss effective leadership in school.  Key points discussed in this episode include making and living a successful vision, how to create collective efficacy, how to inspire motivation, and Daniel's core message to other leaders.  In addition to all of the insightful information Daniel shared during our interview, he also listed some of his favorite books.  To further your knowledge on effective leading, Daniel left us a few book recommendations: A Beautiful Constraint by Adam Morgan and Mark Barden, Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl, The Art of Possibility by Ben Zander, and Thanks for the Feedback by Douglas Sone and Sheila Heen.  Additionally, Daniel has a Better Leaders Better Schools Book list that can be found on his website. Daniel Bauer is the Chief Ruckus maker at Better Leaders Better Schools (BLBS). He launched  the BLBS Podcast in September 2015 (Apple or Spotify). With over one million downloads, the BLBS show is the most influential podcast available for educational leaders. In 2016, he changed how professional development for school leaders is offered through the structure of a mastermind, which is built on the ABCs of powerful professional development™ (authenticity, belonging, and challenge). In 2017, Daniel launched The School Leadership Series, his second podcast which amplifies the diverse voices in school leadership today (Apple or Spotify). He is the author of The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap, which released as an Amazon #1 new release and is currently working on The Mastermind: Unlocking the Potential Within Every School Leader. Daniel’s “Just Cause” is “to connect, grow, and mentor every school leader who wants to level up.” Engaging in the content he produces and sharing with other educators helps move his Just Cause forward. Daniel has coached and mentored over 100 school administrators from every continent in the world except Antarctica.
March 10, 2021
S1 Bonus E01: @PeterMDeWitt
This weeks bonus episode comes from @PeterMDeWitt.  He is a leadership coach/facilitator of workshops/author. Ed Week blogger. Moderator - A Seat @ the Table.  Former teacher and principal.  Join us as we discuss the power of doing learning walks with teachers rather than to them. If you want to be featured on one of our Tweet of the Week Bonus Episodes, tag your tweet or retweet an inspirational tweet to #thepegdoesntfit.
March 6, 2021
S1 E18: Talking PearDeck with Risa Bennett
Join Erich and Ryan as they discuss with Risa Bennett how PearDeck can transform the way you teach.  PearDeck was created by teachers for teachers.  It is an amazing total participation tool that allows teachers to check their students understanding in a fun and motivating way for students.  If you aren't sure if PearDeck is for you, scroll to the bottom of the episode notes for an exclusive free 90 day trial for our listeners. PearDeck Resources Short, premade lessons with PearDeck and content partners: PearDeck remote learning resources: PearDeck's weekly webinar schedule: Help Video Gallery (Google slides is at top of the page and Microsoft PowerPoint is on the bottom of the page: For our listeners only, and exclusive upgrade code for 90 days of PearDeck Premium: PearDeck's 5 Pillars of teaching: Tackle tenacity Excavate and expand Anticipate awesome Cultivate Compassion Hand it over
February 28, 2021
S1 E17: Ryan's Dream School
This is Ryan's turn to take an episode to discuss his dream school.  Though he perhaps didn't hit all of his points, its a chance for our listeners to peek inside his brain and have a chance to see what he dream school could look like.   If you are doing any outside the box ideas or simply want to reach out and let us know what you think about the show, email us, tweet us, or leave us a voicemail. Email: Show twitter: @thepegdoesntfit Erich's Twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's Twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Voicemail Link:
February 21, 2021
S1 E16: Technology with Todd Flory
Join Erich and Ryan as they discuss a little technology with Todd Flory.  Though Todd does use a lot of technology as a teacher, the episode goes far deeper than the technology alone.  He discusses his teaching pedagogy and how he uses technology to enhance it.  A few of our favorite components are how he uses a strategy known as genius hour to get the students activated into the unit, his design thinking strategy for teaching the content, and how he uses his projects to create lasting learning with the students by personalizing the learning and developing empathy. Shout out to @tlceducate for the tweet of the week.  Special thanks to Danny Wilks (@dwilkssea) for the kind words about Episode 15. Links for today's show: Genius Hour: Additional information about the Sustainable Development Goals: Todd's Article: Article from @cultofpedagogy: Todd's Website: Contact Information Todd Flory: @todd_flory or Erich's Twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's Twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Show Twitter: @thepegdoesntfit Email: Voicemail:
February 14, 2021
S1 E15: Erich's Dream School
Taking a week off from our interviews and taking some time to dream.  In this episode, Erich discusses what his dream school might look like. His dreams are big and time was limited  so he surely has not shared all of his thoughts, but check out this episode to get a sample size of his vision for the perfect school. @thepegdoesntfit @erichjstephen @RyanDBartel1
February 7, 2021
S1 E14: Open Source Technology with Ross Parker
This is our first episode in our technology series.  We initially sought out Ross to discuss advantages and disadvantages of schools using open source technology.  However, as we interviewed Ross, we quickly learned that Ross is far more than a open source software developer.  This episode is the essence of this show.  Through his demonstration of his Free Learning Software, Ross showed us a glimpse of how technology can transform what education looks like.  Though you may not feel confident in using his software, this show can open your eyes to the possibility of what education can become. Ross's Twitter: @rossdotparker Website: Gibbon website: Gorilla PD Website: Tweet of the week comes from @drBradJohnson How to reach us: Show twitter: @thepegdoesntfit Erich's Twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's Twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Show Email: Leave us a voicemail at Get the full experience with images shared by Ross on our youtube channel:
January 31, 2021
S1 E13: Talking Grades with David Frangiosa
In this episode, David Frangiosa shares his experience developing his gradeless system.  Through our conversation David brings up some insightful ideas about cognitive load theory, the importance of proactive communication with parents, and the importance of normalizing failure.  David closes the show with a powerful formative assessment strategy of the week.  For more information about David, check out his website at  He and Elise Burns are releasing a book in March describing their program entitled Going Gradeless: Shifting the focus to Student Learning. Contact us: Voicemail: Email: Twitter: @thepegdoesntfit, @erichjstephen, @RyanDBartel1
January 19, 2021
S1 E12: Ungrading with Johanna Brown
Join Ryan and Erich for their second episode on their series on grades.  During this episode, Ryan and Erich had the pleasure to visit with Johanna Brown.  Johanna is a Chemistry teacher from Pullman Washington who has been granted the autonomy from her district to experiment with moving away from a letter grade system to use a feedback method of grading.   She brought some really good insight to the show about why letter grades are not a good measure of learning and how her students have risen to the challenge of her feedback based system.  Even if you work in a district where moving away from letter grades is not an option, you will still find value in listening to how she uses feedback in her classroom.   Resources from Johanna: Websites: and Book: Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and what to do instead) By Susan D. Blum.  Johanna is also part of an online book study for this book on twitter.  Their first chat is December 19th at #ungrading Tweet of the week comes from @chrisemdin Strategy of the Week: Having students keep a "Thinking Document."  From Johanna's description this is a fabulous strategy to help foster inquiry based learning. Email: Erich's Twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's Twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Check out our new twitter page @thepegdoesntfit.  Whether it sticks around or not will depend on if you, our listeners, want to follow :) If you want to share a tweet of the week you can hash tag #thepegdoesntfit or you can mention us @thepegdoesntfit Want to hear your voice on the podcast? Leave us a voicemail at
December 17, 2020
S1 E11: Talking Grades with Cory Henwood
What does a letter grade really tell us?  Does it tell us if a student mastered the content or does it tell us a student finished all the work and behaved appropriately.  Join us as we begin a new series of episodes on grading students.  The traditional letter grade system, like so many other things in education, is something we do because we have always done it.  Throughout the course of these episodes we will discuss our frustrations with this current system and explore alternative methods for grading students.  In our first episode, we have the privilege of meeting with Cory Henwood about his experiences with competency based grading.  Cory is a speaker, consultant and coach.  Additionally, he is the Innovation Coordinator for Iron County School District in Cedar City Utah where he founded  Launch High School, a new high-tech school focused on entrepreneurship, design thinking, and personalized, competency-based education.  He has also recently started directing Iron County School District's Online Education Programs.  He brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the show and we hope you enjoy listening to him as much as we enjoyed talking to him. Additional information about Cory Website: twitter: @CoryHenwood TEDx Talk: The Empowering Future of Education: Information about the mastery transcript consortium: Tweet of the week comes from @yanceysanderson Strategy of the week:  We asked Cory to leave us with a strategy of the week and he left us with a vision for teaching excellence.  Rather than give us a strategy, he talked about teachers working side by side with students on purposeful projects as co-designers.  We asked him for a strategy and he gave us a pedagogical shift.  Thank you for your insight Cory. Contact us Erich's twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's twitter: @RyanDBartel1 Do you have it a tweet of the week?  Retweet it with our hashtag at #thepegdoesntfit Leave us a voicemail at
December 11, 2020
S1 E10: Real World Problem Solving
Join us for our final episode of the 21st Century Learning Design Model.  This week, Erich and Ryan talk about the importance of making Real World Problem Solving projects in class.  The most important component in this model is providing students the opportunity to present their solutions to people outside of their classroom who have the power to implement the proposed solutions the students have come up with. Tweet of the week comes from @fastcrayon. Strategy of the week is having students repeat back daily learning objectives in their own words.  Great strategy to ensure all students know exactly what they will be expected to learn each day. email: voicemail: Erich twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan twitter: @RyanDBartel1 #thepegdoesntfit
December 2, 2020
S1 E09: Knowledge Construction
Join Ryan and Erich as they discuss the 21st Century Learning Design topic known as Knowledge Construction.  Educators must move away from the concept of being the sole providers of information to their students.  Instead, educators should plan lessons in a way that set students up to uncover their own knowledge.  Allowing students to construct their own knowledge with intentional planning from the teacher will set students up to be life long learners and ultimately develop into productive members of society. Tweet of the week comes from @johannabrown.  Johanna is a tremendous twitter resource and we encourage all of you to follow her for amazing educational resources.  Strategy of the week is a double whammy: reciprocal teaching (effect size .74) and inquiry based instruction. Email: Facebook: Voice Mail: Erich's Twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's Twitter: @ryandbartel1 If you find any inspiring tweets, retweet them and hashtag us at #thepegdoesntfit
November 20, 2020
S1 E08: Use of ICT
Join Ryan and Erich as they continue their discussion on the Microsoft's 21st Century Learning Design Learning Path.  This week's topic is ICT (Information and Communications Technology).  The 5 stage rubric is discussed with an emphasis on reaching Levels 4 and 5 of the rubric.  Scoring a level 4 or 5 entails completing projects in the class that cannot be done without technology and producing authentic products for an audience. Tweet of the week comes from @ajcanle.  Strategy of the week is using onenote to collaboratively take notes with the class and then distributing the notes to all students so they have a copy of the notes. Reach us via twitter: @erichjstephen and @ryandbartel1 Email: Voicemail: Facebook: Tag potential tweets of the week to #thepegdoesntfit Link to the ICT learning path: Follow Jake Miller for awesome tech strategies @jakemillertech and listen to him on his podcast at Educational Duct Tape
November 12, 2020
S1 E07: Skilled Communication
Contact us: email: Facebook: Voicemail: Erich's Twitter: @erichjstephen Ryan's Twitter: @ryandbartel1 21st Century Learning Design: Tweet of the Week comes from @DavidGeurin
November 5, 2020
S1 E06: Self-Regulation
Join Erich and Ryan as they embark on the Self-Regulation module of the 21st century learning design online course.  Allowing students choice in how they learn information is a tremendous strategy in creating life long learners.  The problem is that many students are not ready to self-regulate.  Erich and Ryan not only discuss the module in depth, but offer solutions on how to help students learn to start self regulating their education.
October 29, 2020
S1 E05: Traditional School Week and Collaboration
Join Erich and Ryan as they begin the show with a tweet about the unpopular opinion that students don't need to go to school for 5 days a week to learn.  Then listen as they transition into a conversation about collaboration.  To guide their conversation they reference the collaboration module of Microsoft's 21st Century Learning Design learning path. Weekly tweet comes from @Marie_from_NJ Link to the learning path: Follow us on twitter: @erichjstephen and @RyanDBartel1 email: Facebook: Leave us a voicemail at
October 22, 2020
S1 E04: Introducing a New Way of Teaching
Join Ryan and Erich as they discuss the need for a new way of teaching.  Covid has spring boarded education into a new way of instructional delivery.  As schools across the district have students returning to school for face to face instruction, how can we ensure we continue using many of the powerful tools we learned about teaching while being forced to teach remotely.  Ryan and Erich introduce adopting a 21st Century Learning Design Model.  This episode is a preview into a series of episodes that will each focus on different components of that design model. Microsoft 21st Century Learning Design Microsoft Path: Email: Facebook: Anchor page to leave us a voicemail:
October 14, 2020
S1 E03: Teacher Evaluations
Join Ryan and Erich as they discuss the limitations of teacher evaluations and offer some suggestions for more effective teacher evaluation implementation.  The focus is on a growth model and not so much geared in a "gotcha manner."  We believe evaluations should be viewed as a formative tool to improve teaching rather than a summative approach to overall teaching ability.   Links referenced in podcast: Please share with us your outside the box ideas or ways that you have witnessed teacher evaluation systems work effectively in your own building. email: facebook: Voicemail:
October 7, 2020
S1 E02: Professional Development
Erich and Ryan briefly talk about the current state of professional development and why it isn't working.  Showing trust in staff members and offering opportunity for staff to lead professional development is offered as a solution.   Please contact us and share your outside the box ideas or innovative professional development solutions.  Our email address is  You may also reach us on facebook at fit.  As always, you may also leave us a voicemail at
September 30, 2020
S1 E01: Remote Learning
Join Erich and Ryan as they discuss Remote Learning and how it fits into the the current state of education.  Today's synchronous model of education certainly imposes limits on Remote Learning, but there are some things that can be done to blend an asynchronous remote model within the existing system.
September 23, 2020
Co Hosts Ryan Bartel and Erich Stephen give a brief overview of the concept of the show.  Check back often to follow us as we discuss our frustrations with the current state of education and introduce possible solutions.
September 17, 2020