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The Pick™

The Pick™

By Jeff Payne & Kevin Toon
Since meeting at their college radio station, Kevin and Jeff have enjoyed discussing and sparring over music, movies, and multiple topics as they each pursued careers in broadcasting and entertainment. Now, they make their favorites picks, old and new, and share their haughty opinions with the masses. Kevin spent 15 years in the broadcasting and corporate communications industries, working as an on-air talent and producer in both radio and television news. Jeff spent 20 years in the television business in LA, primarily at the FX and E! cable networks in on-air promotions and production.
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#13-7 part 1 "The Pick 100" (episode 32a)

The Pick™

#13-7 part 2 "The Pick 100" (episode 32b)
PART TWO of our picks from 13 to 7. The final Pick 100 episode is coming, and it's your LAST CHANCE to call The Pick Line and tell us some of your favorite albums. Dial 1-484-374-2534, and leave your picks at the beep! See all picks thus far and more at
August 26, 2022
#13-7 part 1 "The Pick 100" (episode 32a)
The top is intractable. The end is ineluctable. The finish is forthcoming. We resume the revealing of our revered records of rock with picks 13 through 7. It's your LAST CHANCE to call The Pick Line and tell us some of your favorite albums. Dial 1-484-374-2534, and leave your picks at the beep! Part 2 of this episode will drop August 26. See all picks thus far and more at
August 14, 2022
#21-14 "The Pick 100" (episode 31)
As we push our way to #1, we tick off picks from Zeppelin, Liz Phair, Rage Against The Machine, The Police, and Marvin Gaye. We have our first guest on a Pick 100 episode, Leif Sandaas, college friend and man responsible for our love for R.E.M. And a "radio play" to tell the story of Pink Floyd's "The Wall." See all picks thus far and more at
May 06, 2022
#30-22 "The Pick 100" (episode 30)
Our Favorite 100 Albums countdown continues... Beastie or Blondie; Mac or Boy; Uh-Huh or Hum; Steely or Straits; Prince or PJ; Ten or 1999; Earth, Wind, Fire, Hell, or Purple Rain...  which will rank higher? Go to for lists, links and more. And please rate & review us on whichever platform you are listening!
March 17, 2022
A Family Affair: 2021 Year-End Special
The whole fam damily is here! Jeff’s dad, mom, sister, other sister, nephew and stepson join the discussion on movies, TV, and sports from 2021. Also, in our second annual sports segment, Kevin is challenged to appear at least somewhat competent next to sportswriting legend Bob Payne. Join us for The Pick podcast’s Year-End Special. 
December 31, 2021
#40-31 "The Pick 100" (episode 28)
As the numbers get smaller, the albums get better. Our countdown of our Favorite 100 Albums of all time continues with more records from some old favorites and a few others mixed in...  from The Replacements to Wolf Alice; Madonna to Lorde; INXS to Groove Armada. We have reached our Top 40.
December 19, 2021
Episode 27 - New Music Listening Party
We’re listening to the music you should add to your playlist NOW…  new releases from favorites such as The Black Keys, Leon Bridges, Sleater-Kinney, Lorde, and Billie Eilish, and new artists including Wet Leg, Yeek, Ora the Molecule, Shungudzo and more. Michelle and Kenichi join Jeff to listen to new releases from 2021 to build your late summer/fall playlist. Playlist, music videos, and more at
September 10, 2021
#45-41 "The Pick 100" (episode 26)
The forties continue with the second half of The Pick 100 #50-41… In this batch we get more Pink Floyd, Rush, Radiohead and Queen, and the first appearance by PJ Harvey. Playlists and more at
June 30, 2021
#50-46 "The Pick 100" (episode 25)
Never mind the gap, because The Pick is back! And now in shorter, easier to consume portions. We start our top 50 with the first appearances of AC/DC, The Who, and Liz Phair on our lists. And to ease the daunting nature of long episodes, we're cutting this one in half....  Picks #50-46 are here, and the next episode will be released right afterward with numbers 45-41. Playlists and more at
June 29, 2021
Episode 24 - Kelsey Cook and 2021 preview
From appearances on The Tonight Show and her living room during Covid, our guest this episode is Kelsey Cook. First and foremost for Kevin and Jeff, she's a WSU graduate! She joins us to to discuss her comedy roots performing at a Wazzu dining hall; how to succeed in Hollywood with really trying; her podcast "Self-Helpless"; how foosball literally created her; and she even faces off against Kevin in another installment of The Pick's Crack That Track™ song-guessing game.  Plus, we preview movies and TV shows releasing in 2021. More details and links at
February 17, 2021
#60-51 "The Pick 100" (episode 23)
Things starting getting thick as we make our way toward #1. In our 5th installment of the Pick 100 we get our first appearances of Nirvana, Radiohead, and The Police, as well as a double-shot of Jane's Addiction. Playlists and more at
January 28, 2021
Episode 22 - 2020 Is Hindsight (Part 2)
Music, Sports, and Crack....  what more does one need to round out a year like 2020? Part 2 of The Pick's year in review, with top music picks of the year, our first ever sports segment, featuring a special guest and sports trivia...  and finally Kevin is put to the test again with Crack That Track. Playlists and more at
January 11, 2021
Episode 21 - 2020 Is Hindsight (Part 1)
Our first season finale!  Year One of The Pick comes to a close, as Michelle joins Kevin & Jeff to discuss which movies and TV shows reigned supreme in an otherwise hellish year. Plus, Bob Fuller brings his patented New Year’s predictions to The Pick… AND, a discussion of the crapload dumped upon us with Wonder Woman 1984 and The Midnight Sky.
January 06, 2021
#70-61 "The Pick 100" (episode 20)
The countdown continues with pick numbers 70-61....  Which will rank higher?  Murmur or Monster? XO or xx? Leon or Lyle? M.I.A. or R.E.M? Steve, Stevie, or Stevie? The Kings or The Keys? The Best, the Greatest, or the Very Best?  (ok, I'll stop now). See lists, links, playlists and more at
December 23, 2020
The PickQuick - Christmas List Much
 A brief review of the Coolest Christmas Playlist Ever plus many other suggestions so you can build your Holiday Playlist in style. See links to all songs and playlists at
December 20, 2020
Episode 19 - Steady Streaming
Winter Lockdown Woes?  We've got a steady stream of movie and TV picks. The hosts of The Pilot Podcast, BJ and Mitu, join us to help cover TV offerings, and they also stick around to challenge Kevin in Crack That Track™ (TV theme songs version). Go to for more info.
December 05, 2020
#80-71 "The Pick 100" (episode 18)
Hendrix or The Beatles... Thriller or The Godfather of Soul... Moby or The Killers...  How will they rank?  The countdown continues as Kevin and Jeff rank their favorite albums of all time, with picks 80 through 71.  And Pick-Line callers Bob & Ed reveal their favorites, including a tribute to one of the greatest comedy albums of all time. Go to for the full list of The Pick 100 thus far, and playlists galore.
November 22, 2020
#90-81 "The Pick 100" (episode 17)
Zeppelin or the Stones. Justin or Billie. The Replacements or Broken Bells. How will they rank?  The countdown continues of our favorite albums of all time with our picks for 90 through 81. For playlists and details go to
October 30, 2020
Episode 16 - New Music Geek Out!
We take a break from The Pick 100 countdown to present some brand new songs, our favorite new artists, and our picks for best album of 2020 (so far). Michelle Staley Mahoney and Kenichi Hackman join in as Kevin takes a mental health day. Playlists and more details at
October 16, 2020
Introducing "The Pick 100" #100-91 (episode 15)
We start our countdown of our favorite albums of all time with our picks for 100 through 91. For playlists and details go to
September 23, 2020
Episode 14 - The Batman seeks a Most Excellent 1BR in 70's Atlanta
The Batman cometh / Bill & Ted faceth  / Atlanta Rhythm Section jammeth / Two, count 'em, TWO installments of Crack That Track: 70's TV theme songs and the Top(?) rock songs of all-time.  Michelle Staley Mahoney and Brian Lamay are our guests.
September 03, 2020
Call The Pick Line now!
The Pick is counting down our favorite albums of all time.  The Pick 100 is coming soon, and you can be a part of it!  Call the Pick Line, 4-THE-PICK-34 and leave a message with 1, 2, or even 5 of your favorite albums.  Have some fun with it, and we may play your picks during our countdown. Call 4-THE-PICK-34 (484-374-2534).
August 27, 2020
Episode 13 - The Hack is Back
Pick That Flick guessing game, and New Music Picks from our favorite millennial, Kenichi Hackman. Plus, the MARVELous Miss Larson, The Go-Go's rock doc, Motherless Brooklyn, and we preview The Pick 100. More details, links, and playlists at
August 19, 2020
Episode 12 – Adda Girl
Charlize Theron and pals cheat death, Tom Hanks navigates a deadly game of chess, and could it be that grandma is possessed? Michelle Staley Mahony joins Kevin & Jeff with New Music Picks, streaming picks, plus a video exclusive: “Guess the 80’s music video”. More details, the video, playlists and links at
August 01, 2020
Is it blasphemy to call THIS the best Rolling Stones tune?
Teaser clip for episode 10: InRocktrination.
July 19, 2020
Episode 11 – Second to Nun
So much to stream, including badass nuns, bad crass singers, and terrorists in first class. And, Kevin turns the tables on Jeff with the guessing game. More details and links at
July 14, 2020
Episode 10 – Inrocktrination
We try to convince a country-music-loving college student that rock’n’roll is here to stay. Plus new music from Anderson.Paak, Nicole Atkins, Amber Mark, Bob Dylan, and more. And, we revisit KISW’s Top 1000 Rock songs of all time, as compiled in 1987. Playlists and more details at
July 12, 2020
Episode 9 – 100% Streaming
Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, plus many streaming picks. And Bob Fuller guests in a tribute to Fred Willard. Catch an extended video interview with Bob, plus more details and links at
June 22, 2020
Episode 8 – 100% Music
New music, old music, and Kevin guesses which music. An episode with music only, paired with episode 9 which is all streaming picks. // Find more details, links, and playlists at
June 21, 2020
Episode 7 – Fifty Albums (plus the Moon)
Our 50 States Project — Completing Sufjan Stevens’ broken promise to release an album for each state… our guest has done it. All in three months. Plus: Snowpiercer, big screen to small screen. And more. // Find more details, links, and playlists at
June 07, 2020
Episode 6 – These Six Yutes
Millennial/Gen Z Takeover — we pass the mics to six youth from the world over to give us their Picks for music, TV, and more. // Find more details, links, and playlists at
May 24, 2020
Episode 5 – I Can’t Stand It
Online Offerings Overload, Extraction, The Lighthouse, The Beastie Boys Story, Fiona Apple, New Music Picks, Essential Picks, Listener NitPick // Find more details, links and playlists at
May 03, 2020
Episode 4 – Binger’s Delight
Bill Withers, Kenny Rogers & the First Edition, and more shows and movies than you can shake a Pick at for your quarantine streaming checklist.
April 11, 2020
Episode 3 – Podcast Distancing
Showbiz shutdown / Top 5 “Coming Soon” picks / Streaming picks: “Spenser Confidential” & “Hunters” / Corrections / New Music picks – young new artists / Old Music pick – INXS / Guess these songs – random number generation // Find more details and playlists at
March 20, 2020
Episode 2 – High Fidelity
High Fidelity: from page, to film, to Hulu / John Cusack Top 5 / Parasite picked / Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame inductees / New music picks / Old music pick / New picks from an old chick — Go to for playlists and more info.
March 03, 2020
Episode 1 – Billie Eilish, Rush, Grammys in review, Shakira vs. J.Lo
New Pick: Billie Eilish / Old Pick: Rush / Movie Picks: Oscar best picture / Grammy Picks – Blood Sweat & Tears vs. The Beatles vs. Milli Vanilli / Superbowl Pick: Shakira vs J.Lo / Bourbon Picks. Go to for playlists and more info.
February 08, 2020