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The Podcast Sessions

The Podcast Sessions

By Rutendo Nyamuda
“The Podcast Sessions”, hosted by Rutendo Nyamuda, takes you behind the mic with podcast hosts, producers and experts in the industry.

Whether personal or business, we will help you turn your podcast dream into reality.
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African Podcast Research ft. Vanessa Gathecha, Melissa Mbugua & Maurice Otieno
In this episode of "The Podcast Sessions"- Rutendo Nyamuda speaks to Melissa Mbugua (Co-Director of Africa Podfest), Vanessa Gathecha, (Research Lead from Baraza Media Lab) and Maurice Otieno (Executive Director and Baraza Media Lab) about their in-depth analysis report of the African podcast scene titled the “Discovery Tour Data Edition" compiled by Africa Podfest and Baraza Media Lab. 
May 26, 2022
I Turned My Website into a Podcast ft. Pelontle Mosimege
Episode #17 of "The Podcast Sessions" with Rutendo Nyamuda features Pelontle Mosimege, Founder and Host of She Brigade.
April 20, 2022
The Modern-Day African CEO ft Molly Jensen, CEO Afripods
Episode #16 of "The Podcast Sessions" with Rutendo Nyamuda features Molly Jensen, CEO of Afripods. In this episode she speaks about her journey into podcasting, her leadership style and where she sees African podcasting in the future.  Molly features on the Feb/March cover of 'the Podcast Sessions' digital magazine - Africa's first pan-African podcast magazine. 
March 17, 2022
Phil Chard and Danis Dube
Episode #15 of "The Podcast Sessions" Rutendo Nyamuda interviews, co-hosts of '2 Broke Twimbos' Phil Chard and Danis Dube.  Visit for more information.
February 12, 2022
Do the Numbers Matter? Ft. Paula Rogo
In episode 14 of "The Podcast Sessions" Rutendo Nyamuda interviews, podcast consultant and founder of Kali Media, Paula Rogo. In this episode we discuss podcast numbers, when to approach advertisers and taking advantages of opportunities. Visit for more information.
June 09, 2021
Intersections of Content & Commerce ft. Mashudu Modau
In episode 13 of "The Podcast Sessions" Rutendo Nyamuda interviews entrepreneur and host of the Mashstartup Podcast, Mashudu Modau. Visit for more information.
March 24, 2021
Africa's 1st Global Podfest. ft Josephine Karianjahi and Melissa Mbugua
In episode 12 of "The Podcast Sessions", we speak to co-directors of Africa Podfest Josephine Karianjahi and Melissa Mbugua. In this episode the pair speak to Rutendo Nyamuda about launching Africa's first global podcast festival. The also speak about the importance of Africa Podcast Day, celebrated annually on 12 February. Both Josephine and Melissa are also the cover stars for the February issue of The Podcast Sessions digital magazine.
February 21, 2021
It's Time to Build Your Own Table ft. Danielle Desir
In episode 11 of "The Podcast Sessions", we speak to Danielle Desir - author, travel blogger, podcaster and founder of WOC Podcasters. In this episode Danielle speaks to, host, Rutendo Nyamuda about her journey of building WOC Podcasters.
January 14, 2021
The Tech Side of Life ft. Kitso Moremi
In episode 10 of "The Podcast Sessions", we speak to Kitso Moremi - multi award-winning sound engineer and The Sobering Podcast co-founder.  In this episode Kitso speaks to host, Rutendo Nyamuda about the tech side of podcasting, including the right microphone to use, what to listen for in a room as well things to listen out for in post-production / editing.
December 05, 2020
Building A POC Directory ft. Berry
In episode 9 of "The Podcast Sessions" Berry, we speak to founder of the "Podcasts in Color" directory, one of the largest podcast directories highlighting people of colour in the industry. In this episode Berry speaks to host, Rutendo Nyamuda about the reason and importance of the directory. The pair also discuss the importance of listening to podcasts and the next big wave of podcast genres.
September 03, 2020
Grants, Advertising and Listener Revenue
In this episode of "The Podcast Sessions" we gain insights on the business of podcasting in various African countries. The discussion was hosted by the South Africa Media Innovation Program and features the following panelists: Selly Thiam, None on Record; Paul McNally, Volume; Kathryn Kotze, Daily Maverick; Michal Rahfaldt, Children’s Radio Foundation and Ramsey Tesdell, Sowt. The discussion was moderated by Shandukani Mulaudzi.
August 27, 2020
Creating a Global Summit ft. Chris Krimitsos
Chris Krimitsos, Chief Creative Officer of Podfest Global Summit, chats to Rutendo Nyamuda about the work behind creating a virtual global summit.
August 10, 2020
Understanding Funding ft. Bilal Randeree
Program Director for Africa & MENA of the Media Development Investment Fund, Bilal Randeree unpacks funding opportunities and how one should think about approaching funding for podcasting.  He also expands on various options including grant funding from foundations or donors. 
July 03, 2020
Don't Just Win. Dominate ft Lebo Lion
A prominent voice in marketing and host of "Lessons with Lion" podcast, Lebo Lion speaks to Rutendo Nyamuda about the importance of taking up space and dominating in your industry. Lebo also speaks about the intersection between podcasting and marketing as well as the importance of branding and marketing your podcast if you want it to be successful. She says it's important for more black podcasters and creatives to own their space and tell their own stories because if we don't who will?
June 19, 2020
South African Podcast Stats ft Francois Retief
Chief Operating Officer of IONO FM, Francois Retief, speaks to Rutendo Nyamuda about the growth of the podcast industry in South Africa. He estimates that the listenership on IONO FM in 2020 will be between 5 and 6 million. Francois also discusses how companies need to start gravitating towards podcasting and audio if they want to stay relevant and not get left behind in the future.
June 01, 2020
Webby-Nominated AfroQueer Podcast ft Aida Holly-Nambi
Producer of the Webby-Nominated, AfroQueer Podcast, Aida Holly-Nambi speaks to Rutendo Nyamuda about the journey of a podcast that give a voice to the LGBTQI+ community through their documentary-styled podcast. In this episode Aida explains the production process of their team of six people that has brought them much intonational recognition including being nominated for a Webby Award as well as being chosen for the PRX & Google Podcasts creator program .
May 23, 2020
Co-Hosts & Chemistry ft Jade Wright & Dave Horrocks
Jade Wright and Dave Horrocks, co-hosts of the Bachelor Banter podcast speak to Rutendo Nyamuda about how they've successfully created a podcast based on S2 of The Bachelor South Africa. Jade and Mark speak about the challenges and successes they face co-hosting a podcast.
May 15, 2020
There Are No Rules ft Simmi Areff | #1
The Podcast Sessions with Rutendo Nyamuda kicks off its first episode with Simmi Areff. Simmi is the founder of People of Colour Podcasts, the host and producer of Lesser Known Somebodies and an amazing comedian. In this episode they discuss Simmi's podcasting journey, his approach to creating jingles as well as some of the challenges he's faced in the industry.
May 08, 2020
Podcast Trailer
“The Podcast Sessions”, hosted by Rutendo Nyamuda, is a podcast about podcasting for podcasters. Each week we take you behind the mic as we interview podcast hosts, producers and experts in the industry. Whether personal or business, we will help you turn your podcast dream into reality.
April 29, 2020