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36 Doula Business Murder Board

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A common sense discussion on birth, postpartum, being a parent and life! Kim, Suzanne and Stephanie love to talk and with humour and a little cursing they navigate their lives as Doulas, Mums and Friends.
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40 Doula-ing A Pregnancy Loss
The Doulas get serious this week (not too serious) and discuss supporting pregnant people and families through pregnancy loss.  They look at the role of support both during the birth and in the postpartum period.  And Kim reads her doula story from "Bearing Witness.  Childbirth Stories Told By Doulas." By Dr. Lisa Doran and Lisa Caron. 
October 14, 2019
39 Continuing Education Beyond Your Training
This week The Doulas talk about a variety of topics including continuing education to educate you, keep you up to date on everything birth, network and to just fill your cup.  Don't forget to tell us your stories.  
October 7, 2019
38 Nose Tampons And Finding Balance
This week The Doulas talk about an event that Suzanne and Kim spoke at that involved OBGYN Residents learning about breastfeeding, Midwives, Doulas and Childbirth Educators.  Then things off on a tangent and they eventually get to the topic of finding balance between doula work and family...or rather harmony.  
September 30, 2019
37 Bad Doula Shit
In this weeks episode we ramble on a bit about some of the bad shit doulas do that can ruin it for other doulas in their community.   And we hear Kim's experience from the first birth she ever attended as a doula.  
September 23, 2019
36 Doula Business Murder Board
In this weeks episode we discuss the difference of Doula Agencies and Doula Collectives and everything in between.   What would be a better set up for you to join? Or to create for yourself?  We also hear a vomit and car story from friend of the podcast Sam Leeson.  
September 16, 2019
35 Partially Wholeheartedly Believe Marketing
This week The Doulas discuss doula business marketing tips and fails, what has worked over the years, what has failed over the years and what we are concentrating on now.  Maybe you will learn something and maybe you can share what works for you.  We also hear a birth loss/birth story (we promise) from a friend of Doula Steph.
September 9, 2019
34 The Beautiful Uncertainty Of Doula Work
In this episode Suzanne and Kim (Steph is away doing awesome doula things) discuss the idea that having a heart centered business can still be profitable for you and discuss a FaceBook post by a male doula that kinda rubbed them the wrong way...hilarity ensues and we all have a good laugh while learning something at the same time. 
September 2, 2019
33 This Podcast Will Make You Vomit
In this episode we have a little fun and play a word game and tell some stories around "Car", "Vomit" and "Holiday" Trigger warning though, it gets a little graphic and gross. We also hear a wonderful surrogacy story from a listener in Ottawa.   
August 26, 2019
32 Oh No He Didn’t!
This week The Pragmatic Doulas tackle the article on Dr. Paul Shuen in Toronto Life Magazine and that doctors systemic abuse of ignoring informed consent.  This very heavy topic leads us to examine the lack of checks and balances that led to such a colossal breech of trust.   
August 19, 2019
31 Midwifery Today Cancelled!
In the wake of the Midwifery Today's decision to have their conference at a christian venue which openly excludes LGBTQ++ community, The Pragmatic Doulas discuss this decision and they get quite fired up about the whole situation.  
August 12, 2019
30 White Vans And Midwifery
This week we discuss the amazing profession of Midwifery 
August 5, 2019
29 Doulas Blow Quinoa Up Your Vagina
This week we discuss how Doulas are portrayed in the media, social media, on television and in movies.  And we may even have a solution to Hollywood's version of the inept useless Doula that is usually seen bumbling around the labouring character.
July 29, 2019
28 As I Creak My Way To The Car
This week The Pragmatic Doulas with guest Sam Leeson of BabyREADY discuss retiring from Doula work and how you come to that decision.  Most new doulas think they will do this forever but remember, time passes, body's age and being a doula is very physical work.   We also hear a birth story from Sam and its a roller coaster, including border crossings and snow storms! 
July 22, 2019
27 All About Suzanne
This week Suzanne is in the hot seat and we hear all about who she is a doula, as a mother, as a woman and so much more!!
July 15, 2019
26 See The Challenge As Normal
What is it that new doulas need to know about breastfeeding to support their clients?  This week we discuss breastfeeding and what we know and how we support our clients as doulas.  We also hear a birth story from Nicole and her blog 
July 8, 2019
25 Doulas Supporting Doulas
In this weeks episode we talk about how doulas need to support each other and how being a solo doula can be difficult.  We run the gamut of ideas in this topic and as we are mostly sick it does get a little off topic and may not make much sense.  Suzanne is sadly away for this episode having caught the bug herself and just finished doula-ing for a family.  We also hear a birth story from Tara who shared with us her pregnancy loss in episode 21.  
July 1, 2019
24 Fan Girling Ann Douglas
In this weeks episode we get to chat with super star author Ann Douglas who has authored many parenting, baby and birth books.  Kim does her best to contain her enthusiasm and not act like a giddy teenager in front of her author idol.   Ann is with us to discuss her latest book Happy Parents Happy Kids.   The ultimate guide to boosting your enjoyment of parenting while at the same time maximizing the health and happiness of your entire family.  
June 24, 2019
23 Fathers And Cracking The Surface
Happy Father's Day.  We talk about the relationships we have had growing up with our dads and how when they shifted when they became grandfathers.  With three of our four fathers having passed in the last few years it gets a little weepy and maybe a little angry.   Our stories revolve around our fathers and our children.   Kim is also very sick and highly medicated, so if she sounds a little out of it, just know its the medication...
June 17, 2019
22 Placenta Smoothies and Chiropractors
In this weeks episode we discuss the complementary professions that Doulas work with.  Lactation Consultants, RMTs, Chiropractors and Placenta Encapsulators oh my! We also hear a wonderful birth story from a listener in Texas ya'll!!
June 10, 2019
21 Get To Know Us and Chocolate
Find out more about who we are as people, not just doulas.  We discuss chocolate, travel, television and so much more.  
June 3, 2019
20 The Possibilities Are Endless
We sit down with our guests Tanicia Reedon and Debbie Alleyne-Elie.  Two doulas just starting their careers in this crazy birth world.  We talk about who they are, what brought them to this work and how they are navigating this new journey of theirs.  We also hear three very quick birth stories from Debbie.  
May 27, 2019
19 The Expense Of A Doula Business
We discuss where the money goes, what it costs to be a doula, what we can't live without and things to think about as far as costing out your doula business.  We also hear a birth story from a friend of ours and the podcast.  
May 20, 2019
18 Our Mothers Day Episode
We talk about our amazing mothers and their births and their experiences as mothers.  We also hear a first hand birth story about Stephanies mum giving birth read by Steph and a first hand birth story from Kim's mum about the day she gave birth to Kim.  
May 13, 2019
17 Woody In The Woods
We discuss inductions and how we manage inductions as doulas.  Lots of stories, lots of tangents.  We also have a wonderful birth story from a listener in Kentucky. 
May 6, 2019
16 I'm The Boss Applesauce
The original topic is scrapped as Suzanne, Stephanie and Kim discuss a dilemma that arose from a recent birth.  We discuss informed consent and critical thinking.  We also share a listener story about why she became a doula.  #labourdoula #doula #postpartumdoula #birthdoula #informedconsent #criticalthinking #birth #pregnancy #pregnant #childbirtheducation  
April 29, 2019
15 Spotlight On Steph And A Trip Down Memory Lane
Get to know The Pragmatic Doulas better on this episode with a spotlight on Stephanie.  We delve into her childhood and stories abound.  Plus we hear the final birth story from Suzanne and its another great one.   #birth #doula #labourdoula #postpartumdoula #birthdoula 
April 22, 2019
14 Breastfeeding Stories Of Distinguished Gentleman Doulas
In this episode Stephanie, Kim and Suzanne discuss their breastfeeding journeys with their kids.  There is a plethora of breastfeeding and bottle feeding experience between them and they discuss it all.  We also hear Suzanne's birth story of her daughter which is touching with a little drama thrown in.   #breastfeeding, #birth #doula #labourdoula #birthdoula #postpartum #postpartumdoula #pregnancy #pregnant
April 15, 2019
13 Doula Safety and Donuts
With some incredible donuts in hand, Suzanne, Stephanie and Kim tackle how to stay safe as a doula.  Leaving the house in the middle of the night, traveling to clients homes in unfamiliar neighbourhoods, hospital parking garages.  As usual the conversation will take gigantic turns but its all part of the fun.  We will also hear a home birth story from one of Stephanie's cousins.  So sit back and enjoy the madness that is The Pragmatic Doulas.  #birth #doula #homebirth #safety #donuts #labourdoula #postpartumdoula #birthdoula #pregnancy #pregnant
April 8, 2019
12 Cesareans And Finding The Flowers In the Dirt
With some birthday celebrations and a lot of cake, Stephanie, Suzanne and Kim tackle cesarean birth.  As usual the discussion takes a turn and we delve into not being able to support clients who are not inclusive to all, veiled racism from clients and how to be a doula and make money while being true to who you are.  Stephanie tells us her cesarean birth story and its amazing and a little teary.   #birth #labourdoula #cesareanbirth #doula 
April 1, 2019
11 Doula Bitches Be Tired
In this episode Steph, Suzanne and Kim discuss Postpartum Support and how they manage as postpartum doulas and their business.  Kim tells her final birth story including a midnight run to the hospital after birth and how it led her to become a doula.  #doula #birth #postpartum #labourdoula
March 25, 2019
10 Vera Breaks Our Guest Cherry
Its our tenth episode and we have our first guest Vera Kevic from Doulas On Bikes to defend her position on being a hippie doula.  The conversation goes every where and then we get to hear Vera's birth story of her second child and how it affected her vulva...
March 18, 2019
9 Doula Support - Essential Or A Luxury
Kim, Suzanne and Stephanie discuss volunteering Doula support and their thoughts of Doula support as a luxury or as an essential service.   We also hear a birth story from a home VBAC mom from Kentucky.  
March 11, 2019
8 Interviews, Prenatals & VBAC Homebirth
In this episode Steph, Suzanne and Kim discuss how they manage interviews and prenatals with their clients.  And Stephanie discusses her VBAC Home Water birth!  
March 4, 2019
7 Sweetie, Its Time To Take Your Knickers Off
After snowstorms and back to back births, Kim rants about inconsistencies in care experiences.  Also, Suzanne, Stephanie and Kim discuss the role of doulas and their medical knowledge.  And we end with an incredible home birth story by Suzanne.  
February 25, 2019
6 Doula Bags and The Boring Birth
The Pragmatic Doulas open up their doula bags and discuss what they bring to births to support their clients. Kim tells a super boring birth story of her middle son.
February 18, 2019
5 Home Birth Only Doulas
In this episode Suz, Steph and Kim chat about vicarious trauma and why some doulas choose to stop attending hospital births. Steph also tells us the story of her daughters birth.
February 11, 2019
4 Answering Listener Emails and Questions
This week Suzanne and Kim discuss and respond to the listener emails and questions they have received and read some great birth stories from listeners.  Sadly Stephanie is absent again but Suz and Kim hold down the fort! 
February 4, 2019
3 Self Care And The Bobsled Birth
In this episode we discuss self-care for doulas and everyone as well as a hilarious birth story from Suzanne.  
January 28, 2019
2 Epidurals and Dog Claws
Suzanne, Stephanie and Kim tackle epidurals and the doula community this week.  Also a bit of a teary birth story by Kim and all with a Christmas hangover.  
January 21, 2019
1 What is a Birth Junkie?
In this episode we introduce ourselves and talk about the elusive term called Birth Junkie. Please note there is cursing.
December 13, 2018
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