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Planet Andrea: unplugged

Planet Andrea: unplugged

By Andrea Goodsaid
Thoughts & musings on awareness, entrepreneurship and relationships (with ourselves and others) through the lens of my Human Design. [1/3 Emo Projector - RAX Unexpected 1]
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#0001 - Christy Langman - Unschooling, valuing play as an adult, Human Design & more
In this episode, Andrea is joined by Christy Langman ( for an impromptu conversation that flowed unexpectedly after sending a “hey this made me think of you” text.
January 23, 2022
Ask a 3rd line
If you ever find yourself confused or bogged down in possibly overly complicated processes. Ask someone with a 3rd line Human Design profile. Chances are they can help with streamlining - because trial and error is their way. If they’ve already explored in a certain direction, they’ve made the mistakes already and know what hasn’t worked. And maybe they have a solution too … maybe 😆
November 28, 2021
Andrea & Aleda’s first duo podcast - ever.
In this episode, Andrea invites Aleda onto a podcast via the “invite friends” feature on the Anchor app. It’s a whole new world 🤩 If you’d like to leave us a voice mail with a question we can possibly answer on a future episode - please do! We’d not only love to hear from you, we both have a Right Mind in our Human Design charts and questions are THE way to mining what’s in these heads of ours ❤️
August 24, 2021
Aleda tests Anchor’s voicemail feature ❤️
In this short clip, Andrea has asked Aleda to test the voicemail feature :)
August 24, 2021
The Sneetches
This year, Dr Seuss (of all people) got cancelled. Having grown up with the book, “The Sneetches and other stories” as a staple, I can’t even imagine how different I would have turned out without having his voice as part of my life. Been meaning to read this on audio for years and hadn’t done it. So I suppose something good is coming from the canceling. Weird, weird times.
May 26, 2021
Podcasting Newbie - Step 1 - Explore the tools & see what you sound like
This is a short clip of me trying out the anchor tool suite for the very first time. I kinda love it. 💕
June 12, 2020