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By JP Alipio
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We tell stories about one person's everyday that can be another's extraordinary
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The Wildcast Episode 9: Laurel Chor -Journalism and the fate of Hong Kong

The Wildcast

The Wildcast EP36: Alfonso Calero - Seeing Beauty in the Ordinary
EP36 Alfonso Calero -Seeing the Beauty in the Ordinary Alfonso is a photographer that imparts his love of photography with his clients through his photo tours in Australia and around the world. I first met Alfonso when I brought him and his clients around the mountains of the Cordillera and found his inquisitiveness and constant love of finding beauty in the ordinary day to day a refreshing company for the early mornings we spent each day shooting sunrises in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Philippines. Born and raised in the Philippines, Alfonso Calero moved to Australia at the age of 15. He graduated from the Sydney Institute of Technology with an Associate Diploma in Photography in 2001 and have been professionally photographing food, portraits, landscapes and travel subjects ever since. I started a travel education and tours company in 2008 delivering workshops every Saturday morning in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle. I also take small groups to Japan, The Philippines, Spain and Tasmania once a year for 5-10 day photography workshops. For more information about his tours and workshops go to ------- As part of our evolution in this second season we are working towards making the Wildcast more sustainable by creating avenues where listeners can help us continue to provide you all with these amazing conversations so you can show your support for the Wildcast by buying us a coffee through This helps us invest in better equipment, allow us to host the podcast online, and create better content for all of you listeners. SUPPORT THE WILDCAST BY BUYING US A COFFEE:
June 02, 2021
The Wildcast EP35: Tomas Leonor -Walking Across the Philippines
The Wildcast EP35 Tomas Leonor -Walking Across the Philippines Tomas Leonor is an Artist Activist and Outdoorsman in 2011 he was awarded as one of the Pitong Pinoy's by Yahoo Philippines an award that recognises Filipinos that have touched the lives of many, made and impact on society, and spread hope to the country. I've known Tomas since our days volunteering as member of the Greenpeace Boat Team and he is someone that definitely ticks all those boxes. It all started with a single step a step that would change so many people's lives. On January 11, 2010 he took that tentative first step in Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte and after 58 days found himself at the southern tip of Luzon in Matnog, Sorsogon walking 1300km entirely on foot and raising 1.5 Million pesos for Children with Cancer. In April 2011 he started walking again this time through the Visayan Islands of the Philippines crossing 7 of the Philippine Islands walking 1241.5kms in 54 days. His walk not only inspired the children in the cancer wards to fight for their lives it inspired hundreds of other individuals to start their own walks that would echo across the globe for different advocacies -most famous of which was the climate walk of Environmental Activist brothers Yeb and AG Saño after typhoon Yolanda. Walking has brought not only new life to many children, it brought new meaning to Tomas' life -and he has never been the same since. ------- As part of our evolution in this second season we are working towards making the Wildcast more sustainable by creating avenues where listeners can help us continue to provide you all with these amazing conversations so you can show your support for the Wildcast by buying us a coffee through This helps us invest in better equipment, allow us to host the podcast online, and create better content for all of you listeners. SUPPORT THE WILDCAST BY BUYING US A COFFEE:
May 21, 2021
The Wildcast EP34: Solana Perez -The Pony Girl
Solana Perez -The Pony Girl She grew up riding horses, now it is becoming her life's work. My very first in person interview during this pandemic is with Sol, someone who lives in the same city as i do and is as passionate about Baguio as a Baguio person can get. Sol is an artist, an advocate, but most importantly to her she is a Pony Girl. Her entire life has been spent around the Pony Boys of Baguio who not only taught her to ride but also so many life lessons as well. They were her mentors, her fathers, her brothers, and friends importantly for her they thought her how to be a part of a world she did not belong in. Her love of horses led her to join the Mongol Derby, a 1000km horse race across the Mongolian Steppe if and when she does this she will be the very first Filipino to achieve this amazing feat of endurance and horse riding prowess. We discuss how her life has lead her to this point, how her upbringing and a faithful expedition to Mt. Pulag on the back of a horse from Baguio when she was 4 years old served as the fuel for the dreams she has today. ------- As part of our evolution in this second season we are working towards making the Wildcast more sustainable by creating avenues where listeners can help us continue to provide you all with these amazing conversations so you can show your support for the Wildcast by buying us a coffee through This helps us invest in better equipment, allow us to host the podcast online, and create better content for all of you listeners. SUPPORT THE WILDCAST BY BUYING US A COFFEE:
May 07, 2021
The Wildcast EP33: Nella Lomotan -Eco Warrior
Nella Lomotan -Eco Warrior Nella is a Philippine Parks Champion. She has developed a deep love and passion for the remaining wild spaces of the Philippines and has dedicated her life to preserving these remaining wild areas for all of humanity. I talked to her last year while she was holed up in paradise island El Nido in the middle of a forest. If you listen hard enough you will hear the background noise of the forest as she speaks. Nella Lomotan is the Founder of Eco Explorations, a social and environmental enterprise focused on biodiversity conservation and socioeconomic impact for grassroots communities through sustainable tourism, science-based education, and citizen engagement. She is also a co-founder and the Managing Director of Philippine Parks & Biodiversity, the NGO partner of Eco Explorations, focused on the sustainable development of parks and protected areas, and the restoration of ecosystems in the Philippines. In 2020, she was one of the 25 global finalists for the Landscape Heroes Award by the Global Landscapes Forum. Currently, she is also a consultant for the Biodiversity Finance Initiative project of the United Nations Development Programme and Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the Philippines. She is also one of the 2021 Climate Ambassadors by the Global Climate Youth Network devised by World Bank young professionals, and is part of World Urban Parks Asia Pacific Committe. She holds a certificate in Sustainable Tourism from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and is currently undertaking the world’s first Climate Friendly Travel Diploma from the Institute of Tourism Studies in Europe under the SunX program to supplement studies. ----------------------------------------- As part of our evolution in this second season we are working towards making the Wildcast more sustainable by creating avenues where listeners can help us continue to provide you all with these amazing conversations so you can show your support for the Wildcast by buying us a coffee through This helps us invest in better equipment, allow us to host the podcast online, and create better content for all of you listeners. SUPPORT THE WILDCAST BY BUYING US A COFFEE:
April 30, 2021
The Wildcast EP 32: Ampy Corpus The BTS Shepherd
The Wildcast EP 32: Ampy Corpus The BTS Shepherd Do not get on the bad side of the Army, no not that army the BTS Army. The recent Grammy awards and the KPOP fans trolling Donald Trump's campaign rally's are evidence of this community's power and cohesiveness but more than that this global phenomenon has brought a sense of togetherness and peace to millions worldwide. Ampy is a pop culture junkie. She is a cinephile, musichead, bookworm and an advocate of mindfulness and mental health. But among her many interests, it is BTS - the seven member Korean boyband - who truly energizes her. She is a proud ARMY (as the BTS fans are called) and sees the septet as a force for good, a cross-cultural phenomenon, an economic force, and a perfect case study for brand marketing and communications (she works in Singapore as an Associate Director in a strategic communciations firm hence the interest). Like many ARMY, she is inspired by BTS both as artists and human beings - their resilience, grit, passion for learning and becoming better, and kindness are unparalled. Ampy was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety disorder, and throughout her mental health struggles, BTS served as her happy pill and formed a huge part of her self-care routine. If you wish to connect with Ampy and talk to her about BTS (or pop culture!), you can find her on Twitter (@dnaysuss) and Instagram (@ampytheater). One of the central points of our discussion revolves around how the BTS has been good for her mental and emotional well being during the pandemic and how they have helped so many individuals get through some tough times through their positive message and camaraderie. 'They are good for the soul' she says over and over and i think for many they have been that salvation, that positive message that has gotten them through each day during this covid19 era we now all live in. ----------------------------------------- As part of our evolution in this second season we are working towards making the Wildcast more sustainable by creating avenues where listeners can help us continue to provide you all with these amazing conversations so you can show your support for the Wildcast by buying us a coffee through This helps us invest in better equipment, allow us to host the podcast online, and create better content for all of you listeners. SUPPORT THE WILDCAST BY BUYING US A COFFEE:
April 23, 2021
The Wildcast EP31: Kiddo Cosio -The School of Unschooling
Welcome to Season 2 of the Wildcast! EP31 Kiddo Cosio and the School of Unschooling I call him Captain Fantastic, a monicker from one of my favorite movies of all time of a father that defies convention and raises his kids in the wilderness giving them an education better that is better than what most of us will get going through traditional school. A self confessed drop out Kiddo's life has been anything but conventional. Growing up in a Christian family living abroad coming home and setting up one of the first specialty coffee shops, El Union, in La Union with his wife Amy in 2012. He is one of the most recognizable faces in Philippine specialty coffee and a community leader in the surfing town of San Juan La Union. His mantra is easily summed up as to live life with curiosity and an open mind and this reflects in the way he has ran El Union over the last 8 years and raised his children in what would be considered the most unconventional education, none of his kids have gone to a traditional school but they are very well educated they can surf, run a business, and quote from the myriad of books they read because like their father they have been thought to go through life with inquisitiveness and a drive to learn and digest the world around them. We talk about this Unschooling and how El Union has adapted to the pandemic which includes providing a standard living wage to everyone in their little company including themselves -a novel idea if a bit socialist but something we should all consider moving forward for a more humane economic system. Birds fly, fish swim, and humans learn -The School of Unschooling ----------------------------------------- As part of our evolution in this second season we are working towards making the Wildcast more sustainable by creating avenues where listeners can help us continue to provide you all with these amazing conversations so you can show your support for the Wildcast by buying us a coffee through This helps us invest in better equipment, allow us to host the podcast online, and create better content for all of you listeners. SUPPORT THE WILDCAST BY BUYING US A COFFEE:
April 16, 2021
The Wildcast EP30: Pattie Gonia - The boots that cracked the outdoor ceiling
The outdoors is a masculine place. At least that's what we've been told. In 2018 Wyn Wiley brought to life Pattie Gonia and broke that great wall that has kept the outdoors the bastion of all things macho. "Straight or Gay or everything in between we all have closets to come out of, and that a closet is no place for anyone to be" in many ways the creation of Pattie Gonia was a second coming out for Wyn and was a breaking free for him from the shackles of being a straight passing gay man. Growing up in Nebraska is not what you would imagine Pattie coming from. If anything Pattie should have come from a Seattle, California, or or even Boulder but growing up in Nebraska has also imparted on him lessons that he may not have gotten in the more cosmopolitan settings of where traditional outdoor culture generally arises and those are the lessons she has brought to the forefront of her advocacy creating spaces without judgement, without fear. Making sure that conversations are had and heard, and bringing people in rather than shutting them out which is where the hard work of change occurs. The outdoors for many including myself and Wyn/Pattie Gonia has always been a place for freedom but it also has a few invisible boundaries which keep us from truly being free. What Pattie Gonia created was a space that was leaps and bounds ahead of its time for the outdoor world -which is why it has struck a cord with so many she took a light speed jump when everyone else was taking baby steps forward. It takes people like her, doers to change the conversation in fact to even start to discuss the conversation it takes an incredible amount of bravery to step forward and put yourself out there and Pattie has done just that. She has put herself out there so that others may be brave enough to speak up and show up as well. Now Isn't it amazing what a pair of 6 inch heeled boots can do? You can find Pattie Gonia on the following platforms: Instagram: @pattiegonia Youtube: Facebook:
October 20, 2020
The Wildcast EP29: Redg Plopinio - Ultra Cycling and the Lessons of Endurance
EP29 We all have friends we can count on to join you for crazy ideas, those that will always say yes when you ask them without even knowing the details of the idea you have gotten them into. Redg is one of those friends for me. Since i've known him i've dragged him to cycle against mining on the streets of Manila, to a remote village buried in mud in the middle of the Cordillera to teach children how to take photos, cover our mountain races and me throwing him to the most remote parts of the course, and following me and a few other crazy friends cycling for 24 hours around the dirty back roads of Benguet. On this episode of the Podcast we talk about his Audax Journey he is one of only two Filipinos to have ridden the grueling Paris-Breast-Paris ride and finish -twice! The PBP is one of the oldest cycling events in the world and one of the most iconic riding 1200kms in under 90 hours and climbing over 11000m of elevation gain. He has done this twice riding for almost 4 days on just a few hours of sleep. We chat nutrition, preparation, and what it takes to finish this event. We also talk about what endurance sports has taught us over the years and how this is helping us get through this pandemic. One of my longest conversations over the Wildcast and you'll see how two old friends can chat for hours even over the internet. And during this time both of us encourage you all to reach out to old friends and use this time to reconnect outside of social media. :) You can find Redg on the following platforms: Facebook:
October 13, 2020
The Wildcast EP28: Rebecca Martin - Creating Explorers
There are a few people you meet and interact with who will have such profound impact on your life. Rebecca Martin was for me one of those people. In 2004 she, as the director of the National Geographic Expeditions council decided to give their youngest ever expeditions grant to me for the Cordillera Traverse and this opportunity that was given to me had such a huge impact on my trajectory in life. It opened so many doors and endless possibilities. I was the first Guinea pig young explorer on earth and this opened up this same opportunity to almost a thousand others across the globe all doing such amazing projects in such varied fields including locally Hannah Reyes. And for all of us, Rebecca was our fairy godmother who often does not get the recognition for her contribution to creating so much new knowledge and funding practically every major expedition you have heard of over the last 20 years including for people like Alex Honnold, Jimmy Chin, and Conrad Anker not to mention the amazing mega transect of Africa by Michael Fay and the 14 highest peak quest of Ed Visteurs - many of those expeditions would not be possible without her. Rebecca has been instrumental in my career and the careers of so many scientists, explorers, adventurers and storytellers -many of the discoveries and even national parks over the last 20 years may not have been possible without Rebecca being the silent cheerleader and fairy godmother behind all of them. In 2011 she was named one of the most influential people in adventure by Outside Magazine. I would say that still holds true to this day. You can find Rebecca on the following platforms: Website: Instagram: @rebeccaexplore Support the Wildcast by purchasing our merchandise here:
October 06, 2020
The Wildcast EP27: Arnel Paciano Casanova -Integrity and Building our Nation
Truly honored to have Arnel on my podcast this week. Arnel is one of those rare people you meet along the way who is a beacon of integrity, hard, work, and compassion. Coming from a poor family in Batangas he broke barriers and dared to dream in a community where finishing wasn't even considered as something that was a possibility of you doing. He was literally educated in the market finding his passion for reading going through the Tinapa (Smoked Fish)wrappers that were normally glossy pages from National Geographic, Time, and Life magazines spending hours reading while surrounded by dried fish and the throng of humanity. He moved to Manila to study in UP where he was a full scholar due to their economic situation and worked his way through College as a food attendant in Jollibee starting his years in Manila living in the slums around Fort Bonifacio a place he many years later helped build into the multi-billion Bonifacio Global City you know today. Not long after college working for the government peace process he was awarded the Philippine Legion of Honor -the youngest ever recipient at 25 -the highest non-combat merit medal in the Philippines for his work with RAM. Most impressive for me is seeing the integrity he has kept all these years working in some of the government's top positions. Working in BCDA where simply moving a decimal point for land valuation could have netted him billions he has chosen the path of integrity something he says comes from growing up with nothing, he has very little wants because he knows he has lived without money before. We chat about what he has learned in life and how we can all progress as a nation. Rebuilding the credibility that has been lost by our leaders both in the government and in private corporations and how we can all move forward post pandemic rebuilding this nation for the Filipino. You can find Arnel on the following platforms: Facebook: Let us know what you think of the Podcast email us at: Buy a shirt and support the Wildcast:
September 29, 2020
The Wildcast EP26: Tashi and Nungshi Malik - Asian Adventurers
Imagine climbing Everest, Denali, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Mt. Elbrus, Mt. Vinson, Puncak Jaya, essentially the highest peaks on all seven continents plus skiing to both the North and South Poles in just 2 years! This is what twins Nungshi and Tashi Malik have achieved in their young careers! They were the youngest (at only 23) of less than 50 people that have completed what is considered the Explorer's grand slam and even less than that -in fact they are likely one of the only ones that have completed all those expeditions and finished the Eco-Challenge! Last year they finished the world's toughest race the Eco-Challenge Fiji -their very first race as adventure racers and they finished! I speak to both of them about their adventures and their advocacy of peace and women's empowerment in India through adventure. India is not the easiest place to be an adventurous woman but they have both broken barriers and served as an inspiration for thousands if not millions of Indians who see them not only as adventure icons but also as role models to emulate that they have proven that human potential is truly limitless. When they climbed Everest with first female Pakistani Samina Baig they planted 2 flags one of India and another of Pakistan -because they believe that underneath it all we are not so different from each other at the most basic we need to remember that we are all human first and life is not a contest to be battled but a journey to be shared, together. You can find Tashi and Nungshi on the following platforms: Instagram: @twinclimbers Facebook: Website: To order our Wildcast Madonna del Ghisallo Shirts:
September 22, 2020
Wildcast Shorts: Cheryl Owen -Creating the Diwata Madonna del Ghisallo
This is a Wildcast Short We are releasing our very first piece of merchandise -The Wildcast Diwata Madonna del Ghisallo T-Shirt for the Wildcast Podcast and it is A BEAUTY!! In this Wildcast short i speak to the artist we commissioned to work on our very first piece of merchandise. We have been commissioning artists for the merchandise of the CCT events and as this was our very first piece of merchandise for the Wildcast Podcast we thought it deserved something truly special. We have been working quietly with Cheryl on this over the last 3 months and this is our contribution to the cycling community that has grown immensely since the start of this Pandemic. Cheryl talks about her process in this episode and the creative process of working with a client (me). Importantly we chose her because her work evokes a sense of nature and the natural world that we felt was right for the artwork we had envisioned. Mainly also because she spends a lot of time in nature just like us. Have a listen to this short conversation and head on over to the link below to order a couple of our shirts. We have come up with 2 variants of the shirts one in Premium Grey Cotton and another in Synthetic Quick Drying fabric -both shirts have reflective accents on the sleeves and back to keep you safe while running or riding -especially important as the Diwata Madonna del Ghisallo is the Patron of Cyclists. Each shirt will come with a waterproof sticker for your bike/car/computer or anything you want to put this beautiful piece of art on. To order: You can find Cheryl Owen's work via: @cheryljowen
September 16, 2020
The Wildcast EP 25: Patty Eustaquio - Reimagining the Old Masters
Patricia Perez Eustaquio -Artist There are a few people whom you meet early in life and you think to yourself this person is special they are going to do something that will be a great contribution to the world. Patty Eustaquio is one of those people. I met her many years ago in College in UP Baguio where she was teaching Fine Arts and during that time we spent enough time together for me to know that she was on her way to doing something very special. Once many years ago we spent a magical week trekking through the mountains from Mt. Pulag in Kabayan, Benguet all the way to Kiangan in Ifugao through dense forests and mountain villages. Almost 20 years after that trek we return to rehash that experience and share her life's work creating art for the Philippines. A recipient of The Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artists Awards, she has also gained recognition through several residencies abroad, including Art Omi in New York and Stichting Id11 of the Netherlands. She has also been part of several notable exhibitions, such as The Vexed Contemporary in the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Manila; That Mountain is Coming at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France; and An Atlas of Mirrors in the 2016 Singapore Biennale. (From -Silver Lens Gallery) Patty is an artist whose work takes a fresh look at things that are often seen as set in stone. In her latest solo show, 'Hoarding Fossils in Blankets' she explores the works of old masters and transforms them into intricate tapestries created by a community of women. Taking a singularity and transforming it into a shared art space. In the podcast she talks about how a piece of art is created by this one great master artist who is usually a man and this is juxtaposed by her work transforming those pieces by the great masters into what are works of community and her own very vibrant imagination. Meeting Patty, even 20 years ago you would find someone who outwardly seems both shy and insecure about her talent but getting to know her you find a rich treasure throve of ideas and fresh ways of looking at ordinary things around you, exploring the day to day as something new to be explored and reworked in the fantasy worlds that she creates in her mind. You can find Patty on the following platforms: Website: Instagram: @_patteu Her work is currently available via: @silverlensgalleries
September 15, 2020
The Wildcast EP24: Teng Mangansakan - Telling the Story of his land and his people, the Moro
Gutierrez 'Teng' Mangansakan II Teng is a Moro film maker who traces his roots to an iconic red house in Pagalungan, Maguindanao -coming from one of the most prominent political clans of Maguindanao. His grandfather Datu Udtog Matalam was a long time governor of the Cotabato Empire and was the founder of the Muslim Independence Movement -a movement that spawned the MILF and the MNLF we know today. He is also the grand nephew of the only Moro Senator of the Philippines Salipada Pendatun to date he is still the only Moro leader to enter the Senate and served in the Liberalista Party who together with Senator Lorenzo Tañada were the only two dissenting voices against granting amnesty to World War 2 collaborators. I mention his family history because for many Moro's and for Teng himself this is a significant part of crafting who he is and the events he grew up around that shaped his worldview as well as a way to understand the greater MORO struggle in Mindanao. He is by most accounts a Prince -Royalty in Maguindanao descending from distinguished Royal lineages on both side of his parentage. History is a lesson thought to many in the MORO community and understanding this history is important to understand the people of Mindanao and their struggle. Being the oldest son of the family patriarch he was expected to go into politics but Teng chose a different path -telling the stories of his people. Teng is a multi-awarded film maker who has crafted films that tell the stories of his people through his unique lens. His films have won awards and have been screened in Film Festivals around the world and received critical acclaim at home as well. We discuss in this episode how there needs to be a shift from Manila telling the stories of Mindanao to Moro's telling their own stories. One of the reasons why he is now incredibly excited by the rise of so many new Moro and Mindanaoan film makers telling their own stories. His films often tend to tackle difficult and serious subjects but often not in the blatant way films of non-Moro film makers depict his land and people he prefers to tell the stories from a more 'normal' perspective and often not the overt political and prejudiced leanings of most films made of Mindanao. One thing he is truly concerned about is the lack of true MORO icons that his people can look up to mentioning that "Robin Padilla" cannot and should not be considered a MORO Icon. This statement coming from the Grand Nephew of the only Moro to ever make it to national prominence in the senate speaks volumes. One thing stood out for me during this conversation with Teng is that we need to all learn to listen to the history, the stories, and the people that actually live in Mindanao if we are to move forward in truly making them a part of the Philippine nation. And moreso we need more people like Teng to tell the stories of his people. You can catch Teng's latest Award Winning Documentary "FORBIDDEN MEMORY" on the 1974 Malisbong Massacre during the Martial Law regime of Ferdinand Marcos on CINEMA ONE on Sept 13 and 16 at 11pm. You can find Teng on the following platforms: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @theprinceling
September 08, 2020
The Wildcast EP23: Martin San Diego - Telling the stories of Moro Philippines
Martin San Diego is an independent documentary photographer based in Manila, Philippines. His work revolves around the interplay of social justice and history. This grasp of history is really something that comes through in the work that Martin has done, especially in Mindanao where he has covered stories on the youth and rebellion in the region. His work has been published in the Washington Post, The Guardian, VICE, South China Morning Post, Rappler, Al Jazeera, and has taken assignments with the Red Cross and UN High Comissioner for Refugees. He talks to me about his journey through the Moro region of Mindanao and how speaking to the youth he has found a new understanding of the roots of conflict and the yearnings of all the people from this region. We talk about how stories coming from the region are all about war and why is it that you only hear about Mindanao when there is a bombing or a war - are they not worthy of stories of the normal day to day as much we are in the north in Luzon in Visayas. He has a true understanding of some of the roots of conflict in this region informed by the historical contexts by which these conflicts have arisen and acknowledges our collective responsibility as Filipinos, especially those from the north in the Luzon and Visayas to the people of Mindanao acknowledging our roles in the conflicts and injustices that have happened and are happening there today. This conversation provides critical insights into a part of the Philippines that many of us simply dismiss as an empty space filled with war, death, and destruction and yet he provides a snapshot at how this region is also full of hope and idealism and a sense of rich history often lost to all of us. And now with the events in Jolo -now is the time to listen. You can find Martin on the following Platforms. Website: Instagram: @martinsandiego Facebook:
September 02, 2020
The Wildcast EP22: Krie Lopez - Business that changes lives
EP22 How do you transform someone who is abused as a child, grows up in poverty, is abused as a child, is a petty criminal, is a drug peddler, for Krie Lopez it is as simple as taking notice of these people and giving them an opportunity to be better, to get them out of the cycle of poverty that they themselves do not see a way out of. Krie Lopez is the founder and CEO of Messy Bessy and House foundation a corporation that not only makes eco-friendly household cleaners but also and more importantly works with at risk youth and giving them an opportunity to end their cycle of poverty through House Foundation and the work that they do at Messy Bessy. She shares the journey she and Messy Bessy has taken on this road and the difficulties as well as the learning she and her team has found through the years trying to create a successful business as well as funding the important work they do uplifting the lives of individuals and families from some of the poorest communities in Manila. To date their program has helped over 400 youth and graduated up to 50 College graduates - who in her own description have a better resume than most children who graduate from the top universities in the Philippines. More importantly she shares here the power of opportunity -where one person given a chance to break free from poverty is a pathway not just for themselves but for whole families and communities offering a model that can be emulated not just by other companies but by governments as well. You can find Messy Bessy on the following platforms: Facebook: Instagram: @hellomessybessy
August 25, 2020
The Wildcast EP21: Neil Daza -Cinematography and Activism
Neil Daza is a Director, Cinematographer, Photographer and occasional Photojournalist. The son of a political detainee during the Marcos dictatorship and growing up in a family of activists Neil was exposed to the harsh realities of the Philippines early in life. He narrates how growing up he would spend weekends visiting his father, a former military colonel in Fort Bonifacio and picking up his sibling from police stations during the dark days of the martial law period. At 15 years old after watching Roman Polanski's Tenant -he was so enamored by the emotions elicited by the film in himself that he decided right there that he wanted to make movies. Starting his career as a stringer photojournalist for broadsheets in Manila he photographed some of the most iconic events of the last 30 years -including being right in the action during the Mendiola Massacre where he himself ended up carrying bodies of the victims to the hospitals. He has worked on some of the most iconic Filipino films including Dekada '70, Etiquette for Mistresses, Yamashita the Tiger's Treasure, Last Full Show, Signal Rock and has worked on numerous TV series such as Maalala mo Kaya, Be Careful with my Heart, and has won and been nominated and for Gawad Urian awards for his work in Crocodile and Signal Rock among others. One thing that truly stands out with Neil is how well regarded he is among his peers for his craft but also for his compassion and concern for those he works with from the biggest celebrities to the lowly production assistant one thing distinct about him is that he cares that people are treated well no matter their station. Neil believes that Cinematography should never be the focus of a film -it should always blend with the story and shouldn't distract the audience it is there to help tell the story and not be the story. Learnings from 30 years of creating stories for the Filipino.
August 18, 2020
The Wildcast EP20 Cat Triviño: The Badass Beauty Queen
Much more than just a pretty face. You'll realize in the first 30 seconds of talking to her what a total badass she is. Cat is one of those women who acknowledges that she has a pretty face, she joined Mutya ng Pilipinas and placed in the top ten and is one of those women who acknowledges that this was a part of her growth as person and doesn't deny its influence on her. But she is much more than that Filipina morena beauty and has found it a constant source of pride in proving to people that she is much more than just her looks. By the time she joined Mutya ng Pilipinas she was already a self taught coder earning her allowance freedom building websites for clients and earning her own keep. Plus she was accelerated in school and graduated college at just 18! Cat is epitome of the young successful Woman, she is a successful marketing professional working on Globe and Jollibee's brand campaigns. She was one of those that put together the now very famous Kwentong Jollibee stories that went viral a couple of years ago, -and guess what one of those stories was hers! Much more than her marketing skills is really the amount of different things she is doing and is successful with! Her range is quite amazing from coder to beauty queen to marketing savant and businesswoman, not to mention Judo -there is probably not many things she will get into and not do well. She is part of Planet Cora an organization dedicated to protect life below water and life on land and has mobilized hundreds if not thousands of volunteers to get their first dip into helping become citizens for the planet. She advocates shepherding people into the ecological movement rather than lecturing them on what to do and I completely agree as this has been our way as well with our outdoor events. She also talks her new passion and business of starting up a healthcare service that focuses on mental health. A product of her own struggles with depression and not finding the mental health support she needed in her own company and finding that her experience wasn't an isolated case -her solution was to build her own mental health focused business and with some brilliant partners they started Mindnation that focuses its services on Mental Wellness in the workplace -the first service of its kind in the Philippines! There's clearly a lot more to Cat than her pretty face and that is why she is the badass beauty that she is. Slaying through every endeavour she gets into. You can find Cat on the following platforms: Instagram: @sinosicat Twitter: @sinosicat Facebook: Mindnation: Instagram: @themindnation Planet Cora: Instagram: @planetcora
August 11, 2020
The Wildcast EP19 Jamela Alindogan: Journalism and where you are meant to be
EP19 Jamela Alindogan -Journalist Jamela is an award winning self described belligerent journalist who has worked for Al Jazeera as their South East Asia correspondent in the Philippines for more than a decade. She is one of the recipients of the Ten Outstanding Young Men and Women of the Philippines. She was recognized by the Swedish Embassy and UNESCO with nine other female journalists from around the world for the work they have done in journalism "for defying hate speech and threats, pursuing mission of providing citizens with the information needed to make enlightened decisions about their lives, their communities and their governments." More recently she started the Sinagtala Foundation after being inspired by the struggle of Muslim women in Marawi during the siege and with bombs falling all around she put up this foundation that has given hope to the women whose lives and homes have been destroyed by conflict and death. They have built toy libraries for the displaced children and taught the women how to weave putting them in touch once more with their traditions and giving them a reason to hope for the future. In this conversation we talk about her fears and what has driven her for more than a decade working in some of the most dangerous places in asia. She was almost kidnapped a number of times, gone on clandestine assignments to interview rebel leaders like Nur Misuari, and even detained and jailed in Sabah during her coverage of the Lahad Datu standoff in 2013. From being a journalist and humanitarian and a mother and wife we talk about her life and what makes her lace up her boots and jump on that plane, boat, or 4x4 to bring us the stories that need to be told from the people that have no voices. You can find Jamela and Sinagtala Foundation on the following platforms: Facebook: Sinagtala Foundation: Instagram: @jamelaaisha
August 04, 2020
The Wildcast EP18: Ewegene Tan -Durian And Race Organizing
EP18 Ewegene Tan -Durian And Race Organizing Ewegene Tan is the founder and race director of the Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival a trail running race that is held in his hometown of Taiping, Perak, Malaysia each year. He is also a very good friend who i raced with for the Dragonsback race in Wales in 2019 covering over 320kms of rough Welsh Mountains together. We also trained for this race together in Sagada so you can say we that we know each other very very well. This year has been particularly difficult for our trail racing industry with all our events being cancelled and having to differ participants as well as offer refunds on entries it has been a year of trials for both of us with the prospect of having almost no income coming into our organizations. We talk about the work that we do as race organizers and the sometimes under appreciated amount of time we actually put in in order to prepare for the races we organize. We also chat about his new passion during the beginning of this Pandemic -Durian and how he and a group of his friends in Taiping went about buying and selling Durian on the streets of their town and all the learning they got along the way. From being a lawyer working in a multinational firm to running the family fabric and logistics business to race organizing and more recently becoming a Durian trader -Ewegene for me epitomizes someone who is an eternal student always wanting to learn and try new things and it is this range of experiences as well as eventual expertise that has made him successful at almost everything he puts his mind to. The MMTF in just 3 years is now one of the most successful trail races in Malaysia and is the only race to be allowed to use "Malaysia" in its name and of course during the Dragonsback in 2019 i can say i would never have finished that race without him shepherding me to the finish line on the last day. Thank you for this conversation my friend. You can find Ewegene Tan on the following platforms: Instagram: @ewegene13 Facebook: Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival:
July 28, 2020
The Wildcast EP17: AG Saño Part 2 -Surviving Typhoon Haiyan and Climate Change
Episode 17 Part 2 of my conversation with AG Saño Imagine a wall of sea water pounding the second floor of the building you are staying in, strong enough that it feels like an earthquake, people screaming all around you and minutes later just silence. AG recounts his experience surviving the strongest Typhoon ever recorded on earth in Tacloban and walking out the next morning to dead bodies strewn all over the streets. He lost a good friend that day. The same day his brother Nadrev Saño was asked to deliver an impassioned speech at the climate conference. That day changed his trajectory in life and much of his work after Haiyan has been focused on seeking climate justice for his friend as well as the almost 10,000 other people who died during the wrath of the strongest storm ever recorded on the planet. In 2016 he and his brother Yeb Saño walked 1000 kilometers from Tacloban their home town all the way to Manila to point the light at the need for climate justice for the victims of climate change in Tacloban and Leyte it took them 40 days. If this was not enough they repeated this feat walking from Rome to Paris for the climate summit that same year which took them 60 days to do. Throughout these walks AG painted murals along the way and even created art pieces from scrap he would pick up along the way. It is often easy to dismiss artists like AG for the lack of science but he in fact has more science based knowledge about the environment than most people being a marine science researcher for over 20 years and a climate advocate working with the world's top scientists over the last decade. One of the last things we discuss and something i personally feel myself is the depression of knowing where we are going on this planet, seeing us humans destroy and burn ourselves to the ground, and yet feeling helpless as we scream and shout and no one will listen -he shares some lessons of what gets him through these thoughts and continuously fighting for what is right and just. I am constantly inspired by the work that AG does and the insights into a lifetime of working to protect our world. A true earth warrior. AG Saño -thank you for what you do for the planet. You can find AG on the following platforms: Instagram: @Whaleboy2000 Twitter: @whaleboy2000
July 21, 2020
The Wildcast EP16: AG Saño Part 1 -Dolphins and the importance of the Sea Around Us
Episode 16 If you see a Dolphin on a wall anywhere in the Philippines whether it is in a remote little village in the middle of nowhere or on a skyscraper in Makati -there is a big chance that the Dolphin you are admiring was painted by AG Saño. AG is one of those rare people you come across whose life is lived with intense passion. An artist, environmentalist, activist AG has for the last 20 years devoted his life to the environment and preserving life on earth. He is the son of activists so he grew up largely influenced by his parents work but has found his own way and brand of activism. He has been involved in marine research since the year 2000. He has also done assignments on sea turtles, dugong habitats, sharks, reef conservation and other environmental work with reputable NGO’s and institutions such as WWF, Greenpeace, OXFAM, RARE, Sea Shepherd, Conservation International, Silliman University, LAMAVE, PFEC, Earth Island Institute, among others. A.G. founded the Dolphins Love Freedom, a network supported by advocates from more than 63 countries, which is a movement to help save dolphins and whales from the slaughters and from other threats, particularly dolphin captivity and dolphin shows. He has painted over 700 murals and up to 23000 dolphins on walls all across the Philippines and in several other countries including U.S.A., Vanuatu, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Germany, and Poland. Because of the breadth of AG's work and experience i've decided to cut his episode into a 2 part series -this first part episode 16 we chat about the sea, dolphins and the things that drove him to pursue the advocacy to save these creatures which in many ways are very much like us humans if we only cared to look deeper they are creatures that span oceans and literally planet earth learning to respect this ability to span oceans, their intelligence, their experience, their histories will go a long way for us to find the respect necessary to save them and ourselves. You can find AG on the following platforms: Instagram: @Whaleboy2000 Twitter: @whaleboy2000
July 21, 2020
The Wildcast EP15: Prasenjeet Yadav - The Snow Leopard
Episode 15 Prasenjeet Yadav is a National Geographic photographer based in India whose work in wildlife and nature photography has been published in the National Geographic's yellow border magazine. Imagine living in the remotest mountains on earth for months, alone trying to catch a glimpse of one of the rarest animals on earth, often in minus 40C degree cold and in the very barest of creature comforts. That was Prasenjeets life for month's before COVID19 hit the world and for him lockdown and quarantine at home with internet and cooked food is like a luxury vacation. We met each other in 2015 at the National Geographic Headquarters for the Young Explorer's meetup and have been friends since. He is a molecular biologist by training who grew up on a farm in the jungles of India. He describes his youth as having tigers often walking into their front yard and growing up with an inherent curiosity about the natural world around him. His amazing work with the Snow Leopards in the remote Himalayan mountains of India can be found in the pages of this month's issue of National Geographic Magazine. I think for many of us who are Nat Geo Explorers the phrase live curiously is almost a given. But for Prasenjeet he has taken living curiously to a level that has taken him to some of the highest most remote mountains in the world and into places and situations many of us can only dream of being in and the limit to what he can do is really just the breadth of his imagination. You can find Prasenjeet Yadav on the following platforms: Website: Instagram: @prasen.yadav (
July 15, 2020
The Wildcast EP14 Koi Grey: On the evolution of being
Episode 14: Koi Grey on the evolution of being (Entire episode is in Filipino) Mga anim na taon ko nang kakilala si Koi isa sya sa mga batikan sa larangan ng trail running at hiking and trekking sa Pilipinas. Dito sa episode 14 ng Wildcast nag kwentuhan kami tungkol sa buhay nya bilang isang mamumundok. Pinag-usapan namin dito ang hirap na dinanas nya sa buhay nung kanyang kabataan at kung paano namulat ang kanyang pag-iisip sa kalikasan. Nung kabataan ni Koi naging taga tulak sya ng tricycle, nagtrabaho sya bilang balloon artist, naging aktibista, namundok, nakipanirahan sa mga katutubo, at bawat karanasan na ito ay naging parte ng pagkatao nya ngayon. Marami nang versyon ng Koi Grey ang dumaan sa mundong ito at sabi ko nga sa kanya na yung una kong nakilala ko noon ay iba na sa Koi Grey ngayon. Naikwento nya sa akin ang prosesong dinaanan nya para marating ang kanyang bagong pagtingin sa buhay nya . Kontento sya sa katayuan nya ngayonat pati narin sa pagkarera sa bundok -itong bago nyang pagtanaw sa buhay ay nagdulot ng isa sa pinakamagandang taon nya bilang isa sa mga batikang trail runner sa Asya at isa sa pinaka kalmado at kontentong panahon sa buhay nya. Ito si Koi Grey 2020. Mahahanap nyo si Koi Grey sa mga sumusunod na plataporma: Instagram:@koigrey Facebook: Facebook: Contact number: 09568021684
July 07, 2020
The Wildcast EP13: Mary Anne Potts & Ben Clark the Future of Outdoor Adventure
Welcome to Episode 13 of the Wildcast This episode was recorded in May and I talk to Mary Anne Potts and Ben Clark from Ben’s ancestral home in Tennessee. Mary Anne is of course the former editor of National Geographic Adventure and with a real wealth in experience covering adventure and outdoor stories over the last 20 years her insight into the adventure space and the changes that have happened in the last 20 years is seen from the eye of a journalist watching some of the best outdoor athletes and some of the biggest adventures the world has seen in the last 2 decades. Ben is a film maker and an accomplished outdoorsman he was the second youngest person to summit Everest many years ago and is now known for his trail running films like the Snowman Trek where they ran through 300 kilometers of Himalayan Mountains in Bhutan with Anna Frost and Timothy Olson, he also produces Run around the World a trail running series with Jason Schlarb and Meredith Edwards. They share with me their flight from New York and how they see outdoor and adventure evolving post pandemic and what we can all look forward to in the adventure space in the coming months and years. An incredibly insightful conversation with both of them who I can say each bring a different perspective to the experience of the outdoors -they are very much alike but also very unique in what they bring to the outdoor and adventure space and i truly enjoyed picking their brains in this fruitful conversation. You can find them on the following platforms: Instagram: Ben: @bclarkmtn MAP: @maryannepotts Facebook: Ben: MAP:
June 30, 2020
The Wildcast Episode 12: Ayen Dela Torre WTN, Travel, And Activism
Episode 12: Ayen Dela Torre "Where to Next?" Do you have those conversations with people where right after the conversation you have to go to someone else and say "you have to listen to what we just talked about!" Well this conversation with Ayen was one of those incredible conversations! She is without a doubt someone who is wise beyond her years and incredibly insightful about the situation we find ourselves in today both for the COVID19 Pandemic as well as the Duterte administration. She is the co-founder of Where to Next an online community of travelers that shares inspiring stories on their platforms together with Rachel Halili-Aquino they created a platform not about themselves but about people's travels across our beautiful country, the Philippines and the world. I hired them to do the campaign video for our Cordillera Mountain Ultra in 2017 and that was the first time i discovered this incredibly talented and insightful group of young Filipinos! The content they created for us went on to be some of the most viewed videos we had produced and i credit them for the vision and execution of that campaign. I really believe that young people should get more seats at the table for everything and they made me realize more than anything that they had so much to contribute to the conversation! She also comes from an activist family, her father, former priest Ed dela Torre was a an activist that fought for farmers rights and land reform in the 70s and was jailed for 9 years under the corrupt fascist Marcos Regime and met her mother a fellow activist and political detainee in Jail. She shares some of his words in the podcast i suggest you do miss out on those words they are extremely powerful! But that's enough words i think like i said in the beginning of the podcast this was a conversation i couldn't wait to share -because the voices you will hear today are important and it is important that you listen. You can find Ayen on the following platforms: Website: Instagram: @wtn_wheretonext Instagram: @ayenonlife Facebook:
June 23, 2020
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June 17, 2020
The Wildcast Episode 11: Steve Rogers Sagada, EDSA, Mountain Biking, and Whitewater
On Episode 11 of the Wildcast i talk to Steve Rogers in Sagada about his life in the Philippines. It is an interesting conversation that jumps from the streets of Manila during the EDSA revolution seeing the first tanks stopping in front of protesters to working on Hollywood movies like Platoon with stars like William Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, and Johnnie Depp and of course we get on to the adventure side of things chatting about whitewater kayaking in the Cordilleras and Mountain Biking in Sagada. In this discussion we also explore the ever changing landscape of community and development in Sagada and the Mountain Province how communities have adapted to changing times and changing economies and how culture is not a static image you see in history books but a living evolving process that communities and landscapes go through. I enjoyed this conversation and hope to be able to visit him soon and get on that kayaking trip we've been planning for so long now. Here's Steve's interesting life.
June 17, 2020
The Wildcast Episode 10: Hana Raza -Kurdish Conservation Warrior
The Wildcast Episode 10 Hana Raza Conservation Warrior of Iraqi Kurdistan I met Hana in 2013 as a member of the US International Visitor Leadership program- this is a program that of the US government for emerging leaders around the world. She has the distinction of being one of the first people to rediscover the Persian Leopard in Iraq, an animal thought to have been extinct in most of Persia. She is Kurdish Iraqi and she discusses the life she and her family has lived growing up in a country of constant war. She was born in a Peshmarga camp and as a baby was a victim of chemical weapons dropped on that camp by Saddam Hussein's government -she still bears the scars from that episode of her life. It is hard to imagine the difficulty of the work that she does here in a conflict zone where as a Muslim woman it is not in their culture to be doing the work that she does not to mention having to navigate actual mine fields and civil war, and still having to find the time to write grants to keep the work going. Listen to her story and feel her passion through her own words. She is someone i've looked up to as an inspirational person from the very first time i met her and that continues even more so today. You can find Hana on the following social channels: Facebook: Instagram: @hanaraza Twitter: @HanaRaza You can also find more about her work at: Website Nature Iraq: Youtube:
June 03, 2020
The Wildcast Episode 9: Laurel Chor -Journalism and the fate of Hong Kong
The Wildcast Episode 9: Laurel Chor Laurel is a Hong Kong native, a journalist, and fellow National Geographic Explorer. On this week's episode i talk to her about what is currently happening in Hong Kong with the Chinese government's imposition of the security law and the effect of this on civil liberties, human rights, and her own field of journalism. We chat about the difficulty working as a Journalist in this modern age of trolls and online harassment -last year one IG post of hers got over 1000+ comments of hate from online trolls. Hong Kong is a lesson for the world on how powerful China will treat the rest of the world and even more poignant for countries like the Philippines that have leaned into Chinese influence. We also chat about being a part of the Nat Geo Explorer family and the opportunities this has brought both of us and how we are incredibly privileged to be a part of this talented passionate group of individuals from across the globe and the knowledge sharing this has allowed. Laurel is an incredibly accomplished journalist, she has worked for Vice News as a producer for Asia and her photography and writing has come out in the New York Times, The Guardian, The Independent, National Geographic, Bloomberg, The Washington Post and many others. She has been at the forefront of the news not only in Hong Kong but also covering stories like the Rohingya in Myanmar, the Impeachment of South Korea's President, Migration in China and even the lack of Divorce in the Philippines. Do you remember that now iconic photo of an old lady with a cane in HK standing up and screaming at the police in full riot gear? -That was shot by Laurel. Here is her story. You can find her on: Instagram: @laurelchor Facebook: Website: Her reading list: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates The Outlaw Ocean by Ian Urbina
May 27, 2020
The Wildcast Episode 8: Paco Guerrero Photography And Philippine Tourism
The Wildcast Episode 8: Paco Guerrero Photography and Philippine Tourism Paco is a photographer. If anything that is probably the best way to describe him. He has been creating beautiful images since he was 12 years old. He is a Spanish-Filipino Travel and Commercial Photographer who has lived in many around Asia and Europe. He has shot for Conde Nast Travel, National Geographic Travel, Grid Magazine, Smile Magazine, and if you walk into any Peninsula in the world there is a big chance you will see some of his work not to mention the "Its more Fun in the Philippines Tourism Campaign you'll see some of his photos on subways and buses from London to New York. He is one of the founding members of GRID Magazine -one of my favorite if not my favorite Filipino Magazine. He talks to me about his life growing up with a hotelier father moving around to different cities in Asia including my own city of Baguio where his father once worked for the Pines Hotel where SM Baguio now stands. We talk about his life of photography where he started and how he started, the opportunities that led him to where he is today. I once spent 10 days traveling with Paco for the Grid Expedition going to different beautiful spots in the Cordillera region and he is someone who is always ON as a photographer -he does not put his camera down because the shoot is done, we drove for hours everyday and you could see him scanning the road and landscape for that next great shot, it is this passion that has made him one of the most sought after in his industry. We also talk about Philippine Tourism and how we will all rise from this Pandemic as Filipinos. This is his story. You can find Paco on the following channels: Website: Instagram: @studioguerrero Facebook: SHELTERFUND: SHELTERFUND INSTAGRAM: GRID MAGAZINE: GRID MAGAZINE: Paco's Portrait by Carmen del Prado
May 20, 2020
The Wildcast Episode 7: Manix Abrera Kikomachine Comics
The Wildcast Episode 7: Manix Abrera talks about Kikomachine Comics **99% of this episode is in Filipino/Tagalog This week's podcast i talk to Manix Abrera one of the foremost comic artists in the Philippines. His comic strip Kikomachine Comics which appears in the Inquirer is a strip i have been following for the last 20 years. We talk on the podcast about his journey in the comic book business, cycling, and growing up in the shadow of his father, Jess Abrera who is also a comic artist known for his strip 'A. Lipin' We talk about his inspirations for his work, how the current pandemic and political situation has been fodder for the stories that he has been writing and how we all seem to be living in a comic strip ourselves in these strange times. Have a listen to this interesting conversation.
May 12, 2020
The Wildcast Episode 6: Jim Ward: Buddhism, Embracing Impermanence, and Cycling the world
Episode 6 of the Wildcast with Jim Ward This is a special episode of the Wildcast with a very good friend i have known for most of my adult life. Jim is one of the people who has seen me grow through the years from my college days in UP all the way to where i am today. He once owned Bliss Cafe a vegetarian cafe and art space in Baguio city -and a haven for people like myself who was always the odd person in the room he made a space where when you walk in you are with many other odd people creating something wonderful. We chat about his early years as a young GI in Asia -he came to Asia at 18 enlisted in the army like many young Americans and decided to stay. He has seen the growth of China, Taiwan and South East Asia. Worked as a corporate big boss for the largest logistics firms across the region and ended up in Baguio. For the almost 20 years i have known him he has been one of the most insightful voices i have had the privilege of listening to and has had a tremendous impact on my life. In the last 2 months he has been on the frontlines organizing bicycle transport for our frontliners in Baguio and La Trinidad sharing his passion for cycling to those that work on the frontlines of COVID19. Listen to our conversation, it really only scratches the surface of the amazing life that he has lived and is still living today.
May 06, 2020
The Wildcast Episode 5: Michelle Barretto Design Thinking, Business, and our new reality
The Wildcast Episode 5 On episode 5 of The Wildcast I talk to Michelle Barretto CEO and Founder of Vitamin B Inc. ( a branding agency that specializes in building and elevating brands through insightful brand strategy, brand design and brand experience. They are responsible for the creation of brands such as Alveo Land, The Mind Museum, Liter of Light and serve clients such as AECOM, Artha Land, and our little foundation in the mountains the Cordillera Conservation Trust. In this episode of the Wildcast we talk about the opportunities that have been created due to the pandemic, how businesses should adapt to this new reality, who has done it right and the need for us to be brave in advertising and building our brands, and why we need to use design thinking in solving the problems of society. We also talk about their current Pandemic Project the Medijeep which they developed the entire system to provide patient transport for non-covid patients during this time -seeing the gap in the services for these people. It is now being implemented in both Mandaluyong and Quezon City and is open source to all LGUs who wish to use the same system. One interesting portion of the conversation she tells us about her dream project of solving single use plastic in the Philippines through designing a management systems solution and she says the system can solve it in 2-3 years! Michelle is one of the smartest and most insightful people i know and she shares with us in this episode so much of her vast experience over her career and little tidbits of her life that can make all of us better. Books she is currently reading: Tools for Titans by Tim Ferris Her reading list includes: Fast Company New York Times The New Yorker She listens to a lot of Tony Robbins You can find her on Instagram: @michelle2373
April 29, 2020
Wildcast Episode 4: Nina Beltran-Yap Pulmonologist and Triathlete on the Frontlines
Welcome to Episode 4 of the Wildcast Quarantine Chronicles Our guest today is Doctor Nina Beltran-Yap Pulmonary Specialist, Triathlete, Aspiring Writer, and she talks about life on the frontlines treating COVID19 patients. Incredibly interesting discussion and she goes deep into her clinical practice now treating COVID19 critical patients. She discusses how she at one point in the last month has had to make life or death decisions in treating her very own mentor who was afflicted by this virus and why we should be counting clinical diagnosis of COVID19 rather than just the laboratory tested patients. At one point in the discussion she opined that she wanted to get infected just to be able to move on, get the antibodies and be marked safe from the virus and the need for us to use the time in quarantine not only to prepare the healthcare system but also to prepare our bodies for infection -because at some point we will all be infected just a matter of when. Lastly she discusses something close to my heart boosting our immune system through interaction with nature and since we are releasing this on earth day i feel it is an important message for all. Nature heals -literally. Enjoy i hope you learn as much as i did with this conversation with Doc Nina. You can find her on Facebook: Instagram: @ninayninay Currently she is reading a Trip to Quiapo by Ricky Lee and recommends "Rashōmon" (羅生門) is a short story by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
April 22, 2020
Wildcast Episode 3: Dr. Deo Onda Marine Scientist, North Pole Explorer, COVID19 Driver
Episode 3: Wildcast: Quarantine Chronicles On today’s Wildcast Quarantine Chronicles we talk to Dr. Deo Florence L. Onda -He is the youngest Marine Oceanographer in the Philippines and has done research in the North Pole! Plus has spent the entire lockdown driving frontline workers to and from home and delivering PPEs to different hospitals in Manila! I have known Deo since his college days as a member of the UP Baguio Mountaineers, which i am a member of as well, he is now one among only 17 Marine Oceanographers in the Philippines, and is the youngest senior member of this illustrious group of people! He is the Deputy Director of research in the Marine Science Institute and also manages the 2 marine research vessels of the Philippines -at 32! Deo now heads the Marine Science Institute’s Research Expeditions to the West Philippine Sea, the Philippine Rise, and more. Last March with the imposition of a Luzon wide lockdown he took it upon himself to start driving stranded frontline workers; nurses, doctors, and more to their hospitals and home. We discuss everything from dealing with China, the West Philippine Sea issues, Climate Change Biodiversity, including life as the youngest member of the Marine Science Institute and of course life as frontline driver meeting frontline workers every single day and we discuss how his job as a driver has evolved from simply driving to being almost a therapist and a safe space for release for the frontline workers between their stressful jobs and the fear and stress of bringing home the virus to their loved ones. Here is his story. You can find Deo on social media here: Facebook: Instagram: @savedeocean Twitter: @deoonda At the end of the podcast Deo is also calling for students who may be interested in taking either an MSc or PHD in Microbial Oceanography you will be studying under Dr. Deo Onda himself and he might just send you to the North Pole too! Follow this link for more info:
April 16, 2020
Wildcast Episode 2: Howie Severino: Surviving Covid-19
Easter is the time for renewed life, the resurrection of Christ so it is quite fitting that today i am releasing the second Episode of the Wildcast with a very special guest who has just gotten a second lease on life, Howie Severino who as patient number 2828 is one of the current pioneer survivors of the COVID-19 Virus. He is among a select few people on earth now who has survived this virus and he tells me his story among other things bits and pieces of his illustrious life experiences. I have to admit that i was incredibly nervous doing this interview especially interviewing a person who essentially amounts to one of the most respected journalists in the Philippines on only my second episode and you'll probably notice that nervousness in the first minutes of the podcast -in fact there is a bit here where he was doing all the interviewing which proves you can't take the journalist out of him even recovering from this virus. This is only the first in a series of episodes i will be doing with Howie as i believe his life cannot be contained in one episode there is much to talk about and stories to tell so here is part 1 of Howie Severino on the Wildcast's Quarantine Chronicles. Welcome to the second episode of the Wildcast my name is JP Alipio I am an environmentalist, mountain bikers, trail runner, photographer and currently the director of the Cordillera Conservation Trust and we are here to talk about people, their histories, what makes them who they are, and the journeys they have had through their life. Over the course of this series Quarantine Chronicles we will be talking to different people and personalities both here in the Philippines and across the globe on how COVID19 has affected their lives and businesses and how we can all cope. I am here to share their stories, their expertise, their lives. On today’s Wildcast we have a very special guest. Someone who in the Philippines needs little introduction. Howie Severino -Award winning Journalist and Documentary Film Maker, Cyclist, Café owner, Kayaker, Environmentalist and just last week one of the pioneer survivors for the COVID19 virus -the list is long and this conversation only scratches the surface of who Howie is. This is the first in a series of interviews with Howie which we will be doing over the course of the next few weeks as he recovers from COVID-19 where we will discuss his life and all the rich experiences in it -I admit it is a lot! We also discuss the loneliness and isolation of being COVID19 positive and how this impacts both your recovery and also your mental wellbeing and how important social contact is in this time especially for patients like him as well as the frontliners. If you notice in the first part of the interview I was noticeably nervous of interviewing someone I have looked up to for a very very long time, he is one of the people I’ve come to admire and respect and I wasn’t sure going into this interview how it would all pan out. Thankfully the conversation found its flow and I look forward to having you all hear the first in the series of chats with Howie Severino. Enjoy.
April 12, 2020
The Wildcast Episode 1: Dok Bok Functional Medicine to build up your immune system against COVID19
Welcome to the very first episode episode of the "The Wildcast" The Wildcast is our little contribution to the community about topics and people from all over the world that interest us. We will be covering everything from outdoors sports, the environment, fitness health, art, performance, business, the economy, writing, everything we think will contribute to the human condition. Our very first episode of the Keep it Wild Talks we are talking to Dok Bok Bok David @dok.bok on Instagram about using functional medicine to boost your immune system to minimize the effects of COVID-19 on our bodies. Doc Bok is a medical doctor who specializes in functional medicine and is also a trail runner and outdoor athlete. We go through several aspects of functional medicine: Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Reduction, Exercise or Movement, even your natural biome (bacteria) and a few other useful tips to keep you and your families healthy over this period. It was definitely an enlightening talk for me discussing simple and practical things we can do as well as real facts on COVID-19. Give it a listen or a watch and click follow. We will be posting the Keep it Wild Talks once a week during the period of this quarantine.
April 09, 2020