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The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project

By Phoenix Project
Confronting the climate and ecological collapse faced by our civilisation, it becomes clear that nothing less than a radical transformation of life on our planet will allow humanity to survive.

Our metaphor for this radical transformation is The Phoenix.

The Phoenix Project is our personal exploration of this transformation.
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Crisis, Consciousness Raising and Musical Chairs
In this first episode of The Phoenix Project podcast, Julyan and Benjamin discuss the compounding, intertwined crises faced by our civilization. The Phoenix is our metaphor for the radical transformation of society required to face these crises. This is contrasted with The Monster Factory - the world we want to move beyond - that creates monsters all around us. We also shared the two archetypes that will be at the heart of our future podcast episode: socrates and the shamanka. Socrates episodes will focus on deconstructing the beliefs, culture and systems of the world that we live within. Shamanka episodes, on the other hand, will try to tease together the pieces of the new world that we hope metaphorically rises from the ashes of our civilization. It is only through combining deconstruction with reconstruction that we can hope to build a better world. "You can’t be free without realising the extent to which you’re oppressed and controlled" - Louis Althusser  References Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit Deep Adaptation Paper by Jem Bendell Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene Charles Eisenstein Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher 
January 20, 2020