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AMZPPC 15: All Things Negative Keywords

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By The PPC Den
The world's first Amazon advertising podcast - hosted by Ad Badger. Here we discuss the ins and outs of Amazon PPC, including tips and tricks to help optimize your ad campaigns. Whether you're a die-hard PPC fanatic or an Amazon seller looking for an edge; this is the podcast for you.
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AMZPPC 42: 4 Reasons Why Lowering Your Bids Won’t Always Lower Your ACOS
On today’s episode, we find Stephen alone in the Congolese jungle! Luckily he brought his hotspot and has some time to explain why lowering bids isn't a straight ticket to lowering your ACoS. Learn about how keyword visibility, ad rank, ad placement, and search term diversity all play a part in the complicated romance between bids & ACoS. See you in the Badger Den! Episode Highlights: 0:25 Bids & ACoS have a complicated relationship 1:07 Keyword visibility 2:00 What if you've calculated your bid correctly? 2:48 Effects of ad rank 4:46 Considering ad placement on conversions 6:06 Search term diversity & CPCs 7:40 How to use search term isolation 8:42 Check out our Ad Badger PPC software Get all of our episodes and show notes at adbadger.com/podcast Have a question or suggestion for the show? Leave a Voicemail: adbadger.com/voicemail or 833-BADGERZ
September 11, 2019
AMZPPC 41: What To Expect From 30 Days Of Running Amazon Ads
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen talk about how to set realistic 30 day expectations for your Amazon Ad campaigns. They cover the importance of account history, the typical 30 day cycle, and how to use the glorious PPC Triangle. Whether you’re totally new or a seasoned veteran, you’re bound to learn something new on this episode. See you in the Badger Den! Episode Highlights: 2:15 Evolution of Amazon PPC 4:04 Avoiding overhyped clickbait 5:35 Account history significance 8:30 Expectations for a brand new product 11:10 Accounts on an upward trend 12:45 Downward trend accounts 15:35 Shoot to move 1 number 16:15 The PPC Triangle 19:00 Know your primary goal 22:50 The typical 30 day cycle 25:55 Questions to ask yourself Get all of our episodes and show notes at adbadger.com/podcast Have a question or suggestion for the show? Leave a Voicemail: adbadger.com/voicemail or 833-BADGERZ
September 4, 2019
AMZPPC 40: Should You Segment Your Branded Keywords in Amazon Ads?
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen focus on the pros and cons of segmenting your branded keywords into separate campaigns. How tough will it be to manage? Is it really worth it or can you just use the targeting report? Luckily, Mike and Stephen give you the full rundown on everything you need to know to manage your branded keywords. See you in the Badger Den! Episode Highlights: 3:12 Should you segment out your branded keywords? 7:05 Why this is happening more frequently 10:30 More control over your budget 12:30 Easier reporting for “true non-branded performance” 13:30 Getting as segmented as possible 15:55 Biggest pro – Be intentional with your paid strategy 18:20 More cumbersome to manage 22:00 Tough to tell which keywords count as branded 24:20 Keywords boost each other in a pack 25:55 Make sure you have the right reasons 30:20 Using the targeting report instead 31:08 How much will it actually help your campaign? Get all of our episodes and show notes at adbadger.com/podcast Have a question or suggestion for the show? Leave a Voicemail: adbadger.com/voicemail or 833-BADGERZ
August 28, 2019
AMZPPC 39: Promoting your Products with Amazon Coupons
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen are joined by the wonder guest Scott Needham, CTO of Buy Boxer and Valence Services. The guys take a leap outside of the campaign tab and tackle how to effectively use coupons to increase your conversion rates. Find out how Amazon coupons work, what types of products are good fits, typical discount values, and more in this episode! See you in the Badger Den! Episode Highlights: 3:00 Introduction to guest Scott Needham 5:38 Amazon coupons overview 8:20 How to start incorporating coupons into your strategy 10:47 What types of products need coupons 13:30 Can you overdo it with coupons? 15:17 Trying to game the system 17:37 How to convince your boss to try coupons 20:54 Common mistakes 22:57 Everyone should give coupons a shot 25:33 Have your cake and eat it too 26:33 Coupons are the new kid on the block Get all of our episodes and show notes at adbadger.com/podcast Have a question or suggestion for the show? Leave a Voicemail: adbadger.com/voicemail or 833-BADGERZ
August 22, 2019
AMZPPC 38: Three Effective Ways to Optimize Amazon PPC Bids
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen breakdown bid optimization! The guys give some insight into the seven common personas when it comes to bid optimization, some good and others not so much. Should every bid for your account be the same? Do you think the lowest ACOS possible is the most profitable? Find out the answers to these questions and learn some valuable bid optimization strategies in this episode! See you in the Badger Den! Show Highlights: 2:33 Send us your questions! 833-BAD-GERZ 3:52 Introduction to bid optimization 5:44 Why bids are so important 7:58 Four bad models of bid optimization: Neglectful Natalie 11:14 Guessing Gary 13:18 Wild Willy 17:23 Penny Pinching Pete and Anxious ACOS Andy 20:20 Three good models of bid optimization: Historical Henry 24:00 Expected Value Evan 27:18 Anticipatory Amy 29:32 A core thesis on effective bid optimization Have a question? Give us a shout! 833-BAD-GERZ or www.adbadger.com/voicemail
August 14, 2019
AMZPPC 37: 4 Things Amazon PPC Does Better than Google & Facebook Ads
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen cover four areas where Amazon Advertising outperforms Google and Facebook. Amazon brings a unique mix of customization and optimization to its advertising platform. Of course, there are some areas where Google and Facebook shine, and we cover those too. Find out which platform best suits your individual needs and the strategies you can implement for each one. See you in the Badger Den! Show Highlights 4:40 Intro to the Four Areas Where Amazon Excels 5:13 The $100 Test 9:02 Sponsored Products: Amazon vs. Google 11:15 Bulk Files with Amazon 14:25 Native Ads with Amazon 18:40 Consumer Anxiety on Google vs. Amazon 19:40 Where Google Shines - Ad Support 20:34 Google Platform Customization 23:48 How Google Manages Size and Scale 25:47 Mulit-Account Management with Google 28:22 Facebook Audiences and Targeting 30:40 Ad Types on Facebook 33:08 Amazon and Ad Quality Score 35:35 Final Conclusions Next week’s episode will be a Q&A! Send us your questions at www.adbadger.com/voicemail
August 7, 2019
AMZPPC 36: Into the Great Unknown: Amazon DSP with Kiri Masters
On today’s episode, we have our first ever guest on the podcast! Kiri Masters, Founder and CEO of Bobsled Marketing, gives a comprehensive breakdown of Amazon DSP and Amazon brand marketing. What are the benefits of DSP? What is the downside? Kiri and Mike dive into both of these questions and discuss DSP’s effectiveness compared to PPC. See you in the Badger Den! Show Highlights: 1:47 An introduction to Kiri Masters 4:43 Overview of Amazon Ads and Amazon DSP 9:30 A quick rundown of Amazon Ad product definitions 10:56 Amazon Display Ads 15:30 How to manage Sponsored Products and DSP 17:48 Some use cases for DSP: Targeting and Placements 20:45 The purchase side of DSP 25:07 The silver lining to DSP 26:29 How large companies use DSP 27:55 How to allocate your advertising budget 28:20 Closing
July 31, 2019
AMZPPC 35: Increase Conversion Rates for Sponsored Brand Ads
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen break down a straightforward strategy to improving your Sponsored Brand ads. Have your Sponsored Brand ads been overlooked and thrown together? Don’t lose valuable conversions and implement our single keyword brand ad strategy. The guys walk through the theory behind the strategy and then give some real world examples of how you can increase your conversion rate by using it. See you in the Badger Den! Show Highlights: 3:58 One simple tip to boost your Sponsored Brand ad performance 6:10 Single keyword brand ads 6:59 How Google Ads handles single keyword brand ads 8:15 Amazon Ads single keyword brand ads 11:03 Comparing single keyword sponsored brand ads with how most sellers do it 13:00 How people think about Sponsored Brand ads 13:53 Walkthrough of single keyword campaign strategy 17:29 A case-study for single keyword Sponsored Brand ads strategy 26:20 Some final thoughts Have questions about Amazon PPC? Ask us! Go to www.adbadger.com/voicemail and we'll answer your question on the podcast.
July 24, 2019
AMZPPC 34: Clickfraud, Who to Hire, Dayparting, and More: Common Amazon PPC Questions
On today's episode, Mike and Stephen answer frequently asked questions about Amazon PPC! Should you be concerned about click fraud? What about adjusting your PPC strategy by the time of day? The guys answer these questions and many more. See you in the Badger Den! If you have a question about Amazon PPC, send us a voicemail at adbadger.com/voicemail Show highlights: 3:27 Leave us a voicemail with your questions! 6:59 Question 0: What information should I include in my question? 9:45 Question 1: How can product page listing quality issues affect CTR? 14:30 Question 2: Should I change my fixed bids to dynamic bids? 21:06 Question 3: Why am I only getting clicks for ASIN-suggested sponsored products? 25:48 Question 4: When should software or an agency manage your campaigns for you? 32:05 Question 5: Should I split my campaigns by keyword search volume? 35:16 Question 6: Should I pause my campaigns during certain hours? 39:38 Question 7: Is click fraud a big deal? 40:40 FAQ and voicemail
July 17, 2019
AMZPPC 33: The No-Hype, All Data Approach to Prime Day PPC
On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen give us a data-driven approach to conquering Prime Day. Prime Day is not just a single day in 2019. It’s 48 hours long! The guys go over some non-PPC strategies that will help boost your accounts performance on Prime Day, and then they dig into the PPC specific strategies that you should be using. Mike and Stephen open our “vault” of Prime Day data (CTR, Budgets, ACOS, etc.) from last year, and break down all of the metrics that Amazon advertisers should pay attention to on Prime Day. They also talk bidding strategy, bid automation, and give some expert advice on Prime Day strategies. See you in the Badger Den! Show Highlights: 1:37 Data-Driven Approach to Prime Day 4:25 History of Prime Day 7:30 Some Non-PPC Strategies and General Tips 10:48 PPC Strategies - Conversion Rates 11:36 CTR (Click Through Rate) 13:10 Budgets 17:26 Bidding Strategies 20:36 Bid Automation 23:55 More on Conversion Rates 25:36 More Prime Day Strategies 29:50 Podcast Deal and a Christmas in July Surprise
July 10, 2019
AMZPPC 32: Improving Your Account with Amazon Reports
On today’s episode, Mike & Stephen breakdown the six reports you should be utilizing for Amazon PPC. Most sellers know about search term reports, and rightfully so. They provide incredible value and are the “king” of Amazon reports. But, targeting reports, advertised product reports, placement reports, purchased product reports, and performance over time can also give you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your account. Never used the report feature before? Or maybe you need some clarification on the lesser-known reports? On this episode, Mike & Stephen walk you through the characteristics of each report and give you strategies to get started! See you in the Badger Den! Show Highlights: 6:03 Getting started with reports 7:19 How to use a task manager to save your data 8:50 Search term reports 14:00 Targeting reports 18:43 Advertised product reports 21:21 Pivot tables 22:30 Placement reports 24:52 Purchased products report 27:28 Performance over time 31:40 Reach out if you want to hear about how Ad Badger handles reports! Episode 30: https://www.adbadger.com/blog/ppc-den-podcast-ep-30-a-round-table-discussion-about-placement-settings/
July 3, 2019
AMZPPC 31: The Complete Guide to Self-Auditing Your Amazon Campaigns
On today’s episode, Mike & Stephen discuss self-auditing your Amazon ad campaigns. Conducting self-audits are an essential part of staying ahead of your competition on Amazon and gauging the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns. The guys start off with a breakdown of how to take your campaign’s “temperature.” Next, Stephen dives into auditing how your campaign is structured. Campaign structure is one of the most nuanced pieces of digital marketing. Mike & Stephen go over exactly how you should be 1.) setting up Amazon campaigns and 2.) keeping your campaigns organized. Are you worried about your campaign data? Mike gives some insight on steps you can take to save your data and keep it available. After the overall structure of your campaign is fixed, it’s time to look at the targeting of your product ads. All of those targets need bids! This brings us to the fourth section of the self-audit: bid management. Now that all of those areas are covered, all that’s left to do is fine tune the setup of your campaigns! See you in the Badger Den! Episode Highlights Taking Your Campaigns Temperature (3:35) Campaign Structure (14:06) Dealing With Your Amazon Data (19:28) Targeting Product Ads (22:08) Bid Management (26:18) Fine-Tuning Your Campaign (29:55)
June 26, 2019
AMZPPC 30: A Round-Table Discussion About Placement Settings
In this episode, Mike, Brett, and Stephen host a round-table discussion about the ins & outs of Amazon advertising's placement settings. These placement settings, which include "top of search", "product pages", and "rest of search", can be the key to cranking up your advertising results. Because certain placements perform better than others, optimizing your placement settings can be one of the best low-hanging-fruit activities you perform for your campaigns. Listen in as we discuss the fundamentals, some weird quirks, things to look out for, and some optimization ideas you can start implementing today to improve your Amazon advertising performance. We'll see you in the Badger Den!
June 19, 2019
AMZPPC 29: My 5 Predictions for the Future of Amazon PPC
Howdy Badger Nation! In this episode, Mike breaks down his 5 biggest predictions for the future of Amazon PPC. This space is constantly changing. Terms of service changes, the constantly moving landscape, additional marketplaces, new competitors, and additional advertising features are just a few of the factors Amazon marketers need to keep up with. Sometimes the best way to keep up with Amazon is to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself; what would you be doing if you were making the decisions for all of Amazon advertising? Listen along as Mike does just that - putting himself in Amazon's shoes and predicting the future of Amazon PPC. Don't miss this one! We'll see you in the Badger Den.
June 12, 2019
AMZPPC 28: The Importance of Indexation for Amazon PPC
In this episode, Mike & Brett discuss the importance of indexation for Amazon PPC. Indexation is the process of Amazon's algorithm understanding what exactly your product is and which searches to display your ads & listings on. Making sure your listings are properly indexed for your highest traffic, most relevant keywords is essential for both PPC and organic performance on Amazon. Listen in as we cover all of the bases when it comes to indexation, including how to index your listings for certain keywords, where to focus your efforts, things to look out for, and what to expect. We'll see you in the Badger Den!
June 5, 2019
AMZPPC 27: Click Through Rate (CTR) Rundown
What's up Badger Nation?! This week's episode is a rundown on click through rates (CTR) on Amazon. We haven't talked too extensively about click through rates on the podcast yet, but we really dive into things in this episode and cover everything you need to know about CTRs in Amazon PPC. CTRs can reveal a lot about your business and can help identify potential issues with both your ads and your listings. While there's no official documentation saying so, there's plenty of anecdotal evidence that your CTR actually affects your ad performance as well and may be a driving factor in your ad quality score - which is really important if you want to appear for your highest traffic, most relevant keywords. Don't miss out on this episode; a click through rate rundown. We'll see you in the Badger Den!
May 29, 2019
AMZPPC 26: An Introduction to Bulk File Operations
In this episode, Mike & Brett discuss a lesser known feature of Amazon advertising - bulk file operations. Bulk files allow you to upload & download large amounts of data into or out of your Amazon account very quickly. Changes that would normally be very time intensive, like bid optimization for example, can be applied much more efficiently when utilizing bulk files, which are essentially just spreadsheets with your advertising data. If you're interested in learning more about how you can make changes more efficiently in your ad account, this episode is for you! We'll see you in the Badger Den.
May 22, 2019
AMZPPC 25: The Latest Sponsored Brand Ads Updates
In this episode, Mike & Brett dive into the latest updates Amazon released last week (May 2019) for sponsored brand ads. These updates include a brand new match type, a redesign of a current match type, and a feature that you would've expected sponsored brands to have before now...  While you do have to be brand registered to access sponsored brand ads (SBAs), they cover a huge amount of real estate in Amazon's SERPs and every brand on Amazon that's serious about growing its revenue and increasing its exposure should be leveraging them to the fullest. Be sure to join along as we dive in, dissect these changes, and discuss the best practices around these newest additions. We'll see you in the Badger Den!
May 15, 2019
AMZPPC24: Defining your PPC Goals & Setting ACOS Targets
In this episode, Mike & Brett discuss the most important strategy-related concepts to understand when it comes to Amazon PPC and scaling your business. Understanding your goals and direction as a business owner is essential, and PPC is no different. Your advertising strategy, targeting, and bidding should all work harmoniously to achieve the KPIs you’re looking for - whether that’s increasing profitability, bringing in more revenue, cutting your ad costs, or launching a new product. Listen along as we discuss the in’s & out’s around defining your PPC goals, setting your ACOS targets, and getting the results you’re looking for. We’ll see you in The Badger Den!
May 8, 2019
AMZPPC 23: Making Sense of New to Brand Metrics
In this episode, Mike & Brett talking about the latest new metrics that were recently released for Amazon advertisers: new-to-brand. These metrics are meant to help advertisers identify strategies that can drive customer acquisition and efficient business growth on Amazon. They include new-to-brand orders, new-to-brand sales, % of orders new-to-brand, and % of sales new-to-brand. These metrics give you an idea about the percentage of your customers who have purchased from your brand within the past 12 months, which could eventually play a key role in understanding the true value of your PPC conversions over time. While these metrics are only available in sponsored brand ads, video ads, and display ads, these metrics could eventually prove to be quite useful. Right now though, Mike & Brett have some opinions to share about the current effectiveness of these metrics, what they're lacking, and what we're expecting going forward. Don't miss this one! We'll see you in the Badger Den!
May 1, 2019
AMZPPC 22: Should You Bid On Branded Keywords?
Today, Mike & Brett talk about the age old questions: Should you bid on your own brand with your Amazon Ads?  Should you bid on your competitor's branded keywords?  Mike & Brett have thought about this topic for nearly 15 years combined - and in this episode we share those details & learnings. Bidding on your competitors' branded keywords is bold. Doing so lets you repeatedly steal away market share from other brands in your niche - potentially attracting long term customers to your brand. However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows in the world of branded keywords. Sometimes, your competitors can fire back. This leads us to the question; is bidding on your competitors' branded keywords worth it? Is it profitable? SHOULD you do it? What happens if things backfire and your competitors start bidding for YOUR branded keywords? Listen in as Mike & Brett discuss all things branded keywords and (hopefully) put your worries to rest. See you in the Badger Den!
April 24, 2019
AMZPPC 21: Our Gripes About Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads
Sponsored brand ads showcase a collection of your products to customers who are searching with related keywords on Amazon. This makes them one of the most important ads in terms of real estate on ALL of Amazon. However, sponsored brand ads are missing quite a few features that their sponsored product counterparts offer. These issues make sponsored brand ads more frustrating to deal with than they need to be. In this episode, Mike and Brett discuss some pain points behind SBAs, some ways you can wiggle around those issues, and what we're expecting for sponsored brands going forward. Catch you in the Badger Den!
April 17, 2019
AMZPPC 20: Amazon PPC Advertising Launch Strategy for New Products
Hey everyone! Our topic this week is a really important one that a lot of Amazon marketers get confused about - LAUNCH STRATEGY. In this solo episode, Brett discusses his favorite Amazon PPC launch strategy for new products. We’ll talk about how to structure and setup your campaigns for launch, the pros & cons of this launch strategy, some things to look out for, and we’ll even try to establish some guidelines so you’re not feeling lost next time you’re ready to introduce a new product. Don't miss this one! I'll see you in the Badger Den.
April 10, 2019
AMZPPC 19: The Ultimate Amazon PPC Roadmap
Hey again Badger Nation! In this week's episode, Mike & Brett provide a roadmap to keep you on the fast track to success along your Amazon PPC journey. We cover some interesting topics in this episode, including when to consider starting PPC, how to manage your campaigns as your business scales, and we even discuss the pros & cons of outsourcing to managed services or automated tools. If you're essentially looking for a comprehensive timeline of when you should take action with regards to PPC, this episode should be a great resource! Listen along as we lay out the ultimate Amazon PPC roadmap. We'll see you in the Badger Den!
April 3, 2019
AMZPPC 18: How to Scale Using PPC - A Case Study
Join Mike around the evening campfire once again for a timeless tale... The stars are shining bright, although instead of looking at constellations, we’ll be looking at campaign performance reports. Instead of listening to the ambience of the jungle, we’ll talk about amazon advertising strategies. In this week's episode, you'll hear the story of a client who was able to scale their Amazon business with a little bit of help from PPC & from The Badger. We cover a lot of different Amazon PPC related subjects on our podcast, but at the end of the day, it's all about actually putting them into practice and achieving the results you're looking for. This episode provides some great insight into what it takes to scale an Amazon business with PPC and how you can do the same. See you in the Badger Den!
March 27, 2019
AMZPPC 17: The Star-Crossed Lovers (Organic & Paid Traffic)
In this episode, Mike and Brett explore the symbiotic, loving relationship between organic and paid traffic. While there seems to be an age-old argument around which traffic source is BETTER (organic vs paid), we believe it's the wrong question to ask altogether. The proper question to ask is this: How can I maximize my organic traffic by optimizing my PPC traffic? The first step to maximizing your PPC traffic is in understanding how much of your business is comprised of PPC. Typically, PPC traffic will account for between ~30-40% of an Amazon seller's revenue, so if you're below this level (or you don't know your ratio of paid:organic), there's a good chance you'll get a lot of value from this episode. See you in The Badger Den!
March 20, 2019
AMZPPC 16: Cranking Up Conversion Rates
How's it kickin' Badger Nation?! This week, your favorite badgers bring you an episode all about conversion rates. Your conversion rate is probably your most important metric when it comes to Amazon PPC (besides maybe your ACOS). It's a metric that can be analyzed to find problems in your Amazon business that you may have overlooked. These can include issues with your listing quality, with keyword relevance, or even letting you know when you're in a highly competitive niche (market saturation). By the end of this episode, you'll have a much better understanding about your own conversion rate(s), what they mean, and how you can improve them. We'll see you in the Badger Den!
March 13, 2019
AMZPPC 15: All Things Negative Keywords
What's up Badger Nation?! This week on The PPC Den Podcast, Mike & Brett discuss the importance of negative keywords, how you should be using them, and the things to look out for! Negative keywords are a powerful tool when it comes to Amazon PPC advertising. They can drastically improve the efficiency of your existing campaigns while also cutting down on wasteful spend. However, negative keywords can be really dangerous in your account if you're not fully aware of what they do, which types you should be adding, and when you should be adding them. These are essential details which can really make or break a campaign's performance! If the concept of negative keywords is confusing for you at all or if you haven't implemented them in your account just yet, this episode's for YOU.
March 6, 2019
AMZPPC 14: The Dreaded Amazon Data Reporting Delay
Have you ever looked at your campaign performance from today or yesterday and been shocked at how bad they seem to be doing? Well, you have come to the right place! In this episode, Mike & Brett want to warn you about the infamous Amazon data reporting delay. Not many people know this 48-hour data delay exists, and that has Amazon sellers like you worried when they see terrible numbers in their campaigns over the last two days. However, there's nothing to fear! Just a little patience with Amazon will have those worries cleared right up. Listen along as Mike & Brett talk about three key points to be aware of when looking at data, and what you need to know in order to make informed changes to your campaigns.
February 27, 2019
AMZPPC 13: What We Love About Amazon PPC
Here in the PPC Den, we can sometimes be pretty harsh on Amazon for some of the policies & features they release. While we may not always agree with everything Amazon does, this Valentine’s Day gave us a chance to look at the tech giant from a new, more loving perspective. In this episode, Mike and Brett really share the love & discuss the things they truly adore about Amazon PPC.
February 20, 2019
AMZPPC 12: First Look on New Bid Options in Amazon
In this episode, Mike & Brett share their thoughts as they explore Amazon PPC's new dynamic bidding features. These new bidding features  include three different options which can be really confusing at first. These new options include fixed bids, dynamic bids (down only), and dynamic bids (up & down). Bid+ has been replaced by a couple new options as well! What's the best way to approach these new features? What settings should you be using for optimal results? What issues could you run into with these new bidding options and how can you avoid said issues? Listen along as we give an in-depth first look into Amazon's new bidding features!
February 13, 2019
AMZPPC 11: Dissenting Thoughts on PPC Budgets
What's up Badger Nation? It's Mike from Ad Badger here, and in this episode of the PPC Den Podcast, I give my ideas about budgets in Amazon PPC. I have a lot of dissenting thoughts on budgets. People often ask me about budgets, and when I tell them my favorite budget, they get frustrated. It’s not as simple as just picking a number. It’s a process. Today, I’ll share that process with a new format on the show. The soliloquy. And yes, this was inspired by Seth Godin’s akimbo...
February 8, 2019
AMZPPC 10: The Strangest, Most Popular Amazon Ads Strategy: The Keyword Dump
This episode of the Amazon PPC Advertising Podcast: PPC Den tackles one of the most perplexing, mysterious, confusing elements of Amazon Advertising Strategy: The Keyword Dump.  The Keyword Dump strategy is one of the strangest, most damaging strategies we see in new campaigns and almost all of our new advertisers are doing it.  The KW Dump strategy means dumping 100's and 100's of keywords from KW tools into your account, setting bids, and praying that they'll be profitable. Most of the time they're not - in this episode, we dig into why the KW dump strategy doesn't work - and what to do instead. Get all our podcasts at adbadger.com/podcasts
February 2, 2019
AMZPPC 9: Product Targeting - Into the Great Unknown
In this episode, Mike & Brett take an even deeper dive into Amazon's new product targeting features. Since these features have been available for a couple of months now, we've had some additional time to split-test, collect data, and put together our thoughts. Listen along as we share those thoughts, findings, and more in this comprehensive take on Amazon's product targeting & category targeting features!
January 25, 2019
AMZPPC 8: Campaign Naming Systems
In this episode, Mike & Brett discuss the importance of campaign naming systems in Amazon PPC. Account structure and campaign naming are often the most overlooked AND the most undervalued concepts in all of Amazon advertising. If you haven't established any sort of campaign naming system yet, if you find yourself confused about which ad groups belong to which campaign, or if you just have no idea how to go about properly structuring your ad account, then THIS episode is for YOU.
January 18, 2019
AMZPPC 7 : Hitchhiker's Guide to Sponsored Products (Part 2)
In this episode of the PPC Den Podcast, Mike and Brett give a crash course into Amazon Sponsored Products. We cover a wide range of important topics that includes; negative keyword optimization, bidding on your own brand, bidding on your competitors' brands, how to handle a high ACOS, whether you should be using Bid+, and we even unveil our brand new podcast intro! Don't miss this one!
January 8, 2019
AMZPPC 6: Hitchhiker's Guide to Sponsored Products (Part 1)
In this episode, Mike and Brett map out everything you need to know to optimize your sponsored product campaigns! As the captain of your proverbial Amazon rocket ship, it's your job to find your heading and map out the direction in which your business is going. When it comes to Amazon PPC, finding that heading and direction can be difficult if you don't know how to navigate the advertising landscape. Luckily, we've got your back here in the PPC Den. In this episode, we lay out where your celestial bodies are, where your North Star is... This episode will give you the heading, direction, and information you need to arrive at your destination with well-optimized campaigns and a killer ACOS. 
December 27, 2018
AMZPPC 5: Amazon PPC Advertising Stats
Join along as Mike & Brett dive into a comprehensive review of November's Amazon PPC advertising statistics! In this 36 minute episode, we discuss Amazon PPC advertising metrics, we provide stats for each of these metrics, and we also go into detail about things to keep in mind when working with this data on Amazon. If you really love numbers AND Amazon PPC, this episode's for you!
December 19, 2018
AMZPPC 4: The Advanced Basics of Amazon PPC
Join along as Mike and Brett dive into the "advanced basics" of Amazon PPC advertising. Listen in as we discuss theory and strategies that you can implement today. Whether you're just starting your FBA journey or you're a seasoned seller with lots of experience; there's lots of advanced basics to unpack in this episode that can really help transform your campaigns, so don't miss it!
December 13, 2018
AMZPPC 3: Amazon's New Product Targeting Features
In this episode, Mike and Brett jump into the new product targeting features that were released last week by Amazon. Join us as we discuss theory and strategies that you can implement when you create your very first product targeting and category targeting campaigns.
November 30, 2018
AMZPPC 2: The Bid+ Conundrum
Michael answers the age-old question: Should you turn on Amazon Bid+? The Seller Central feature sounds like the perfect feature to get your ad to the top spot, but everything may not turn out so well for your account. . .
October 19, 2018
AMZPPC 1: Why We're Living In The Golden Age of Amazon PPC
Here it is... We've finally made the world's first Amazon PPC specific podcast! In this episode we dive into why, right now, we're living in the golden age of Amazon PPC. Amazon is growing at an unprecedented rate, which opens up a world of opportunity for sellers on the online retail giant's platform. Join the Ad Badger crew as we share some insight and discuss all things Amazon PPC advertising in our very first podcast episode.
October 16, 2018
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