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How Do U Meditate?- #thepodcast, mentalhealth #mindfulness #meditation #meditationforsleep

How Do U Meditate?- #thepodcast, mentalhealth #mindfulness #meditation #meditationforsleep

By Tyler Gravley
Hi Everyone! Join me- Tyler Gravley - Awareness Specialist- chatting with with newbies about meditation, mindfulness and personal development. My hope is to take the weight out of the word "meditation" and help new meditators tune into their mindset to up-level and shift into the reality of living life with meditations + inspiring stories. Let's find your flow! Weekly Monday episodes + Thursday Bonus Casts with tools for you. You can also follow me @tyler_gravley; #mentalhealth #mindfulness #meditation #tendyourmind #beingunreasonable #growthmindsetcoach #meditationwithmusic
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016. Photography through a mindful lens with @MorganWhitneyPhotography

How Do U Meditate?- #thepodcast, mentalhealth #mindfulness #meditation #meditationforsleep

040.* Bonus Minisode* - What the name change? Plus a little preview of season 3
What the name change? Yes, it’s happened. Formerly, The Pollen Show, now it’s How Do U Meditate? Today I want to know how you’re really doing + I give some insight on who’s inside of you trying to reason all those thoughts of yours into something meaningful or not so meaningful. Season 3 to air February 2021. #mentalhealth #meditation #makingtheordinaryextraordinary #spirituality #mindfulness #comefortheconversation #stayforthepeace #keepinitreal #meditationmadeeasy #howdoyoumeditate #howdoUmeditate
January 18, 2021
037. How to Customize Your Meditation Practice with Mudras, Mantras & Meditations
#037. Today we are talking about Mudras, Mantras and Meditations! So excited to be here with you and I can’t wait to dive into this. I have really been looking forward to sharing this information to help you all find a meditation practice that helps ease your anxiety, transcend your thoughts and see what is really the truth of all this messiness. The head is literally the animal in us that helps us survive. The head protects us from dying. Literally. The hunter-gather mentality is what do we need to do to survive. Where will we get food, water, shelter, who will our partner be and how long will they be around to protect me? Mudras, mantras and meditations are the ability to transcend the survival thoughts if you will call it that with me. The thoughts that are negative in nature and our thoughts literally hold the power to our feelings. Isn’t that incredible to know. For me when I realized this, it gave me the power to choose how I feel. It doesn’t always work out as easy as it sounds, but I have more power now to choose the direction of how I want to feel than I did years ago and to be if allows me freedom in my being, choice in my partnership and the ability to feel happier and more content with life itself. Wouldn’t you want that for yourself? Like cmon thats incredible. You will get to know more about this as we continue on our chat, but first let me do the honors of inviting you on November 19th to Choose your Holiday event. It is free to join. You can find the link in my bio on instagram or email me if you need it I'll happily send your way. Okay, so with this show my intent is to show you more light into mantras mudras and meditations so that you can follow this into where you would like to practice that works best for you and gain access into a deeper sense of freedom today. right now. Today we are really about finding and showing you how customizable meditation is. Lets go! #mindfulness #meditation #mindfulnessandmeditation #mudrasmantrasmeditations #spiritualgrowth #mindset #coachingmindset #mentalhealth
January 18, 2021
039. How to Find Stillness with Art, Paper and Your Own Magic
#039. Today on the show, we have Carolyn Edge @edgecraftatx, from Crafts with an Edge. She specializes in creating art out of paper and magic. She totally embraces the edgy side of life with her badass art for badass people, and she loves coffee, nature and dogs. She has been crafting and creating for as long as she can remember. For her, art is a tool for powerful self expression, whether that is joy or pain. I love how she makes these “edgier” pieces that shows that even in the tough moments in life, beauty can still shine through. She has been sitting still for awhile, and on the show today we talk about the importance of using your hands to focus and find peace. We also talk about our christian background, what mediation is for her and how she felt a little disconnected from a spiritual practice but she’s been able to turn that around by re-finding and redefining what it means to be in practice with the higher version of herself. I loved chatting with her and I know that when you hear what she has to say, you will find a little bit of your own self within her story. Go check out her art on insta @edgecraftatx and you can purchase at Lets’ dive in to todays episode. Takeaways with Carolyn The repetitive movement with paper is somewhat meditative. Start local by taking a class and see what your own style is. One way to find ourselves is to ask how did I play as a kid? What did I play? Be brave enough to put it out there and see what happens. Take the bootstrap mentality to put it out there. With a mIndset change and inner work you can redefine the life you want and have. By receiving the validation from what people purchase, this will give you the confidence to keep going. 5-10 min is doable for anyone. You want to get the value in silence and focus with art, walking, gardening. We, as a society, don’t know how to do something without input and something like being still is hard at first because its’ been unpracticed. Take bite size pieces all the time to help. There is power in writing each morning and journaling to listen in and see where this stream of consciousness will take you. Ask a question before being still. Repeat this over and over, and use that instead of a mantra. Just listen or have an affirmation that you try repeating over and over. Having an anchor is important to being your own inner guide. Her website is: FB: Edgecraft Insta:@craftswithanedge Podcast: Crafts with an Edge #mindfulnessandmeditation #paperquilling #paperquillinartist #meetthemaker #austinartist #customart #meditationwithart #mindfulmakingproject #slowliving #simplejoys #mindfulmovement #mentalhealth #awarenesspractice
November 30, 2020
038. Something you said.....
#038. Today on the show, I am reminded with my mindfulness training that the only constant is change. That is the only thing I can depend upon to stay the same. Life seems easier when all is well, I am happy, things are fun, I feel good, and then when the doubt, the worry, the anxiety come in I imagine them as like a 6ft tall being thats huge and yelling at me. I came to this realization last week and wondered “why do I imagine them being so big?” . I have a secret for you. One that I hope helps with all of this. You can’t talk yourself into a place of positivity. I know that seems strange. You can’t talk yourself into a place of positivity. This light and love movement is kinda BS. So I share some stories to explain this and hopefully shed the light on reality based living with a mix of the unknown.  #mindfulness #meditation #mindfulnessandmeditation #effortlessness #simpleawareness #makeitsimple #keepitsimple #mentalhealth 
November 23, 2020
036. Here are the Actions to Take to Find More Happiness
#036. Have you ever wondered what you need to do to get more happiness in your life? Perhaps you are driving down the road wishing you felt another way? Here is what I have learned over the last years, the tools I have that really work.  Here are 5 things you can do to pursue happiness and be apart of that few who find it. Get really clear on your thoughts and start noticing them. By noticing them that means you have to start a meditation practice. Now look at who is someone you admire and what are there habits. Their actions get them the success you would like so what are they doing in order to get that and what does that mean you have to do. Start cleaning up your life. Apologize, make amends, forgive. Start eating better. Seriously. We all go through phases of eating well and not eating so well. Keep it simple Seriously, honest answer, believe in yourself. That goes back to step one. Noticing your thoughts, stepping outside of reason, grabbing 1% courage and doing it. Just do it. Even if you don’t feel like it. Action will provide the clarity. Takeaways: 1. What are you triggered by? 2. What made me feel that way? 3. Being happy takes work. 4. Universe will take you there. 5. Happiness is choice.  6. Why do I need to meditate? 7. You're at the adult table.  8. What you think you do and you say and then you take action.  #meditation #mindfulness #mindfulnesscoach #meditationinaction #soulpreneurs #podcastonmindfulnessandmeditation #mindsetcoach #pollinatethegood #tendthemind #divinemindset #stepoutofreason #beunmessable #bemessy #takeaction
November 09, 2020
035. How to Recognize that Your Story Forms Your Decision Making with Kimberly " KJ" Nasrul
#035. Kimberly "KJ" Nasrul is a licensed psychotherapist and musician with an obsession with words...and a gift for making grilled cheese sandwiches. She helps healers and essential workers recover their resilient stories via music, art and compassionate conversations so that they can continue to uplift and heal their communities. If you need more-  there's this- When she's not planning her next traveling adventure, she can be found on her podcast Stories of Astonishing Light jamming with musicians, artists and trailblazers about creativity and mental wellness for all communities. You can find her on insta @blissbeginswithin or Stories are so important in forming the decisions that we make We need and we crave the collaboration of the natural world around us and the people around us. Other souls. Healing can be down by ourselves but perhaps its most impactful when it is a collaboration. Music can be an incredible anchor but that is sound. sound is an incredible anchor. We are always healing and trying to find and maintain the balance in our lives. Start off just 45 seconds just noticing. How id we forget that we can sit like that. You have been through a situation before that provided resiliency. What did you do that brought you comfort? What did you do before that lifted you up? What activity soothed you as a child? Its a really good place to start. We actually aren’t all that different. #meditation #mindfulness#possibility #therapy #counseling #mindfulness #tendyourmind #beingunreasonable #mentalhealth
November 02, 2020
034. Bonus Episode- Gateway to Presence- 8 min Meditation with Tyler Gravley -#mentalhealth #mindfulness #meditation #meditationforsleep #meditationwithmusic
#034. Tough week? Join me for an approx 8 min meditation to get out of the head and into the body. This is your gateway to Presence. #meditation #mindfulness#possibility #therapy #counseling #mindfulness #tendyourmind #beingunreasonable #mentalhealth #mindfulness #gettingintothebody #presence #beingpresent #realitycheck 
October 30, 2020
033. How to Listen to the Rhythms of Nature with Aleah Nelson
#033. Today on the show we have Aleah Nelson who is an Akashic records & tarot reader, artist and intuitive guide. She helps others reconnect with their intuition, spirituality and souls transformation by leading meditations and other cool moon events as she is a big believer in connecting with the rhythms of nature. You are going to learn a lot from her today as she shares her story of how she found meditation and what she is currently up to as she is diving deeper into her own personal souls journey to help us all.  Instagram: @iamaleahnelson FB: Aleah Nelson Podcast: Show Me The Light Takeaways with Aleah: We are more than our physical being. You can be presented with messages but you get to choose how you work with it. Meditation is access to a more lucid state and you can make what you want of it. Go get grounded with barefoot walking. A lot of times we are afraid to figure out who we are. Sometimes we know who we are and it can be quite difficult to go into a deeper level of understanding. We are like little trash compactors with our emotions. Meditation is a release. Work with the rhythm of nature to co create together. Remember to check in with asking yourself who am I ? Start to journal start to get inquisitive We have the ability to magnetize what we want in this life. You can bring meditation in at any point, but it's really about intention and brining an intention into it.
October 26, 2020
032. Tiffany Vaughan on Following Your Own Breadcrumbs and How To Leave Your Mark on the World.
#032. A heart of gold is what Tiffany is. She has such an incredible gift of connection, love and endurance. Tiffany is a a filmmaker, photographer, graphic design artist, photo organizer and podcaster who is committed to helping people tell their stories, tell them beautifully and keep them protected from loss. She is the host of “Hard Beautiful Journey” and believes in giving back and values kindness and gratitude.  She will help you find the gratitude and the presence in your own life and help you capture it on film. You can find her at on insta: mstiffvaughan, FB: Tiffany Vaughan. Go check her out! She has a contest right now that you can enter to win so I would highly check out her socials. You don’t want to miss out. Takeaways with Tiffany:  Start by meditating 10 min a day. Feeling and being intuitively guided in whatever it is you want to do. Always remember the feeling in the moment passionate about people telling their story her real passion and purpose in life is to create. deposit in the bank all day long and you’ll never be without something to be grateful for. #meditation #meditationcoach #mindfulness #mindfulnesslifestyle #ayurveda #filmmaking #womanentrepreneurs
October 19, 2020
031. How to Clear the Mind + Body
#031. Key Takeaways: 1. When the mind is agitated, the breath is agitated. When the mind is at peace, the breath is at peace. 2. Pitta Energy- Striving and always wanting to do. 3. Getting into that uncomfortable space will feel weird, but not getting uncomfortable will only keep you where you are. 4. The mind will eventually rest. It will get tired of thinking and chewing on whatever it is. 5. Humans are feeling based and we always want to feel the best and we are looking for that freedom to flow. 6. Change your being change your habits. 7. There is no easy answer to meditation and no magic pill. The key will be doing the practice itself consistently. When you start showing up the universe will meet you half way.  #ayurveda #mindfulness #meditation #thoughtleader #tendthemind #letstalkaboutit #mentalhealth #createanewhabit #ayurvedicchallenge #intensive
October 12, 2020
030. Be-Do-Have: Getting Intentional and Finding Clarity and Joy with Angela from @theintentionalmindpodcast
#030. Do you ever find yourself saying, when I have the things, I'll do that? or Have you ever felt like you struggle with getting clear about who you want to be in the world? Meet my dear friend Angela, from @theintentionalmindpodcast who has a vision of BE-DO-HAVE. In order to be who we want to be, we have to figure out how to program who we want to BE first, and then we will have the things we want to have.  This episode is mind blowing and I will have on repeat in my house to continue to reprogram my mind to be the person I want to be. Angela Barnard is a multi-passionate world traveler, career transition and mindset coach. She helps purpose driven professionals transition into doing work that is more meaningful to them by helping them get clear on their vision and programming their mind and habits to align with their vision and make it reality. She also helps people communicate with confidence and works as a communications strategist for national and international level crisis training exercises. She is an avid student of neuroscience and has a podcast called The Intentional Mind Podcast, which is all about helping people intentionally design their lives using the power of their mind, faith and energy. Takeaways with Angela If you have a pen and paper handy do it. You will want to take some notes. Another mindful practice we can do is to set a bell and take small mindful breaks out of the day to breathe & relax. This is so powerful when it comes to achieving your goals. 10 sec 3x an hour. You can also do a big yawn to change your physical and mental state. Take time to watch thoughts. morning and evening. Observe and choose how you want to show up. It is really important to align our energy with the habits of the person we want to be in our life. It is not a problem if you go there to a lower energy level, but it is a problem if you stay there. If you are not aware of where you are at, then you can’t shift out of it. if we dig deep, we can figure out what stories are running us, and figure out how to reprogram that. What are the people you admire thinking or what are the thoughts that they believe about themselves. Get your environment in alignment with your habits to achieve your goals. If you are just focused on the doing, you’ll fail. Become the thing. It’s not about doing, it’s about being. We will live our life in regret if we don’t do the thing. There is a be- do- have model. When I have that thing, I’ll do the things. Think about the things you want to have, and then BE who do you need to be to have that. You have to give your mind what to focus on or someone else will.
October 04, 2020
029. Doing It Scared, Being Brave and Conscious Knitting with Saskia from @jawolrotterdam
#029. Saskia the fighter is on today's show sharing her love of knitting and how it plays a mindful role in her life. Saskia is a true artist, Mom, Ex DJ (Yeah, how cool is that) and followed her heart to a love that had been there all along. Don't miss her wisdom and what is possible to ease the thoughts in your own brain, dance with resistance and do the thing anyways despite what anyone or the thoughts in your head say.  You can find her on insta @jawolrotterdam, join her Ja, Wol Community and buy all the things at Takeaways with Saskia: It always comes in waves. She took a risk, left a big career, to follow her heart despite what others said and is so happy doing so.  Do it scared. Have boundaries on social media & take care of yourself. Knitting is like snacks. There are different ways to relax while knitting. Take messy action. When you get lost in your brain, is when the answers come.  Knitting isn’t just for grannies. Theres' so many cool designers making beautiful clothes while knitting. The repetition of the needles is good for your brain and your heart. 
September 28, 2020
028. How to Create a Mindful Wedding, Increase our Intimacy with Others and Why Doing So Makes Us So Much Happier with Mary + Morgan
#028. How in the world is it possible to have a mindful wedding and increase intimacy while doing so and then why would we want to? Trust me after listening to these two, you will know how and why. @Morganwhitneyphotography is back and shares the spotlight with @mary_mosley_satx speaking on how to make your wedding one of the most mindful events of your life. They share how important it is to be intentful and mindful on such a day and why would we want to.  We speak on fully embracing love, the micro-wedding, the importance of details and ask two very important questions. How do you want something to feel? What brings you the most joy?  After this episode Mary + Morgan put their heads together and created a workbook on how to do this for yourself. Go to and sign up fo her newsletter to receive in your inbox.  This episode is one that touches my heart deeply because I absolutely never had this outlook on marriage or a wedding prior to my discovery of yoga and mindfulness in 2012. Honestly, what they share in this episode and what I learned from them I could use for any future event. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.  Mary's Vendor Dream Team: Dream Team: Florist  @thevintagebouq Dessert  @tinypies DJ/Band  @musicaentera@lawsonyeager Hair & Make-up  @artisteelane Catering Family Wedding dress  @ruedeseinebridal(designer) Bridal Boutique @lovelybridehouston Bridesmaids dresses @leaveherwilder_bridesmaids Bride's Shoes  @wanderingcoyote_ Jewelry/Rings  @medlarsjewelry : Earrings  @ecbdesigns_satx Groom's suit and shoes @richtergoods Invitations + programs @thevintagebouq Calligraphy and Watercolor @mary_mosley_satx Wedding planner + event designer Ashley Mauricio-Flores @thevintagebouq Others: Paletas  @paleteriasanantonio Teepee Tent |@indiehouseevents Rentals |@beelavishvintage + @mintagerentals Takeaways with Mary + Morgan: At the end of the day you have to kinda make sure that you are writing your own rules. Intention- Having a desired outcome. How do you want the celebration to feel and the days leading up to it? Share what you want and be confident in that. Invite the people that you know support you. Having the ability to mindfully respect your boundaries in order to show up the way you want to show up. Trust your intuition and trust the way something feels. YOU have the power of choice in making it your own day. Feel into your body and once you notice that, then you can bring that into your wedding day. Make it less about checking boxes and more about what more can we do that would ensure more joy!
September 21, 2020
027. How Mariah from @plantifulpantryco started her own business + FREE Ayurvedic Challenge coming October 2020
#027. Have you ever wondered what it's like to feel totally in balance? Mind, body + spirit aligned. Mariah and I met in an online course called Made to do this with @Cathy.heller and she shares her knowledge of Ayurveda, this ancient practice from India, sister Science of yoga, her thoughts on how it helped her with her eating disorder, and how together, her and I will be hosting a free "Balance Your Inner You" starting October 5th-9th on Instagram @plantifulpantryco+ @tylerdgravley to help you realign your inner goodness for FALL 2020. You can find her FB: TheNectarCollective Insta: @plantifulpantryco Join her FB group @The Nectar Collective to learn about all the awareness and alignment you can handle of your mind + body + spirit.  Takeaways with Mariah: 1. Take what you need from this practice to realign with who you are. 2. While there may be so much to learn from this practice, we are not perfect. We are here to lead you, guide you into the beginning stages of learning Ayurvedic tools that work for you.  3. Doshas are the inner body (constitutions) that we are all born with. Vata, Pitta, Kapha 4. It's not about dieting, limiting, controlling. It's an act of surrender to simply say this is my temple. This is what I need. I am tried of playing these games.  5. Incorporate something small, like the idea of not having ice in your water. Keep it simple.  6. Remember to enjoy the little things, don't be hard on yourself and listen. Listen to what you need. You found this episode for a reason. Follow the breadcrumbs to where it takes you next.  To Read Transcripts:
September 14, 2020
#026. Meditation on Finding Your Inner Voice with Deep Inner Listening
#026. *BonusCast* Time! Because I love you and I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This episode is inspired from my conversation with Margaret Soraya, whom I admire. She’s done the work, listens deeply and this seems to be the place to start.
September 10, 2020
025. Finding Your Voice with @margaretsoraya
#025. Margaret is a walking piece of art and just being with her,  you find your voice. She's incredibly caring and genuine. I would love to have a photograph of hers in my home and absolutely can't wait to take a class with her. She really is the definition of someone who’s explored their entire self embodied + walking meditation. She hangs out mostly on instagram @margaretsoraya and is so easily available because she cares. Such a gift to have her on the show. I am so very grateful.  Takeaways with Margaret: Created a business and a life all around her values. People come to her to find themselves through photography but what she really teaches you is how to reconnect with yourself.  Our calling never goes away. She loves getting lost in taking the images, outside, how it anchors you to heal, be creative and gain access to a blank mind. The feelings you have are behind what you are doing and what calls you to it. Mindfulness and quiet come together, to take you into that space, embrace what you’re working on at the time, so that you can be completely here and now. 
September 07, 2020
024. A little Chat: A Sit Down with Tyler
#024. How did I currently get to podcasting? What led me here to be talking to you? Lets' sit down and talk this through and maybe something in my story relates to what you have going on and can help you work through whatever it is you are working on. 
August 31, 2020
023. Encore Real Talk with @LiFiyoga
#023. Lifi is based in San Antonio, TX currently but teaches a PB & J yoga class via zoom. She speaks on staying true to yourself and is a powerful, vibrant force of life. #mindfulness #meditation #yoga #satx #pollinatethegood  Takeaways with LiFi: Practices can provide you with different benefits Do not let people through their behavior or mistakes take your yoga away from you Being able to look back at what you saw as prior judgment and realize that you can look at it differently now and continue to move forward. Meditation comes through movement Mediation can feel like what is contingent upon what is goin on in life Sometimes we need to wring it all out the hard way Remove the performance aspect and go in with a students mindset. You don’t have to have it together and its all completely exploratory Don’t quiet the voice of your intuition Let it be a waste of your time for however long you need. You will get pulled back in. You need it. We do better with a consistent yoga practice.
August 23, 2020
022. Encore of Need more time? Create a structure. Here’s how
#022. In this episode I talk about the importance of creating a structure to help you save time, because when you save time you have more room to do fun things that you really want to do.
August 17, 2020
021. Encore Meditation for the best sleep ever
#021. One of the top episodes played. meditation for sleep is a 10 ish min episode that helps you relax and nod off into the best rest ever. Fast forward to around 3 min to get to the meditation.
August 10, 2020
021. Encore Real Talk w/ Patrice @pecleadership
#021. Enjoy this knowledge packed episode filled with all the ways in which we think. Learn about your thinking style at to take the free assessment.
August 03, 2020
020. The question isn’t who am I to do this, rather who am I not to. Last Episode of season 1
#020. Explore stories of my teenage years with my first experiences of feeling the divine, podcast lessons and asking myself the right question finally of who am I not to be doing this.
July 27, 2020
019. Mindful math for your mind, body and soul via way of Vaastu architecture. Who knew?!
#019. On today’s episode Rachel from Karu Design Studio,, opens up her heart and shares mindfulness through vaastu, a sister science to yoga that focuses on the wellbeing of mind and body through balancing the elements of space. Learn more about how design plays a role in our wellbeing. @karudesignstudio
July 20, 2020
018. Why do we have all of these stories in our head...
#018. Last week we spoke about creating a structure to have more time. Today, we add on to that with getting more insight on what is it actually costing you to choose some of these thoughts. I help you with sharing some stories on this and you will be able to gain more perspective, compassion and ideas on how to change out of the not so great thoughts, and get into some of the better thoughts.
July 13, 2020
017. Need more time? Create a structure. Here’s how....
#017. Who doesn’t want more time? I have spent years figuring this out so let me help you save some time with making the right choice. I identify three core steps and share a bit extra so that you take action, stop and surrender and give yourself some space.
July 06, 2020
016. Photography through a mindful lens with @MorganWhitneyPhotography
#016. What does it mean to mix mindfulness, meditation, creativity and photography? We dive deep with @MorganWhitneyPhotography and explore all of this through a mindful lens.
June 29, 2020
015. Shifting your mind to change your energy from a 3 to a 10
#015. How do you move yourself energetically? How do you shift the mind? We discuss tiny improvements you can make to move you from feeling like a 3 to a 10.
June 22, 2020
014. Summer Solstice 2020 Meditation
#014. Use this meditation as a guide to help you clear any attachments, negative energy and shift into a brighter being.
June 21, 2020
013. Real life talk with Patrice Ciccarelli
#013. CEO, coach, mentor, facilitator of PECleadership. You’re gonna wanna hear this.
June 15, 2020
012. Real Talk with Dr Michelle Dang: How she incorporates mindfulness into her life
#012. Dr Michelle Dang share with us her wisdom on meditation, mindfulness and working out. She also shares how this can be interwoven in medicine.
June 08, 2020
011. Real Talk: Brie Here Now - Meditation with Fine Dining and cheese
#011. Meet two of the most inspiring women, Haley and Molly who share their wisdom of fine dining, cheese, meditation and mindfulness. Find them@brieherenow
June 01, 2020
010. Real Life Talk with Lifi Fisher from @Lifiyoga
#010. Lifi sheds some light on benefits of different yoga practices, meditation and life.
May 25, 2020
009. How to start getting your WHY together, start a meditation practice and understand how to do so.
#009. I dive into questions to ask yourself about your WHY for starting a meditation practice, get you started on how to incorporate a meditation practice and give you actual tools to do so.
May 18, 2020
#008. Meditation for Sleep
#008. 10 Min of a guided body relaxation. Enjoy!
May 15, 2020
007. How to be more mindful through Pilates with Micheon Cahill, co- owner of MBS Pilates
#007. Micheon is on the show today to tell us all about Pilates, Mindfulness and Meditation. She’s a licensed marriage and family therapist, passionate Pilates instructor and a fun Mom out there that shares her wisdom and inspires us all.
May 11, 2020
006. Healer, fun and gorgeous Ashley Casillas from Nativa Wellbeing shares her insight on meditation.
#006. Ashley discusses her own relationship with reiki, meditation, mindfulness and shares all her wisdom with us. She is doing breathwork with Chris Johnson and Maryam Ajayi and invites Yassir Lester over for dinner.
May 04, 2020
005. My story on meditating - what is meditation - how to I actually make it work in my life
#005. Meditation is elusive. What is it. I give some real life examples and challenge you to incorporate some of these practices into your life.
April 27, 2020
004. Nicole’s gift and discussion on keeping a solid practice going with yoga and meditation
#004. Nicole speaks about yoga, meditation, her idols and how she’s getting through this covid-19. You can find her @nicolesayoga,, and please sign up for her zoom classes
April 20, 2020
003. A brief intro into yoga Nidra followed by a meditation
#003. Yoga Nidra is the jam. Listen in on a brief intro to Yoga Nidra with a small practice. 
April 18, 2020
002. Three Easy Ways Anyone - and I do mean ANYONE- can sell
#002. Learn three easy ways you can sell anything. I teach you how to open your perspective on the word sell and how it’s really all about how you can serve.
April 13, 2020
001. Silent retreats, hand to heart and most importantly power in stillness
#001-A brief synopsis of my 10 day silent meditation retreat, how to soothe your heart and hug longer and harder.
April 06, 2020