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The Pink Elephant

The Pink Elephant

By Valerie C. Robinson
Formerly: The Unapologetic Podcast and

Business and lifestyle conversations with women of color in business.

Host: Valerie Robinson, Founder at Mocha Health

Official Hashtag: #ThePinkEllie #MochaHealth #UnapologeticallyUs
Podcast Twitter: @pinkelephantpod
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Hella Late! with Hollie Harper
“Hella Late with Hollie Harper” BRIC’S first late night television show debuts June 8th @10pm EST! HOLLIE HARPER  - Creator, Writer, Host Hollie is a multi-talented writer/comedian from Cape May, New Jersey with a Bachelor in Fine Arts for acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University, formerly the Goodman School of Drama. Her plays and films have been in the Samuel French One Act Play Festival, the Denver Pan African Film Festival and Urbanworld and she starred  Off-Broadway in The White Blacks by Melanie Goodreaux. Her sketch group AMERICAN CANDY was listed as Time Out Chicago's Top 5 sketch groups to watch and during their 12 years of sold out shows, their latest, The Edge of Zoom, done during the pandemic, has garnered 32K views. She also teaches sketch for Gold Comedy and Standup Girls where she is a Board Member.  Hollie is an in-house host for the West Side Comedy Club, she serves as the creative director of the 2021 Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest and she is also a co-host of the nationally trending Twitter Chat Blerd Dating.
June 05, 2021
"Thriving Through the Storm" with Lindsey Walker
Lindsey Walker, CEO and Lead Publicist of Walker + Associates Media Group “Thriving Through The Storm” In the book, Lindsey shares the challenges of enduring six months of chemotherapy and discusses how her diagnosis changed her perspective on life, love, and entrepreneurship. Lindsey wrote the book specifically for women to find encouragement despite the dire circumstances that life can bring. “Thriving Through The Storm” is available for pre-order and was released on March 24, 2020. Check out the trailer here. For more information, please visit
April 03, 2020
Episode 47: "Lust Now, Cry Later" w/ Tahanee Sayidd
Author of new novel “Lust Now, Cry Later”, Tahanee Sayidd is on a mission to bring awareness to the cycles of toxic relationships, low self-esteem and the mindset that often plagues those growing up in poor environments- all factors that lead to women getting involved with the wrong men, ignoring warning signs that are costing them their lives. 
March 10, 2020
Episode 46: Working For Free
Host: Valerie Robinson (Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Twitter + Instagram: @unapologetic_us Facebook: @unapologeticallyus iTunes:…ast/id1221169569 Website: Official Hashtag: #TheUnapologeticPodcast Twitter: @theUUpodcast Questions or Comments:
January 14, 2019
Episode 45: Whats the Word for 2019?
Host: Valerie Robinson Follow The Unapologetic Podcast on Twitter: @theUUpodcast Listen, rate and subscribe on both Soundcloud and iTunes Questions: Unapologetically Us: Follow on IG and Twitter: @unapologetic_us Follow on FB: @unapologeticallyus
January 14, 2019
Episode 44: The Black Woman Millionaire w/ Dr. Venus Opal Reese
Dr. Venus, a Stanford University graduate and former tenure professor, discusses on her tour that the black female body is a “social non-being.” She talks about how since the 1600s when taxes and laws were created to justify the right to black women’s bodies as the labor-producing workforce for the American Dream. Dr. Venus is on the last leg of her national tour based on her best-selling book, The Black Woman Millionaire: A Revolutionary Act That Defies Impossible. For more info, please visit and
July 14, 2018
Episode 42: Sisters Traveling Solo w/ STS Founder Cole
Sisters Traveling Solo is not just about traveling alone, it’s about living the life you want on your own terms without waiting on others. In our community of Sisters you will find support, inspiration, and encouragement. Within our Sisters Traveling Solo Facebook group, members share resources, provide travel advice, give tips, provide recommendations, share photos, and safety tips. Join the STS FB group:
April 24, 2018
Episode 41: Give Back...and the Rest Will Follow w/ Renita Hunt
Renita Hunt is a marketing communications consultant and motivational speaker. Renita Hunt is also the Board President of Dress for Success Greater Orlando. Renita has been with the organization for over 4 years and has held such roles as: Personal Shopper, Event Director, Vice President, and now President. She has been instrumental on re-launching the organization’s career development series, Next Level to Success Internship program, networking efforts, and individual donor giving. Renita has a 17- year+ professional background in marketing communications. Through the course of her career, Renita has worked with such brands as: Home Depot, Ford, Coca- Cola, McDonald’s just to name a few. Renita is extremely passionate about giving back, women empowerment, diversity and inclusion, and all things fashion. In addition to Dress for Success, Renita is apart of many professional boards such as: Central Florida Employment Council, National Black MBA Association, and Orlando Museum of Art-Council of 101. Renita holds a MBA from University of Phoenix , a BA in Public Relations from Clark Atlanta University, and Digital Marketing Diploma from Shaw Academy.
April 21, 2018
Episode 40: The Black Latina Movement w/ Film Director Crystal Roman
Crystal Roman is the head Writer, Producer and Director with several critically acclaimed shows under her belt. Her catalogue consist of the nationally toured stage play “Black Latina” and festival premiered webseries, “The Colors of Love”. Currently she wrote, co-produced, directed and co-starred in her newest film project, “Cecilia the Celibate”, a romantic comedy about a Black Latina in NYC trying to find love minus the sex. Through The Black Latina Movement, Black Latina women/actresses have the opportunity to see themselves in front of the camera as the main characters, giving them a voice and recognition in the film industry. We'd love to do an interview with you to discuss The Black Latina Movement and issues that women in the Black Latina community face. For more information, visit
April 20, 2018
Episode 39: Soul Purpose w/ Life Coach Pixie Grace
Pixie Grace is a new and aspiring speaker and coach. Pixie Grace is a soul driven entrepreneur who inspires her clients to connect with their soul purpose and attract their soul mate clients. Pixie’s life path involved surviving an abusive childhood and overcoming PSTD and depression to claim her own empowerment and build her thriving, passion based business. Now she helps her clients do the same. Facebook Group: Soul Purpose Collective
February 23, 2018
Episode 38: "Success in Celibacy" w/ Author Shea Scott Edwards
"Success in Celibacy" is a transparent guide to having NO Sex in the City, on purpose...well at least for right now. Author, Shea Scott Edwards, journeys from sex-to-celibacy and debunks various myths that the celibate lifestyle is one of sufferable misery or an unrealistic and unattainable achievement. Instead of sacrificing your body to societal standards and physical urges, give God a chance through sexual obedience and watch how He rewards your relationships and enhances your life through miraculous gifts and blessings. This book of buried treasure will tear down generational barriers and put an end to personal guilt and shame. By opening up the dialogue of sex and sexuality between international communities and churches, God's purpose for celibacy is championed in an effort to ignite us with power and purpose. Experience the heart of God and His desire for His children to live purpose-filled, liberated and empowered lives! WEBSITE: WWW.SHEASCOTTEDWARDS.COM IG: @FAITH_ROCKS83 YOUTUBE: @SLSWORLDWIDE TWITTER: @SCOTTLYNNE
February 13, 2018
Episode 37: "Comes To The Light" - Tracing Your Family Roots w/ Donya Williams
For more than 20 years Donya Williams has researched her roots in Edgefield, South Carolina. As she researched her family, there came a time when sharing her genealogy discoveries was a must. She did so through a blog on WordPress, which was followed by family members, other researchers, and friends. As her knowledge of the genealogical field grew, so did her need to expose others to what she had learned. Donya became the administrator of two genealogical Facebook groups, and created a Facebook page that would share the information she found through researching with others. ​ After years of finding and connecting her family to each other, the stories from her blog - and many more - have been compiled and told in a way that only Donya can do in the new book ​ Comes to The Light: Learning About the Entangled Families of Edgefield, South Carolina ​
February 09, 2018
Episode 36: Black Girls Vote First Annual Ball Keynote w/ JoyAnn Reid
MSNBC Political Analyst, Joy Ann Reid, delivers the keynote address at the first annual Black Girls Vote ball in Baltimore, MD. More info on how to get involved with BGV and how to donate, visit
December 16, 2017
Episode 35: Dream, Vision and Reality (DVR) w. Cherise Mattheson
The mission of CEO CHIC LIFE is to empower individuals to become the CEO of their life and encourage entrepreneurship through turning your life passion into a profit.
December 15, 2017
Episode 34: Heart Work is Hard Work + Living Your Best Life
Valerie discusses how to begin to hash out what living your best life means to you.
December 08, 2017
Episode 33: Showing Up For Yourself And Others
Host Valerie Robinson discusses how to "show up" for yourself...and others. "Just because you can go at it alone doesn't mean you have to or should."
October 06, 2017
Episode 32: The Core Values Index w/ Kourtney Coleman
Kourtney Coleman is a Taylor Protocol Certified Practitioner, Corporate Speaker, Executive Coach and President of Kourtney Coleman Inc. where she helps corporations create a peak employee experience by discovering the innate abilities of their staff to create a sense of fulfillment for each individual. Kourtney helps put the right people in the right position by matching the job's function to the employee's innate ability to increase motivation and productivity affecting the bottom line. Kourtney has been an entrepreneur since 2004. She discovered the Core Values Index a life changing assessment that helped to reveal her purpose in 2015. She studied Taylor Protocol's methods for two years before becoming certified. Today Kourtney uses it as the foundation in her business. She has developed her proprietary method to help corporations utilize the gifts from within the company. Kourtney also helps career women understand their natural abilities to maximize opportunities and give their best contribution authentically to create a fulfilled and successful career with fewer regrets.
September 21, 2017
Episode 31: Uncommon Redesigns + Rebuilding Houston w/ Charie Williams
Interview with Founder and CEO of Uncommon Redesigns, Charie Williams. Uncommon Redesigns and other furniture designers are teaming up to help the Hurricane Victims in Houston. We want to provide furniture and decor items at no cost! Please support Redesign to Rebuild Houston! Learn more here:
September 19, 2017
Episode 30: "Started From The Bottom" w/ Kalilah Wright of Mess In A Bottle
Conversation w/ CEO of apparel brand Mess In A Bottle - Kaliyah Wright
June 13, 2017
Episode 29: Raising A Child With Dyslexia And ADHD w/ Concheta Gladmon
Tune into this in-depth conversation with Concheta Gladmon on the challenges and victories in raising a child with dyslexia +ADHD.
June 11, 2017
Episode 28: Navigating Burnout As A Creative Entrepreneur w/ Aleia Mims
Aleia Mims: In this episode, we discuss how to navigate burnout for creative entrepreneurs and women.
June 11, 2017
Episode 27: The Art of Knowing Your Brand's Worth w/ Lakshmia Ferba
A conversation with Founder and CEO of LMF Consulting Group - Lakshmia Ferba. We discuss using workforce experiences to catapult you to the next level of your entrepreneurial journey, as well as the art of not working for free.
June 11, 2017
Episode 26: Black Love & Reconnecting Within w/ Joanae King
A candid conversation with Mrs. Joanae King, CEO of - a lifestyle and relationship resource for men and women looking to strengthen their relationships, as well as re-write their stories. "Reconnect within....and you'll never go without." @naetorious on all platforms
June 02, 2017
Episode 25: "I want to live." A Journey to Wellness w/ Lynee' Urban
Conversation with Lynee' Urban of on the journey to wellness for mothers of color.
May 29, 2017
Episode 24: Mother's Day (featuring my kiddies)
A special Mother's Day episode: 1. My kids pop in to chat. 2. How to support women who've lost their moms. 3. Why moms shouldn't feel guilty about celebrating themselves. 4. Where do moms go for a quick escape? Like the podcast? Please rate and leave a comment on iTunes!
May 14, 2017
Episode 23: "Truth Is" w/ Author Sashe Omogiate
We chat with Sashe Omogiate about her debut book "Truth Is", which encourages women to walk in their purpose by owning their truths and leaning on faith.
April 13, 2017
Episode 22: Brittney Oliver Discusses The #HealingOurBlackMothersAndDaughters Movement
Brittney Oliver of discusses life as a SAHM and budding entrepreneur. She also reveals her new project geared towards healing relationships between Black mothers and daughters,
April 10, 2017
Episode 21: Be The Authority Of Your Brand w/ Shana Campbell
Shana Campbell, CEO of Think Learn Engage
April 04, 2017
Episode 20: "Get Out" Movie Review
Review of "Get Out" movie:
April 02, 2017
Episode 19: Spring Style Trends w/ Yana B. CEO, Yana B. Style Stamped is a site created to highlight fashion and style that is so good it must be “Stamped!” We put a Stamp on what is right, stylish, fashionable, and worthy of discussion. At Style Stamped, style means individualism and originality. It means going beyond the mannequins in the store and the suggestions of the runway and grasping the feelings and emotions that are inside of yourself for inspiration. It means, this is who I am, this is the real me. We represent individualistic style. Our motto is: “Decide who you are, then dress the way you want to live.” Who are you? Style comes naturally when you can answer that question confidently. Having trouble finding your own style? Contact us. If you have figured out who you are but are having a little trouble defining your style, we can help guide you here.
March 30, 2017
Episode 18: Building Your Brand & Business Tribe w/ Anitra Terrell
Anitra Terrell - Reflektion Designs Instagram:
March 24, 2017
Episode 17: Building Better Communities w/ Nicole Letelier
Episode 17: Building Better Communities w/ Nicole Letelier by Valerie Robinson
March 17, 2017
Episode 16: Self-Love, Motherhood, Adoption and Wife Life w/ Patrice Hopkins
Special Guest: Patrice Hopkins Owner of Decadence Body Shop and Confident Girls
March 07, 2017
Episode 15: Business & Travel Chat w/ Zulekha "Zuki" Gordon of The Zuki Experience
Zulekha Gordon, Travel Planner
February 25, 2017
Episode 14: Holistic Healing & Wellness w/ Tameko Rowe of Cocoa Butter Mothers
We chat with Tameko Rowe - owner of Cocoa Butter Mothers Listen as she offers insight into holistic healing, wellness and self-care for not only mothers, but for women in general.
February 10, 2017
Episode 13: The Diaspora w/ Rita Bunatal
Diaspora Rita Bunatal Malaika Apparel, Inc.
February 05, 2017
Episode 12: Living Your Purpose + Making Shift Happen w/ Vivian Elebiyo
In this episode we chat with Vivian Elebiyo-Okojie:
January 27, 2017
Episode 11: Get Your Sh*t Together Before 2017
In this episode, we talk about tying up loose ends before the new year and getting our plans in motion with the help of vision boards.
January 07, 2017
Episode 10: NMAAHC
Tips on how to maximize your visit to the National Museum of African-Aerican History and Culture
October 01, 2016
Episode 9: Self-Care Reminder + Black Lives Matter
Episode 9: Self-Care Reminder + Black Lives Matter by Valerie Robinson
September 22, 2016
Episode 8: Samsung, iPhone, Mode Media, NMAAHC, CBC, Fall Television, The Box Office
Samsung fires iPhone release Mode Media shitstorm NMAAHC CBC Fall Television - Queen Sugar, Atlanta, Blackish, Empire, Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, Underground The Box Office - Don't Breathe Birth of a Nation - are you conflicted?
September 16, 2016
Episode 7: Pretoria Girls High, Brock Turner, Chris Brown, Colin Kaepernick
Catching you up on all the current events of the week: 1. Lauryn Hill tour 2. Pretoria Girls High 3. Brock Turner and Nate Parker 4. Chris Brown 5. Voting 6. Colin Kaepernick 7. Greenleaf and Queen Sugar 8. Pumpkin Spice :)
September 02, 2016
Episode 6: #AskValerie How To Make Your 9-5 Work For You
#AskValerie "How Do I Make My 9-5 Work For Me?"
September 02, 2016
Episode 5: Black Girl Magic in Rio Olympics + Back to School
Rio 2016 Olympics + Back to School Prep Chat
August 27, 2016
Episode 4: The Myth of Work-Life Balance
Tips on how to better juggle your heavy load
August 12, 2016
Episode 3: Get Your Financial House In Order W: Latasha Kinnard
Finance chat with Latasha Kinnard -
July 01, 2016
Episode 2: Where Are Your Accountability Partners?
Lauryn Hill's Tardiness, Azalea Tried It, Skai Jackson Snatched Edges and MORE!
May 14, 2016
Episode 1: Prince, Lemonade and "Thangs"
Prince, Lemonade and "Thangs"
May 06, 2016