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The Perry Rose Report

The Perry Rose Report

By Perry Rose Media
Join bridal PR expert and solopreneur Alex Perry of Perry Rose Media for weekly conversations on various topics relevant to marketers, brand owners and entrepreneurs. From bridal fashion trends to must-know marketing tips, our new podcast features a deep-dive look at the various aspects of growth, success and community in the bridal fashion, alternative health and clean beauty industries.
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Season Finale: I Said What I Said
To close out Season 1 of The Perry Rose Report, host Alex Perry gets extremely candid with a personal and professional perspective. Looking ahead to Season 2, listeners can expect a shift in content and presentation. For now, we'll review Alex's thoughts to close out our first completed season. Connect with Alex online: TikTok - Instagram - & Facebook - Pinterest -
September 21, 2020
Dissecting Trauma's Impact On Our Work
In Episode 24, Alex Perry hosts one of the first of many episodes to come dissecting trauma and its impact on our work.  Mentioned in this episode: Book - Video - Connect with Alex online: TikTok - Instagram - & Facebook - Pinterest -
September 14, 2020
SEO Marketing Tips For Websites and Blogs
Host Alex Perry takes a dive into SEO-friendly marketing tips in Episode 23 of The Perry Rose Report. From identifying keywords and phrases to incorporating them tactically, this episode has all you need to know for the basics of elevating your SEO. Connect with Alex online: TikTok - Instagram - & Facebook - Pinterest -
August 31, 2020
Using Evergreen Content in Your Marketing Strategy
In Episode 22 of The Perry Rose Report, host Alex shares insights and tips on how to use evergreen content in your social media strategy. Not sure what evergreen content is? Well don't fret, Alex covers that, too. Evergreen content is a great way to create an authentic, engaging experience using content you may already have on hand, or can easily create. Be sure to share your thoughts with us on Instagram, TikTok, or via Email. Connect with Alex online: TikTok - Instagram - & Facebook - Pinterest -
August 24, 2020
The Anniversary Episode: 5 Years in Business
For the 21st episode of The Perry Rose Report, host Alex Perry celebrates 5 years in business by sharing experienced lessons about client relations, managing money, and growth and success. Learn from Alex's perspective on boundaries, unavoidable fees, team building, and more.  Connect with Alex online: TikTok - Instagram - & Facebook - Pinterest -
August 3, 2020
Email Marketing and What (Most) People Get Wrong
In episode 20, host Alex Perry shares insights on what not to do -- and what to do -- when it comes to email marketing. Email marketing is a core element of any successful multi-platform marketing strategy. Be sure to share how these tips help up your email newsletter game! Connect with Alex online: Email: Instagram: @alexperrypr TikTok: @alexperrypr
July 20, 2020
Data, Policy and The Illusion of Privacy
In Episode 19, host Alex Perry shares insight, facts, and perspective on the realities of data protection and privacy on social media (and other apps.) Although outside of our normal topics category of growth, success, and community, as users, advertisers, and marketers, it's important we truly understand the platforms we use to experience our three pillars.  Mentioned in this episode: Facebook's Data Policy: TikTok's Data/Privacy Policy: Pinterest's Visual Discrimination (TikTok video): Connect with Alex anytime on Instagram, TikTok or directly by email:
July 13, 2020
Eliminating Limiting Beliefs: Where To Start + FREE Resources
In Episode 18, host Alex Perry chats with Destiny DeHaven about limiting beliefs, mindset work, and energy clearing. Destiny is an expert on helping others break patterns and clear procrastination while eliminating overwhelm and stress BS stories. Mentioned in this episode: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Free Energy Clearing: Books: "Mindset" by Carol Dweck "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg "Launching a Leadership Revolution" by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward
June 29, 2020
Things To Consider When Making A Statement
Following the latest episode of The Perry Rose Report, host Alex Perry dives into thinking points for brands, publicists, and business owners to consider when crafting a statement on inclusivity and equality. In episode 17, Alex discusses the harm of "false epiphanies" as well as framing statements not as social trends, but as commitments. Share your thoughts on this and all episodes by connecting with Alex at Mentioned in this episode:  Bohyne is donating 25 kilos of rice for every item purchased online. Learn more here:
June 22, 2020
Racism, Inclusivity and Taking Action Through PR and Marketing
In Episode 16, host Alex Perry shares a timely, relevant conversation with Publicist, Community Engagement Leader, and Social Media Strategist Lakeithea Nicole Anderson of the PR agency, For Us - The Agency. Lakeithea is a leader in consumer and brand communications with experience in launching and establishing successful brands from inception. Together, we discuss racism, inclusivity, and taking action in your public relations and marketing plan during this time. If you're unsure how to address current events or craft a statement, this episode is for you! Mentioned in this episode: Follow Lakeithea's personal brand Instagram page: Follow the For Us - The Agency PR agency Instagram:
June 8, 2020
How To Handle Burnout as a Business Owner
Small business owners and creatives are especially susceptible to activating burnout. In this episode, host Alex Perry talks about what burnout is, why it happens, and what to do to make sure it doesn't happen to you! Share your thoughts on this episode and resources for banishing burnout by connecting with Alex on Instagram and TikTok. Follow Alex on TikTok: Follow Alex on Instagram: Check out The Perry Rose Report website:
May 25, 2020
Reaching the Right Audience the Right Way
In Episode 14, host Alex Perry shares how to target your ideal audience the right way. Authenticity, values, and consistency are key points in this episode. Be sure to grab a notepad and pen, because there's tons of great information in this episode.  Visit The Perry Rose Report website: Watch the replay of Alex's LIVE Q&A: Follow Alex on Instagram and TikTok:
May 18, 2020
Mini-Episode: PR 101: Back to Basics
For The Perry Rose Report's 13th episode, host Alex Perry discusses the basic terms, tactics, and purpose of PR. Want to know why and how you can leverage earned press through pitching and press releases? Get an idea about the power of PR for brand awareness and momentum in this episode. Check out our new website! Donate to Bohyne's face mask initiative:
April 27, 2020
Finding Balance in Working From Home
From the feedback we received through our on-going survey, I’ve learned many out there are collectively struggling in three related areas. THESE AREAS INCLUDE: work/life balance, schedule management and creative direction (related to content.) In Episode 12 of The Perry Rose Report, hots Alex Perry shares insight and tips for "balancing" work and life, handling a schedule and making thoughtful marketing content. Working from home is nothing new for #TeamPRM, but for many out there, these are all-new territories. Enjoy!  Additional resources: Tips for Working From Home blog post with downloadable: Link to donate to Bohyne's face mask initiative: Book a consultation with Alex Perry of Perry Rose Media: Take our market research survey:
April 20, 2020
Pivot Not Pause! Restrategizing Marketing
In Episode 11, host Alex Perry responds to answers to Perry Rose Media's on-going market research survey for our audience. Three major concerns addressed by listeners of #ThePerryRoseReport include external communications, creative direction, and work/life balance. Tune in for Alex's first-hand professional advice to pivoting (not pausing!) marketing efforts in our new version of normal. To donate to Bohyne's face mask initiative, click here or visit Follow Alex on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook for daily and weekly updates. 
April 13, 2020
Being a Resource For Your Community
In The Perry Rose Report's 10th Episode, host Alex Perry shares tips for becoming a valuable resource to your community and clients. Even during a time of crisis, you can position yourself as an expert and foster relations with future clients. Let us know how you're applying these tips to your business! Send us an email:  Mentioned in this podcast: Self-care during the self-quarantine: PR Couture PR Accelerator offer to benefit Bohyne's face mask project:
March 30, 2020
Mini-Episode: Community During Crisis
This week's podcast, Episode 9 of The Perry Rose Report, is a mini-episode. During this time of crisis, it's important to take things easy and embrace the one source of positivity, inspiration, and income we need now more than ever: our communities -- because we're all in this together.  Astrology resources on Saturn in Aquarius: • • •
March 23, 2020
PR 101: Crisis Planning and Management
Join us for Episode 8 of The Perry Rose Report! This week's episode covers crisis PR planning and management. We'll review what warrants a crisis (and response.) We'll also take a look at some crisis PR campaigns Perry Rose Media has worked on, and one happening right now. 
March 9, 2020
Protecting Your Power (Legally and Spirtually)
In Episode 7, host Alex Perry shares perspective and insights on protecting your power in business. Both from a legal and spiritual angle, this discussion comes at the beginning of a new month (March 2020) to inspire kicking things off in a conscious, attentive and protective way.
March 2, 2020
Let's Talk About Pins, Baby!
Let's talk about you and me. Or rather, you and your audience. How strong is your Pinterest strategy? In Episode 6, host Alex Perry shares tips for optimizing your strategy with recent platform updates combined with years of Pinterest marketing experience. 
February 24, 2020
Redefining Success (Better Yet Defining It)
In the fifth episode of The Perry Rose Report, host Alex Perry shares her insights on redefining not-so-definable success. Alex shares her perspective on the ever-changing bridal fashion industry, and how success is being redefined all at junctions by designers, retailers, and consumers.
February 17, 2020
The Value of Community Pt. 2 featuring Chelsea Hall
In part two of the two-part series on the Value of Community, host Alex Perry shares an in-depth conversation with Chelsea Hall of Chelsea Hall Photography. Learn how Chelsea harnesses the power of her community for growth and success. Then, stay tuned for some exciting news shared exclusively on The Perry Rose Report.
February 10, 2020
The Value of Community Pt. 1
In this episode, host Alex Perry shares how online and offline communities have benefitted the growth of her agency, Perry Rose Media. Community is an essential part of our mental health, work/life balance, and source of camaraderie. This episode is part of a two-part series.  To follow Alex on Instagram, visit and
February 3, 2020
Social Media 101: Trends, Strategies and Tips for 2020
In the second episode of The Perry Rose Report, host Alex Perry dives into social media. Learn what you MUST be doing in 2020 when it comes to your social media strategy, with some pro tips along the way for making the most of the work.  From trend forecasting to what amenities each social platform offers, we'll take a look at the options brands, digital marketers and influencers have in the world of social media marketing. To access the PDF guide that accompanies today's episode, click here.
January 27, 2020
An Introduction to The Perry Rose Report
In the premiere episode, join host Alex Perry for a brief conversation about the motivation, inspiration, and intent behind starting The Perry Rose Report podcast. Join us next Monday for a feature-length episode all about social media! We're talking platform specifics, trends, content ideas and more. You won't want to miss it! To connect with Alex online, visit Perry Rose Media's website, Facebook and Instagram pages. 
January 20, 2020