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The Pindrop Group Community

The Pindrop Group Community

By Natalie Pindar
What is happening in Pinellas County, FL and where do I go when I need something? These are the two questions we will help you answer. If you live here, are moving here or just love Tampa Bay then check us out! We will be giving you an inside look on life in this sunny party of the world.
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20. Building Immunity Through A Positive Mindset And Clean Eating with Dr. Cesar Lara

The Pindrop Group Community

20. Building Immunity Through A Positive Mindset And Clean Eating with Dr. Cesar Lara

The Pindrop Group Community

25. Baking From The Heart with Nikki's Bakery Sweets
Nicole Colon of Nikki's Bakery Sweets found us on Instagram and we are so glad she did.  Her Instagram page shows gorgeous baked goods from cookies to cakes and more.  We wanted to ask her how she got started and what her process is like.  Custom made cookies are our favorite!  We are excited to share with you Nikki's beautiful and delicious bakery.  I sent some home to NJ overnight and our family went wild.  They can't wait for more.
June 11, 2020
24. Skin Care At Home Through R+F With Julie Chamberlain
Julie Chamberlain with Rodan + Fields is one of our sweetest friends.  Since talking to Julie for our podcast she has sent me some R+F samples and I immediately messaged her that I'm hooked!  In this episode we talk about her choice in joining Rodan + Fields and she gets to help me understand the difference her company makes.  Julie also makes a huge difference in others lives here locally through her work as an RN and a local charity Women With Purpose.
June 11, 2020
23. Local Hair Artistry Update With Victoria Yarbrough
Victoria Yarbrough is the first friend I ever made moving to Pinellas County, FL.  Today she is thriving in hair artistry in St. Petersburg, FL and teaching us how to keep our hair healthy with lasting color.  I love chatting with Victoria on any day.  This interview was full of reminiscing and lots of laughs!  
June 11, 2020
22. The Benefits Of Cryotherapy, IV Drips and more with Geoff Whitworth
Restore Hyper Wellness in St. Peterbsurg, FL is making wellness affordable to everyone.  I spoke to their general manager Geoff Whitworth just after experiencing my own first treatment of IV Therapy.  I loved every minute of being at Restore.  From the wellness all around to the familial feeling it was an A+ experience for me.  In this episode we discuss all their business has to offer in our beautiful community.
May 27, 2020
21. Skin Care Delivery and Virtual Spa Appointments with Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson of Glo Skin in Palm Harbor got inventive real fast when it came to skin care during our stay-at-home order. We loved hearing all the ways we can interact with her at home.
May 18, 2020
20. Building Immunity Through A Positive Mindset And Clean Eating with Dr. Cesar Lara
Dr. Cesar Lara is one of our communities great leaders in health, wellness and mindset. He practices a healing of the body to guide his patients through weight loss. It’s an honor to have him on our show.
May 1, 2020
19. The Latest In Virtual Tours with Vince Winteregg
Vince Winteregg with Mimeo Imaging joined our podcast to talk about the latest in real estate technology and virtual touring.  He shares with us how he’s helping all local businesses through Matterport scans and what he sees for the future.  We think virtual tours are not only here to stay but they will grow.  You won't believe all the added details a tour can have.  I didn't know a lot of the tools Vince uses and I'm so glad we had this conversation!
April 22, 2020
18. Season 2 Trailer: with Nick and Natalie Pindar
Season 2 is on the horizon.  We'll be interviewing what has changed with our local business owners and how they plan to grow.  Nick and I discuss our team and what we are doing to adjust with the times and become more innovative.
April 22, 2020
17. Book Club: The Broken Road to Mental Health in Life and Business
This is our 1st Book Club! We read at LOT and most of the books we read shape our lives. This book, The Broken Road to Mental Health in Life and Business written by Sharon Fekete is special to us.  Sharon is a leader in our local community in many ways.  She her own two businesses with The Doctor Whisperer and 13th Avenue Media.  She has workshops for us to learn about media while building our own businesses.  And she is leading the charge with speaking about her broken road to mental health.  In her book she walks you through her struggle with addiction, depression and suicide.  Today, I know her as a successful leader among women and business owners around the world.  But she didn't start there.  For me, it's important to grow everyday.  Sharon has grown through many seasons of life we all have experience in.  I think we all work on our mental health but we do it in secret.  This episode is about the support we can find or create around us.  This book can change a life.  If you're interested in the Free audio version check the link below. The Broken Road To Mental Health Audio:  The Broken Road To Mental Health Amazon: The Broken Road to Mental Health Media:
March 30, 2020
16. Modeling and Influencer status check with Lauren Skeoch
Lauren Skeoch is a gorgeous young model you can follow on instagram and we love that about her.  However, what we adore about Lauren is her energy.  She always brings a welcoming smile and pure positive energy.  We got to interview Lauren about being a model in Tampa Bay and an Influencer on instagram.  She has many fans who follow her and go where she goes.  We've seen businesses boom when she tags them in a positive review.  If you've thought about modeling or stepping up your influencer game then this is the show for you!  Haha.  You can follow Lauren at:
March 30, 2020
15. Talking Content Creation, Websites and Blogging with David Ebner of Ebner Marketing
We got to chat with David Ebner of Ebner Marketing recently and it was eye opening.  We do a LOT of media and marketing online for our team.  We do a lot to market our podcast on social media!  It's been a slow build and the tips David has provided are key to new found success we have had.  Right now this interview is being released post "stay-at-home" orders here in Pinellas County, but that doesn't make it's content less valuable.  In fact it's even more valuable now than ever before!! We hope you enjoy listening to David and all he has to offer our local community.   David is a marketing executive and the author or Kingmakers: A Content Marketing Story. After leading marketing teams in the software, medical, legal and private equity industries, he launched Ebner.Marketing in 2019.
March 30, 2020
14. EMW Special: Dominick's Morning Affirmations
We take positive affirmations seriously around here.  It's all positive vibes all the time.  Well, most of the time. LOL.  Every morning and every night we do 5 positive affirmations with our oldest son Dominick.  Dominick is progressing wonderfully through a speech delay.  He is loving the power his words give him and we wanted to share that with all of you.  
March 30, 2020
13. Home Inspection Education with Steven J. Baum & Dawn Perkins of Rock Solid Home Inspections
Rock Solid Home Inspections is a professional home inspection service company located in Pinellas County and serving a large area of Florida.  We spoke with their director of marketing Dawn Perkins and owner Steven J Baum about the kind of service you can expect from their team.  They are a trusted source for us.  We hope you can find comfort in hearing they know a think or two about customer service as well as home inspections.
March 30, 2020
12. EMW: Should
"Should" is not my favorite word.  This Early Morning Walks episode is about energy and the power of getting rid of "should".  
March 30, 2020
11. EMW: Another Melt Down
When you run your own team, especially with a partner, it's can have moments of pure pull your hair out crazy.  We talk about that in this episode. Haha.  Nick and I can get pretty riled up about things and in the future we'll bring him into discussing the aftermath.  For now this is my take on how we more forward from feeling kind of...stuck.  
March 30, 2020
10. EMW: Shifts Happen: How can we help you?
Every market is in a shifting market right now. Some shifts are good and some are bad but we can all grow and find opportunity in them. This is a pop up series about local businesses and how we can all band together today for a better tomorrow.
March 16, 2020
9. Getting to know Caroline Sakla of Little Explorers
Caroline sat down with us to talk about her vision for Little Explorers.  This neighborhood friendly imaginative play place provides open play, playful learning and birthday parties with extra love and patience.  There are so many good things to say about the team who stresses to "Bee The Village".  Now located in Palm Harbor in US Hwy 19 N and coming soon to Indian Rocks!! You can find them at the links below.  We loved discussing life and family with Caroline and how she managed to incorporate both into her world.  If you're looking for a local leader in business there is no one better than her.
March 10, 2020
8. Profit First with Abby Johnson & Matterhorn Business Development
Abby Johnson alone with her father and brother own and operate Matterhorn Business Development. Their main purpose is to mentor local business owners on building a great business. However, they noticed that will most likely start with putting their clients profit first. They’ve recently become certified by Mike Michalowicz in his book Profit First. It’s changed our life and I know it can change yours. Abby and her family are some of the few certified in Tampa Bay. You can find them at the links below. Check out their episode to learn how they operate and where they got started!!
March 2, 2020
7. Orange Blossom Aesthetics & Selina McDonald
We had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Selina McDonald of Orange Blossom Aesthetics.  This wonderful medi spa is in Trinity and I make the drive because it is my favorite experience.  Check out this weeks podcast to learn more about everything offered at Orange Blossom.   You can find their website at: Facebook:
February 19, 2020
6. Getting to know Socialvive Marketing with Michelle Turpeau
Media and event planning can take a huge amount of time and energy.  Not to mention we have to figure it all out in addition to running our own businesses.  Socialvive is an answer to all of that for our community.  Michelle Turpeau has created a company that will handle your media needs, educate you with local workshops and plan your companies events.  Meet her team at Socialvive Marketing on our latest episode of The Pindrop Group Community where we laugh and live out loud!
February 7, 2020
5. Getting to know We Rock The Spectrum Clearwater
We Rock The Spectrum Clearwater is a place our son Dominick calls home.  They are an open door to children of all ages, especially those who don't enjoy structured play.  Our son found this kids gym/play area to be his favorite.  Today we interview their owner Janet Burrows about why they are so special.
January 29, 2020
4. Getting to know Maria Gianfilippo with Organic Speech Therapy.
Speech therapy is the type of service you don’t research till you absolutely need it. Our family has some personal experience with this. When we met Maria she had all the customized options we never knew we could have. Today we talk to her about her direct pay business and answer some popular questions.
January 24, 2020
3. EMW: What is a TEAM?
Many people ask me "What is a TEAM?" so we have a lot of discussion about this in the office and at home.  Here's some insight.  Tell us what you think? Did we answer that question? Ha!
January 22, 2020
2. Getting to know 13th Avenue Media
We're discussing life, business and moving to Pinellas County with 13th Avenue Media's Sharon Fekete and Alyssa Palenzuela.  Conversations with these ladies are always fun.  We both moved here from NY/NJ and loving every minute of it.  We both started a business in a land where we didn't grow up and had to build the healthy family we exist amongst today.  It's been two totally different experiences and we're both glad we did it.  To sit and share at this level today is a great success.  Thank you ladies for being so open, honest and just plain awesome.   13th Avenue Media company will assist you in media for your business as well as teach you how to do it on your own in their classes.  Check them out on Facebook for updates!
January 14, 2020
1. Early Morning Walks
What kind of energy is born from talking a walk on a cool morning? The last morning of the year. Get to know us a little more on this episode.
December 31, 2019
Welcome to The PINDROP Group Community.
We’re headed into a new decade with a new podcast. Come see what it’s all about!
December 28, 2019
December 27, 2019
December 27, 2019